Books for Sale

BOOKs for sale and Trade

1st come first serve

(PLEASE BE SURE to ask about availability first. A friend of mine got a good helping  to half of a box .
 Paperback  75 cents  Each    Hardcover  & Anthologies $1 each
Multiple stories  &  Trilogies $5     Sets  (part or full)  $10 & Up
(PLUS Postage)    if you are ordering more than one Item (a minimum of 3 is sent as media mail)

I donate some of the money to one of my favorite charities~ DAV, or Best Friends

 All Books are read once,  if you see a title with a number in (parentheses) that means I have more than one copy available!  

GRAB BAGs available!!! (paperback only)

6 books for $5  or

plus whatever the postage will be.  Sets are not available for this offer.



  1. This list with the items you want checked The items at top are always the newest added to the list.




Name & Address   Number of Books                                  Book $$ Total                                 Postage $

Mailing Label is best or

Your Name       ___________________________________________________________




City __________________   State    ________________Zipcode  __________-___________



Phone number     (_________)     _____________-_______________________

Email        ___                                      ___@                                                .                 _

Phone Number / Email is ONLY to reach you If there’s an item(s) no longer available, when package is mailed Or any additional information I may need.

Postage =  1st Book = $2               $1 each add’l     

I will do my best to get the cheapest I can for any amount ordered but best if you want more than one item (esp. books as can use media mail)  in U.S.   All shipments go out 3 days to a week after order is received   (Prices for postage are only an estimate, If it costs less I can send a surprise extra book or 2.  

  1. Payment in U.S. Cash (I am not liable if cash is lost) or Money order only payable to:

 Kim Marie Ostrowski  

51 Jervis RD      Yonkers, NY 10705-2615

as a trade we can do a book for book, or if you only have one I am looking for,

I’d be willing to give you 2 of the books for the one I want.

You can find the books I am looking for here

and please let me know when you mail it out and I will do the same when I receive!

Please ONLY use this form to ask about availability, request my address to send your order etc.



Praise, rants & Rage reply here

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