Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Palread first 25 pages and just didn’t want to torture myself. was getting confused with a few things and the story didn’t flow and a few other turn offs I have with it.

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal

Read first 25 pages and for me its just not readable. I was getting confused with a few things in this for one what angel (Chstian, Jewish or what.. is it supposed to be writen at. I’m not religious, so that culd be another reason but someone gave me these books and told me they were funny so I have no idea what this is all about. I tried to get on with it but just cannot deal

I’m only in the first 20-25 pages and I’m bored I’ll see once I get to 50 or 100 and if I still don’t like it I’m ditching it.

The Last Kingdom

The Last Shift


The Last Witch Hunter

Lethal Weapon (TV)

Life after Beth-

2014 Rated R

Zack’s girlfriend dies of a snake bite while out hiking. A few days later, she comes back (little to his knowledge) seemingly normal at first but then starts to get moody, ‘Crangry’ Much? Other people start acting weird and looking a bit grey. Unfortunately it’s not original  but yet a  RomZomCom isn’t always done.  There’s a few amusing parts, but the show zNation is funnier if you can catch it. C


Lizzy Borden Chronicles

Lifetime Sundays @ 10pm (I think, I watch on Demand)

Stars Christina Ricci as Lizzy Clea DuVall as her sister Emma and Cole Hauser as Charlie Siringo (a detective) and Copper alum, Dylan Taylor as Officer Leslie Trotwood.

The show is a fictionalized account of the people and events of 1892 that surrounded Lizzy after her she was controversially set free after killing her father and step mother.

This is an interesting show, I don’t know much about the real case aside from the whole 40 wacks and that she might not have done it. As far as Lizzy goes Christina Ricci and her big eyes would if her name wasn’t Lizzy Borden would make her seem like an innocent child, meanwhile there’s a devious crafty mind in that head. You almost admire her in a bad way. The epsiodes feel long even though it’s only an hour drama. Also I noticed bits of morbid humor … I’m intrigued so far! B

Locke– ** Tom Hardy Rated R 1 hr & 20 minutes.

Tim Plays Ivan Locke who is on a drive to London and during a career changing moment makes a decision that will cost  him everything.  It’s a bore!!!! I figured it would be but hey it’s Tom Hardy and I guess I was greatly hoping there would be more than just him in a car talking on the phone. WRONG!!! It’s like Phone booth only at least that had some story & action to it.  If I ever got that amount of calls in (what seemed like) a short time I think I’d break the phone & and any others i came across.  No accidents for talking or texting while driving  This was like watching a reality tv show  without the drama and just any ol’ highway anywhere in the world.  F

The Loft-

mystery thriller   2015  R 1;43 * Wentworth Miller, Karl Urban, Eric Stonestreet & James Marsden

5 married guys share a penthouse loft in the city for their extra curricular activities (if you want to put t in a nice way… otherwise for their no good, conniving  cheating ……) The loft turns into a nightmare when one of the guys walks into a ghastly scene awaiting him.  Could it be Chris’ brother or could someone else have framed ‘them’. Of course they all start blaming one another (and that is one reason friends should not share!) Just when you think it’s solved; it’s not really. Quite suspenseful, not to mention; could they have more of my favorite actors in this?  I mean I have watched quite a few of Karl Urban, James & wentworth’s movies & tv shows! The last one or 2 scenes (bar/garage) though, ruins the whole thing for me. I think they should have left it with Wentworth Miller’s last scene. A-

London has Fallen

Lone Star-

1996  R 2hr 12 minutes  I rented this for my father, no idea why I bothered to watch it but a man discovers a skull among a cactus patch  along with an old sheriff’s badge near a small Texas boarder town.  For me it was a boring waste that gets lost in the sub plots …SKIP IT    F

the long weekend of shockwaves

 Lost Girl preview

LoveCraft Collection Interactive Nightmares: The Beast

Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward

(you can find on the seperate J.R. Ward’s B lack Dagger Brotherhood page at noted in the Menu or at the beginning where the Extention Lenses are).., Ok I do not have this up here yet (I have plenty of book info maybe I should just make a seperate blog but I think 6 on WP is more than enough, thought You can check my Hubpages for whatever the shape the page is on there (I have yet to edit it after the transfer from squidoo.)

I’ve checked my list of what I’ve read… It’s time for another one of the BDB stories then I can get on to the ones noted below. I sort of planned to read the sci-fi book first but if i do that then I’ll end just not having an interest & skipping or something because I’m in the mood now for BDB!

Lover Eternal  by  J.R. Ward

find my Reviews for ANY of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books I’ve read on my J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood page

Lover Revealed

  quickie review:  Butch gets abducted by Lessers,  May have Vampire blood somewhere in his line, lots of the romance part, and pretty funny.

The review will be posted on The Black Dagger Brotherhood Page itself.  You can also find it by  Hoovering on the Book Nook Tab and then the drop down menu will come out, and you will see the option for the Black Dagger Brotherhood page.  (There’s lots of stuff on there, reviews, notes, facts, quotes, and even the actors that fans would want to play the characters, I’ve included my own as well. (though I am still coming up with more as I read the books, but mostly who to play the guys.

Interested? Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 4)

The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove

The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Covestarted on 17th and as usual starting off slow. (yeah pretty sure i’m book Burned)

As for the story it was enjoyable funnier than ‘Demon Keeping’ Plus How could you ignore such a cool title?

The chapters are short, and among the chapters are like mini ones dividing up each characters part of the story. Some when they do the story like this is doesn’t really flow and feels more like New York City traffic trying to read whch is a total turn-off, but Christopher Moore pulls it off.


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