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Updated the Telly Talk  page with the upcoming summer premier dates I found out about
Updated the Animal Kingdom post

which Now includes season 2  information, vids and my review as the season goes by.)


I saw this and was just cracking up!



So did you watch the first episode of this season (what is it season 3?)  Were you actually upset At the events that happened? (Sorry don’t want to ruin it if you haven’t seen it and actually care) Just have a tissue ready…maybe… unlike with the Walking Dead characters, which depending on who… I do get upset over.  Fear for some reason just makes me want to cheer when one of the main characters die. Though maybe because to me it seems like none of the characters ever evolve except for Nick… maybe  for me it’s just don’t mess with Nick.

thrilling reads for summer-2017

tales-crypt-complete-series-set-coming-june   I’m still searching to find out when the new series will come out (if it hasn’t already)

Paul McCartney Pirates of the Caribbean Role

 jeepers creepers 3 finally done filming

Submitted For Your approval…

I’m having a contest! Submit your Separated birth images you’d like me to use, or just let me know the 2 names (and the show/movie they’ve been in. The actors do not have to be living to do so (as Mr. Fox here passed on in 2016) They can be old or young so long as they look like they could be closely related or actual twins.

American Horror Story…. ELECTION    mmm I might not be watching this year. Last year was a dud for me and with all the previous Election B.S. and the big  P.O.S. in office I just might skip this season altogether!

HBO Execs Finally Explained The Game Of Thrones Prequel News

Marvel Just Cast Tom Hardy as ‘VENOM’! – Bloody Disgusting!



and If you are having a bad day! Or a Pet Owner… I thought this was (although bad) I do like the effort its cute and sweet and honestly I want to go and rescue them all after this ad! Which I am including here for the ENTERTAINMENT value of it as well as the effort!

Universal’s ‘DARK UNIVERSE’

sooner or later forget the feminism… it’ll turn into manism…  Fems want equal treatment, pay etc… then this


Walking Dead Whisperers? 


Originally I have a prank from Avenged Sevenfold here (In short johnny Crist pranked Syn making him think the crowd was hearing his background vocals as a chipmunk when it was only the guys in the band that could.)

but this was funnier




News 7- National Zombie Awareness Month

Yes seriously!

Why Taken needs to be Renewed (and is!) 

Get an early Guardians of the Galaxy fix by downloading the official VOl. 2 soundtrack!

Clowns think IT will will hurt their business

NHL Awards + Expansion draft

Fate Of The Furious Poked Fun At Fast And Furious 6 In A Subtle Way

A Star is Born- first image of Lady Gaga in her new role


Star Wars Hotel


IT   everything you need to know


Updated Tv premier schedule just click on TELLY TALK  in the menu above  (will note here when I hear more scheduling information)


for Zombie Awareness month  Welcome to the


a guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse and general survival tips

American Horror Story Renewed For 2 More Seasons

American Horror Story Star Reveals Which Character She Wants To Play Again

WWE Releases New Hardy Boyz Merchandise




Not into Football But I LOVE this.. LOL

Odell Beckham Jr Wears Jared Leto Gloves To Laugh Off Critics

OMG the green Power Ranger (original) looks creepy in this

Michael Rowe, Jason David Frank On What Ninjak And Bloodshot Think Of Each Other
Voltron Season 2 Release Date Revealed

a Much more MAGICAL Fantasitc Beasts trailer… & I have that feeling I did when I first saw and read the Potter series!

Hello Kitty Wine Is A Real Thing

These ‘Horror Happy Meals’ Could Be The Perfect Way To Celebrate Halloween

THe WASP will be in Avengers 4, comfirmed by Evangeline Lily

Matt Damon Says He May Call Kevin Smith For Advice On What Comic Book Character To Play
Batman Invites Captain America To Boston


Ash Vs. Evil Dead: How To Kill A Deadite


Marvel Is Doing Something With Blade According To Kate Beckinsale

New Justice League Footage In Behind-The-Scenes Video From Zack Snyder

Marvel Netflix NYCC Panel: First Iron Fist Footage, Punisher & Defenders Cast Reveals

Lauren Graham: ‘Gilmore Girls’ Is ‘Sneakily Feminist’

The Legends of the Hidden Temple TV Movie Trailer Released
Death Race 2050 Trailer Released
Hayley Atwell Returning As Agent Carter
Marvel & Netflix Cast Sigourney Weaver As Defenders Villain

Odds & Ends: Grumpy Cat to Join Cats Cast, Idina Menzel on Frozen 2 & More

Michael Rowe, Jason David Frank On What Ninjak And Bloodshot Think Of Each Other

‘Outlander’ Season 3 First Look: Clash of the Tartans

The Walking Dead’s Chad Coleman Says He Thinks Negan Kills Multiple Characters
The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman Reveals When He Will Kill Negan
The Best Cosplay We Saw at New York Comic Con 2016: Day One

Power Rangers: Green Ranger Spinoff Still Possible Says Jason David Frank

‘Girl on the Train’s’ Emily Blunt on Gender Double Standards: “A Woman Is a Drunk, Whereas the Guy’s a Partyer”

Martin Lawrence Says Bad Boys 3 May Start Filming In March

NYCC: Adam West’s Advice for Future Batman Actors

Doctor Who News

First photos of Kit Harrington, Gwendoline Christie and more filming Game of Thrones season 7

WOW! I remember when the show first started, ‘Green Ranger’ still looks the same, just throw a pony tail on him I think Jason David Frank & Ryan Phillippe should be in some ageless wonders museums!


The video reviews are by my friend Rich @ The B.A.R. and I won’t be seeing them in the theater and the reason I am posting them here

Harley-Davidson And Marvel Unveil Super Hero Custom Motorcycles

Captain america deleted scene teases more Black widow backstory

Guardians of the Galxay will be in 2018’s Avengers Infinity War

For once it was safe to assume  something and didn’t make asses out of you or me! Guardians of the Galaxy WILL appear in Avengers infinity war according to ‘Groot’

Is marvel hinting @ a Strange Doctor in Thor Ragnarok?

New Set Photo Contains Big ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Spoilers & Teases A New Villain

Nightmare on Elm st. getting another remake/boot 


Kevin Bacon Likes The Idea Of Playing Freddy Krueger   no, No, & NO!!!!!! Robert Englund or nothing at all


Sully Erna different kind of Tears lyric video 

American Horror Story Is Coming To Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights 2016

Clue is getting a remake. (actually I’ve seen the original and I liked it. Hopefully the remake will be jsut as good)

DC Entertainment Announces All-Day Live Stream Event


Marvel And Hulu Announce Runaways TV Series

Fargo’s Joey King Comes to The Flash as Magenta

Gotham Producers Confirm Jerome’s Laugh Was Heard In Season 2 Finale

Fear The Walking Dead Producer Updates Status Of The Walking Dead Crossover


Check Out Your First Look Behind the Scenes of Gotham’s Sirens


10 DC Characters We Want to See in Suicide Squad 2

When And How The Fear The Walking Dead Group Will Reunite

The Flash Season 3: 5 Things We Want to See

How Blockbuster could have owned Netflix