Guide to Binge Watching

Your Guide to Binge Watching

Well Binge watching is when you watch an entire season (or series) On a DVR, DVDs or stream.

I’ll include as many categories here as I can then I’ll Have to make separate lists

Being as this is time of year (spring/summer when all my usual shows are over and not much else is on) I usually save for watching TV on video. I thought Entertainment Weekly had a cool idea in their ‘Binge Watching guide” a few years back  & included The categories & shows they highlighted. I have also included (and will include) my own

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*Disclaimer Links are to Amazon for your convenience of easy descriptions and ordering.   Some are complete seasons others may not be


The marathon watching of a season of a TV series  or its complete series

ON the treadmill – etc exerciser

These are suggestions by Entertainment weekly, I have never watched any of these shows.

As for my picks, I think exercise while watchig your favorite sport (if you have one) would be a good idea if not I’m not sure what of show I’ve watched would work….

*Buffy The Vampire Slayer (with all the martial arts in there) AH

*THe Walking dead run in place as fast as you can during commercials or for at lest 30 seconds straight every 15 minutes. This way when the real Zombies come, you’ll be prepared.



Personally being Buffy is a few seasons long, I’d say this should go under the Bucket List as well and I think would work well while working out as she’s got those martial arts going in this.

I swapped out Veronica Mars for Hawaii 5-0, which leads me to ask, why didn’t Entertainment weekly include something that was based in another country (like I did with Hawaii 5-0… hey don’t correct me.. it’s not attached to the states therefore its another country)

*Skins (ew pick)

I think ROME (or Homesick?) and Lost might be a good pick here as well

Hawaii Five-0: Season 1Party Down: Season 1Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete SeriesGreek: Chapter One

Hawaii Five-0: Season 1My Favorite 

Party Down: Season 1

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete Series DVDs

Greek: Chapter One

Supernatural (They’re always on the road and the hotel rooms have some interesting decor)

There’s a Simple Trick to Sort Movies and TV Shows by Year on Netflix

The Bucket List

Keep in mind the Battlestar Galactica here is only a remake or whatever you want to call it, there was another Once upon the 1970s or 1980s

The Sopranos: Season 1The West Wing: Season 1The Wire: The Complete SeriesFriday Night Lights: The Complete SeriesBattlestar Galactica - The Complete Epic Series

The Sopranos: Season 1
I’ve watched a few episodes here & there, but Why even bother with the series anymore when we all know what happened in the last episode?

The West Wing: Season 1 and
The Wire: The Complete Series
Entertainment weekly Suggestion I never watched

Friday Night Lights: The Complete Series

THis is one of my favorite shows, and for not being a football fan, I think there were a couple of the game scenes I got into. Follow the cast through high school graduate to college and some fresh faces come in. and yes the last season some old faves come back for a few episodes or more.

Battlestar Galactica – The Complete Epic Series
Honestly I did try to give this a try or two, but being as I watched the original as a kid, I couldn’t stand this one. I miss the robot guy from the original (& I barely remember it) Watch the Original! Battlestar Galactica: The Definitive Collection [Blu-ray]

Home sick or Hung over

Staircase & Downtown abbey are other picks from Entertainment weekly

Family vacation

Gilmore Girls: The Complete Series CollectionThe Cosby Show: Seasons 1 & 2

Gilmore Girls: The Complete Series Collection

I loved this mother daughter pair, wished Lorelai was my mother when it was on as she was cool and let her kid liver her life

The Cosby Show: Seasons 1 & 2

or as I call it Life Lessons 101. (also see Clarissa Explains it all for those lessons)

The Huxtable Clan was funny, the parents leinent but strict. They were all likeable in one way or another and you can’t beat Rudy or Olivia (especially Olivia ..who is in later seasons, and will just melt your heart)

Doogie Howser, M.D. – Season One
for a Neil Patrick Harris blast from the past check out the series of the young Doctor




Serving a Life Sentence

Doctor Who
Doctor Who: Series 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-ray Giftset
OR Individual selections of the newer ones

Doctor Who: The Complete First Series

Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series
Doctor Who: The Complete Seventh Series (Blu-ray)

Doctor Who: Season 8


 FREE streaming (or so a friend tells me)


 Did You Know That There Are Secret Codes On Netflix?


Orange is the New Black   I hear is good as well as


My Favorite Binge-watchable series


The Golden Girls






on Amazon Vikings Season 1

Or a variety of Formats
Vikings: Season 1  * Vikings Season 2  * Vikings Season 3

*Friday Night Lights

(already previously posted link)

American Horror Story
American Horror Story: Season 1 *   American Horror Story: Asylum *

American Horror Story: Season 3 – Coven  * American Horror Story: Freak Show


Arrow: Season 1 * Arrow: Season 2 * Arrow:  Season 3 ….

Need to Binge =

Sons of Anarchy The Complete Series Gift Set(only watched last 2 seasons)

Angel: The Complete Series


Hall of Fame  =

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, *Friday nIght Lights *Tudors: The Complete Series

Other Suggestions:   Leverage, The Last Ship, Undateable

TV Guide’s 2015 Binge Guide

(Title  Where to find it and how many episodes as of the June 22-28 issue of 2015)

Orange is the New Black         40                Netflix

The Americans                            39                 Amazon

Broad City                                    20         Amazon Hulu & iTunes

Longmire                                      33           Amazon iTunes Netflix

Fresh off the Boat                          13           Amazon, Hulu, & iTunes

Empire                                               12          Amazon, Hulu, iTunes &

Younger                                             12               Amazon, iTunes,

The Fall                                              11                                  Netflix

A Place to call Home                         23                 Acorn

Please Like Me                                16                    Amazon, iTunes

The Wrong Mans                             10               Hulu

OTher Space                                    8                  Yahoo!Screen

Marvel’s Dare Devil                        13                  Netflix

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt       13                 Netflix

Hannibal                                            29   Amazon, iTunes

Vikings                                             29    Amazon, iTunes

bloodline                                        13   Netflix

The 100                                       29    Amazon, iTunes

Transparent                              10      Amazon

Outlander                                  16   Amazon, iTunes,

Their  Hall of Fame

Friday Night Lights        76         Amazon, itunes, Netflix

Fringe                               100       Amazon, iTunes, Netflix

Justified                             78        Amazon, iTunes

melrose Place                  226   Amaon, hulu iTunes, Netflix

Parks and Recreation   125  Amazon, Netflix, hulu & iTunes

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    • thank you very much. Keep watch as I am working on another binge watching guide. It will be a post (so subscribing is recommended)
      I woould also appreciate any of your Favorite shows to binge watch as well. This way I may find some new shows I like and can include them in the post for others.
      Thank you again for the comment and hope you keep reading


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