Hotel Transylvania 3 (+full franchise)

Hotel Transylvania


When I saw this coming out I thought Why can’t there be a monster themed hotel? (at least in October) and why not have a costume party. (I really need to have my own hotel for all the ideas I have for one (among other things)

Anything Monsters I’m into. I’m not one for Graphic novels though in the past I did get the one for The Crow and I bought My Favorite thing is Monsters vol. 1 and sadly I can’t seem to find the 2nd volume on Amazon.

However I always enjoy a monster party. So I was hoping this would be good.

Turns out for a kids movie, it was a blast and yes ended up with a monster party or Monster sized.

We definitely have a franchise on our hands with this one! Top Marks!

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Home Sweet hell

2015    R    1:38

Katherine Heigl, Patrick Wilson, Jordana Brewster, Jim belushi  Aj Buckley

I like how they did the credits with her ‘My Goal book’ Scrapbook.

Overbearing wife and mother of 2 Mona is married to Don Champagne (and yes, they have a Champagne & Furniture business) Her daught is an uptight pain just like her, and the son just like dad.

She has a goal book and plans every little thing and tries to always look and be perfect.. seriously but she is no stepford wife her maiden name had to be Hyde!

She is one devious B***and when he tells her he’s had an affair she stays all to calm and says to kill her.

Morbidly funny (but not in a laugh out loud sort of way)

I enjoyed most of it, especially the end. Poor Don (Patrick Wilson) Talking about an oppressive environment. How can anyone love anyone like her?



2015  NR 1:28  Kyle Schmidt  Christopher Lloyd Katharine Isabelle


Follows Gwen who has no idea who she is and has flashes of memories.

If I remember right we first see her in a diner and that’s when we get a few clues when she tries to open her bag.. what looks like a bunch of gumballs and a gun is what I remember most.

The story is split between two timelines the current and one with what seems like a boyfriend.  Gwen is fueled by revenge for the person responsible for the trauma she has suffered.  She thinks its the person who has been her ‘guardian’ some  criminal mob guy type.

The mystery was what kept me watching, and something that should have been so obvious to me I missed somehow.. or it was actually good cause I didn’t solve it before It was revealed

Classic Cuts-Poltergeist

The 13 FRIGHTS of Halloween series

Classic CutsSpecial edition

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First I’ll start with what should have never been greenlit and a comparison to the original

 2015  Pg-13  1:33  REMAKE   Sam Rockwell,  Rosemarie DeWitt, Saxon Sharbino, Kyle Catlett, Kennedi Clements, Jared Harris, & Jane Adams  (more on On Imdb  )

I watched this out of curiosity as to how bad or sacrilege it would be. How does it compare to the original? Don’t bother with this one! It does not have the creepy tone and atmosphere as the original. It does not have the menace not even the clown (I think the original clown was much scarier.) I think it tries too hard to be scary and feels hurried. There were a couple of aspects that I believe were new to this update such as the dark spirit world which looks less imaginative and the FX of it  looks like a freakish orgy of blackened bodies. Which reminded me of the sculpture in the HellRaiser movies). The clown has one wicked laugh (so of course it made me laugh) but doesn’t give you the creepy, I hate clowns feeling as the original. The movie lacks charm not to mention (but worst of all) lacks  a likable family.

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Hemlock Grove

See the source image

Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Famke Janssen ,Bill Skarsgård ,Landon Liboiron ,Dougray Scott ,Madeleine Martin ,Penelope Mitchell ,Freya Tingley ,Lili Taylor ,

Directed b y Eli Roth

A girl is brutally murdered and found near the former Godfrey steel mill. This is just one of the  mysteries of Small town Hemlock Grove Pennsylvania, not to mention the secrets of its inhabitants.

Rumors spread that the new guy Peter Rumancek, a gypsy, is a werewolf. He is just one of the suspects in the girl’s murder. The other is Roman, heir of the Godfrey estate. The two become friends and decide to find the killer themselves.


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Jane Got a Gun

2015 1:38   action/drama/western Joel Edgerton Natalie Portman Ewan McGregor Noah Emmerich

Jane’s outlaw husband comes home injured after a run-in with his old gang. She enlists an ex-love for help.

From the moment I saw the title of the movie years ago… all I could hear is Aerosmith’s “Janie’s Got a Gun”

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Lost After Dark

See the source image2015             NR     1:25

Robert Patrick,  Sarah Fisher, Justin Kelly, Jesse Camacho, Eve Harlow, Kendra Leigh Timmins


You thought the 80s were dead, right?

Not in this slasher homage, whose opening scene which takes place in the 70s.  I’d compare (which I hate doing)  to a Texas Chainsaw Massacre style. Then we come to what is supposed to be the present day but it’s 1984 and Oh My GODs! The CRIMPED hair.  I would say they did a good job on the 80s fashions. I almost thought they raided some time traveling Closets (the Tardis anyone?)

Its some school dance and a goody-good is planning to go out with her friend, or is that friends? At the dance the Vice Principal, none other than Terminator 2 and Scorpion’s Robert Patrick keeps an eye on the kids, or so tries.

Goody girl and her group of friends get on a school bus and take off. Yeah, school buses in my day could be party buses or at least when there was no aide on the bus to keep us in line. So the bus runs out of gas and we all know that spells doom in any horror movie, and so are stalked by a killer.

Honestly I thought it was going to be predictable, but this slasher flick doesn’t play by the rules! One of the two girls that should have been a ”final’ girl” by the rules of horror movies.  Definitely a surprise or 2 in order of killings as well as cliches.

I would say it is modeled in a Texas Chainsaw style after seeing the full movie, but still fresh in a way. There’s even a spot where the film looks like it burned in the projector.