San Andreas

St. Trinians

saw this on tv finally caught it  I think one of the guys I used to work with  recommended this to me. IT was crazy, sort of like if the Addams family ran a school. The school is pretty much anarchy. While there are cliques they all work as a team (nothing like what you see in the usual type of movies). Rupert Everett has dual roles and Colin Firth plays some sort of politician or educational director. The girls are realy nothing but delinquents although they use them for good but in a bad way. B

Santa Clawed  by Rita Mae & Sneaky Pie Brown

It’s Christmas time in the town of Crozet, and everyone is working on preperations for the town as well as their own personal ones. The Brothers of Love as usual have their tree farm, it’s how they make their income for some of the year. As usual,  one of harry’s pets comes across a dead body. There were quite a few of red herrings in this and just as the device they are, threw me off the scent. The body having an Obol to give Charon for passage on the river  Styx to the underworld.

It has he mention of the Roman winter  solstice festival  saturnalia, that was so popular that the christians lacking a winter holiday ‘fudged’ on the birth of Jesus and  made Christmas as the celebration for it. (Ripping off some other Pagan holiday rituals and symbols)

The pets crack me up Pewter a Silver tuby tabby is a bit uptight and full of herself. Mrs. Murphy is down to earth and quite smart, and then there’s Tucker the dog (a corgi if I remember right) always vigilant and alerting Harry to intruders. The pets I think are funnier than the humans! One interaction (on page 76) :

Tucker:   Is Pewter still having a Cow?

MRs. Murphy: Given her state, I think she’s hav ing a water buffalo

Tucker:  May they be happy together

This made Mrs. Murphy laugh so loud that Harry & Fair looked up from their books and started laughing.


As for vocab; These books can be a good source for learning new words here are 2  I never heard bfore

Insouciant  – showing a casual lack of concern; indifferent:   “an insouciant shrug”

Contretemps- an unexpected and unfortunate occurrence:  “the hotel had to deal with more than one contretemps before the end of the night”


1981 Rated R 1:38  stars Michael Ironside (the only name familiar to me)

Telepaths known as ‘Scanners’ can get inside ones head and make your skin crawl, look like you are boiling or even make your head explode (cool) ! Some of these scanners are powerful enough to weave their way through computers . The decor and FX (make-up wise and some of the special FX) are dated though some still may come off at a decent level. I can see why this is a cult classic B

Scooby-doo and Kiss Rock and Roll Mystery


yes I did watch it just because its the symbol of my zodiac sign; though I was interested in the premise of it. A bit of a twist in a way on the procedural drama. A group of (in lack of a better word) Misfit geniuses is hired by Terminator 2’s ‘Liquid terminator’ to work for the government. I’m sure you have seen the coming attractions if you are in the States at least. In the pilot I think it was they have to keep a plane full of passengers  from crashing, as LAX has some sort of computer virus.  One of my favorites of the year, Must watch live. They even had a cross-over with NCIS:LA so that was cool. The pace is pretty quick and never a dull moment. Toby is the shrink with the kryptonium of gambling and funny man, Sylvester has a photographic memory & math genius but has way too many phobias, ‘Happy’ is a mechanical engineer and Walter I guess is supposed to be the adorable one he may seem robotic but (damn forget her name…) anyway she’s there to help them be more ‘normal’ act more human I guess. Then there’s her son which is a genius himself so they have a little family going and the kid gets to hang with people around his own IQ. A         Scorpion Season 2

Scouting for the reaper


by Jacob M Appel

Started May 24 – June 9

I received a complimentary copy from the Goodreads author as I kept submitting to the giveaway for a copy. Just because it’s complimentary doesn’t mean it will get by without a fair honest review, frankly I think when I receive something in this manner, I am a bit more critical than I normally would be. However I will likely not grade this other than making note of what I liked and did not.

I would think the title ‘Scouting for the reaper’ would be exactly what it sounds like at least before reading the first story. After Reading the First story   “Choose  Your own Genetics” which was interesting with it’s look into genetics and bringing back memories of High school my Sophomore year, with the experiment they did to check what their blood type was, which was one of my few favorite memories  from High school.  There is one part I did not care for which is the cliche of the girl with a crush thinking if she could get preggers with the boy she likes it would help her snare him. Then she admits she’s not the type but as smart as  ‘Louise Natalie Limburg’ is; she’s still just as much an idiot for thinking that way as the ‘gutsy free-spirited, willing’ girls who DO take that risk.

The 2nd story called  Creve Coeur is about local celebrity , the love that got away or as far as  I take from it.  The Obsession and resentment that goes along with crushes and how our ‘love’ for them  ‘kills’ us. Not really sure how I feel about this story, as I don’t know if I’ll remember much if any of it like I know I will the previous  (but then  in ways it’s a personal memory, so that’s likely the reason and maybe a slightly biased one as well that I’ll remember it.)

The 3rd story Scouting For the Reaper    I was surprised to see a mention of my city and the close by Scarsdale mentioned as well.  I’m wondering if this was the reason that the author offered me the book! as for the monument shop, I wonder if it’s the one I’m thinking of (if it’s a real place) down the hill from Sprain Ridge pool. This is somewhat the same story as the previous as there’s a Natalie, Instead of a Sheila change around the letters and add a couple of new ones and you have Delia. Instead of the husband seeing an old friend, it’s his ex-wife who wants to buy a tombstone off him as she is dying.   I liked this better than the last one but then again you are talking to a person who wanted to work at a funeral home just for the prank she thought she could pull on someone! (Yes I have a morbid sense of humor)   next up is

Ad Valorem  which I need to see if I can find a translation of that, as I think it’s Latin, though it sounds familiar. I’m thinking something having to do with money?  An accountant’s deceased client’s widow gets involved but is also suspicious of the accountant.

Rods & Cones  – I’m not sure what I think of this one but it’s a happy ending. I guess as a pet owner and animal lover I can understand, but this lady is having a serious episode of empty nest syndrome.

The Extinction of Fairy Tales– was able to read this in full on a saturday night. While she is younger (i think in the 1960s or 70s) Edith purchases a home  and the previous owner’s landscaper, offers his services. He’s good worker and never takes off so when he does not show, Edith has a very hard time with it even refusing to let anyone else cut the lawn. It’s an emotional story in which in a couple parts I wanted to enter  the book and have some choice words with her neighbors who are badgering her. Sadness in ways of stubborness is how you meet your end and a lesson of do today instead of putting off til tomorrow. This was another favorite.  Only 2 more stories to go

Linsang –  Part ferret part cat?

New Zealand Tuatara Lizard

Hazardous Cargoes – a truck driver with live cargo is going to Orlando with Gentoo Penguins, Iguanas,and somethings called Linsangs and New Zealand Tuataras WTF are they you ask? I asked myself the same though for some reason I have a feeling I should know what at least one of them are (well my cousin lives in NZ so that would be the one more logical to know already plus  I do watch those animal shows so…let’s give a ‘net search…) Aw the Linsang is so cute!! I want one! as for the lizard.. well looks the same as an iguana to me. Well they said one of them was supposed to look like a Civet and I’m guessing that is why I thought I should know what one of them were. Anyway… The truck drive finds a stow away and is OC about his inventory on the truck. He always makes sure he has no more or less than he’s supposed to (hey try explaining to boarder patrols etc) It felt like a quick read  and oooh I hate even when in books an animal is harmed. There’s a giveaway in the book you know what is going to happen before it does (I hate that but it was done in a good way)

The Vermin Episode – I’ll just say the vermin son as no idea how or why but some characters son has become a giant bug! They are trying to get him buried. The family is Jewish and Catholic in belief and the church won’t bury him cause apparently he made a sin so bad it turned him into vermin!

I would Definitely recommend. I think each story has it’s own style and voice as well as maybe genre. A little ‘romance’ sci-fi horror and maybe even what to me sounds like it could have been a true story or 2!

scream-the-series  & Scream S.2

Night World No. 1: Secret Vampire; Daughters of Darkness; SpellbinderSecret Vampire

So far I’m just flying through it.. for the first 2 days I read past page 100- or 150 (have to look again) Who knows maybe I’ll finish tonight (Sat 30th) Anyway so far

The story is about a ‘pixie’ looking girl with green eyes and curly copper hair named Poppy who has a twin brother Phil and whose best friend James seems to have some sort of secret and that she also has a crush on. Poppy has been having pains in her stomach that come & go.Finally her mother takes her to the doctor’s office and Poppy ends up in the hopsital for more tests.

Turns out because she didn’t go sooner, she has a cancer that has no spread and has until maybe the end of summer to live. In swoops the best friend with a big secret to save her, and to put a thorn in their side James’ cousin Ash comes to visit. The end of the story is hardly climatic, and doesn’t seem like an ending at all, at least include a one page afterword. Maybe inthe 2nd story it will go on.

look for  Daughters of Darkness in the D archives


The Secrets of Blood and Bone


The Seventh Son

2015  PG-13 1:42  *Jeff Bridges, Ben Barnes & Julianne Moore with a cameo by a ‘Direwolf’

Story based on  Josepeh Delaney’s “Ward Stone Chronicles’ trilogy’s first book.

TomWard the 7th son of a 7th son, is an 18th century exorcist’s apprentice and lynchpin in a battle between good & evil.  When Malkin the mother (queen) of Witches escapes imprisonment.  One cool thing… she turns into a dragon! Like that’s original, I think I need to give Malficent a courtesy call about that.  I like Radu’s weapon(s)  not sure why this got bad review at least not to what they mentioned the problems were. Maybe it was the book to movie transfer. Never read the book (hey I’m doing all I can to get through the what like 100 (or so) I have here!)  and not sure what I feel or think of this movie yet. A  numbness, I guess we cold say that’s not good…No?  Some fun though is these witches shapeshift, not only into dragons but other creatures as well. Most if not all the action lies at the end of the movie (which is climatic in a way)  Wait for cable    D


The Shallows

Sharknado 3-

The Golden Chainsaw award! LOL oh my there’s a roller coaster in this one, why do I get the feeling of a Final Destination parody?  Really have that ‘Final Destination feeling’ of something bad about to happen. It’s Fin’s daughter’s birthday and he’son his way to celebrate with her when guess what (note sarcasm) a storm is on its way toward the area he’s in. It sounds like the media is turning on Finn. Instead of him being seen as a hero, now they’ve gone to blaming him for the Sharknados (as if he can control the weather…)  There’s some wannabe (TMNT) casey Jones, which turns out to be an old friend. This one is loaded with cameos! Besides ‘The Hoff’ co-starring in it, there’s a One I don’t think I even noticed that I read about. Game of Thrones author George RR Martin. There’s also Lou Farigno, Frankie Muniz, & Bo Derek to name a few and a couple of Nascar drivers, to which I don’t like and happy of their fate in the movie! Not only are there more sharks than the last 2 movies but they definitely upped the ante on the amount of celebrities as well (I think there is more in this one than the 1st 2 put together!)  Shameless promo for Redd’s Apple Ale and to no surprise The Hoff’s role is Finn’s dad ‘Gilbert’ .

I know sequels have a stigma but this series certainly does not! I think the 3rd film is the best and funniest yet!  We even get to choose April’s fate for the next movie! (which will happen in the beginning of the movie I’m sure). its sort of like Final Destination 3 meets Armageddon and Independence Day (no puns). One of my favorite parts is the irony of the woman being shown vacuuming. I didn’t see a brand on it but I am guessing it was a ‘shark’ brand sucker Pun. As well as the Sharkoaster. Of course there’s some bad & corny acting  as to be expected in a camp (exploitation ?) film. This one is a guilty pleasure which they should show at a drive in, even on a screen on the beach (& at Alamo Draft House) why not have the option to see them all for a low price on the big screen? (the 3rd one would be especially worth it) Chris Jericho from Fozzie & (former WWE wrestler) is in this as well. I thought Nascar driver Ryan Newman was supposed to be in this too, but I guess it was someone else of the same name.

The ending LOL though I thought they should start the next one with the scene (or 2) before last, that would have been cool! I even had a  title for it too.. “Sharks in …well did you really think I’d ruin it? I’ll just say it would be a schlock sounding  B+   but poor Frankie Muniz .. In memory to the body count of the movie.   B+

The Sisterhood 


Shooter (tv)


Silence of the Hams (Jane Jeffry Mysteries, No. 7)

Silence of the Hams (Jane Jeffry Mysteries, No. 7)

I think i’ve read one of these before (I think They’re a mystery series)

Well so far it’s inquisitive (if that’s the right word) A new delo is opening that one person very much opposed, sadly the opening is ruined by a falling shelving unit and we have a possible murder. I have 3 suspects The sister is a partner, The wife, and mulling around one other.

Wait now they say it wasn’t a murder but I still bet it was, plus I’d like to find out why the guy was in the store room in the first place.

 Significant Mother


1 hour crossover which was fun. I’ve been a simpsons fan since it started though I have been a bad goul as I don’t get to watch it so I have to try with the on demand. I een have a Bart’s guide to life book! some magazines somewhere as well. If you are a Simsons’ fan &/or family guy fan I think You will appreciate it. There’s meta jokes rip offs & I just love stewy & Bart together! I hope someday there can be a reverse crossover where it’s a simpsons episode. The homer & Peter fight was epic quite long & just when yuou think it’s over…. well I’m giving things away (esp. that of what they get into the fight about). a satisfying episode A


Some Kind of Hate

Sons of Liberty

I never liked history in school, but that could be because it was never on the parts of history or particular cultures I was interested in. (Egyptians, Vikings & the Norse Greek & Norse Mythology etc) When the Tudors came out I was mad we didn’t have the Showtime channel. All I have to say is if there is any truth to the show of actual events, then why couldn’t we have had this while I was in school (not that they covered that) Now the History Channel has Vikings going into it’s 3rd season February 19th and it’s a great show. So what would History do with our founding fathers? Well I watched it in support for one of my favorite actors… Kevin Ryan who played Maguire on the BBC America show (of 2 seasons) Copper.

Sons of Liberty is a 6 hour mini-series starring Ben Barnes (yeah Prince Caspian of the Narnia Movie) as Samuel Adams and every time I hear the name I wanted to drink my beer (but my Octoberfest beer is reserved for the new season of Vikings! I should have drank it during one 2 hour episodes. Kevin Ryan played a Red Coat John Pitcairn  who played Neil on Once upon a Time and the red head’s husband Rene on True Blood & was in 2 episodes of The Walking Dead as Dave (when Hershel & Rick are in that bar) Marton Csokas as Britain’s General (is it just me or does this guy always play a D*Bag?) and Benjamin Franklin… played by ‘Big Jim’ Dean Norris from Under the Dome. So there’s plenty of great actors

What about the show itself? I do remember learning about the Constitution & Preamble etc in I think grade school I don’t remember if I cared but if not; I would say to definitely have shown this mini series if you are working on the founding fathers. Your students will likely not be bored. The action is great, and even when there is none- they still won’t doze off! I like the grief they gave the General and the underground market they ran. (remember people NEVER make anything solid as a means for identifying someone for a secret group, however , if you were to do something make it invisible ink! just keep a specific mark or something on it so you know what it is)


Another Hit for the History Channel

http://www.history.com/shows/sons-of-liberty * http://www.imdb.com/sons of Liberty




Star Wars:The Force Awakens

The Strain



The Student Body by Valerie Wolzien

I have no idea where the review for this went, but I quite enjoyed it.  It was a crime/mystery I think You can find the review (or some of it) on goodreads though

Suicide Squad


Summer Rental

The 1985 Comedy  stars John Candy, a little Joey Lawrence and Kerri Green aka Andy from the Goonie along with Rip Torn as Scully . Candy’s character and family rent a summer house on the beach and as far as the description said, is the only good  about the vacation. Candy already has some sort of cast on his leg for some reason, and he just sticks around the house while the family goes out and has fun. as he gets better he hangs out with Skully sailing, the ‘pirate’ also teaches him how to sail while they are out. Of course some drama happens with the house that he challenges the guy to a contest. It’s a nice classic family movie, funny and for what I saw of it I give it a B    on IMDB.com        Learn more

Supergirl -TV

Supernatural -TV

Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon novel – by Keith R.A. DeCanidido

Supernatural: Heart of the Dragonyes the tv show has dripped onto the printed page, great for us diehards who have to suffer through summer

I used to get the official Supernatural Magazine, which would take you inside and behind the scenes. I love reading as well so when they included a chapter to one of the novels (actually I think 2 at different time as I can remember) I love dragons, so seeing this title plus getting to read some of piqued my interest. There is another book Nevermore by the same writer which I think is supposed to have something to do with Edgar Allen poe or his story the Raven so that’s another I’ve been trying to track down & read.

As with the series, a playlist is also included in the back of the book of classic rock and thanks to the show some of those songs I loved that came out when i was born (or before) I know actually know at least the titles to if not the artist.

There’s a mention of Basil Rathbone in the book, which caught me sort of funny as my grandmother is interred across from him in the mortuary.


Ameliorated= to improve or make better

Official Website of Keith DeCanidido  *  Keith’s Livejournal  *   Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon

100 years ago a demon tricks a ronin

“The Heart of the Dragon” meaning “Great strength in Character” into moderating an argument between the families of two brides. The demon spreads strife and the mob of villagers thinks the ronin to blame, and execute him.

Present day someone is summoning the ‘heart of the Dragon’ to do their bidding, and take care of their enemies.

(only midway through so more should come)

its a pretty quick read, with a nice flow & the wit we love from the show. Quite honestly I can see this as one of the episodes. (Wish they would pick a book or two to turn into an episode.) Speaking of which, they do note at to where in the Winchester-verse the story takes place, noting it being after one of my favorite episodes called ‘Changing Channels’ which I think may have been season 5.

I like the flashback on page 218 of the boys as kids in the car with John. Sam is already a bookworm or as Dean calls him a ‘Dexter’ (i’m guessing like that of Dexter’s Laboratory. Sam is learning about maps because John & Dean got sick of telling him where they were, at least he had a hobby which he learned th odd Numbers ra North to south and the even numbers east to west The higher the number the further north or east it was located. The Hobby also came in handy when they boys were older, as GPS came into play and would oft send them to a one way (the way they couldn’t go) or a road that no longer existed and such.

I liked the story and at least this novel has the same style and nuances Supernatural fans love about the show. Hopefully I can find Nevermore by the same author soon so I can read that.

Night World No. 1: Secret Vampire; Daughters of Darkness; Spellbinder


So this go round we have two witch cousins which are more like sisters as they are only born minutes apart. One a trouble maker in the ways of Aphrodite and the other with the specialty for getting in one’s head literally; however Thea uses it mostly to find out how to help an animal.

So far no one from the past two stories have popped up but I’m guessing maybe these might be a couple of Ash’s cousins as well? Thea & her Cousin Blaise (speaking of a ‘B’ witch: by that I mean change the w for a b) move around from family member to family member for each school it seems because Blaise keeps getting them in trouble. They have been expelled four times, becasue of Blaise’s witchy antics playing with boys (her last one burned the school to show his love for her) .

Like with the rest of the night world, though Witches may be human they must abode by the do not fall in love with a human or reveal night world to them, however they all seem to know there is some soulmate for everyone, that they may or may not meet them but what is the rule if they meet them. Is it ok with the night world then if their soul mate is human Whether they be Vampire or witch? Let’s hope if not this story then one of the other 2 books storeis will. Thea anyway has met Eric an athlete with the school playing multiple sports and who comes to the rescue when a snake is being threatened by a group of students which Thea tries to help on arriving at the school. So I was right, the girls are a cousin of Ash through the Blood binding done back in the 16 or 1700’s. Also there may be an answer coming to whether that soulmate thing MIGHT be a loophole, as it sounds l ike its some old magic or something, really called ‘The Soulmate principle’ and jsut may be coming back (seemingly to her family). Maybe they’ll put their stamp on ours & Night World and rewrite some laws. I think I liked this story best of the 3 in the book. I don’t know if its because the good Thea did a ‘big bad’, and well I’ve never done something really bad as far as I can remember, but I recently burned a pot so I had to scrub, and there’s no proof I did it! So I guess in a way I can relate to this one.


“Seem to sort of love you desperately”- Ash to Mary Lynette in Book 1- Daughters of Darkness

“2 wrongs don’t make a right, …. …but 3 lefts do. -Thea & Dani in SpellBinder

Vocab- Tyrannized (every witch in the country) – exercise absolute power, treat or covern a community in a cruel unfair way

There was also mention of a ‘Thet’ knot and a

BROOM plant (looked it up there is one, actually a few varieties. One is ‘Snakeweed’ there’s a dessert one, sweet broom scotch broom    Night World No. 1: Secret Vampire; Daughters of Darkness; Spellbinder    Buy Now


Soulmate Night World No. 2: Dark Angel; The Chosen; Soulmate

So far this is my least favorite of what I’ve read so far. Hannah a humman thinks she’s going crazy, she’s waking up finding notes in her handwriting that she didn’t write on her toothbrush, in her pillow and so on. She wants to be an archeologist or was it palientologist and her mother is one as well.

convinced she’s crazy, she goes to the only shrink in the montana area. She’s an ‘old soul’ one who’s been reincarnated many times, Hannah’s is such an old one it goes back to the days of cavemen! So far I think the worst of the stories in these books, and definately not even on a ‘favorite’ list if i even have one (though there’s one more Night world book to read after this.) This took me awhile as to me it really wasn’t a good story for one reason or another. I liked the reincarnation idea in it, but things tend to get tedious when you go back & forth between current & a past life.      variegated- having discrete markings of different coloring


1977 R 1:38 minutes by Dario Argento A talented Ameican Balleterina goes to a European ballet school but there realizes that there’s something Freaky going on (Maggot shower anyone?). It’s a bit artsy at least as far as set designs go that is. I think I have seen this before but not one scene in it has jogged my memory, so it’s like I’m watching it for the first time, but feeling as if I have watched it before and the deja vu feeling dangling over me that I already have seen it. Well if I really did then for me there was nbothing at all memorable. D

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