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 For now I am going to leave the series in order here, once the archive is too big It will be (hopefully) strictly by alpha order.

The Babadook

2014 NR 1:33

Tip: unlike I did, watch it at night with all the lights off, then it should hopefully be scary or at least creepy

a creepy kids book shows up on the boy’s book shelf; you can tell it does not look familiar to the mother, who starts to read it to her son and stops to look to see what happens before reading aloud the rest. (well really it’s what you are supposed to do with anything for kids especially if you are not familiar with it and the first few pictures look like that)

As most seem to call him ‘the boy’ (honestly I can’t remember the kid’s name) has some behavioral issues (he needs some sort of punishment to set him right, then maybe he won’t throw so many tantrums) The Babadook character itself is a boogie man of sorts (and I swear the next creepy halloween costume especially if I put it together! especially finding or making a top hat. I wonder if anyone will show at my door looking like that… BEWARE KIDS! (and parents… the babadook may come for you this year!) aside from the child’s behavior the movie isn’t scary, creepy may be for some C

Video Availability via Amazon The Babadook (Special Edition) [Deluxe Packaging]  I think i have heard an actual book was made as well but


Bad Moon Rising ~Were Hunter series #4

by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Find a Preview on Goodreads, look under the image and rating

Series wiki Slang, Families etc

My first impression  is it’s a werewolf version of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, or at least as far as some of the names like Fang, Fury and Vane (so far) They’re all part of the Katalakis Grand Regis Lykos …Katagaria  clan. They are normally seen by bears as being violent, filthy and arrogant to the extreme. Though there are so far 2 or 3 different packs about.

Strati – Katagaria warriorors who are the fiercest of the bunch and usually quick to anger

Slayers- indiscriminate killers to any one or thing that gets in their way

Arcadians- applied to any Katagari  soldiers as a justification why they need killing.

Dark Hunters- are immortal  warriors who fought for artemis and hunt down the were Hunters cousins the Apollites and kill them whenever  they turn daimon and start praying on human souls to live.

Whoa.. mama bear is 800 years old but only looks 40! WTF!

A variety of were-animals  that were cursed by the ancients. So one of the cursed (a king?) took it upon themselves to experiment so their children would not die (I forget what reason they were cursed in the first place.) What became of those experiments, ‘would have the heart of an animal  who lived as animal by light of day and  who held the hearts of a human by day’ (does that make sense to you, cause I originally had to re-read that a few times thinking it a typo or missed by the editor. from the Mother’s Apollite race they inherited magic and psychic abilities, from their fathers work they would live by day as their base form human or animal and night they’d switch.  Under the full moon their powers were strongest. Now they are immune from the curse Apollo put upon them. The gods not pleased wanted the King to kill the lot of them but would not let his children suffer so spared from the original curse, a new one was cast aout them that they’d not be able to choose a mate of their own free will (only the fates could) and there would never be peace between the Katigaria (animals) and the Arcadian Humans; and this is how the were-hunters came to be.

For me there were too many species and ‘classes’ and because of this some parts were confusing for me. The last 75- to 100 pages could have been better or just edited out as most of the book is the species crossed lovers  who should not be together and would likely be cast out because of their feelings for one another just. Most of it is just whining “oh we can’t we have to stay away from each other our families wouldn’t be happy blah blah blah. That gets annoying. after 3x it becomes old and o me means you have no idea what you are doing. You do not create more drama  that way.  Its sounds more like an annoying broken record or a lazy song writer that has to repeat one lyric 10 times because they have nothing better to say. Some parts are just too cornball cheesy for me in it and there are ways to write romance without that.

frankly I’ll stick to my Black Dagger Brotherhood and Yasmine Galenorn Otherworld series books.


Dev.: you know for a wolf you don’t really stink

Fang: ::snorting:: and for a bear you don’t chafe my ass

“Vane was being as moody as a teen Gemini on her period after he’d seen some human he was now pining for”

Basket Case

1982 Not Rated 1 hour 29 minutes

AFter Duane is seperated from his deformed conjoined twin Belial as a young teen, he rescues his seperated twin who is left for dead in the trash pile. The 2 go on a vengeful murder spree that does not end happily.

definately a dated film (this might be a good one to do a remake of) the acting is somewhat bad, and that as well as the FX are campy (and maybe even for that tiem they may have been!) C-

 bastard executioner


TV Yes it’s back!! after damn I can’t remember when the first one or 2 seasons were on. My dad and I enjoyed this I think it was the early 2000s that this premiered! I thought it was on the syfy channel though, maybe I don’t recall.

So the robots this round

MY PICKS  (by the names I like)     WINNER

Razorback vs Icewave

Wrecks vs Plan X      I forget her name but the pink haired girl is a vet of the show and has won before.

Biteforce vs Warhead   ok this one  have to make a coment on.. Warhead reminds me of the Star Trek ship for some reason!

Nightmare vs Warriror clan

The following didn’t have their matches n the pilot

Overdrive vs Chomp   (not sure maybe comp and that’s only on name)

Bronco vs. Witch doctor

overhaul vs Lockjaw

Captain Shredder vs  Stinger   (soft choice)

I think Capt. Shredder is a vet but I could be wrong though it sounds familiar unless its just my 90s addled mind thinking ‘Shredder’ from Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles

Radioactive vs Sweetrevenge

Hypershock vs mohawk

Counter Rev vs Tombstone 

Complete Control vs Ghost Raptor

 Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Bats: Human Harvest

2007     R      1:27 minutes

I can’t remember much of the one that come before, (The Original was 1999,  or which ever one I saw being as sequels don’t use part whatever

anymore) here they are in a Russian speaking country and their soldiers cammo has red in it as if they’ve already ahem.. gone Batty. Some american soldiers are shown rescuing  some white haired guy. When somehow they get the call or just decide to go and see what is going on in this area (where the bats are). Oh Man the Bats can camouflage themselves to look like the tree bark. There’s one guy in this that makes me think of what Chris Pine might look like in a few years.   Timing is predictable, the CG FX are 2nd class  though the make-up fx .. color of blood and those leg wounds were believable enough. The acting was nothing special  but then this was probably made for Syfy channel  to me the story was a bit thin and very overdone as well . How many times are we going to do military vs animal bit?

Battle Creek –

Procedural Dramedy 1 season = series

I might have to watch a couple more episodes to make a fair assessment of it, but basically it’s Good cop bad cop. Josh Dumhal usually being the nice one. He’s from the FBI (or formerly) and there was a bit of a running joke in this pilot episode to how good looking he is (yeah can we give Ryan Seacrest the boot & Make josh the Host of everything?) Oh Kal Penn (from the Harold & Kumar movies) is in this. On first Impression…. C

Before I WakeBefore I wake (uncorrected Proof) – Steven Spurill


Being as I have a proof, these are not the same cover and franky for now I like my cover better, but I’ll see if it fits the story

The Head of Emergency at Hudson General recovering patients are dying and a madman taking over her dreams-Amazon description. (I’m not into the book enough to do my own writeup)

Crime murder mystery which I like but parts of it drag on for me so I skim the parts that didn’t look like they had any information to thicken the brew. Let’s see a quick rehash of what’s going on (beside me taking 8 day to read this & I’m still 100 pages short of finishing, but am DAMN determined to finish tonight! (friday 15)

I think I need to subtract 8 days from the banked as well.. (just a reminder for myself, trying to keep myself honest.)

 Amy is a widow with 2 daughters Denise & Ellie. She works at Hudson General hospital as head of ER.

Lately she’s been having nightmares, someone is trying to kill her, 4 wealthy men have died of heart attacks that shouldn’t have and an old love comes back, plus sessions with her brain damaged brother. Talk about a full plate, sadly that ‘Full’ plate has alot of fat on it as like I said there’s filler that for me drags on in parts (I hope I’m not doing that with my story UGH)

The last 100 pages is better, though I think there may have been a few paragraphs I skipped or skimmed over. Amy notices the pattern of those heart attack victims and starts stat work ups etc. She starts to do the Cops work for them. (She needs some sort of proof beside the someone trying to kill her. Aside from her family and the kids sitter; EVERYONE is suspect!

This is a toss up  Check out more or order Before I Wake  here on Amazon


2014 Not Rated 1 hr& 29 minutes

On miner George Marsh’s last day before retirement he and the crew take his daughter 600 feet below to give her a tour of the cavernous tunnels. A couple of the guys ‘break’ the mountain finding a claustrophobic pathway to an old tunnel from 1927, when 19 people were left after a cave in because all they had then were pickax & Donkeys  and so the spirits of the 19 are released.  Sam Marsh (the Daughter) keeps seeing things like the crew having a grayish pallor  with  dead blue eyes. I don’t like comparing movies but to give you sort of an idea, it’s sort of  like the Cave.  I did like this better than that & the Decent.  I do wonder one thing,  if those ‘safe houses’ for miners really do exist, I do hope the oxygen tanks aren’t really on the outside I mean if there’s a cave in, in the area of it then good bye tanks! Also wouldn’t they be able to get crushed as well?  C+

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris

Big Brother season 17

So there will be 3 twists this year a fan fave  The battle of the block, The BB Take over and I think the other was a set of twins playing as the same person and if they make it past 5 weeks then they can play as individuals.

Meg who lives in NYC with her Gay guy friend or as she or her friends call him her “Gusband” as in Gay husband which gave me a chuckle… never heard that before. So far she seems way to hyper and is already annoying me so not sure how I feel about her yet.

Audrey from Georgia is the first Transgender person to be on Big Brother, and she let’s them know it right away.

Austin who when I first see I’m thinking looks like a cross between Russsel Brand and WWE wrestler Damian Sandow. The funny thing is when they show his intro he says he is a pro wrestler that goes by the name Judice (sp?)

D’Vonne from Inglewood, Ca is a single mom, and card dealer!

Clay the major eye candy of the bunch and my new fave Texan sorry Lane you are so season 12) He’s a student from    Texas A & M

Jayce says he’;s a board explorer and will ride anything skateboard, Surf etc he’s a personal trainer and reminds me of one of the guys from last  season (also had long hair)

James ..well I know it’s wrong to but I saw this little Asian looking dude who then he opens his mouth and it’s a full on southern accent and nearly spit my drink out! He was adopted and doesn’t really know his heritage (I can tell you he’s Chinese or Japanese)

Shelli from  think I saw Atlanta Georgia is a decorator and another one that says she’s  girly girl I think she’s the  one of the girls that said she recently learned that the 30 year old version of a cougar is a puma

But where’s the other 8 people? Oh they’ll be on tomorrow night

Big eyes-

2014  PG-13 1 hour 45 minutes DVD

Big eyes is a biopic on the Prominate 1950s painter Margaret Keane (who is alive and well today and still paints every day!).

She is now well known for her pop art big emoting doe eyed Children, but that wasn’t always the case. When she leaves her first husband she and her daughter (which seemed more a shadow than part of the actual story) make a break and leave him for San Francisco. While painting in a park (or a street) doing portraits for those of interest she meets a loud yet charming man by the name of Walter Keane, Played by Christoph Waltz. (who wow the man actually smiles! I don’t think I’ve seen him in a role like this before and am surprised!) The man has got confidence and a great storyteller  (those 2 traits are quite a clue to his character) charisma, and flair.  He takes his paintings to a gallery with Jason Schwartman as the curator who is a snob, about the painitings (including Margaret’s) and says “Clean out the clutter before the taste police arrive’  Kristen Ritter plays Maragaret’s friend  and I wish she could have been in more of the movie (heck. can we bring the Bitch out of apt. 23 to give her her stylings to Walter?)  When marge finally leaves Walter for Hawaii and outs him on a local (Hawaiian) radio show is a time when all women can be proud. (Just too bad she didn’t clobber him over the head with a painting of himself first). Without his Saving Flair I would likely have tuned out early in the movie, as after all the excitement of her paintings gaining Popularity etc, Marge starts to rethink and grow weary and so you somewhat start on a high note, and the other half of the movie feels like the disappointment you feel when you are looking forward to doing something and then the plans get canceled for some reason.  Not really grading this one as it’s a matter for the ‘taste Police’  to decide, but I would think they might say a C or B. And I’m pretty sure an award Nomination for performance by Waltz.


2014      R      2 hours    stars   Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Emma Stone

is a dramedy

So Birdman 0r the Unexpected  Virtue of Ingnorance so  my guess is that the 2nd title is that for the play maybe?

Zach Galifianakis plays his agent or something… and Keaton’s hair looks funny  ah that’s the reason. He’s got some voice in his head, that of which I guess is his Birdman character talk about having a midlife crisis. 

Edwawrd Norton comes to fill in the role of the lead in the play and acts like a total jerk.  I’m guessing this won an Oscar, for the fact it was a bore, as you can half watch it and still know what’s going on. A GOOD movie should keep one’s attention.  I do give it Noms for Performances,and screenplay, those were definitely worth awards. It sort of gives you an inside look at what (might) go on during a play.

Ok 2 scenes I did not need to see.. Norton & Keaton in their underwear… though Keaton’s one running through Times square in said Tighty Whiteys was snicker inducing (& not the candy bar!) My feelings are mixed it’s not a great movie but worth at least a half watch. Oh and that critic is an ass! which at that point did not even see the show and she’s already doing her write up on it, that she’s going to do a bad write up on it.  That is jsut one reason I write my own reviews as some of the reviews I’ve read in the past, I thought the reviewer (esp. that of the Daily news) did the same thing. They write snooty bias reviews. If it’s not their favorite type of movie or they compare it to others into the ground. Reviews written by the critics aren’t for us ‘average’ joes. The only reviews i take into account before seeing a movie (but Usually don’t read them unless it will be awhile before I get to) are those from Entertainment weekly.  There’s been plenty of times I didn’t even look at their rating for the movie before I saw it and when I wrote my review or at least thought of my grade for it first… it was pretty much the same or close.. like a C- or C+ when they gave it a C)  Which is what I give this movie a C    


Black Dagger Brotherhood series

 Black Mass

Night World No. 3: Huntress, Black Dawn, WitchlightBlack Dawn

So far I’m digging this story, and I think I only read the first 2-5 chapters (they were short though) the first night.

Maggie thinks her brother Miles’ girlfriend is lying about an accident when they went camping. So Maggie goes off to follow after Sylvia and walks right into trouble’s lair. Maggie wakes in an unfamiliar place first of all the imediate is in a horse drawn carrige, second, she’s in some hidden reach of the world that very few know about.

Names- Hortense (?? need to see if i can find where that comes from)

Vocabulary- Seceded – to withdrawl formally a membership of organization etc

*Sorrel– a perrenial cultivated as a garden herb    *(This was a way to describe someone’s eyes in the book and had no idea what it was)   See what Sorrel looks like?


* Chris Hemsworth  by Michael Mann

begins with a travel through the circuits of the computer as if  we were an executed  command. Hemsworth plays Hathaway a  hacker who when we meet is already in prison doing time and man what they go through just taking him out of his cell. Oh he’s found with some cell phone and during the interrogation about it is the one time I remember we get a laugh at a wise ass joke (which I won’t ruin for you) You have to love the character for the smart ass retort and get to the point answers besides his way or the highway negotiation skills.  The trailer made the movie like a good action thriller but there’s not many thrills as the only one or 2 I got was when Thor traded his hammer for tables (WWE TLC anyone?) & chairs and  Hemsworth with no shirt on. Not enough action either and what little there was,  was not good. Sure they had a P.O.V. angel so you felt in the action when they were running but the movie was more Ho-hum lean back & relax than edge of your seat film making worth $10.50 FOR A MATINEE!!! Thank goodness I had the movie Voucher and was able to use it cause that means I still have my Money for the Avengers movie!  Do not see in theater! Best to rent in some form or wait for it to be on Cable movie channels C- (& after writing this, my copy of Entertainment Weekly came and I see they gave it the same!)

Blended– well that’s a whole new meaning for ‘Gel-in. “Monsteration’ had already watched the movie but watched a 2nd time and the jokes are still funny. Wow a  Rom-Com that’s  actually funny. Also not too mushy (well except for the …what do you call a male ‘cougar’)  The family can watch. B for best I’ve seen in a long time!



2011  Rated R 1 hour & 37 minutes   starring Jason Statham with an appearance by Luke Evans some delinquents try stripping a car and Statham  teaches them a lesson  which seems to lead to cop killings. All I can say is its a typical Statham Film C-


The Blob

1958 NR 1hr 22mins Starring Steve McQueen. I am not sure if I ever saw a movie with him in it but now I have! I like the opening theme, just listen to the lyrics cute & silly. 55 minutes in and I’m thinking I like the one from the 1980’s better. The blob in this one I think looks better than the one from the 80s! Don’t ask me how, but it looks more ‘real’ Like someone made it out of Jell-O or maybe some sort of gel or silicone. The one from the 80s looks like a wad of chewing gum someone stretched across the screen. (go figure, that old sort of FX can look better than a modern day one.)  D (for didn’t dig it)

Blood & Oil

Blood Sucking Fiends by Christopher Moore

Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story

Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story

Last year I enjoyed a few of Christopher Moore’s books which included You Suck, which is the sequel to this.

Like with the other Moore books a friend gave me this one. Jody is turned into a vampire in this book, finds her ‘minion’ Tommy a writer and his job is her morning messenger for anything that needs to be done during those hours, besides working the graveyard shift at the local Safeway. We also meet ‘The Emporor of San Fransisco and his 2 nobel ‘knights’ . The vampire that turned jody seems to be stalking her and never gave her the lecture that masters are supposed to give their fledgelings otherwise they become ‘rouge’. Soon Tommy’s friends turn vampire hunter to find Jody’s ‘Blood Sucking fiend’ sire

Characters: Jody, Tommy, The Emporor & ‘The Animals’

Notes & Quotes:

The air was heavy with the smells of pressed humanity, soy sauce, sesame oil, licorice and car exhaust. No matter where in the city, th4ere was the odoriferous mix of food and vehicles, like the alchemic of car exhaust concoctions of some mad gourmet mechanic: Kung Pao Saab Turbo, Buick Skylark Carbonara, sweet & Sour Metro Bus, Honda Bolognese with Burning Clutch Sauce. -pg 35

“Be good or I won’t help you with your master’s feces.”

“Thesis” -Lash corrected

Men’s love for Sports analogies: How to use Vince Lombardi to make him put the seat down.” (When one player falls in, the whole team gets a wet butt”) When it’s fourth & ten, and Joe Montana decides to go for it, would his linemen tell him that they won’t go to the store to get him tampon’s? I don’t think so… and Of course Richard Petty doesn’t want to wear a helmet, but he can’t drive without protection either-Pg 76

Love the metaphor.. – The CLothes jumped and played and dived over each other like fabric dolphins. (Then later) THe dryer stopped, fabric dolphins dropped and died as if caught in tuna nets.

Jody thinking what it is to be an animal : Just experience, direct, instant and wordless; memory and recognition but no words. A poet with my senses could spend a lifetime trying to describe what it is to hear a building breathe and smell the aging of concrete. And for what to write a song when no one can play the notes or understand the lyrics? I’m alone.

Simon looked at Tommy as if he farted in neon – When Tommy wants to take 2 Tutles home as gift pets for Jody

Vocabulary- Duodenum – first section in the small intestines in most higher vertebrates Mamals, reptiles, & birds

The Book of Life –

2014 PG 1:35 on Blu-ray  There’s lots a of Detail and Color. The Grandmother even has a few hairs on her chin! (She also reminds me of some of some other character but I can’t place from where… That dinosaurs show came to mind first but I don’t think that’s quite right. OH Wait it just came to me… If you ever watched the cartoon Foster’s Home for imaginary Friends,  I think it might be a likeness to Madame Foster. The Lead character smart ‘chica’  “what, we’re only here to make men happy”  what’s with the band and the old tunes? I like the story of the 3 lands of the dead and the art on La Morte is very pretty… other than these points there’s really nothing else other than it’s a day of the dead meets Romeo & Juliet type tale  with the characters voiced by Zoe Saldana Danny Trejo and Cheech Marin   No better than a C (and that’s on the animation)

The Borgman 

The Boss


The Box Trolls-

1;30 G 2014 It looks like Claymation but 2 dimensional. I think I saw a making of when they were making the characters (skulpting them) but I doubt this is full claymation. I think some CG was used on top of whatever Claymation they did (if anything other than just sculpting the characters) It looks like someone took a stray blue & red pencil & put lines on the characters faces in spots it wasn’t needed. (and if they were supposed to be veins, they are not that dark, they didn’t highlight either. I think it’s safe to say there’s a bit of steampunk to the movie as well, but then I’m not an expert in that fare. There were a couple of parts (more like character) that would give me a chuckle here and there but aside from that I was pretty disappointed dreamworks or was it Pixar? are usually better than that. D

The Boy


Brick Mansions-

American Remake of District 13 (I think ) from France which stars the original actor David Belle with Paul walker  and RZA. This is supposed to take place in Detroit  and DAMN from the first five minutes it looks like (from  what I can remember) a full on copy of the original (hello Hollywood! That’s how you Do a a foreign top American Remake!)  There’s also a sequel to the french movie I’ll see if I can include them here with Netflix Links   D-13  & D-13 Ultimatum  if you don’t have netflix.. I’ll include a link to the movie(s) at the end of the post. Oh a little fact I found on IMBD.com star David Belle is noted as the  founder of Parkour action.  There are some differences or at least I don’t remember from the original (but I could be wrong)  Walker’s Cop character’s watch gadget. When we first see Paul, I thought he looked weird for some reason. Something not right about him His hair and his eyes look darker I think.  I know he finished making this one, it’s in Fast & Furious 7 that Walker’s brothers filled in for him So i eventually just brushed it off as i was seeing things. Then AH i called it, he had contacts on & coloring in his hair. That ‘Giant’ guy I definitely remember from the original movies. Defintately the Best Fights, or at least the most fun to watch, as well as remake.(Foreign to American)  A

The Bronze

Immortal: Buffy the Vampire SlayerBuffy The Vampire Slayer: Immortal –

Was like watching  the show,  just only reading it.

Quotes: (you know the ‘Scooby gang’ has them,)

Too many to note & frankly wouldn’t be as funny out of context.

a good read for Buffy fans

check out more or Order Immortal: Buffy the Vampire Slayer via Amazon

The story starts in Greece on the island of Kefi overlooking the sea of Crete . Here dwells the spirit of Veronique. Flash Forward a bit and we are on a boat with a couple vacationing and one of them (Cheryl) writing a book on myths & legends and therefore take one more adventure for the book. The island is said to have the spirit of a bucolic. Wait vampires aren’t supposed to have souls/spirits. What the…..!!???!)

Present time we are sitting at the Bronze with Buffy & Xander.

Veronique is looking to bring back some ‘big bad’ to take over Sunnydale (mmm Hellmouth & called Sunny go fig!) Meanwhile Buffy’s going through real life drama with her mom being sick and in the hospital.

I thought this was pretty good, the good ol’ ‘Buffy Banter’ was in there (how can it go from show to novel & there be no telling of the difference in the writing?) As I read the book I felt like I was watching a new episode. After reading this I wish they could do the book series as a second generation of the Buffy series. The only question would be who to make the slayer, as well as cameos.



2015 R 1:40
starring Bradley Cooper Sienna Miller, Daniel Bruhl, Alicia Vikander Uma Thurman
Cooper plays chef Adam Jones who after being  disgraced with drugs & drinking tries to redeem himself in an attempt to open a world class cutting edge restaurant to get a coveted 3rd star in the Michelin guidebook.
Along the way he encounters a  platter of obstacles like assembling a competent staff to keep him from Gordon Ramsay volcano tirades.
“I want to make food that makes people stop eating”
Not my kind of movie but its not bad though its one of those that didn’t feel like it had an ending.
I think only c worthy


The Broken Heart, Ok Series

find the full series on 2013 Year of the book series in order

Broken Heart, OK Official site &http://www.michelebardsley.com/

I‘m the Vampire, That’s why  (see I) 

Don’t Talk back to your Vampire

started January 6 – Finished January 9 (5 days ahead of schedule)

This book is about Eve, a friend of Jessica’s and mother to Tamara. Her & her daughter may remind you a bit of Rory & Lorelai from Gilmore Girls. They seem to have their own language but, they just use a word of the day chart, and are from a family of librarians.

While this book I was surprisingly able to finish faster than the first, (probably because the other one with Jessica’s sword for a tongue had me laughing ever other page) I wasn’t as keen on. I missed Jessica! Not to knock the characters in this book but, they just weren’t as fun as Jessica. They were still funny and witty in their own way. This takes place I think it was 3 months after I’m the vampire that’s why. The Consortium is still razing buildings & erecting new state of the art new ones. Eva LeRoy has a very rare vampire power that only she & one other vampire share. Not to mention that the turn-bloods powers are moving along at a faster pace than usual. Eva has some ‘Snow White’ or Cinderella effect on the animals, they for some reason drawn to her. Meanwhile someone is running around Broken Heart without the consortium’s knowledge, however a Roma (lycans that can only turn during the full moon as well as Vampire Slayer) is on the hunt for this ‘unseen’ force. Someone is infecting the vampire population on purpose with the ‘taint’ (the ONLY way a vampire can get sick. Usually they end up crazy then death

Because Your Vampire Said so

started: January 9th – Finished January 13

(I’d say I’m doing good! 3 books within 2 weeks!) In the 3rd book we meet turn-blood Patsy who is the towns beautician and has a rare vampire gift (depending on your Point of View) basically she’s a Ghost Whisperer! She also has a teen son Wilson who’s into drugs and such and already seemed to have joined the dark side without becoming dead. Like Jessica and Eva, Patsy’s soul mate finds her, and they just happen to be part of a prophecy (don’t worry I won’t ruin it) In this we learn how each of the ancients were turned and what the family power is. We have a battle between two sides, as one of the ancients has turned droch fola (bad vampire).

Before I forget, I think I will add here that (in case I have not yet mentioned) another reason I like the series so far. You get to learn another language (or 2 even if its only a few words an phrases) plus some rare words most of your friends and family probably do not know! (know someone from Harvard or other Ivy league school? Test this one out on them! Panjandrum (it means self important person of rank someone especially an official who is pompous or pretentious. )

Wait Until your vampire gets home (Currently reading)

As I read this I think I’m burning myself out with the reading; as for the book…

A family of paranormal investigators having heard rumors about the town, show up, and the daughter ends up in the cemetery watching someone planting some flowers. Then all undead rotting corpses break loose, then the big scaly grill comes blasting through. I think this is my 2nd favorite book of the series, Vampires + Dragons= ? Wouldn’t that equal snake? (I mean the fangs + the scales.. lol mmm) what will happen when paranormal researchers come to town? How does a vamp dad take care of twin boys, and how to we get some of these cool sounding gadgets? I think one might be a bit more tame compared to the others but we find out what happens to a nasty ancient! This was another book with great flow to it, an interesting look into some dragon myths and so on.

Over my Dead body   (see O)

 Come Hell or High Water

Started Jan 23 – 29th

In the 6th book we meet Pheobe who has a 4 year old son, Danny, who is away with his human dad. She has the power to summon demonkin and send them back as well. Phoebe has to get some sort of talisman for her new demon bedmate Connor, to keep Lilith (yes THAT Lilith) who is his step-mother and other demons from storming Broken heart.

This is my least favorite of the series. We have spent most of our time in hell (literally) with Pheebs & her Demon husband who tricked her in to marrying him. (She didn’t know he was part demon). For me It’s also been a bit of a bore compared to the previous stories of the series. Besides that there were a few typos that messed me up reading & parts that {maybe I just missed something (& hope it was just me) } seemed like parts of the story were missing. I don’t think it was to hide anything like lost would. You would just read from one Paragraph about say Jessica & Patrick then all of a sudden a character seemed to be talking to someone else that doesn’t get mentioned later in the paragraph. Or the scene suddenly changes like a bad script & editing job in a movie.

Cross Your Heart

Started january 29th – Finished February 4

Meet Elizabeth Bretton, the undead heiress of the Silverstone estate. She has a vengeful ghost seemingly out to kill her, and a 150 year old mystery to solve. Enter the homicide detective were-jaguar ‘Tez’; short for Tezozomoc, who she describes as egotistical, presumptuous vulgar & rediculously hot. Queen Patsy & mate Gabriel are making renovations to the Silverstone estate; & come across a dark forboding force. Is this force the same thing that’s haunting Elizabeth, o ris it something else altogether?

So far this one is better than the last book. This one is more entertaining and flows more smoothly.

Apparently it seems as though all the 5 founding families of Broken Heart, have burried something very bad. Could it be something to do with the curse? Ellie Bee or Princess as Tez calls her & Tez travel to her family home to rummage through her great grandfather (or was it uncle)’s things. She is sure there has to be something among his belonging to help them out. While ‘Ellie’ is juggling this with Tez.. he came (invited) to Broken Heart originally to checkout the were cat pride as their Alpha was dying. He tries to avoid Tawny one of the wear cats & The Alpha’s #1 is flirting with Tez and he want’s nothing of her tawdry self.

This was a cool Scooby & the gang kinda mystery (& I note that purposely.. if you read it you’ll get why)


Captain America:First avenger & Winter Soldier

Captain America:Civil War

The Cat Ate My Gymsuit (Puffin Modern Classics)

The Cat Ate My Gymsuit (Puffin Modern Classics)

Came upon this in a thrift store, & the title made me laugh so without looking inside or reading the back of it, I purchased it. Upon starting to read it, I realize its a kids book, but ya know it’s the summer & I don’t care so far it’s been a fun read and teaches more than one lesson. I thik I’m still about 50 pages short of being finished with it. So far one of those lessons, is to stick up for what you believe in, evenif no one else agrees! Be your individual self

“Celebrated space trilogy’ – by C.S. Lewis

THE COSMIC TRILOGY: Out of the Silent Planet; Perelandra; That Hideous StrengthI can’t seem to find a name for the Trilogy, so I just noted what it said on the covers. I have no idea how long I’ve had these, but it must be a bit as I cannot recall where or how I procured them. I’m sure I bought them just because of the author’s name as well as the first is as least older than me,(they are from 1974, 1978 & ‘1979) plus I liked the cover of the 2nd book.

These may be diffcult to read, only because the first one at least the glue on the spine dried up and the cover & some pages are pulling away. Ok Trying to read the first book and if it were not fo rthe darn thing being in the shape it is, I would have probably been finished with it already.

I’m not much for purely sci-fi books but I’ve read a couple here & there.

Out of the Silent Planet  Book #1  started Feb 9-17 it may say ‘beloved’ on the cover but so far over 3/4 of the way through & the writing does not flow. I can imagine the writer reading it in some monodrome tone and aside from the adventure of it (& the will & drive) to get through it (& the other 2 books) I would have probably stopped reading it long ago! So I may end up having to use one of my banked days to finish. Edit that.. make that used 3 days, Part of this could be the condition of the book that took me so long to finish it as even as I ead it the middl eof the book would fall out, another page would come away from the spine, and even more of the outside of the spine would disintegrate. I’m hoping Paralandra the 2nd book will be easier as well as NOT falling apart

annoyed because the pages keep falling apart between my fingers & I should have been able to finish this within 3 days.

Not sure what to make of the story…but I had to use some of the extra days. SO with that.. in short was not happy with the writing and I’m not really into Sci-fi I don’t mind the occassional one. This one was for be quite hum drum. I like details and such but this was just headache inducing as trying to (in a round about way) exlain things from our world to those of another. This one I give a D+ as I could almost see in my mind the Landscape of the other planet.

Paralandra  Book #2   started February 19 Feb 23rd… (Incomplete) Did not finish..’penalized’ myself by cashing in 3 of the banked days & will not read Book #3 of the Trilogy “That Hideous strength. It wasn’t just the first book falling apart. It was the writing of the book, it may be well detailed to paint a picture in your mind of being on the planet and such but for me if a book of this size (just a bit over 200 pages.. while the first was 100+) should not take me longer to read than 7 days. Being I had to use 3 days to finish the first.. that should not have happened. For me reading this second book was one of those teddious chores that you half ass the job and rush through. I’m not sure weather I was doing this on purpose or not but I noticed I would skip over parts or re-read others when I took a break. For me the writing just does not flow as I’d like for me to be able to read it. I think any insomniac however by my point of view would love the trilogy as I think after reading about 5 pages I’d have to take a break myself this would probably put them to sleep. I’m sad to give up on reading it as I do not like quitting, as well as it was a good story.    Learn more on C.S. Lewis   *   C.S. Lewis bibliography  *

One good thing that came out of the first book at least… it inspired me to write a poem! (I was hoping soemthing in these other 2 would get me 2nd & 3rd stanzas to the poem but I just can’t do it (unless I read the last half of the 2nd along with reading anothe book as I’ve done before but defeats the purpose of having a 7 day deadline to finish each book etc.

My apologies I was not able to find a cover the same as the 3rd book, but I also included 2 options for buying the set together. (Check the used versions they’re cheaper)

Catch Hell

 Caffeine can be found here

Cell by Stephen King

CELL (movie ^ adaptation)


2015  R  2 hours

The movie is set in Johannesburg South Africa, which apparently is a high crime area. High Jackman plays Vincent Moore lead Developer and weapons designer on the Moose project. He’s a former soldier himself and is the competition to Deon Wilson who is the lead developer of the Scout project, which is in current favor with the police department. Wait a minute here, what’s with the colored firearms? UGh and those really bad hair cuts? I can hardly look at Jackman and the girl. One thing I find sad is that an A.I. Robot can show more human emotions and humanity than the humans can. At around an hour or an hour and 5 minutes read the license plate!   When they teach Chappie to be gangsta was pretty funny and the girl with her 80s look is much cooler than ‘Ninja’.Sorry but I have to go ‘there’: White boys acting black should be hit upside the head cause I’m sure no matter what your race… they look stupid to you too! (and this is coming from a white girl, about a mile or 3 from the Bronx boarders). The Moose Robot (tank?) is freaking cool! Where’s one of these for our military branches?  If you cry easily, then be sure to have a couple of Kleenex handy for the last maybe half hour of the movie cause even I was touched (and I don’t cry easily when it comes to movies)  And the Student or ‘baby’ surpasses the teacher/maker (ah the force is good with this one)   Shame we can’t do what they did, at least with the greatest minds and talents humankind has.  B-


2014 R 1:55

a once ‘edgy’ chef now is called safe by a food blogger who gave him 2* stars. Oh man he’s making spegetti with garlic.. what’s in the frige? Left over of the same so I’m going to go heat it up with some extra garlic and have some lunch.. be right back. During the movie he tried to juggle his life the cooking, the kid etc. After this review he finds out it went viral and has his son sign him up on twitter, a bit of trouble follows as he tweets to the critic. Oh I didn’t know Robert Downey Jr. was in this. Anyway he gets a food truck that’s a hit thanks to his son’s social media posts along the way as they bond on the road. Apparently somewhere between the food truck & the end… family fences have been mended. I thought this was supposed to be a comedy, the only thing I laughed at was a few of John Leguizamo’s parts so not enough ‘comedy’ to call it such C+

 Christopher Moore books

You can find them by the titles or whether or not its a series  (find them here) . One of the customers from my old job gave them to me. They’re supposed to be humor so we’ll see about that.   Christopher Moore Official site  * Harper Collins publishers   & you can email him at BSfriends@aol.com

 A Christmas Horror Story

Chain Mail

Think I may have seen before maybe just parts of it Cool soundtrack so far and of course eye candy becomes slasher a bit . This should be part of that ABCs of Death. So what’s at the end of this chain mail? Death..if you don’t pass it on. I like the idea of it, as with hacking and video etc I wouldn’t be surprised if someone really did this as a serial killer, so in that way I think it’s scary (I guess being as I don’t usually pass them on) C-

Night World No. 2: Dark Angel; The Chosen; SoulmateThe Chosen

We’ve have Vampires, Witches & Werewolves so far it was bound to have a Slayer in it sooner or later. Rashel (who I think is who the cover art is supposed to be of) Her mother & little brother were killed by a vampire when she was five and since she’s just been from foster home to foster home.

So there are so far 3 ‘covens’ (so to speak) of witches in the stories to speak of .

Circle Twilight Circle Midnight (which would be dark magic) & Circle Daybreak which is trying to get humans & the Night world together (basically those who have soulmates join this)

There’s also the vampire ‘underground’ a club etc. each family (liek a crest) is represented by some form of Black flower (same as the names of the clubs) Black Dahlia, Black Iris etc.

Bokken– a sword made of wood that looks like a samurai sword only the whole blade is made of wood, see here

lignum vitae     also known as Ironwood    *   see what the wood looks like



2013 Not Rated 1 hour & 29 minutes

Starring Nicolas brendan (aka Xander from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series)  Our characters take a trip into the TwilightZone when Haley’s comet passes over. Weird phenomena happens like cell phone screens break for no reason even when no one is near. Physics also have to do with this and we end up with a bit of a confused gathering. D  Don’t waste your time

The Condemned 2

The COnjuring 2


There’s times I swear I’m watching Supernatural if it weren’t the English accent (or is it Aussie or Irish.. I swear this guys sounds like all 3 I really have to see where he comes from… oh he’s Welsh.) There’s Tehre’s a couple of episodes that were as if they were pull right from Supernatural, that may have been covered a few seasons back watching episode 9 now the 2nd part to the mid- season finale ‘The saint of last resorts’. I hear the show is not doing well and will have an 8pm start time on Fridays (just an hour earlier) I found out that Face-off’s first season champion Conor is on the make-up FX crew. Oh wait this episode is mimicking somewhat what’s going on in Supernatural now, with dean and the Kane brand. John Constantine has purposely possessed himself with a demon so I could heal himself. C  You can see Constantine in season 4 of Arrow!



Crimson Peak


Curse of Chucky

2013 R 1:35 a mysterious package arrives as the residence of Nica and her mother’s house. This was supposed to have been made by the original creators. Chucky looks a bit different some how, I think they used a few different dolls (and CG) as at times his head looks bigger, and walking down the stairs looks like a person in costume. he also looks like he’s got bags under his eyes. I do love the house in this, just not sure what style gothic?) for me it’s the only creep factor of the movie.

Nica’s sister Barbara think’s Nica needs assisted living and all that, apparently her sis is clairvoyant. I think the mystery of why chucky showed up at the door is more interesting but very predictable, especially during family time. Full of cliche’s from the previous movies C

The Curse of Downer’s Grove

2015 NR 1:29 teen thriller  from Anchor Bay
a town’s ‘curse’ that has claimed one high school senior’s life every year since 2004. Who will it be this year,  The sweet goody 2 shoes, the jock from another town the kid bro, the Kindergarten friend or slutty bestie?
The story follows Christie who is a skeptic and her best friend Tracy is a believer and may be the next victim. Chuck the jock ‘roid from the other side of the tracks fancies Chrissie, invites her to a party and from there on antagonizes her. Meanwhile her guy friend since kindergarten has a crush on her but doesn’t seem to have the guts to go further with it, and aside from a drunken snug she’s not interested in him that way.
So far the curse looks more like a bunch of stupid bored teens in a town with nothing for them to do but drink and do drugs. Or you can call it the stupidity curse even, cause drinking, drugs, and Live Triangles or shall I say squares and one or 2 of those being ‘mental’ is a curse or is it.. maybe there’s just something about the land.   Predictable, but watchable. I was hoping it wouldn’t end as I thought it was and instead it would be something more dramatic than it was (honestly I’ll just say when she’s on the swing I was hoping something would fall out of the sky, or something come up from the ground as a  “yeah it’s a curse” but no just the lame predictable ending it had.     C


2015   R   1:32  stars Liam Hemsworth, Billy Bob Thornton & (I think its) John Malkovich

While making some audition tape Dwayne played by Liam and his girlfriend witness (while recording) a murder. Dwayne is one of those stereotypical movie small town types that cry ‘i need to get away from here’ . Ooh  not sure if you’d call it a plot twist, but I no longer like Liam’s character. There’s some twitchy dude you know all the bullies picked on with beer goggle thick glasses looking like a creepy  pervy pedophile or another thought was the creepy dude from Human centipede. Well he’s no joke looking for his package which looked like a pretty lunchbox (not the vintage box type of the 70s & 80s but the ‘triangular’ type shaped one.)  I do hope to find out what is in it or why its so important (we do sort of) oh my he’s a Norman Bates knock off! There’s a building I swear is a milk carton or at least made of one. The main and sub lot (mostly sub) was more interesting to me with that dumb lunchbox; probably because I liked the mystery of it.  Once we find out what it was and the connection it for me the movie falls flat (if it didn’t before that)  No real climax, and they should have had some sort of action scene for this type of movie.  C- or D

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