Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife

2014  Not Rated 1:22  Unrated  Amy Acker, Donald Faison, Scott Foley , Patrick Wilson,Greg Grunberg ,     Comedy Crime134109


Everyone hates Ward’s wife, and wants her dead especially Ward. If you don’t hate her, then you must be just like her. She treats Ward like trash, gods forbid if he’s aloud to make a decision on his own or have a life other than her. Basically its an emotionally abusive relationship. The first time she opened her mouth,I think I wanted to strangle her. She’s rude, loud and honestly should have been emotionally or mentally tortured for how she treats Ward.  How do you marry someone like that, or is she like that now, cause they have a kid? Basically it seems she has one setting… PMS!!

This black comedy caper about helping a friend get out of a bad relationship by any means necessary was at times a little funny. My father made it sound like it was hysterical, but even as morbid and diabolical as I can be at times with my sense of humor, is how sinister   _____(wont ruin it)_______ is about it I’m not sure weather to say disturbing or funny. Then there’s how well Ward takes his wife’s death. I don’t think he was even upset, maybe a little shocked at first but it looked more like he got a thousand pound weight off his back.

I enjoyed the watch as well as the cast. It was funny but not lough out loud funny.

ITs at least average fare maybe a little better as for me it felt different from other comedies.


so maybe not LOL funny but it was morbid/sarcastic dark funny.



2018    R   Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh,Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez, Tuva Novotny, Oscar Issac

Adventure, Drama, Horror


Mission Girl Power!

A covert expedition into a government area sealed off for decades. The four women.. a psychologist, surveyor, biologist, and anthropologist find a wilderness where our known laws of nature do not pertain. This is called the Shimmer.

Loved  The light house and crystal trees…

Aside from the shimmer and the trees, this was a drab piece of crap. the only int4eresting part was what the shimmer was and what was causing (or should that be creating) it.

How Portman has any awards is beyond me, and maybe one big reason the first 2 Thor movies mostly the 2nd were not u-p to par.

As for the title, I would not have titled it that. Why because Neither the world nor a species  was annihilated.

Return to Oz

1985   PG  1:49   Fairuza Balk


Dorothy now mopes around the farm after her adventure in Oz. Her Auntie Em does not like her talking about her dream world. She brings Dorothy to a clinic where they will treat her with shock therapy as she just has not been the same since she came back.

Upon trying to escape treatment, Dorothy has a black out and returns to a ruined Oz. She needs to find her friends which have been imprisoned and help Oz get back its rightful  ruler. 

So when Mountainous Cliffs crumble, apparently they’re laughing.

Some evil ‘Princess’ of many faces make that heads, and some gnome king took over. When I heard Gnome king I thought it was going to be like one of those lawn decorations, wrong on that.

Along the way Dorothy meets some new friends like Tick Tock, who is basically the tin man but a short stout steampunk brass version.  Jack which is basically scarecrow but with a Jack O’Lantern for a head and some moose head I think was called Gumpy.

No more flying monkey’s but there’s the wheelers, which in a way remind me of the flying monkeys but earth bound, and wheel around.

I haven’t watched the original in ages (as  think every year or more than once a year it was on when I was a kid.) but I can’t decide if I like this one better than what I remember from the original.


This was Fairuza Balk’s (the Craft) First movie

Bonus: Interview with Fairuza

Classic Cuts-Poltergeist

The 13 FRIGHTS of Halloween series

Classic CutsSpecial edition

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First I’ll start with what should have never been greenlit and a comparison to the original

 2015  Pg-13  1:33  REMAKE   Sam Rockwell,  Rosemarie DeWitt, Saxon Sharbino, Kyle Catlett, Kennedi Clements, Jared Harris, & Jane Adams  (more on On Imdb  )

I watched this out of curiosity as to how bad or sacrilege it would be. How does it compare to the original? Don’t bother with this one! It does not have the creepy tone and atmosphere as the original. It does not have the menace not even the clown (I think the original clown was much scarier.) I think it tries too hard to be scary and feels hurried. There were a couple of aspects that I believe were new to this update such as the dark spirit world which looks less imaginative and the FX of it  looks like a freakish orgy of blackened bodies. Which reminded me of the sculpture in the HellRaiser movies). The clown has one wicked laugh (so of course it made me laugh) but doesn’t give you the creepy, I hate clowns feeling as the original. The movie lacks charm not to mention (but worst of all) lacks  a likable family.

The Psychic medium Tangia (played by Zelda Rubenstein in the original) is now Continue reading

Halloween House by Kathi Daley

The Halloween House (A Tess and Tilly Cozy Mystery Book 4)A Tess and Tilly Cozy Mystery Book 4)

In the town of White Eagle, Montana at least 50 years ago a large mansion was built by Hartford Harrington for his  wife and 5 children.  It serves as a sort of luxurious prison far from the family’s home of San Francisco where the industrialist had a full and busy life.

Aside from the little family cemetery at the edge of the property, not one Harrington relation lived in it nor did anyone buy it.

Jordan Westlake inherits the manse, he’s not blood family but from an adoption. He takes up residence so he can also fix the place up and remodel. Though he did not expect to have a literal Skeleton I his closet!

Tess – Main character, mail person,  Best friends with Bree and Tony (love interest) and volunteers at the shelter and plays animal matchmaker.

Tony- Been friends with Tess since grade school and has a great Continue reading

American Satan

The 13 FRIGHTS of Halloween series

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American Satan Trailer

NO FREAKING way! is that Andy Biserak from Black Veil Brides?!??!

Oh Sh** it is! and Look What’s his face from Game of Thrones.. Tulley Tarley something like that. Boo Boo Stewart from Twilight movies, Mark Boone Junior (I think I’ve seen him in Sons of Anarchy) Ben Bruce  and I think I heard Sebastian Bach is supposed to be in it , former wrestler Bill Goldberg and Clockwork Orange’s Malcom McDowell  Take a look of the cast on IMD

but I don’t see his name in the cast list. The poster looks so like the Strangers Things one from season 1.

I’ve been waiting to see this for I think a year or maybe a little less. Never saw it Continue reading

Classic Cuts-Blade

Classic Cuts

The 13 FRIGHTS of Halloween series
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Happy 20th Anniversary to the 1998 Vampire action movie

and what you could say is Marvel’s first HIT


 Wesley Snipes       Stephen Dorff     Donal Logue   Kris Kristofferson     N’Bushe Wright   Udo Kier ArlyJover

Producer Peter Frankfurt

Director Stephen Norrington

Screenwriter David S. Goyer

Blood on the Dance floor

Back in the day when I saw that this was coming out I was ecstatic! Not because I’m a comic geek but because I’m a vampire geek and my #1 all-time favorite actor was in it. (You might say I grew up with him, well watching him as he’s just a few years older than myself.

In a way it was sort of a ‘dirty’ fantasy come true; when I first saw the trailer I think I actually squealed as I saw my favorite actor Stephen Dorff was in it. Then saw that it was a Vampire movie. There was another thing i realized in the trailers, something seemed ‘off’ about Stephen Dorff.  He looked different some how that I couldn’t quite put a fang on.  After seeing the trailer a few times I noticed one thing about the looks, his eyes looked funny and I remembered them being brown (as every time I heard Duces Wild by Aerosmith it would make me think of him. I brushed it off figuring maybe I was seeing things or it was some lighting thing. That should have been a hint to me (if not outright tell) as to who or what he would be playing in the movie.


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