Tales of Beedle the Bard – J.K. Rowling

The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Standard Edition (Harry Potter)I couldn’t remember if I finished reading it, so I jsut re-read it again as I figured it wouldn’t take long & and didn’t only 2 days.

I read it being as I’m a bit stalled being I finished the other series so quick and need to get to the book store to get my copy of Haunted Moon.

Look as though I may have to start on the next series before I get that book.

Also it may snow enough that I might have to cancel my appointment this Friday (8th), but we shall see what happenes between tonight and Friday morning.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard are not your regular fairy tales so muggles beware!

Unlike your Grimm fairy tales which have been made sacrine by Disney, some of these may just knock even the Brothers’ Grimm over the head.    Professor Dumbledore includes footnotes analyizing the stories.

I think my favorite is of the warlock who swore off love, as well as the one of the 3 brothers and the Deathly Hallows.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Standard Edition (Harry Potter)

Tamara Drewe

Comedy   Rated R 2010 1 hr 51 minutes Stars Gemma Arterton, Luke Evans, & Dominic Cooper Directed by Stephen Frears

A Journalist goes back to her tiny hometown after getting plastic surgery and a wardrobe makeover (Oh Hello Opening Scene, Luke Evans just made me feel better and woke me up)  She toys with people and breaks hearts. It’s based on err.. adapted from the comic strip by Posey Simmonds. (Which I’m guess from U.K.)

Worthy at least of a C


imdb page

Joe Layton plays Kyle Connor who is visiting the Cook Islands for a bit of fun with his friend ‘budgie’ played by Theo Barklem-Biggs . After a bit of this fun Kyle starts seeing some woman he doesn’t know, one vision of her is that she is dead.

One guy tells him he has a nice tattoo and asks if he knows what the symbols mean, but having designed it himself he does not know, he just always saw it in his mind. The guy doesn’t even explain to him what it means.

Kyle has visions of a local woman ina red dress, who has drowned. Somehow he comes across someone in her family, they asure him that she is fine and well. When her brother goes to pick her up at the airport, Kyle and his friend are there.

Kyle is still having visions, and sneaks on the property and hide out in the garden where she notices him in the bushes. She is kind enough to hear him out, and even along with her sis in law meets with him to hear him out further.

So far I like the suspense of it. Can he save her as the old spirit man says he’s supposed to? The girl’s family are pearl farmer’s and have been for generations.

I think you will have to watch fromt he beginning to be able to keep up with it. So maybe view it live (or via instant video… here via Amazon Tatau, Season 1 otherwise Tatau will be available in June on DVD & Blu-ray

The Gift 



 3DGs 2015 release Human Album Review 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Classic Cuts / Out of the Shadows)

Todd & the book of Pure Evil

I forget how I originally heard about this but the geek of this kind of stuff that I am… I’m just happy I can now catch it on the Chiller station on Wednesdays from 10-12. It’s a kitschy half hour comedy show basically a possession/ ‘monster’ of the week sort.  I got to see starting with episode 11 of season 1 (as I forgot about the show the week before).

So I’m not sure how to explain this, but this is either bad, or geniusly good. I however  may be jumping the gun as this oneis only the first episode I’ve seen so far so I’ll peg it as a ‘campy comedy’

Jason Mews!!!! (as in Jay & Silent Bob) Awsome, though he plays a janitor with deep insight/ or infinite wisdom.  The girl that wears the glasses is reminding me of a cross between Willow &  Buffy’s lil sis (Michelle Trachtenberg) from Buffy the Vampire slayer series.  The only wayI can put it is hilarious or hysterically horrible (in a good way)


2015  PG-13  1hr 34 mins  * Taylor Lautner who plays Cam a New York Bike Messenger who joins a band of  theives who use Parkour  to help with their Heists.  alot happens in 37 minutes , as for watch the rest… No notes but the whole thing felt empty to me. D


Transporter: the series.

Saturdays on TNT or USA I can’t remember which or what day. I saw it the pilot (stated in January 2015) and I was not impressed, and no Jason statham is not in it. Chris Vance stars and also produces. I’m not feeling the fights , they choreographed and when they feel that way, the fight/action scenes are slow and should be faster. Oh well that was the first six minutes and was a simulation for him and his team. The title intro seems like a cross between a James Bond film intro and a classic cologne ad pose with the car behind the guy and the chick on the opposite side of the car. The guy looks really familiar but can’t place him. I look it up and oh he was in Prison Break. as for the show… Not really sure about it. I hope for those that do watch it, the rest of the series will be better. Something tells me this may not have lasted long, I didn’t watch it (already had too much on my plate) I’m guessing best as a Binge

St. Trinians

saw this on tv finally caught it  I think one of the guys I used to work with  recommended this to me. IT was crazy, sort of like if the Addams family ran a school. The school is pretty much anarchy. While there are cliques they all work as a team (nothing like what you see in the usual type of movies). Rupert Everett has dual roles and Colin Firth plays some sort of politician or educational director. The girls are realy nothing but delinquents although they use them for good but in a bad way. B

Tokyo Gore Police

Triple 9



Based on actual events stars Justin Long as a podcast DJ (Journalist? not sure what to call those people) who travels to Canada for a story which is D.O.A. and now he needs to find a new story.

I have to say it.. he looks awful with that mustache, and was that Haley Joe Osmet as his sidekick?

AS someone who has traveled to Canada 4x (well Toronto anyway)  I find parts of this somewhat insulting (& I’m not even Canadian)  but some equally funny (There’s one set on a porch that the wood looks like plastic! It might be a trex or correct deck type product but still looks awful!) Well at least its not sickening like the Human Centipede. THough Kevin Smith is one sick puppy! I guess this is from a podcast of his ‘Smodcast’ no idea. I just know Clerks, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob & Comic Book Men. I’m not sure what to make of this movie but aside from that horrible Human Centipede I think I’ll give this one a B

Two for the Dough Janet Evanovich

can be found in The Book Nook under ‘Who’s Stephanie Plum


Under the Dome

Under the Dome  s.3

What did the narration from the past seasons say 3 months or 3 years?  Ewww ectoplasm but there’s no ghosts …yet or are there? Now that was an impressive ‘fireworks’ display to start the season but what will the consequences be. Oh Yummy  Mike Vogel in Tac gear… Ug there’s time travel or flash backs or maybe an alternate universe  not sure what we have here. Maybe its the alternate universe being as the ectoplasm is there. Whatever the case.. this show has hurt my head. y bet is parallel/alternate universe/dimension. It took a few yers but I now Officially dub this the ‘the new Lost’


Vamphyri! (Necroscope, Vol. 2)  Buy Now

Vamphyri! (Necroscope, Vol. 2)

This starts off where the first ended. The aftermath of the mess Dragosani & Kough made.I’m only on page 69 (after starting it May 29th or 30th) so I have been thinking of putting it off for another time to get through my other books. I like the premise of the story etc. it’s just the writing (for me) style is making it difficult. It does not flow like other books that you end up finishing in a day or a few for whatever ‘magic’ those kinds have over us to plow through it.

I will be very slow in reading this one as it will likely be very slow in reading it so (look below & you’ll see I’ve already started another book

Usually it takes me about 1 mnute or less to read one side of a page, this feels like it takes me 15 minutes to read 1 page! So struggling with deciding on penalizing myself for not finishing & get to another book or series & save this & the next necro book for a time when I’m not on deadlines!

canning rest of series for another time. Its good but as I said I don’t care for the writing.. can you say BATHROOM READER! becasue that’s what this may become instead of the regular reading book.

Series Information started May 12 (giving myself same amount of time or about.. I’m going to shoot for the 10th)

Vampire DOg

V/H/S: Viral-

2014 Rated R 1 hour and 20 Minnutes

I don’t remember if I saw the earlier installments of this  franchise, I think I might have seen one but I don’t remember it if I did!  This installment I think I can see why I forgot about seeing a previous one! The label on the rental says a group of teens become internet celebrities after a car chase. Well there is a car chase but I don’t recall the guy becoming famous in the movie! basically it’s an anthology (different ‘short’ stories)  of mini movies and I think they center on that chase (I think they are supposed to coincide  where the bicyclist recording the chase is in the city, then we see what’s going on in that area or so my theory goes)  I liked the one with the magician, and if there’s a cloak really like Forget about Harry Potters Invisibility one… There’s also a skateboarding one that the make-up FX  was pretty cool, I’ll just say skele cult~ reminded me of Tales from the Crypt comic & tv show a bit! So those make-up artists have hope for maybe getting on the Walking Dead crew or they better hope for some Tales From the Crypt remakes!   think it was a total of 5 stories together, and frankly I should have known better!  Watch or rent something you KNOW you already like! F

Victor Frankenstein


Vikings (s.4 Mid-season postmortem)

Viking Heat (Berkley Sensation)Viking Heat – Sandra Hill

Started= August 9

pages= 200+ (have to check again)

apparently I have sadly slowed down on my reading, I guess I’ve got a bit of burn out.

Joy has 3 brothers, her older bro Matt died as a POW and she decides to meet the man to retrieved him. From there she decides to take Matt’s place but she’s in the navy WEALs program. (Women seals). ON her mission somerthing happens and she wakes up with vikings…. Talk about culture shock Oh yeah and Joy is a feminist and a psychologist so what will they do with her way back in the 900’s!

This is one for the beach.. as if you did you just may finish by the time you leave!

This is a smoothly written book, with sprinkles of humor. The opening does not drag along nor does it stay in one place. It goes from present day to Viking age here & there. My only deal is once in the Viking era why doesn’t the author have a scene where her brothers are worried about her or Seal team is looking for her. The scenes with Bandr and Joy are flirty fun, or her trying to right what in our times is ‘wrongs’ but for that time it’s not. (So she has royaly got to be messing with something in the time space continum) Though I am behind It’s a page turner once I start I don’t want to put it down. Ok well complaint about the Seals or brothers was noted later on. and well enjoyed the book so I’d have to go with a B for this one, and there’s others its a series I believe      Buy Now

The Visit

The Voices-

2015   R  1 hour 43 minutes. starring Ryan Reynolds whose character jerry works at the Milton factor living a batchelor lifestyle with his Ginger Tabby cat Mr. Whiskers and Dog Bosco (I think it’s a boxer) which talk to him (The Tabby cat has a Scottish accent, was floored by this and is a hoot). You can think of the cat and the dog as the Angel & Devil on your shoulder bit like in the old cartoons (like my fave Tom& Jerry). Ryan looks younger in this like from years ago can’t figure out why. Jerry has some sort of mental issue that was inherited from his mother who could ‘hear angels’. There’s a part that I swear i was watching Bates Motel. I was enjoying the story and into it and then the damn disk froze and started from the beginning around an hour in!  So I will have to continue this when I get the new disk. Incomplete grade… C   Of course now that I had to wait for a new DVD to watch what was left of the movie (only a couple of days but still) so it has lost its momentum for me. Well the movie is at least morbidly humorous, and there’s that disturbing musical number  at the end which to me had no business being in there and ruined anything I enjoyed about the movie. lost momentum grade D

Voodoo in New Orleans  By Robert Tallant

I do not know what happened to this review. I had written them all on my squidoo pages but when they closed site, we were transferred to hubpages and that site was not working out for that so I transferred (copied & pasted) all that info to my yearly pages. I can tell you it was interesting. Its a history and look into the culture of Voodoo but I don’t think there were any spells. It’s a religion (but still don’t piss them people off)


movie icon_png_reel_film_reel_film_png_reel_film_iconThe Walking Dead

*Boris Karloff  as John Elmer    B/W    1:04   A man framed for  murder is sent to the chair. A doctor brings him back and those framed him start dropping like flies. Even though this isn’t ‘Frankenstein’ per say, 1. Boris still looks like  ‘Franky’ in it (it must be the hair) and then there’s the way he’s brought back (minus the patchwork of parts)

The Walking Dead –

so the first half  kicked off on a err.. ‘high’ note; energetic and packed full of action. I’ve heard it was going to be a crazy year, and frankly with Rick ripping the throat out of that guy the end of last year (Jaw dropped!) I think that was just a (sorry for the
TV 80spun) taste of things to come this season. Wow this season has been non stop. Never liked the priest way too soft for that world someone should have just killed him when they found him. I knew he’d either get someone killed (almost did) by attracting attention or just fouling up; or he’d be killing in just a few episodes (why did he go as long as he did?) That midseason finale was surprising. and damn I was upset (Dammit Daryl made me cry!… Literally! )  Now we come to a community that seems way too good to be true! Let’s just hope our gangly motley crew doesn’t get soft

The Walking Dead season 6

welcome-to-wayward-pines preview


We were the Mulvaneys


What we do in the shadows 

When the Game Stands Tall

PG  1 hr 55 minutes *s Jim Caveizel, ALexander Ludwig  2014

The Dela Salle Spartans  have a 151 -0 Win streak, will they come to know  what a loss feel like?

It’s definitely no Friday Night Lights (by that I mean the underrated Tv Series not the movie)

There’s really not much to write about typical Sports story & cliches  C

The Wiccan Rede: Couplets of the Law, Teaching, and EnchantmentsThe Wiccan Rede

The Wiccan Rede: Couplets of the Law, Teachings, and Enchantments

This explains the the meaning of the couplets to the Wiccan rede to better understand the rules




Wicked Appetite  Janet Evanovich

You can find the full review on this page    * or purchase here Wicked Appetite (Lizzy and Diesel)

The first book (I believe) of the Lizzy and Diesel series and a 3rd dubbed Wicked Charms will be out (if it hasn’t already been released) Find more on my Stephanie Plum/ page which will have all notes and full review.


Willow Creek

1 hour & 20 minutes  a couple heads into the Northern California wilderness to track down the legend Bigfoot and of course film their adventure interviewing locals along the way. This was written & directed by bobcat Goldthwait & frankly it sucks! he needs another Police Academy movie if he could swing it,  (I think he peeked in those, I can’t remember him in anything else!)  & give me the time back. I swear I wish I had a time machine to go back & prevent Blair Witch Project from ever happening so that crap like this wouldn’t be made. Once in a blue mood maybe a good one comes out but that’s like a 1 out of 50 (or more) and if not good at least somewhat believable. it would have been nice to at least see a creature some actual fur on a person. (hell use one of the costumes that was made on Face-off that had fur on it! Instead of wasting your time with this, find another movie or do something productive like make something (crafts, Write or read! or just go back to work!)

Winter’s Tale-

caught this from the beginning on cable but I know i missed at least 15 minutes up to half an hour as I was called away from it possibly at a pivital moment as I was not sure what was really going on in the movie let alone why Russell Crowe was chasing Colin Farrell’s character. I’m not sure how I feel about it. There is a special horse in it or so I thought when I first saw it. If I didn’t know better I’d say it was the one from Legend that 80’s movie with Tom Cruise in a loin cloth. (maybe it’s its grand horsie that was in Legend) . THe end is both happy but sad for what I saw of it I’d say a C otherwise a N/G

The Witch: A New England Folk Tale

Night World No. 3: Huntress, Black Dawn, WitchlightWitchlight

Not only do we have the soulmate bond in each story, but now there is the ‘big’ power (I forget what its called) in each story so each one sort of feels like an outline only with different species of characters and such. This one has a were panther or was it puma? I just started it as far as writing so please bare with me. Oh yeah and there’s a dragon shifter in this. The dragons used to rule over all shifters until the witches put a spell on them let’s just say for an extended hybernation. 30,000 years the dragons have been asleep after reaping chaos, and now the Night world (Vampires etc that want to rule over the humans) some how brought one back. Circle Daybreak sends Keller and her group to look for the witch child who is a lost witch and supposed to have a Wild Power. The Witch Child is supposed to marry the son of the First house of shifters for a bond between the witches (which no longer are with the Vampires) & the shifters in the fight for Good.    There’s a Character witht the Name Iliana I thought that was pretty. Vocabulary- Ironwood

Witching and Bitching –

2013 NR (Not Rated)  1 hr 50 min  Foreign (Spanish?)

Well definitely not for the kids though some parents might love to just watch the beginning, Sponge Bob gets offed! (Loved that! and I’m not even a parent!) There’s other ‘mascots’ like a toy soldier, a silver jesus, and quite the poor imitation of Minnie & Mickey Mouse. I’m thinking this is supposed to be some sort of comedy (well on Netflix it’s listed as Action adventure but… No that’s not right. a quick check on IMDB and it says a comedy Horror. (Yeah the Horror is the trauma from the thing you will see at the end UGH! It is funny but then there are parts I found just flat out stupid. The last few minutes were just really annoying to me, and traumatic  (in more ways than one) by that I mean the ‘monster’ Goddess whatever that was it’ll give you PTSD nightmares at least for a week! The witch part was insulting (we are not all evil and certainly do not go Baba yagga  or Hansel & Gretel on the kids!)  C-

Who’s Kitten Who – Cynthia Baxter

Who's Kitten Who? (Reigning Cats & Dogs Mysteries, No. 6)

Cool Character name- Aziza Zorn

Favorite lines: PWS- Pre Wedding Syndrome (those last few weeks it seems the couple argues about everything)

Jessica’s friend brings her to a salon called ‘Hair Explosion of London’ and wonders why a place of business that is not located in London has it in the name. (Like I do with Canada & Boston Pizza. NOt to mention What the F** BOSTON pizza, not New York or Chicago Pizza, which I can unerstand & are supposed to be the best) was beyond her & a good way to confuse the customers.

Theater Lingo though the book does explain them

 I’m going to have to bust my brain reading the rest of this. I’m behind. I should have been reading 75 pages a day since sunday but I started off slow for some reason, and am only on page 80+ but plan to be back on track hopefully by the end of tonight (wednesday 6).

The book is about Jessie Popper a mobile vetrinatrian from Long Island who makes a habit of solving crimes. This novel of the series, has Jessie tending to appointments, getting ready for her friend Betty’s wedding and someone in her best friend’s theater group was murdered (and her friend asking her to see if she can figure things out) and ends up getting hired to play a part in the play, after this day she finds out her (Pushy) future parent-in-laws are coming for an unexpected visit or more like last minute guests not giving enough notice to their hosts to amke preparations for their arrival. Jessie and her fiancee Nick live on a big estate, in the little caretaker’s cottage that’s barely big enough for the 2 of them and their minagerie of 2 dogs, 2 cats and a bird, as far as I recollect.

Nick gets pissed when he tells her they are coming because of her full schedule +1! What paterbs me is that when he whines “But What about my parents coming” or complains about no one being their,

I want stearnly to remind him he’s THEIR son for one. 2. They invited themselves and 3. most of the plans and so on I got sucked into was made before I knew they were coming.

So far I think there’s 2 suspects but I have three as usually the one, one character goes off about that its that person, end up being the real culprit, but there is at least one other suspect I have…..dun dun Duuunnnnn

One of the 3 I thought were most Suspect, was right, with a twist.

After the case is solve & they go to the wedding setting, it would have been nice if there was at least a page or even paragraph on how the play went(after all that) even if it was just a review from the paper.

I also had to laugh a few times with a couple lines one in which I ask sometimes. See my Favorite lines

The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death

2015  PG-13 1:38 Hammer Studios  No More ‘Harry Potter’ frankly I am not familiar with any of the faces and upon looking up the cast on IMDB.com  the only name that sounds familiar is Jeremy Irvine but no idea as to why. There’s nothing he’s been in other than this that I have seen. I thought this was a prequel to the original but the description says it’s 40 years after the first haunting.   It’s World War 2 and a group of Orphans and their Guardian  teachers are evacuated and seek refuge in the that creepy old Eel Marsh house mansion on the deserted (or supposed to be) island.  And of course with a marsh well you basically have a very big moat  (or maybe it’s just the New Jersey Swamp take your pick) I thought they explained how the woman in black came to be but being it’s not a prequel I guess not. Whatever it was that was being portrayed in Eve’s dreams for me really wasn’t fully clear nor is the movie interesting  D or as the swamp frogs say “Skippit”


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