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A Christmas Horror Story

The ABCs of Death part 2  review

Addition    (book)

A Dirty Job

A Dirty Job: A NovelWill come back to the series to read next to, but first some Halloween reading   A Dirty Job: A Novel

Our main character Charlie, loses his wife and starts to see red ‘radioactive’ objects. Which turn out to actually be ‘Soul vessles’. THe books has got me wondering what of my possessions would be my soul vessel my ceeal bowl I’ve had since I was a child (which I say I will be buried with), a favorite movie, book, one of my journals or something I made? Oh sorry about that.. Charlie may be death but turns out he’s what one of his kind call a ‘death merchant’ as they retrieve these soul vessel objects & sell them in their shop which is how it should get to the next body. Accroding to the book not everyone actually has a soul. sometimes it has to come along at the right time, if your soul was more mature than you were then when you are finally mature enough or learn from the reason you died in your last life there’s a variety of reasons why one may not have one or have come across ‘their’ soul. Sometimes Your soul is picked up before you die sometimes when you are already. Sadly there are dark forces that from what the book says are Morrigans and are trying to get souls so they can manifest themselves and take over. Bad things happen when one of the death merchants do not retrieve oneof these objects. There is also some dark humor, as well as haha humor as well. Oh I noticed one night the book was glowing and that was after I read about the ‘glowing’ objects that are the Soul Vessel, but it wasn’t glowing like they do in the book, this was glowing in the dark! I thought it was pretty cool. AS for his daughter its a few years later and she’s in school though he’s noticed she has a power when she says a certain word something happens what is that.. you’ll have to read the book. (I’m sure you’ll get through it faster than I have) Not sure how I feel about the end a little indifferent I don’t really think I like it much but certain aspects I guess I like. THough I wish the daughter had a little more to do with things. ^There’s dark & light humor in here so I think anyone can enjoy it P.s. guys.. take the test in back to see if you are a beta male.. ladies… you can do to see if your guy is.

Frankly I think I’m OFFICIALLY burnt out at this point because I can’t seem to get through a book in a week or less. So I’m debating if I’m going to wipe the banked days (as it is now the 29th of november) or figure something out (‘vacation’) so that I won’t have to. yes a bit of a cheat but with the amount I’ve read this year even though I didn’t get as close to 50 books as I’d hoped, I did read quite alot more than I thought I would. I still have quite a few more books to read, however next years ‘challenge’ won’t have a time limit on how soon I need to finish them. I’ll just read the books to relax and try to enjoy them more.

It’s now December 13th and the banked days are wiped out and basically I am still reading the book but being on page 258 I t hink I’m just going to try and finish this over the weekend & start the next book. This way MAYBE I can finihs on time for the new year (or just carry over but no major challenge like this one)  you can  Buy Now via amazon


All Hollow’s Eve


American Gothic


American Horror Story:Freak Show – (s. 4)

Oh my there are some odd ones here, and not even sure what all of them are called I mean as in their Jobs like Bearded lady, strong man and such. Wow! are the stars really coming out for cameos this season! Wes Bently had an arc for his Mordrake character, Neil Patrick Harris & Husband is supposed to be in this, Heather Langcamp from the Nightmare on Elm street movies made an appearance in the episode that aired on December  10th (I’ll leave it for you to play ‘where’s waldo’ instead of giving you a hint where) Matt Bomer is set to show those beautiful blues of his as well. (If I were his partner.. I don’t think I’d let him leave the house without me!


American Horror Story s.6

American Sniper-

short and ‘sweet’ I don’t have much to say except 1. Glad I didn’t see this in the theater. 2. It’s not Zero Dark thirty or Lone Survivor. I felt not a thing from this movie. I hope that at least some of the money from it went to his widow or some Disable Vets fund. The only Highlight was the rooftop sniper vs sniper who’s gonna shoot who 1st (& damn I called it before i even knew so somewhat Predictable) D

A million ways to die in the west

Wow there are alot more people in this than I knew! Liam Neeson, Seth MacFarlane Neil Patrick Harris, Giovani Rimbisi & Sarah Silverman among others and a surprise one or 2 cameos (one is a blink & you’ll miss)  Western 1882 Arizona. “You shouldn’t Drink and Horse” (smirks)  The Mustache song was possibly the only highlight of the movie and a certain cameo of a sort of ‘mad’ scientist as well. Otherwise they showed all the best parts int he trailer (can’t they just use ONE of them & that’s it?) There are at least one or 2 good parts  but i can understand why it got bad reviews D

Animals- 2008 Says NOT rated but I’d say an R 1 hr 33 minutes stars Marc Blucas (remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Boyfriend Riley Finn from 99-2002 seasons?) Nicki Aycox Naveen Andrews (yes from Lost) & Eva Amurri Martino

Marc plays Jarret who is sick of the rut same thing everyday for the rest of your life. When a woman enters the bar that’ll spice up his life and DNA. I’ve seen this before (I’m guessing I either saw it under a different title or it wasn’t memorable enough to remember the title!) D
The Small screen version of SCREAM out June 30 on MTV centers around a Youtube video gone viral,that is the catalyst for a murder putting the Lakewood teens in danger beacsue of the history of the town. This killer partyhas 7 of MTv’s stars 2 of which are Teen Wolf‘s Holland Roden and Tyler Posey

Angry Birds

 Animal Kingdom 

Anne of Green Gables

this starts off with the residents of Green Gables adopting a boy, but get Anne. There’s Mrs. Rachel who needs a life!” She is a no good nosey body who is a judgemental snob of a woman. Hurts Anne’s feelings; Anne stands up for herself and gets sent to her room for it.
Looking at my cover I swear she was the inspiration for Pippy Longstockings!

On page 17 (at least in my copy) I love the description of ‘The Avenue’

Anne is Born in March and is 11  Here father was a High school teacher named Walter Shirley, her mother Bertha was also a teacher before she married. She gave u teaching as she thought taking care of a husband was a full time job.

The mother Died of Fever when Anne was only 3 months old and the father followed 4 days after.

My Life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes- Anne

Man I thought I had an imagination! Anne may be on par or way beyond mine. But damn I swear when I read her parts I hear a hyper, perky high voice and she annoys me. Though not sure if as much as the dull ass adults!


 another point of view


The Apparition

Army of the Damned

Arrow s.3

well the end was a surprise , I’m not digging whats his name from Superman returns (or whatever it was called) in this. I just wish they’s bring in Stephen’s cousin for something ( but I think that will happen only on the Flash)  If there is any episode I’d say (at least up to mid season to watch, is the Flash vs Arrow 2 night event.  The mid-season finale had me bent out of shape, not because it was bad, but the (literal) and figurative cliff hanger. Last season I don’t think I liked as much as the first season but this season I am loving so far. It’s becomes known Ollie is the Arrow  (Stephen Amell always says the writers have no respect for the alter ego’s identity getting out) There was quite a bit of drama between Ollie or others getting caught or going missing and so on. I can’t wait for season 4 Plus there’s the

flash-arrow-crossover-humor-surprise/ AWESOME!!!!

As Above So Below –

Found footage format (or flash back) something about Nicolas Flammel (Harry potter fans will remember hearing the name from the first book) and the ROsetta Stone. This takes place in the catacombs of Paris. Odd things happen like being ‘turned around’ in a claustrophobic tunnel, the phone ringing & pretty much I think quite a few things they showed in the trailers. I wasn’t putting anything on this actually being a good movie but I thought if anything an adventure film.  I would liken it to the Goonies w/ a Horror twist (just trade the pirate ship for a haunted tunnel. However in the first 53 minutes I haven’t seen much horror. A mix of a mystical Menagerie from assorted cultures and times throughout the tunnels for clues (as to what ‘treasure’ if it wasn’t the rosetta stone… I don’t remember) In the 2nd hour the horror begins  A few moments that may make you jump (one did to me, or it could have been the volume)

‘Stone face’ well saw that coming Would have been better advertised as an adventure thriller thjen horror. The final Verdict?

These idiots who are supposed to be archeologists and those who go in the catacombs I noticed did not have (as far as I heard or saw)  No First aid kit, not everyone wore boots and that’s just 2 things. I’m not archeologist, or whatever you want to call ‘combing’ catacombs but I do know when you do crap like that those as well as head lamps & extras batteries should be with you!

As a Horror movie  (nothing different with the found footage & mostly predictable as well)    D

As an adventure thriller   C


a Syfy original mini series I really hope it stays that way! It reminded me as part Elysium meets The 100 (on the CW) I watched the first 2 days and totally forgot about the 3rd (probably not forgetting, but subconsciously giving up on it even though there was only I think another 2 hours.) It was a bore and frankly I think there were times someone went to earth, or that was still on it went to the ship, but there was no telling in the way they went to that scene that they did. I found the story mundane and not at all creative. D


Autumn Whispers by Yasmine Galenorn  Autumn Whispers (An Otherworld Novel)

The 14th book of the Otherworld series

So in this Delilah is into her Death Maiden training, to the point where she will be graduating. You know things are not good when Grandmother Coyote (one of the Hags of Fate) come to YOUR door. I think in this book more just may be going on than in past books. 1. There’s someone threatening Menolly at her bar, 2. a couple of Vampire tech nerds’ friend is missing, 3. Grandmother Coyote one of the hags of fate came to the sisters for help of sorts! 4. There’s some very dangerous creepy creatchers they have to get rid of and I would swear there was one more thing! Oh yeah One of their friends found some info on their mother’s side of the family. On first night when they get home the hosue is mayhem while whoever stayed at the house is grabbing pillows & sheets for Iris, who has gone in to labor (a couple weeks overdue)

Also while Camille & Delilha are called to otherworld all hell brakes loose in otherworld with s storm that is attacking the villages Camille realises the storm is sentient. While they are able to get out and home the battle in otherworld rages on while The girls and their extended family (or is it families) take care of the chaos earthside.

Otherworld Series ~*~ Yasmine Galenorn

In this we learn a bit more about Gargoyles. Now we know a little bit about the woodland type thanks to the girls having saved & raising one at home, but there’s a few ‘races’ of them. Woodland Gargoyles do not have the ability to freeze into statues, but the ‘GRANTICULAR’ type can and do so for centuries at a time and are normally enslaved to spay for their master.(while in statue form they can see what is going on around them)

Quotes Camille or Deliilah called 2 characters ‘Vidiots’


Awaiting The Night

Awaiting The Night


Started I think March 8th   DNF= March 23

order via Amazon here–> Awaiting the Night (Awaiting Werewolf, Book 2)

Seriously Frustrated with this one.  am still working on it. I should be at least 100 pages in but sadly I’ve been slow to get into. It’s now the 20th and should be done with it (even if I did miss 2-3 days of reading)

Well I do have my rule of reading the first 100 pages or first 10 chapters (whichever comes first) so this is apparently a waste of MY time. Its noted as Historical Paranormal Romance but I can’t find what is historical about it. (I don’t recall seeing any years etc at least not yet anyway)

Melisande Davidovich is staying at Wolfram castle  Christoph Von Wolfram is going through a form of male PMS or more like PWS (Pre-Wolf Syndrome) Charlotte, Christoh’s sister seems for the moment a background character.

Melisande’s father is staying here as well after being attacked by Russian’s. Then 2 russisian travelers come back Count Gavril Roschkov and Count Kasimir Vasilov. One of these 2 says he’s a friend of Count Von Wolfram who is currently away; while the other is I’m guessing there to do something to Meli’s father who was accused by the russians of stealing something.

It’s the 23th & I haven’t even reached the 100th page, so right now I’m saying Screw the rule (esp. being as chapter 10 ends on page 100, anyway so I ended up falling asleep while watching something & reading this so I believe it’s time to cut the chord (er page ?) and start on the next book, probably something Janet Evanovich as those seem to go fast have catching up to do)

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