The Tuesday Zone: ‘Locke’ (2014)

A Review on the movie Locke starring Tom Hardy

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The Tuesday Zone

Many moons ago, I reviewed a movie called The Kitchen. It utilized the single-setting format, a difficult trick, especially when you have as little sense of self-identity as that movie did. Locke (2014 [on this part of the Atlantic, anyways]), in contrast, is a single-setting movie that knows exactly what it wants to be: a character-driven drama that utilizes the talents of Tom Hardy in order to reveal the nuances of a stellar script.

SourceShoebox Films

The basic conceit is straightforward: Ivan Locke (Hardy) leaves for London the night before he is to lead a major concrete-pouring project. Over the course of the two-hour drive—which we see about three quarters of in nearly real-time, with no cutaways from Locke in his car—he has to explain to his boss, Gareth (Ben Daniels), why he left; detail the pouring process to his co-worker, Donal (Andrew Scott); talk to the…

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