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All the Classic Horror Movies TURNER CLASSIC  MOVIES will be airing in October commercial free

Repeating himself?  Stephen King says Salem’s Lot and Stand By me are due for television treatments  weren’t they already, made for tv movies?


Mark your Calendars  (or at least your future planning) September 6 2019 the release date for IT sequel 

Clowns scarier than Pennywise

IT becomes Highest grossing Horror Movie of ALL time


Ratings: SEAL Team Has Solid Debut; Star, Blacklist Rise in New Time Slots

Lauren Cohen’s shell shocked start to the Walking Dead

Robert Englund wants Kevin Bacon to play Freddy Kreuger!

‘Game of Thrones’ costars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are engaged!

American Satan Trailer

NO FREAKING way! is that Andy Biserak from Black Veil Brides?!??!

Oh Sh** it is! and Look What’s his face from Game of Thrones.. Tulley Tarley something like that,  is in it! and Sebastian Bach, and former wrestler Bill Goldberg and Clockwork Orange’s Malcom McDowell  Take a look of the cast on IMDB but I don’t see his name in the cast list. The poster looks so like the Strangers Things one from last season. (Speaking of … season 2 drops in october)

The walking-dead-episode-100-season-8-cover/

It tops World wide box office at over 500 million

Zak Bagans says his Haunted Museum will help preserve the history of Las Vegas

The Last Jedi may be the longest Star Wars movie yet

Take this with a pinch/handful of salt, but according to Cineworld’s website The Last Jedi will be the longest Star Wars movie yet, clocking in at a bum-numbing 150 mins.

Find Knocking Bow  Brand (stephen Amell)  Wine at these L.A. Restaurants 

Michelle Williams to Star in ‘Venom’ With Tom Hardy

Sony seems to be getting another A-List actor, Michelle Williams, to star in their first Spider-Man spin-off. Image via The Report Variety reports that  is in talks to be the female lead in Sony’s introduction to their new Spider-Man spin-off universe. The report says that she would play a district attorney and possible Eddie Brock’s love interest. Williams will star …

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X-files 11th season first look

Time to panic for your favorite Walking Dead Characters 

Linda Hamilton back for the new Terminator

Swore blind you’d never watch another Terminator movie after the dreadful Genisys? Maybe the prospect of a Tim Miller-directed, James Cameron-produced, Linda Hamilton-starring sequel to T2 can tempt you back into the fold… Read on


District 9 News

Updated the Telly Talk  page with the upcoming summer premier dates I found out about
Updated the Animal Kingdom post

which Now includes season 2  information, vids and my review as the season goes by.)

I saw this and was just cracking up!



So did you watch the first episode of this season (what is it season 3?)  Were you actually upset At the events that happened? (Sorry don’t want to ruin it if you haven’t seen it and actually care) Just have a tissue ready…maybe… unlike with the Walking Dead characters, which depending on who… I do get upset over.  Fear for some reason just makes me want to cheer when one of the main characters die. Though maybe because to me it seems like none of the characters ever evolve except for Nick… maybe  for me it’s just don’t mess with Nick.

thrilling reads for summer-2017

tales-crypt-complete-series-set-coming-june   I’m still searching to find out when the new series will come out (if it hasn’t already)

Paul McCartney Pirates of the Caribbean Role

 jeepers creepers 3 finally done filming

Submitted For Your approval…

I’m having a contest! Submit your Separated birth images you’d like me to use, or just let me know the 2 names (and the show/movie they’ve been in. The actors do not have to be living to do so (as Mr. Fox here passed on in 2016) They can be old or young so long as they look like they could be closely related or actual twins.

American Horror Story…. ELECTION    mmm I might not be watching this year. Last year was a dud for me and with all the previous Election B.S. and the big  P.O.S. in office I just might skip this season altogether!

HBO Execs Finally Explained The Game Of Thrones Prequel News

Marvel Just Cast Tom Hardy as ‘VENOM’! – Bloody Disgusting!



and If you are having a bad day! Or a Pet Owner… I thought this was (although bad) I do like the effort its cute and sweet and honestly I want to go and rescue them all after this ad! Which I am including here for the ENTERTAINMENT value of it as well as the effort!

Universal’s ‘DARK UNIVERSE’

sooner or later forget the feminism… it’ll turn into manism…  Fems want equal treatment, pay etc… then this


Walking Dead Whisperers? 


Originally I have a prank from Avenged Sevenfold here (In short johnny Crist pranked Syn making him think the crowd was hearing his background vocals as a chipmunk when it was only the guys in the band that could.)

but this was funnier




Tuesdays FX @ 10pm Est      Period Drama

created by  Chips Hardy (father of) Tom Hardy, Steven Knight

Even after having watched the first episode 2 or 3 times I still can’t quite explain the show.

I’ve seen 2 episodes so far (maybe 3 by the time you read this) and I am still not sure what exactly the plot of the show is.

Aside from Imdb ‘s description “Adventurer James Keziah Delaney builds his own shipping empire in the early 1800s.” which is quite vague for a plot premise as is!

I can tell you on his return home in the beginning of the first episode that his father, the owner of a shipping empire, dies. He shows up for his father’s funeral where gasps arise in the church as though he’s a necrophiliac but it’s because everyone thought he was dead; even his sister. He does some sort of mojo (voodoo?) during the funeral at his father’s grave. He walks around looking like the Babadook (sorry it’s that hat and long coat) he apparently has a son, he gives the boy’s adoptive father a payment for past present and future, and leaves saying he never wants to see the boy.

Oh back to that Necrophiliac comment, he seems to see the dead (ghosts?)  either that or he is going mad. Maybe he’s a necromancer, but then he would have been able to bring his father back from the dead.  The East India trading company is trying to buy some island from him and he isn’t biting. I can tell you Hardy does make brooding an art and frankly I think does it best… as long as you can understand what he’s saying, unlike when he played the English Mobster twins (sorry forget the name).  He was all mumbles with that. This one I understood every word except when working that mojo, which I guess was African which is where he was supposed to be for 10 years if I heard right.

Watch and Catch up on Amazon

WatchthatTV also has posted a review of the PILOT  and I think they explained it much better than I was able to.

It’s about time that the a show the UK is showing is on the same time as it is airing season wise in the U.S. (instead of the chance of being spoiled.) I know usually one side is usually behind in an episode or few but honestly if I didn’t know that Ragnar was going to die at some point in Vikings, I’d want a warning from a friend on that at least.

The series is worth a watch and to stick with.. It is a bit slow moving but all the more the payoff when secrets and mysteries are revealed!



2015      R      2:11      Tom Hardy

In this biopic Tom plays dual roles of Britian’s notorious gangsters Twins Reginald and Ronald Kray; who terrified the public with their exploits, and frustrated authorities in 1960s London.

All but Hardy as Ronald  I can understand, he seems to mumble his lines which by the end of the movie, you think you are watching the last Batman movie with Bane in it! Well that’s funny… A Jackass walks into a party…..

The Sibling slap fight an hour and 55 minutes in was the best part. The ‘double vision’ FX I can see the ‘halo’ around one of the Tom’s which likely means a blue or green screen cut and paste to the scene. (Looks amateur)

I’m not fond of mob movies, but I watched because I like Hardy as an actor but this was too long for me at the pace it went.

order the DVD, Blu-ray or amazon Video here

Mad Max: Fury Road

2015  R 2hrs  Blu- Ray

Still rife with motor gangs the desert wastelands inhabited by the road warrior legend Mad Max who encounters a group of fleeing refugees and their leader Furiosa and joins them in their getaway.

That is one F*** awesome guitar! (and concert rig set up) I wonder who did the song for those scenes.

 The sandstorm part was cool, but didn’t have the dire (or any) feeling I thought they might have been going for.

What the hell is slanga? Some insult to men? I’ve seen parts of the old movies (still trying to get through a whole one) and those are better than this.

The action is not impressive and of course, as usual all the ‘best’ parts and lines were in the trailer; therefore so played out by the time the movie came out, they died on fury road. Fury Road which obviously means Furiosa, not Max  as it seems the movie is more about the female character than being a Mad Max Movie. The parts where Theron didn’t have her ‘terminator’ arm on, look really weird not sure if its just because i knew he really has an arm or if it was something with the FX.

I hope the last half hour of this demented sort of Steampunk…errr Sandpunk maruding adventure  will make up for the rest of the movie. Ah so that’s what those tall sticks are for, they’re like a crow’s nest. Well I think the ending is making up for at least an hour of the movie and the ‘concert’ is awesome!

They seem to make a toy figurine for everything now, WHY isn’t there one for the scene in the picture above? Hell make a Guitar Hero version of that guitar! Make a cigarette lighter design.

I’m glad I didn’t see this in the theater for me it’s a disappointment, and I didn’t even have any expectations of it other than that my instincts told me the trailer was mostly all I needed to see (which in a way was and wasn’t true) There are parts I don’t think were in any of the trailers.   D+

As for the song not sure if it’s the right one, but Massive attack has a song called ‘teardrops’ in this, otherwise it looks like everything else was composed for a score.  Which is all I find, even though amazon has it listed as a Soundtrack (Soundtrack = music by bands and usually has words… Score usually composed by one person and recorded by an orchestra and has no singing)   you can order one here via Amazon if you liked the music Mad Max: Fury Road – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

if you don’t want the whole score here’s the search page for individual songs Mad Max Fury Road Music Search

as if that ‘Concert’ rig wasn’t sick enough, there are some seriously sick looking mish mashed vehicles in this as well  check out the images from this bing search

here’s  my friend Rich’s review

The Tuesday Zone: ‘Locke’ (2014)

A Review on the movie Locke starring Tom Hardy

Rooster Illusion

The Tuesday Zone

Many moons ago, I reviewed a movie called The Kitchen. It utilized the single-setting format, a difficult trick, especially when you have as little sense of self-identity as that movie did. Locke (2014 [on this part of the Atlantic, anyways]), in contrast, is a single-setting movie that knows exactly what it wants to be: a character-driven drama that utilizes the talents of Tom Hardy in order to reveal the nuances of a stellar script.

SourceShoebox Films

The basic conceit is straightforward: Ivan Locke (Hardy) leaves for London the night before he is to lead a major concrete-pouring project. Over the course of the two-hour drive—which we see about three quarters of in nearly real-time, with no cutaways from Locke in his car—he has to explain to his boss, Gareth (Ben Daniels), why he left; detail the pouring process to his co-worker, Donal (Andrew Scott); talk to the…

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