Dark Matter

  Dark World by  Zak Bagans

Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of The Ghost Adventures CrewStarted- January 18 – 26

I’m Re-reading the book as he has another coming out February 10th (see the upcoming 2 books)

While re-reading I have been thinking that this could have been organized a little better, though I’m not sure if ‘organize’ is quite right. It’s a look back on previous lock-downs, somewhat a beginner’s manual to being a paranormal researcher and some facts on Zak throughout. It is not this of what I mean about the organize part. The parts which he talks about the equipment I thought that maybe that should be talked about first then go into the apparitions, Orbs etc. I do still enjoy reading it, and love remembering the ones I’ve seen on the show. This is somewhat a behind the scenes as they take footage from a few days and edit it down to an hour so some of what they couldn’t get on tv (or may not have been aloud) Zak talks about in here.

You can checkout My official Dark World Review (the first time I read it) & to  read about Zak  http://zodiacimmortal.hubpages.com/hub/zak-bagans

 Vocabulary   Temporoparietal junction        Oscilloscope        Double histogram – basically it’s a bar chart

Dark was the NIght

Night World No. 1: Secret Vampire; Daughters of Darkness; SpellbinderDaughters of Darkness

This is about 3 vampire sisters who run away from their world. Their vampire life in ‘Night World’ is full of limitations & most think humans are ‘vermin’. The major rules however are like fight club… you don’t talk about Night World or ‘come out’ to or fall in love with a human the the law says are to be put to death. (my question though is, what if its your soulmate?) If you turn someone it has to be cleared with the elders before you do it. The only humans that are aloud to know about Night World are those of the night themselves like Witches of either kind. The 2 kinds are those who know their heritage, & the others which sadly do not; but have some sort of (even if minimal) powers but are called clairvoiant, Psychic etc.

The one character that pretty much is in both stories is Ash the girls’ brother. The cousin of James from the last story, and goes to reterive his run away sisters. The two stories end where it can be just that, or where we may see the characters again. So we shall see how this ends book wraps up, and then series.

Night World No. 2: Dark Angel; The Chosen; SoulmateNight World No. 2: Dark Angel; The Chosen; Soulmate

Dark Angel

Gillian is a mouse of a girl. Smaller than most and looks alot younger. On her way to school she hears someone calling for help and goes to try to, however this may have been some sort of premonition as she falls and well I can’t ruin the rest. She’s found by her crush who takes her home & helps her out and as for the rest and in between I won’t ruin. I’ll go with just saying what happened was a life altering experience and she makes a dramatic change in her looks with a little help from an angelic voice in her head. (no she’s not crazy) Her classmates start to notice her and she starts to participate in class. What are the five Kingdoms of Life so I got a rehash (as I had to look up the one not mentioned)



 a Special Author’s cut edition of Dark Decent with Short story Dark Dream

Wow that model on the

Dark Series (or is it the Carpathians series?) – Christine Feehan

Dark Gold: A Carpathian Novel (Dark Series)

Dark Gold: A Carpathian Novel (Dark Series)

In this there are Vampires (which are bad) & Carpathians, (Good Vampires) who after centuries if they don’t find a life mate start losing their humanity, and senses one of note they go color blind. Once this happens if they do not walk into the sun to meat death, they lose their soul and turn vampire. Turning vampire means all loss of humanity and doesn’t hold back from drinking the blood of children, in which the Carpathians do not do. Not all humans can be turned, they more likely will go immediately go insane or end up preying on children. The Carpathian’s do drink blood, but they are protectors of their race and hunters of vampires.

On page 111 and its already the 17th!! I don’t think its rough to read, it reads smoothly enough but I have no idea for the slowness of my reading this one

Anyway. Alex and her younger brother Josh have lost their parents years ago, and Alex is about to go on an interview for a better (paying) job with a videogame making millionaire.

I think I’ve figured out why it’s taken me longer to finish than I would have liked, because Alex & her thick headed stubbornness is a cycle of Aiden telling her over & over why she is his mate, which she can’t seem to understand no matter what way he explains it. Let alone Explaining the ways of the Carpathians

I also came upon some mishaps the editor did not notice be it misspellings or grammar and so on.

I guess another reason it took me long was that the build up was VERY slow. The Book could have had at least another 25-50 pages more edited out of it.

Dark Nights

cover is hot, I hope the flow in this story is better than the last.

I love the way the story starts out “Veins of lightning ilit the clouds, dancing whips of white-hot energy illuminating the midnight sky. The earth Rumbled and rollled, unsettled and flinching” I th Talk abotu setting the tone and atmosphere! I think this is my new favorite ‘first line’ in a story. I’m going to have to reread some of my poems, as this almost sounds like part of a poem I wrote!

So far this is much improved from the other book; easier to read and more interesting. In the beginning we are with Body Dark NightsGuard Joie who is shot in the line of duty and is able to astral project. While out of her body, she travels to some mountains and finds another that is injured. After this interaction she’ thinks she’s going crazy that her mind has made up an imaginary friend or that she now has a split personality. So her & her siblings (Jabal or something like that & Gabrielle) during her medical leave go Mountain Climbing. So we have some adventure to this as well. This is much better and entertaining than Dark Gold was. The writing flows, there’s action and adventure and the character’s are not annoying. So far this is much improved from the other book; easier to read and more interesting. In the beginning we are with Body Guard Joie who is shot in the line of duty and is able to astral project. While out of her body, she travels to some mountains and finds another that is injured. After this interaction she’ thinks she’s going crazy that her mind has made up an imaginary friend or that she now has a split personality. So her & her siblings (Jabal or something like that & Gabrielle) during her medical leave go Mountain Climbing. So we have some adventure to this as well. This is much better and entertaining than Dark Gold was. The writing flows, there’s action and adventure and the character’s are not annoying. Though After the climatic Ending, it’s doesn’t end… we go to a calm end, Which to me should have been done in the middle of the story. It’s nice and happily ever after, but they way it goes it’s just not a satisfying (official) ending. (at least to me.) I will continue on to the next story

Dark Dream  – started reading it and did not get far, could not take the writing style, You want to grab your reader and Christine Feehan just does not always do that (other than with Dark Decent)


Dark Visions: The Strange Power; The Possessed; The Passion

Dark Visions: The Strange Power; The Possessed; The Passion

Well at least for one it wasn’t a vampire book, though the mention of Psychic vampires but not the same thing. Overall it was ok, nothing really special but I did like the adventure and drama as well as intensity to it. Each character has their own type of Psychic power as well as personality and such. If they make a movie or a tv mini series of it it would have quite the cast of characters. Just when you think one is good it spins around keeping you on your toes so you don’t really know whether to trust them or not.

L.J. Smith wiki  *   Dark Visions wiki page

The Strange Power

Kaitlin or Kait, has some Psi ability, she gets premonitions in the form of drawings and they can be happening or happen in the future. They don’t just happen in her town or state either. She goes to an institute where 4 others like her (though they have different powers) will have their powers tested as well as learn how to hone their powers as use them when they want as well.

When Kait arrives at the iair port some ‘monk’ attaks her with a few cryptic words of warning, then arriving at the institute, she is describes the exterior of the building and it reminded me of one of the houses in Cape May, NJ that as I called it a “Plum Crazy’ color scheme, 3 different colors of purple. Kait & her new friends start to investigate what is going on and unravel a mystery. This

I’ve so far liked because of the mystery aspect of the story, plus I’ve read it in my normal amount of days.

The end of the story is a little anti-climatic but we move on to the next story

Chiaroscuro- an art word meaning Light & Shade like in a drawing where you only use black & white)

The Possessed

as with the Night World series, this story picks up where the last left off.

The kids are all now on the run, and trying to find some place that Kait has had a recurring dream about that Anna thinks does exist. Kait thinks they may find help at a white house she sees in the dream. Gabriel seems to be gaining new powers & becoming more powerful as well since the incident at Mr. Zete’s house. The group search the coast trying to find this white house to find they have to go to Canada to try to find this white house. On their way, they are the victims of Psychic attacks, of varying sorts.

Basalt- wiki defines it as “a common extrusive igneous (volcanic) rock formed from the rapid cooling of basaltic lava exposed at or very near the surface of a planet or moon”

Sepulchrally– pertaining to or serving as a tomb, burial

The Passion

Kait goes off on her own to find and hopefully help Gabriel, as well as destroy the ‘Evil’ crystal. She is attacked on arriving near the Institute but not sure by who (a bum maybe) and help arrives in the form of Gabriel.

The Darkness

Dead Snow 2 : Red Vs. Dead

rated R 1 1/2 to 2 hours

To start there were a few moments (one off the bat) that made me saw Ewwww and yell at the guy Don’t you see the dude his mouth looks like someone tried to smash it off , looks like he can’t be resuscitated did your nasty self really have to try CPR? I know your face is going to pay for that.  Oh surprise this one is in English!  Well there’s a malpractice suit right there. Couldn’t the doctor tell that wasn’t the right arm? Oh well  what do we learn in this? Zombies (well cursed ones) can be resourceful. I’ll just mention that this is at the Bus station. So Herzog and his men weren’t just cursed for that gold in the first, there is a mission they seem to have to finish. Martin (the remaining survivor from first movie.) has to defeat General Herzog and his zombARMi, how wll he do this? He has to make his own, the clue is in the 1st word of this line. I think this was made just to make more money. The original had suspense, it was great and I love watching it. This one is pretty much camp & just went for more gore. Now I love gore, but just in the right way.  I did like the bit about ‘This isn’t in any of the zombie movies; you created a whole new genre man” (this coming from the ‘Zombie Squad’ geek. Loved the Zombie triage scene. The movie isn’t really fun a ha or hee but not laughing funny.  Ewww ok the last 2-3 minutes of the movie is quite nauseating in a good and bad way…  D



Death In Autumn by Magdalen McNabb

Sept 20 – 23

The body of a woman, clad in nothing but a fur coat and jewelry, is found floating in the Arno at dawn. Marshal Guarnaccia of the Florentine carabinieri identifies her as a foreigner who lived for years as a recluse in one of Florence’s most respectable hotels. But how and why did she die? Following a complex trail of blackmail, jewel theft, and drug-dealing, Marshal Guarnaccia finally tracks down the shocking truths about a cold-blooded murderer and his all-too-trusting victim.

Demons   (TV)

Demons   (movie)

Demon Tounge



 The Diabolical

Digging up the Marrow

2015 NR 1:28   Filmed as a documentary Adam Green a docu  film maker  is compiling a feature about monsters. It starts with interviews  including the singer of Gwar,  the Head of Troma Studios  at comic con (or a likeness of it). Former Detective William Dekker of south California  claims to have evidence of monsters. These ‘monsters’ are the now grown children that were born deformed and have ‘disappeared’.  They live in an underground place he calls ‘the Marrow’. The actor that plays Adam, at times looks like Rob Kazinsky (esp. when he has the aviator style glasses on). The guy playing the cameraman (or actually doing the work) is shaking the camera too much in parts.  yeah I know you want it to seem layed, real etc, but don’t make your audience motion sick WITHOUT moving! Oh Kane Hodder now which slasher villian did he play again.. Leather face Jason from Friday the 13th.. Yep! That one is it.  I want to know what ‘skeletons’ is in Dekker’s chained up closet. (we do see later, but without what or who was in it.  Its not original at all, the Monsters   are only amusing one in, which looks like a knock off Creeper from Jeepers Creepers.  Some parts I had to laugh at cause they were too stupid or just really lame. C-


Divergent Series: Allegiant

Doctor Strange

Dolphin Tale 2-

Laughing at the pick Pocket Pelican (say that 5x fast!) There’s a cameo from a certain surfer. A nice movie for the entire family though a bit sad in the beginning so be sure to watch with the kiddies (it made me cry a bit too). Oh My littly baby dolphin alert! Hope is so cute! I’ve never seen one that small before. The movie shows some of the rescues portrayed in it before and and after the movie which I thought was cool. Very Touching B Want to see the real winter? go on SEEWINTER.COM


Dracula Sequel! Dracula The UN-Dead by Dacre Stoker – a true sequel from a direct decendent

Dracula the Un-Dead written by Bram Stoker’s Great Grandnephew Dacre with noted Dracula expert and historian Ian holt brings us a true sequal. ‘ Un-Dead’ takes place 25 years after Dracula is killed in his castle. Jonathan & Mina now have a son, Quincey who is in law school but wants to persdue acting and their relationship is (if not already) falling apart.

Our other characters like Dr. Seward is a morphine addict, Lucy’s Finace Arthur Holmwood is basically a broken man who wishes to be with his dear Lucy, and can not get the visions of the horrid night out of his head.

Dracula homepage & research center

Started= October 1st -20th (Dracula Day! & Bela Lugosi’s Birthday)

Dracula Day

Banked= -10

Vocabulary= Kukuri knife


Around the time the book was to be or was released I had heard (& suppose this could just be a rumor but it was too long ago for me to remember right as I only did catch it in passing) Bram Stoker was planning his own sequel and had some notes already written down.

Dacre worked off notes left by Bram from his original book like his characters and research. Oh how I would love to just see one page (any page) of those notes written so long ago. My wish of that comes true, though not in person but in the last few pages of the book, to my surprise I found the notes. there’s 3-4 pages, characters as well as information on the vampire are two of those).

The ending in the published version of Dracula is NOT the original. The version with the original ended was sold at auction at Christie’s and suposed to end with a big explosion and the castle faling into lava (hope I didn’t mix that up)

Dracula WAS originally supposed to be titled UN-Dead but whoever at least minute changed it to Dracula.

One name i came to be surprised to see in the book was Radu Florescu, seeing the name I thought isn’t that Dracula’s (the real one’s) brother and in fact yes this Radu, a professor is Dracula’s actually decendent! His research was the inspiration of Coppola’s opening scene of his Dracula film.

Read the book (or even just the afterward & Author notes for more little known facts )

also see the other suggested lenses as there’s a review for Bram’s lost journals.

Dracula: The Un-Dead

Dracula: The Un-Dead

UNdead was actually the orginal title of Dracula, only I forget whose decision it was to change it but it worked. (& I don’t mean in the book but i think there is mention of that as well)

The story picks up 25 years after the night they killed Dracula. Un-dead sequel it may be Stoker & his co-author Ian Holt have great story with keeing true to the original but as well as fixing the story of which Bram originally wrote. (read the afterward throw to the end there were copyright problems within u.s. that aloud basically anyone to use the character etc at their own will (basically ruining Bram’s original) Aside from some time revisals our co-authors to liberties to fit their story using the notes as well as Stoker’s Prolog from the Iceland copies as to the ideas of how they would work their story. One of the things is They wanted to Bram to enjoy some limelight and he is written into the story with some non-fiction elements! Then there is the Jack the Ripper murderers as well as Elizabeth Bathory worked into the story. I love the tie ins of these and of how the ending starts to take place the mention of certain things that my mind drifted to thinking of a certain something which surprisingly I had the right hunch where they were going with it.

I greatly advise to read the afterword as well as the authors’ notes that follow, it is an interesting story on how the co-authors put together the story.

If I had a nice deep cozy chair to sit in, I probably could have read half of it in a day that’s how well it flows. The chapters are a good length not long but not too short. If you (like me at times) only want to read 1 or so chapters a day. There’s characters that we meet again from the original book, as well as new ones not mentioned.    Buy Now

Dracula Untold review Post

The Drop

2014 R 1:46 starring Tom Hardy James Gandolfini & Noomi Rapace

working at his cousin’s bar that gangsters use as a drop – {or Drop Joint…a place used as cover for illegal matter} for laundering money. The money from the last disappears and the chechin mob is circling like sharks. Cousin Marv (Gandolfini) thinks there are people following he and his cousin Bob. Meanwhile Bob comes across a cute little beat up pitbull puppy in Nadia’s garbage can. (I’m not one for pits but this little guy will win you over!) Now he’s got Eric Deeds in his face that it’s his dog etc. Eric Deeds supposedly killed some kid in the past. To me, this is the real story of the movie, as it comes to a head (during the night of the Super Bowl) it gets more intense and suspenseful; what will the seemingly sweet (and maybe not all the smart) Bob do? I’d say the ending was best (and frankly I would love to be the one to do that to a certain someone who in ’95 put a kitten in a mailbox..the kidn you mail out.. when I walked past it I heard the kitten meow. Sadly mom wouldn’t let me keep it, it was so traumatized every house that adopted it brought it back. I say this is because I was the one to save him and looking like iwas making a felony with my arm down the mailbox to pet him well what do you think?) So I cheered at the end! B

The Duff

2015  PG-13  1:41 stars Mae Whitman  Robbie Amell, Bella Thorne, Ken Jeong  & Alison Janney

IN a clique of attractive buds Bianca finds out from her childhood friend and nextdoor neighbor that she’s the Designated Ugly Fat Friend of the group. So she enlists said neighbor a hot jock (and Cousin to Stephen Amell who plays the Arrow on the CW) to help give her a make-over, and in turn she will help him pass chemistry. The 2 go to the mall, to start the make-over. It’s a ‘She’s all that’ for the 21st century post Y2K set  (even though that was released in 1999). OOh Nice shot, but don’t ruin that hot face, Oh they ripped a line off from the Covenant “looks like a penis only smaller” and in the same part of the movie while in the showers/dressing room. The movie shows how the ‘pretty’ girls maybe on the exterior but not usually on the inside; and how the ‘Duff’s are where it counts most. Be yourself, and what people think of you doesn’t matter. If they don’t like you for who and what you are with all your talents faults etc  then they are shallow and superficial and you don’t need them. It’s your typical teen movie but had a nice spin only our times now can bring with the ‘stupid’ I mean smart phones and youtube etc.  B


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