Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

2018   PG13   2:08   Chris Pratt  Bryce Dallas Howard  imdb


Three years after the theme park lies in the ruins of its jungle environment, it is still host and home to the surviving dinosaurs.

A long dormant volcano  on the island is about to erupt, and so Claire and Owen return to try to rescue the colossal critters.


“my cousin has a drone bigger than this


Between the intensity of the Volcano blowing and dinos and people alike beating the soil to the only way off the island, the departure is heartbreaking. (poor Dino, I swear looked like a dog whose owner just abandoned him)

The chaos of those scenes I think are the most memorable as well as one from the trailer. I like the hide and seek with (I think it was) Blue or one of the raptors.


Most of the movie is predictable, figured out who the bad guy was as soon as we met him, and of course the military are always D-bags in these sorts.


Yes an Ankylosaurus one of my favorites and the tank of Dinosaurs. I think a new favorite one is that ‘brute’ with the ‘egg’ head. The battling ram of Dinosaurs!


WAIT. A. MinUTE!   did I just see that Indoraptor smile (laugh my ass off) YEP! I believe I saw right cause right after that I’ll just say “You deserve it” (like the WWE universe) and maybe a bye bye to that guy.

We have a new King of dinosaurs, or at least a prince?? (my question however is, does that scene with the lion still make the lion king or the dino king of Jungle?)

Jeff Goldblum makes an appearance as to what should happen with the dinosaurs on the island should they be saved or not.

(Honestly I understand his opinion, and I’m not all in pro-life (other than cute forest creatures, and domestic animals) but they are living things even if (are they considered clones in the mythology of the franchise?)  Why not find another island not let anyone know and put them on there and let nature take its course? No animal should die from Volcanic eruption, I really did cry yet again,  ok maybe a tear and sniffle  for a DAMN CGI creature!

Crap like this is what happens when scientists play gods and monsters.



The House with a clock in its walls

2018  PG  1:45  Jack Black  Cate Blanchette Eli Roth

well I didn’t know this was originally a book. (might have to get a copy to read)

10 Year old Lewis goes to live with his uncle after his parents die in a car accident.

We join him on his way to meet his uncle, in New Zebedee, Michigan (I have to look that up to see if it actually exists! I spent my whole life thinking Albuquerque was fictional JUST because it was mentioned in a cartoon. As far as I can find, it doesn’t seem to be a real city, but for some reason I am disappointed I didn’t find anything other than its based on Marshall)

I enjoyed this, and when my parents watched it, it sounded like they were having fun doing so. However, a lot of the good stuff was in the trailers, but there were a few other things that still made it worth a watch, even if you are a grown adult that wants to amuse your inner child.

Jack Black’s beard looks impish or devilsh, could it be both at once, I think it looked quite dashing on him. I do enjoy the insult slinging between Uncle Jon and Miss Zimmerman, those gave me a few chuckles.

oooh I love the part with that ‘fountain’ looking thing in the yard and it becoming all spacey, and that hedge lion needs a banana to take care of that problem. I also like Zimmerman’s house (well the wall décor) so my taste.

Ewww Pumpkin Slimed!

OMG I want that! I’ll give you a hint, it looks like it would be (or is) a fireplace but is an entrance. and needs to look more dragon-ish

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The House With A Clock In Its Walls Review

Meet the REAL New Zebedee

Cold Pursuit (2019)

Liam Neeson,  Laura Dern  Michael Eklund (or as I call him ‘Creepy Norman’ becaue of his Blood Ties role)


So it may not have been titled Taken and not as much action as I remember in at least the first movie. However pretty much the same B.S.. It may as well be however Taken 4, though I enjoyed the dark humor and cheering for him in this Than the other movies.

Wow the clipshow (at Alamo Draft House) had lots of Snowmobile/plow bits in it, also some rap video where the guys are in snow breakdancing and wearing some air brushed running suits. I tried finding it but sadly I don’t know the artists or song title. Then there’s the goofy Liam Neeson –> Niece –> son –> Nissan

Some cause happiness wherever they go…

Others Whenever they go 

                                           -Oscar Wilde

We open in Kehoe Colorado where Liam’s character Nels Coxman is announced citizen of the year.

OMG that view! That… is Breathtaking! Well if that was my view I don’t think I’d mind waking up early in the morning! Heck I might want to sleep outside. SO they seem to live up on a hill from a valley (or in a Fjord looking area). Mr. Coxman is the snowmonbile driver and I think that is the biggest one I’ve ever seen. Good thing, as the snow there in one show looked like it was higher than the snowmobile!

So instead of being just kidnapped, Nels’ son Kyle is kidnapped from some thugs (who I am still trying to figure out why they did) and shoot him up with drugs and dump him. When Papa is told Kyle OD’ed he says he didn’t do drugs. ‘Creepy norman’ err sorry Michael Eklund plays speedo one of mobster Limbo’s minions.

Talk about going off the deep end. Yeah I guess no one would find the bodies that way, unless of course they wash up after the spring defrosting!

So wait a minute… there hasn’t been any opening credits… not really. Every so often a name pops up on screen. I’m guessing when we meet the actor/character. Not sure if I like how they did it…I like that it was different; However I’m not sure if  I like the pauses in story and so on or if it takes away from the flow.

I wouldn’t really call this an action movie.. More like a thriller as there’s not much action in it. (at least not the way I define it…blade, John Wick, Fast & Furious for a few examples) but then Neeson is older and so I guess needs to be more tame. Or hopefully they are just saving the fun stuff for the end.

Cab ride… asks to change song “anything else” and lol BARBIE GIRL comes on

Wait a mob guy with a code of Honor? Really?  And the dead mob guy has a purpley/pink color phone that more suited to a young girl. Sorry but I don’t think I’ve even seen a guy with a phone case on their phone.  (and a GROWN man which should have a medium to dark color purple)

Ooh Girl! nice duck and grab~!

Wait is that ‘Hotel Montclair’ the same building used in The Shining?

Ok I have to clear the air of that Pig in the fridge/freezer in the Coxman house… The only time I’d have that showing off in front of the door would be around Halloween, or to creep out guests, cause that just looks like its in the way.

Why don’t the Natives and Coxman team up?

Still not sure of the actual reason why they dosed Kyle, did they think it was someone else? If it was mentioned I must have missed it.

‘Viking’ (the bossman) has a cool Jacket.. wonder if I can find a ladies version. Wait what is Neeson doing with that machine..Looks like a crane or.. rock crusher? Oh that’s what that is… (laughing in morbid demented snickers…)

So the end felt too quick but we get one more psychotic laugh when we see the guy that went parasailing…

For the Money.. matinee was enjoyable.. good for a rental but depends on the person for an actual purchase

Liam Neeson Frozen Out at Box Office With Worst Opening Since 2010 for ‘Cold Pursuit’

Cold Pursuit review: “Droll, sleek, and not content to settle for being Taken 4”

Space Station 76

2014  R  1:35   Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler, Matt bomer, Jerry O’Connell

‘Domestic’ Comedy set aboard a a space station

IMDB Plot- A 1970s version of the future, where personalities and asteroids collide.

The Space Station is a refueling satellite near Earth, circa 1976.

Jessica arrives to serve as the station’s new first mate the irritably stiff Captain Glenn, who she’s baffled and disillusioned by. While she narrates a piece about how she likes the predictability of asteroids, some placidly drifting asteroids are shown colliding in chain-reaction fashion. While the  people seem friendly at first, Jessica soon discovers that the people on board have issues due to the isolation and stress of being cooped with one another in a relatively small space far from Earth, plus add to that the usual problems people struggle with such as Loneliness, depression, infidelity,  and drug abuse up.  Jessica tries to make friends and fit in, but, unable to connect meaningfully with anyone, she becomes lonely. She finds herself drawn to Ted, a lonely, married crewman, and his 7 year-old daughter, Sunshine. Ted yearns to reconnect…

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ALL the comedies I liked like Dads, the one with the blind father, Enlisted just to name a couple of the better ones  (& previous to that also S^!+  my dad says )  So let’s HOPE This one stays. Because of losing all my favorites from last year, I was surprised this was coming back for a 2nd season, but quite happy.

My favorite comedy went from almost being canceled, to going  live on air (instead of a pre-recorded taping) and it’s been a hit!

I honestly had to make sure I went to the bathroom before I watched this so I wouldn’t have an accident when I laugh.

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Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

2018  NR  1:30 Blue ray  Udo Kier Thomas Lennon

With the hope of selling a mint Blade doll at a Texas convention, the recently divorced Edgar hits the road with his Girlfriend and boss.

First off what happened to the Blade Doll?!?!?! I used to call it the reaper. Now its got a make-over and to me not for the better… talk about plastic surgery gone bad lol.

See the source imageIt’s the 30th anniversary of the Tulon murders, and its being celebrated with a convention complete  with a tour of the Tulon mansion and an auction of the dolls.






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2017   sci-fi,Action, thriller  Gerard Butler Jim Sturgess


After a decade of extreme climate change and entire cities being decimated by floods (new York being one of them), storms, and so on.

The world unites to make Project Dutch Boy, a series of satellites that form a net surrounding the earth with Geo engineering technology designed to prevent the next big storm.

After 2 years of saving the earth and its residents from extinction, something seems to have malfunctioned when the U.N. finds a snowy village in Afghanistan, and all within looking like they were flash frozen.

Ooh a tornado that came up from below Hong Kong and Ii didn’t even see anything shake!

The net reminds me of the Longitude and Latitude lines on a map, and they always said they’re ‘imaginary’ apparently not in this.. wonder if they lined them up to those coordinates too.

That is what you get for making something that can be hacked let alone giving the government having a hand in it.

Talk about a freeze frame, that totally gnarly wave you expect to see some surfing on and instead poof…

The B.S politics takes away, wish there was more carnage, destruction and chaos.

Some really cool lightning and Nice Shootin Lady! …”marry her!”

You’ve heard and maybe even seen the leaning tower of Pisa, wait til you see what leans at the end.





mmm do you consider this a saboteur or terrorist?