HI! If you have subscribed in some way to this blog, I want to start by saying Thank you.

To tell you a bit about what I hope this blog will be, is mostly an emphasis on Movies,  TV and books  and the reason for the the name  v MULTI Screen is we watch on a variety of screens even though I still call it and consider it ‘TV’ though when you ask if you watch something people will say i don’t watch TV (even if you ask them if they watch something on streaming or some other way.  The  “MO” = movies, T & Vision =  TV + Vision, for viewing.

I prefer watching Horror movies in hopes of actually getting scared or at least a bit creeped out. I also love a good mystery, Old Black & White movies like Universal horror (Saturday nights there’s a show on MEtv called Svengoolie which shows old Horror, sci-fi and mystery movies) Love many of the marvel movies, waiting for Bill & Ted Face the Music in august, I can see now I will be VERY into Godzilla with the new movies (Gosh I felt like a kid again watching King of Monsters) And am looking forward to Godzilla vs. King Kong in November. I saw a movie on Netflix called Train to Busan I think it was the best movie I’d seen in awhile. It was I think every genre possible. So many elements and so on. I hope its still on there when I subscribe again during the summer.

I’ve loved the Tom & Jerry cartoons since I was a kid, mostly the originals, I even Named the first cat I had Tom Jerry!  Some of my longtime favorite Shows are Charmed, Buffy, Supernatural, current favorites are Vikings, Animal Kingdom, Deputy, The Walking Dead, & Masked Singer

I like Rock & Metal music Godsmack is my #1. It also seems the older I get the heavier I like the music! Also like the ‘Viking Metal’ scene and have been interested in Norse Mythology & culture on and off through the years so was quite happy when they came out with the series. (Which will have a spin off on Netflix about Eric the Red)


The Multi-screen Guarantee

I will only write reviews  of my own honest opinion. That means  good reviews cannot be bought. I do my best to include what I do and Do not like about what I am reviewing and why. I also try to include ways I think It can be improved upon. 

This is the criteria I try to cover in my reviews… but without it sounding or looking like an outline cause those sorts are boring drivel!

Signature Series

Classic Cuts not only includes Classics but  Revenging reboots and raggedy remakes and looks at the classic franchise as well as the new. I have a bit of criteria which I use to choose the titles for Classic Cuts, but as I do not have anything in stone the best explanation is:

#1 An Easy one If it gets the movie to TV adaptation… It’s Classic Cuts material.

#2  (TV) must be at least 5 seasons in (with Cult status like The Waling Dead) otherwise at least 10 seasons and still going or have been over for at least a year, and definitely if a movie or books get adapted to TV, it garners as well with the

#3 (Movies)  If it has a remake/reboot, any  franchises with  3 or more sequels (Saw) or single movies from 2010 and before

#4 Brands Like Marvel studios with a long history (and many past and current projects)

#5 Music … (still working on this) but nothing after 2000/2001

but there are some exceptions to the above criteria

Please give me your feedback


 Post Schedule

I may post once a week to everyday depending on what I have written up. reviews, articles or gathering of news.

Monday  *Movie, Music (aka Audio Literacy) or  Miscellany  

*Tuesdays – TV

Wednesdays – News,  Audio Literacy, Wicked Wednesdays  Or  an Off day

*Theater (movie)  Thursdays  or another tv day

*Friday (Book) ‘Bind’   (review or preview ), another film day  or

Saturday/Sunday  –   Likely off days

From time to time I may also include sports,  games and anything else I think of, or can find someone to write (esp. gamers and  music buffs)



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I will accept products to review that are related to this blog (or one of my others  Beauty/ Health, Crafts,  writing and an assorted one) and whether it is sponsored or not

I will only write honest reviews of my own opinion. That means a good review cannot be bought!

I mention both pros and cons of the product as well as any improvements that I think could be made or would like to see made. Sponsored posts or samples or full size products received to be reviewed will be noted accordingly. If you are interested in sending me any products for writing a sponsored review, please drop me a quick e-mail.

 Product Samples, affiliates, Sponsors and Endorsements  

Some of my posts may contain affiliate links to products sold by others. These are mentioned as my own genuine recommendation of a product (or as music, movie or Show review).  I do hope I only do so when its relevant and helpful.   If you click on an affiliate link (usually amazon) and buy something, I may receive a very small commission.  It does NOT result in additional charges to you or cost you anything extra. Mentions of associated products/services/businesses within the content of my blog pages and posts may or may not be noted as an affiliate in every reference.  The affiliate money I earn per month helps pay the fees to keep this site up and running. Thanks so much for your support!

I believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. Any compensation received will NOT and does not influence my reviews. (If I think its crap I will say so) Any Content, advertising space or post will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine, the blog owner, unless you see another author pop in (or I post a curated review to one of mine).

I DO NOT claim to be an expert in anything other than my own experience (and Vampires)

Personal information is only used relevant to providing you with a service, and only used to help provide or improve this service. Some instances for when I need this information (Name, email address and home address) is for Contests or to reply to a comment. (and any other sort as these) 


If you think Your company will benefit from an advertisement in my sidebar,  or an upcoming feature I’m willing to offer the space.   I am currently accepting sponsors.

Review, Feature or Sidebar Sponsorship:  I would love to feature your business. When you become a sidebar sponsor for MultiScreen MoTVision  your button will be located on my sidebar for at least an entire month, and I will do an awesome post about your business & how cool you are (send product to be reviewed). Right now, you can sponsor this blog for donations starting at

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OR you can note to donate some of the money to help Raise money for my favorite charity (Best Friends Animal Sanctuary)
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Giveaways:  I love having giveaways on my blog. Your giveaway needs to be something that I feel will benefit my readers. The only thing that I ask is that the minimum of your giveaway is a gift worth at least $10.00-$20.  Your giveaway will  be on my sidebar with a link to your business for 3 months & like I mentioned above

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for example If  You start one October 1st and ends the 13th (or 31st) …. It would be taken down the end of the year (though you may get extra time if I don’t get to taking it off right that day)
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*By entering a contest you agree that Multi-Screen Mo_T_Vision as well as any respective affiliates, will have no liability, and will be held harmless from and against any liability or loss, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, for all matters related to your acceptance, possession, experience with, use or misuse of the prize or participation in the promotion.

*I reserve the right to cancel or modify a promotion at any time.

* Any information submitted in connection with a contest will be treated with the Utmost privacy.

Sponsored posts or products received to be reviewed will be noted accordingly. If you are interested in sending me any products for writing a sponsored review (ie: EndorSponsored posts or products received to be reviewedsing you), please drop me a quick e-mail               

You can pay via paypal via the donation button here


If you want to share my article using the proper outlets (the share buttons below each article or by clicking reblog at the top) without my consent is fine.   Otherwise

If you want to use any content or images  please be sure to contact me first (it’s best by Facebook or twitter if not through here by use of the contact form . Some posts are re-blogged and I cannot give the consent for those, but others I have done the research etc work.   You need to ask first and same goes for images and photos (as some are my own)

Feel free to refer back here anytime, though!

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