Yasmine Galenorn’s Otherworld

Yasmine Galenorn’s Otherworld

Take me to the Otherside

Some people say books or a song and such can change your life, I have yet to come across that book; though

I have found a new world I would like to travel to, and a varied sort of creatures to meet. (I want my own dragon)

The Otherworld series, and YasmineGalenorn’s other writings (that I’ve been able to read so far) have been a joy to read.

Other than the Harry Potter books, I can fully lose myself in her world and feel like I’m side by side with the sisters, and their friends.

I wait anxiously for the next book to come out and must have it the day its out.

I do hope you will give a couple of her books a try, maybe one from each series.

I have yet to get going on her Indigo Court series (which so far is only a few books) I do intend however to read them all.

Approved by Yasmine!

Approved by Yasmine!

Happy Birthday to the Otherworld series!  2016 is 10 years since Witchling came out


The Otherworld series review – aka Sisters of the Moon books 1-10

I don’t remember how or when I came across the series. But from Witchling (book1) got me hooked and now await each book excitedly to just bore through it like the book worm I am.

The Otherworld series, or as it is also known Sister of the Moon; is the story of 3 fae sisters from Otherworld. “OTherworld is the whole of the fae world, but the D’Artigo sisters are from Y’Elestrial or in the fae world said as Y’Elrialiastar.

The sisters are half Human (mom’s side) and half fae and consist of Camielle the older sisters who is a Moon Witch, Delilah a werecat and Menolly who was turned into a vampire while on a case when they were still in otherworld (before moving earthside)

There are quite a few reasons I like this series:

It’s a supernatural, Crime Adventure Plus though I’m not one for romance novels this for me is light on it, but is listed as Paranormal romance. Anything You can Think of Supernatural and fantasy fairy, Unicorns, dragons & all sorts of were animals/people I think is pretty much all in these books! There’s Yukai Kitzune, Dreamchasers, demons, elves, There is even a Fae court and tells of the mythology how the 2 worlds divided & fae came out.

Another reason why they are great? While yes they do more or less pick up where the last left off, it’s written in a way you can pick up with the newest book and you would still find out some of what went on in the past books. You can read where you can start on the first three and if you prefer to read just one of the sisters’ part of the series you can just read theirs. basically it’s a pretty flexable series.

When I say “with everything spirnkled in ” I do mean that as I mentioned above there is suspense comedy and just about any other genere that is mixed in to a story at one time or another.

Usually I can’t put them down, they are my solacemy vacation if you l when I need to get away (& what better way then when you get to go to an entirely different world?)

Aside from the stories themselves I love that yasmine puts pop Culture references and aspects like that into her work. She even includes a play list at the end of the stories. She also includes a glossary and an appendix of the characters which is helpful if we haven’t seen someone in awhile or heard a fae or other world in another lanuage in awhile.)

The D’artigo sisters at your service

Order of the Court – 

Family & friends ‘Tree’

Maria D’Artigo & Sephreh ob Tanu (mother & Father)

Camille, Delilah, & Mellony D’Artigo are 3 fae sisters

Ariel D’Artigo twin sis to Delilah and wereleopard Died at birth

Maggie- gargoyle they saved from a demon’s lunch bag.

Shamus- Cousin of the sisters Full Fae

Morgana- a cousin

Iris Kussi,The Finninsh house sprite and Talon Hajilta is now married to & very pregnant with

Bruce O’Shea twins on the way

Camille- The eldest sister who had to play mom when theirs died. Married to Trillian, Smoky and Morio Camille is a Moon witch as well as studing Death magic with her Husband Morio.

Trillian-a Svartan one of the dark elves,

Smokey-a half white half silver Dragon, and son of Hyto

Morio- Youkai Kitsune (a fox demon) and grandson of Grandmother Coyote

Delilah middle sister & is at least 6 foot tall a tabby cat as her regular shifter shelf as well as a werepuma. She is a death maiden of the Autumn Lord but while on this plain the Autumn Lord sent along Shade a half dragon half shadow walker (Stradolan) as her now finacee.

Menolly- youngest of the 3 sisters she was a jian-tu (an acrobat) who was turned against her will by the worst vampire of all Dredge. She is consort to Roman son of blood Wyne & if not already on her way to a member of the Crimson Veil.

Nerissa- werepuma and Mellony’s now wife works for Chase as a Victims rights counselor for the FH-CSI and is a werepuma of the Rainier Puma Pride.

Roman-Ancient Vampire son of the Queen of the Crimson veil- blood Wyne and Mellony’s consort of the vampires. Plus recently ‘sired’ her helping her to remove the blood bond she had with Morio

Erin Mathews- Owner of Scarlet harlot Boutique, and former president of the Fairie Wathers Club. CHose to be turned into a vampire by Mellony moments before her human death.

Rozurial is an incubus who was originally a rare far until Zeus tried to seduce his wife and hera seeing and I’m sure you can figure tit out from there.

Vanzir – a dream chaser demon which can feed off the life energy through ones dreams

Chase- Ex-boyfriend of Delilah and Detective for the FH-CSI (Fae-human) he drank the nectar of life after a close encounter with death and is now starting to show some powers. Also there is some sort of fae in his far distant heritage

Carter- Informative for the girls, and leader of the Demonica Vacura Society that records the goings on of Human & Demonkind. He’s half demon half Titan whose father was Hyperion.

Sharah- Elfin Medic & Chase’s pregnant girlfriend.

Hags of Fate- The women of destiny who spin the fates of those in the worlds.

The otherworld series doesn’t fully take place in the fae realms. Most of the time they are in our world somewhere near the Seattle, Washington area. (at this time I am not able to recall the name of the city in which they live, but) they live in a Victorian house shared with their large family and extended family!


0. Etched in Silver (Novella)
0A. Earthbound (Novella) (indie published)
1. Witchling
2. Darkling
3. Changeling
4. Dragon Wytch
5. Night Huntress
6. Demon Mistress
7. Bone Magic
7A. The Shadow of Mist (Novella)
8. Harvest Hunting
9. Blood Wyne
10. Courting Darkness
10A. Ice Shards (Novella)
11. Shaded Vision
12. Shadow Rising
13. Haunted Moon
14. Autumn Whispers
15. Crimson Veil
16. Priestess Dreaming
17. Panther Prowling
18. Darkness Raging
19. Moon Shimmers (indie published)
20. Harvest Song (indie published–2018)
21. Blood Bonds (indie published–2019)

There’s also Tales from Otherworld and

The Men of Otherworld book 1 and #2

Moon Swept, Earthbound, Shadow of Mist

*Flight from Death  Book #1 (fly by night spin-off series)  Review by a friend of mine 

*= I do not have reviews for these as I started the page around mid-series or

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Swag- Sweet, wicked Autographed Goodness

Swag- Sweet, wicked Autographed Goodness

IT’s HERE~!!!!! An Interview with Yasmine

I bring you my exclusive Interview you will ONLY find here!

By Kim Marie Ostrowski

in the next few weeks as soon as she sends it back to me.

How AWESOME is it she agreed to do an interview for me?! I’m so Psyched!

Question 1: What was the inspiration / How did you first come up with Witchling and Otherworld series? How did you come up with it? (ie: J.K. Rowling came up with Harry Potter on a long train ride etc.)
Reply: I was sitting in the living room tonight, watching television, and all of a sudden, in my mind’s eye, these three sisters jumped through tall windows near the ceiling. They landed in front of me and introduced themselves and told me I needed to write about them. I was intrigued, and pulled to their stories. Apparently my subconscious have been working on them for a while before I was aware of them. And that was the very beginning of the idea for the series

Question 2:Is there any particular story as to how you come up with or think of names for your characters?

My characters seem to name themselves for the most part. Occasionally I have to figure out a name for a secondary character, like for Morio’s last name. But in general I just know what they want to be called.

Question 3:You have such a wide range of fantasy creatures & supernatural beings. A few of them I had not heard of. Do you have some creature encyclopedia?

Yes, I have several encyclopedias of legend, lore, faeries, and other creatures. And I also make up a number of my own when I need them.

Question 4: Did you write Camille as a likeness to yourself in personality or looks wise? I ask because a couple of the cover illustrations of Camille to me have your likeness (features) I even looked at a couple of pictures of you & the covers (one in which was Witchling) to see

People do say we look alike, though I think Camille is a whole lot prettier than I am. We have a lot in common, she is the most like me of all my characters, flaws and all. In terms of her looks, I guess Tony just happened on a model, who-while younger and um hotter than me & seems to have similar features

Question 5:Is there any chance, if you are offered a movie deal for the books that you’d go for it? Also I would love to know What actors You would cast for each of the following roles?

I would consider a movie deal depending on who was offering it and what was entailed. But honestly, I’d rather see my books made into anime. I can’t think of any actors or actresses that would really fit the characters the way I happen to see them. A lot of suggestions have been made, but none struck me as accurate. And it’s important to know that the author doesn’t create a movie deal-it’s offered to us by an interested production comapny.

Question 6: What do you think of the Social Media impact between fans those (Authors, Actors, Athletes musicians etc) they admire

Social media has had a huge impact on writers’ lives, in both good and bad ways. The time it takes can severely impact writing time. Yet, we really have to be out there now. So it’s a double edged sword. Sometimes I truly enjoy it, I do like talking to people, but it’s hard when you get people yelling and screaming at you about your books and feeling like they can say anything nasty they want. However, I have met some lovely, wonderful people, and it is a fun way to reach my fans. So it’s a mixed bag, like anything in life

Question 7 Could you please include a mini biography maybe who your favorite character is, in the other world as well as the Indigo Crescent series, thoughts on being a writer, and some favorites (music band, movies actor etc.)

My favorite character in Otherworld is Camille.

My favorite character in the Indigo Court Series-well, that’s harder. I like Cicely a lot, and I love writing Lannan even though he’s a freakshow.
Thoughts on being a writer: it can be a brutal business and I firmly believe a writer needs to pay their dues. Wanting instant gratification? Not the best attitude to have. You have to love the work, love the process, and develop a thick skin because it can beat down the ego. Learn the craft. Don’t be content with submitting subpar work. POLISH, SHINE, HONE your writing. And remember: it takes more than just ‘wanting’ to be a writer in order to become one. You need talent, perseverance, and dedication. Not everybody can-or will-make it. But if you give up, you’ll definitely fail.
Favorites: Bands: Gary Numan, Mark Lanegan, and a WHOLE lot more.
Movies/TV: Again, so many, but include Rebecca, Tremors, Fargo, Buffy, InuYasha, I Love Lucy, Dark Shadows (the original series), Terminator, Terminator 2, Alien, Aliens, Event Horizon, Shrek, and many more.
Writer: Ray BradburyBooks: Watership Down, Rebecca, Lord of the Rings, and so many more.
Foods: Steak, Tomatoes Lobster, Raspberries, Chocolate (has to be dairy free, very dark though-I’m low carb for life).
Perfumes: Opium, Organza Indecence, Warm Vanilla Sugar
Tattoos: I have many and am getting more.
I collect china, daggers, elk antlers, non-cutesy Faerie figurines, crystals, and jewelry. ;)Makeup junkie and fashion maven who wears retro goth-50’s rockabilly dresses. I have more black shoes than probably 90% of the women I know and love pumps with chunky heels

(written by ©Kimamrie Ostrowski  IN 2013

Exclusive Yasmine Galenorn Interview by Kim Marie Ostrowski is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.  Based on a work at http://www.squidoo.com/yasmine-galenorn. Now Hubpages.com      NO USE Without Permission
So its now 2019 and I thought of a few more questions to ask I didn’t think of back then.
Is there any chance that you could show us one of your binders from the earlier Otherworld series of books? Like how you do your outlines, character sketches and that sort? 
Do you have one per book, or is it per series? 
What was it like to change from regular publishing to indy publishing? What is the difference?

Otherworld series books 11- 15 – what’s next for the D’Artigo sisters

 Started = November 1 (end-???)

Shaded Vision (An Otherworld Novel)                Shadow Rising (An Otherworld Novel)
*Shaded Vision       *                     Shadow Rising 
Haunted Moon    Haunted Moon (An Otherworld Novel)by Yasmine Galenorn

Haunted Moon (An Otherworld Novel)Haunted Moon #13 released January 29, 2013

Started February 23- 28

banked 1 day

Favorite lines:

I was the physical & emotional equivalen of a ramen noodle: limp, tasteless, and with no nutritional value whatsoever

Letting the Corpse out of the Coffin

The Quote at the bottom of the book… works best. A world I don’t want to leave!

I love the pop cult reference Yasmine makes about Ramen noodles. (Sorry but it wouldn’t be funny if I explain it to you. Its one of those you have to read up to it things for it to come off right. . ALong the lines of a Tension breaker! There’s a Character that Calls Delilah (a werecat) ‘Puss in boots’ SO the gang looks like they may be up against Galakah a Ghost god who was from the netherworld & was banished from there. Camille has a training meet with the ‘Triple Threat’ as she calls them (The earth side fae queens). The APN is hanging around and wreaking havoc, & chaos with bone walkers, zombies & more at their disposal. Beltane is on its way and more and more emergencies and things just keep piling up and this is after 5 quiet weeks which they were still busy but kept up with research.

Along with all this going on the girls must find the last 2 of the 9 Spirit Seals (in which the big Bad Shadow wing has 2 of them) There’s so much going on you will not be bored. The cast of characters is quite vast, not only is their families (not only the 3 sisters but all their husbands, & extended family live in the house & on the grounds! There’s never a dull moment but is there any prive ones?!

Autumn Whispers (An Otherworld Novel)

Autumn Whispers #14 Autumn Whispers (Delilah) September 2013

The 14th book of the Otherworld series

So in this Delilah is into her Death Maiden training, to the point where she will be graduating. You know things are not good when Grandmother Coyote (one of the Hags of Fate) come to YOUR door. I think in this book more just may be going on than in past books. 1. There’s someone threatening Menolly at her bar, 2. a couple of Vampire tech nerds’ friend is missing, 3. Grandmother Coyote one of the hags of fate came to the sisters for help of sorts! 4. There’s some very dangerous creepy creatures they have to get rid of and I would swear there was one more thing! Oh yeah One of their friends found some info on their mother’s side of the family.

while Camille & Delilha are called to Otherworld all hell brakes loose in Otherworld with s storm that is attacking the villages Camille realizes the storm is sentient. While they are able to get out and home the battle in Otherworld rages on while The girls and their extended family (or is it families) take care of the chaos Earthside.

On first night when they get home the house is mayhem while whoever stayed at the house is grabbing pillows & sheets for Their wee house sprite Iris who is in labor having her twins!(a couple weeks overdue)

Crimson Veil (An Otherworld Novel)

Crimson Veil#15 Crimson Veil (Mellony) January 2014

Started= Feb 2 – 10

# days = 9

Notes & Quotes:

She looked like a demented Bambi (menolly about Delilah meeting Lash, Shade’s sis)

“It occured to me that without caffine, the entire greater seattle metro area would shut down & die an unruly death” -a thought Menolly had.

I have asked her if she knows how many more books she’ll write for the series, she replied that “at this point, she doesn’t have an end number planned”

So far this picks up more or less where Autumn Whispers left off. The Wayfarer (menolly’s Bar) is burnt to a cinder nothing left. They’ve buried her employee Christhandra. Someone is still threatening vamp bars and another just tried to kill our Vamp girl Menolly with a car accident. THe sisters still ahve to find 2 more Spirit Seals , dealing with a Daemon (a lesser Demon or something like that) and still searching for the Kerasaar Knights that are missing from the Chaos that went and continues to go down in Otherworld and so on.

The house went from being over crowded to quite depleted! Not just of bodies around the house but Mentally Emotional & a little physically (needing sleep) Only a few months after being married Menolly & Narissa are having a marital problem or 2.

I was wondering what the Crimson Veil Title reference would reveal and sadly I am a little disappointed. It’s not what I thought it was going to be.


Crushing isn’t it?

Which of the girls husbands & friends do you have a ‘crush’ on & why

Priestess Dreaming – book #16

Priestess Dreaming (An Otherworld Novel)

The first book in the Otherworld spin off series which stars a dragon named Shimmer.

Sadly as far as I tried to get a hold of it, it is only available as an e-book 😦


18072609Panther Prowling

You can find it on Amazon here–> (Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon #17)

by Yasmine Galenorn (Goodreads Author)

released January 27 2015     Rating:  4.21 of 5 stars  · 
 Mass Market Paperback, 336 pages
  It’s really  316 pages
 (306 for Panther Prowling & a few for the preview Bio & the 2 ‘ads’ for the previous otherworld series & Indigo Court series novels.)
Expected publication: January 27th 2015 by Jove
ISBN   0515154768 (ISBN13: 9780515154764)
Started– February 8 – 22

 Panther Prowling is the 17th bookto be released intheOtherworld seriesbyYasmineGalenorn. This one stars the youngest sister and 2 faced were-cat Delilah (she’s a Tabby cat, and a big jungle cat ) Plus she’s a Death Maiden. The Wayfarer is ready for its Grand Re-opening after burning down, a book or 2previous, and Delilah has re-named her PI agency to the ‘Cat’s Eye Investigations firm’. Her first client under the new name is cousin Daniel (in which the girls recently learned of) who has procured a valuable rare sword but has  some ghostlyhitchhikers attached to it. They protect the soul of a King from times past that’s locked within and is about to break free to recover his crown.  oooh There’s Vikings in this! (well in a way)

I will have to go thank Yasmine for that!    And the spirit Trapped is a ‘bloody’ one!  (something like Einar the Bloody) which a local Necromancer is trying to free said king from the sword. A particularly nasty ‘creature’ attacks the house.  Never a dull moment in the lives of this very extended family!   B
Fugue – 1. a contrapual composition in which a short melody or phase is introduced
              2. a state or period of loss of one’s identity

Flight from Hell: An Otherworld Novella (Otherworld Series) by [Galenorn, Yasmine]Flight from Hell (Otherworld novella)

The first book in the Otherworld spin off series which stars a dragon named Shimmer.

Sadly as far as I tried to get a hold of it, it is only available as an e-book 😦



Darkness Raging

Darkness Raging








Moon Shimmers

Moon Shimmers

Harvest Song

Harvest Song

Blood Bonds (Last of series)

Blood Bonds

This lens was featured in the best book lenses monster board

This lens was featured in the best book lenses monster board
This lens was featured in the best book lenses monster board on Squidoo

‘Witch’ to choose

I can’t say I have one favorite sister, Ihave two. Camille & Mellony, I love withces & vampires I think i have since I was born as i cannont remember when i got into them (well the vampire bit I think Iknow how that started and if it is I was quite little. I think that is due to reading bunnicula, the vampire bunny. The witch part no idea when it started, but they do say if you were a witch in life, when you die you are bound to turn into a vampire (or so part of folklore goes).

As for deciding on which book is my favorite that is a whole other story! Dragon Wytch & Blood Wyne come to mind but not sure which I enjoyed more, then there is Courting Darkness which the Dragons come in to play more.

I like them all for different reasons, or aspects of the story or some character that’s in them, but as far as my ‘Favorite’ goes I think it would be one of the three mentioned, though I just can’t choose one.

Which is your favorite Otherworld book? (any why)

My Otherworld / Sisters of the moon SWAG

Get your own here!<?a>

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