Audio Literacy (Music)

Audio Literacy started as a Spin off  from Musically Instrumental Musings; a page I made on Squidoo (which is where I had

been writing for the last few years until it shut down in September 2014.  I made it into its own blog; though  months later it dawned on me that frankly; I don’t listen to music like I used to, and am rarely able to purchase new albums. With that I thought why do I even have my own music blog. If I had other writers I’d keep it but so far no-one has contacted me as contributors, So I have deleted it, and instead, will just post to this blog.

Instead I’ll post certain stuff for it here and some of the posts I did had on there I have saved but have not published yet to this blog (as some are holiday related and so on) Til then I hope you will let me know your music preferences so I can scour for news on all our faves, as well as anything that can be information to keep on this page



The Music You Love Tells Me Who You Are

44 of the Best Road Trip Songs to Rock the Long Drive


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My Music Tastes

I am into Rock/metal music from Classic to well it seems it gets heavier the older I get. My favorite bands are

#1 Godsmack mini banner gif

Tyr     Viking ‘metal’ from the Faroe islands, Apocolyptica, from Finland,

3 Days Grace, Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Five Finger Death punch

My Darkest Days, Bullet for my Valentine, and others.

I’m sadly behind in my albums (lack of fund$) and many of my faves that I’ve been following for years (at least a decade) have new ones out. I prefer CD to crapple’s  iPods. The reason, no matter what the size of the ipod (mine had it’s own harddrive) if something happens to your computer you can only get the back up once, but even still you have to go through EVERY one of those songs to re-download it & any MP3s aren’t saved at all.

My Pages etc

pinterest =kymodragon music

The following are on Hubpages

godsmacked-2  * sully-ernas-the-paths-we-choose* avenged7fold *

 lyrical-instrumental-musings  *soundtracks-vs-scores * the-soundtracks-to-my-life

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 Artist Archives

Godsmack mini banner gif  loudwire’s Godsmack albums ranked *

3-days-grace-talks  &  3DGs 2015 release Human Album Review  * my-darkest-days

20 pop songs that make absolutely no sense anymore

loudwire’s Godsmack albums ranked * albums-ranked

Learn to play Guitar with Tyr’s Heri Joensen

RIP Chris Cornell   video spotlight)




music gets you as high as drugs & sex  * inappropriate-kidz-bop-coversalbums-ranked

20 pop songs that make absolutely no sense anymore

WHY have I never thought about this?!

top 100 classic rock songs


Top Finnish Bands  I recommend Apocolyptica different sound  *


assorted pages


2015 rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame-meet-the-nominees



(above image from

— Epic Women (@Epic_Women) October 14, 201


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