The Guest Book

Comedy Anthology  on TBS

The Guest Book has a revolving cast of characters as well as a sprinkling of main characters which make up the townspeople.

In the first episode I love how the guy is sitting up in the rafters writing in the book, but if I were him with how much his wife yells I’d get a divorce or a hit on her.

This is a different story every week and is supposed to be the tales the characters have written in the book.

The first episode a couple with a 1 year old who does nothing but cry  (apparently the kid takes after mom) and mama needs a break. So Hubby takes her away for rest whiloe the baby stays with the grandparents.

Oh the mother is also a freaking Diva.. she needs her humidifier or something so he goes out to get one an on his way back to her royal Bitchyness  stops at the local strip bar called Chubbies.

The show is charming and the ‘main’ characters of the town don’t really come off as the stars, though the owner of the strip club WOW!  is all I will say.

I’d recommend it. It’s half hour episodes are quick and bingeable. So get streaming


American Horror Story season 7:

SO you have

1- Murder House  (I keep calling it Hell House, maybe because of a book of short ghost stories I have)

2-  AsylumBinge worthy

3- Coven

4-Freak Show


6-  Roanoake and now


american horror story season seven plot reveals a modern day tale with paulson and peters set to return


In the first week we get a whole lot of clowns dancing around the AHS logo for the season. I hear our favorite wide smiled  (and most horrifying) clown will be back Then other teasers show up in the following weeks.. Are there any clues in them?)   Clowns, and honey Combs  seem to be the main symbols and to me there are some parts that remind me of A Clockwork Orange.

When I first heard that it was based on the events around the 2016  Presidential Election I thought great it’s going to be another season I don’t like.  Watching the teasers, I’m not so sure; even if they are very bleak and show nothing really about the story. At least not until the trailer came out maybe a week or a few days before with coming attracting for the first episode of the season.

I think I’m going to call this the year of the clowns! First Trump is President, then Cult is announced with Clowns and Stephen King’s It gets a remake with a Skarsgard as Pennywise.

So far I think season 1 and Coven were the best, but I also liked Hotel as well. One was because of the mystery, the other actual ‘horror’ besides I’ve always liked witches and mom calls me one! Hotel was basically put, was Vampires in a way (which I have always been infatuated with since I was little!) Freak show I enjoyed as well. The AHS clown IS the reason to be afraid of them just by looks…frankly I think he’s scarier looking than pennywise! Then when he takes the mouth piece off looks like a rotting jack O’lantern.

The biggest horror of the show this year is the Trump masks. I swear I want to put his face in a tub of bleach. That is the WORST fake tan I’ve ever seen! All the money he’s got he should be able to find someone that actually has a clue. Or did he get his skin ‘stained’. Of course I am angered they have to use the stupid election as a story base. as if his b.s. speeches do not interrupt my shows, as if they are so important (most of the time it could have waited to just be highlighted in the news. Stop tweeting about him, stop giving him the attention, he does not deserve it. Its just so he can make more money on his real estate etc ventures. I’m sick of hearing people say this… You don’t have to completely delete your accounts, just stop following that person remove the mobile notifications. Half the people that have tweeted about him since (and seemed only that I have unfollowed.)

As for the ‘Bingeworthy’ award… for me that excludes Asylum which I kept falling asleep while it was on! And I was so disappointed with Roanoke at reveal and after the season ended.

I do and don’t like the season so far but then I have only watched 2 episodes. I’m not digging that it takes place basically in current time, but the Freakish clowns I am digging! Turn out the lights and watch. I do think the ‘Cult’ has something to do with the clowns or maybe the blue haired character played by Evan Peters.  I am getting a kick out of Billie Lourde  who plays Winter and reminds me of what Wednesday from the Addams Family may be today. (The all black, especially that outfit in episode 2)  Only her hair is a grey/white color. She is quite creepy I will say that. Aside from her I don’t care much if at all for any of the other characters. I think she would be the only one I would actually miss (like I do Scream Queens and Scream series on Mtv)

Posting early and leaving room for improvement in my view. What are your thoughts on the ‘CULT’  season? Which was your favorite season?

ryan-murphy tackles trump’s america in daring american horror story cult

2015 Avatar Awards (in 2016)


©Kim Marie Ostrowski

Come walk the red carpet where the fans are the stars

This year I got a little help from a friend!. This year  some of the categories stumped me, with others the choice was made as some of the ones I liked so much, are now forgotten so, by default the one I remembered most won. Then there were some that were equally good and I just couldn’t decide, so I thought to collaborate with my friend Rich from The B.A.R. on Youtube.  some of the picks are from Rich (and most of them, movies I have yet to see) though some we both had the same so that choice won.  So grab your ticket  and Nominees please remember to have your’s handy to be seated as well.

My appologies to the winners, my computer crapped out before I could make the code so you could add the trophy to your sites.

1 Avatar Awards ticket 2015

Winners are underlined (otherwise I was sadly not able to finish marking the winners as the computer crapped out on me)


Youtube– SteveCash83’s – Talking Kitty (warning offensive language may be used…)   OR  ‘Filthy Rich’s-The B.A.R.

I’m gonna be a soward and give it both to them! I’ve been watching Talking kitty for a few years now.. & as for Rich’s for a new channel he’s come along way in a short amount of time!

Tweet of the year

Stephen Amell’s Looks like the Walking Dead on set today…..

Or   @CliveStanden ‘s 

My daughter asked me what it’s like to have kids…So…I interrupted her every 11 seconds until she cried. 🙂 #Parenting

Whosay award winners


Comedian – Jeff Dunham, Jonathan Sadowski or Chris Delia (Undateable)

Joke–  The 21st birthday roast of Justin Beiber.   Beibs to Ludacris “Looks like the Mr. Potato I had as a kid”  Oh and Justin’s segment on Repeat after me.

Influenster Awards  Best make up & Beauty etc. Products

Geek Land

Video Game

10 Best Selling Video Games Of 2015 – Ranked

Best Con (vention) or film fest Stanley hotel Film Fest
Best con Moment Travis Fimmel has chair pulled out from under him by Alexander Ludwig @ Comic Con


Wrestling–   Stephen Amell (Arrow) becomes first actor to wrestle (Instead of the usual wrestler turned actor)

Nascar–  Logano  wins Daytona (only because it was a caution with Harvick tailing him

Kevin Harvick’s many Top 10, 5 & 2nd place finishes to follow his championship season

Kyle Bush winning after breaking leg(s) the beginning of season) and asmuch as I can’t stand him… I do have to respect him for that & it makes me nauseus to do but…give him theWIN

 Read baby READING

Book Lover Revealed,  I am haunted- Zak bagans  A Pinch of Poison -Claudia Bishop
Author Janet Evanovich   Galenorn
Magazine/Article EW’s Mother Monster Checks into AHS Hotel
Fiction Scouting for the reaper     Stake-out
Anthology/Short Story True Irish Ghost Stories    Scouting for the Reaper Jacomb M Apple
Coolest Title  Scouting for the Reaper
Quote-  (or moment) ·        Through the Rain that poured down her cheeks, I often wondered how she got her make up to stay and not run, but I was pretty sure she had most likely in a bottle with the Mac or Urban Decay label on it-Delilah Panther Prowling (about Camille)

·        You’re lie a Porche, 60% of your weight is in your rear-Mrs. Muyrphy to Pewter Hiss of Death

·        Annalise: 2 wrongs doin’t make a right  Cory: No, but 3 will get you back on the freeway   (?)

·        Dev:You know for a wolf you don’t really stink Fang: (snorting) and for a bear you don’t chafe my ass-Sherrilyn Kenyon bad Moon Rising

·        Vane was being as moody as a teen Gemini on her period after she’d seen some human he was now pining for- Sherrilyn Kenyon bad Moon Rising·

Goodreads Scouting for the reaper  Jacob M Apple    Stake-out  Lily Luchesi

goodreads best books 2015

Remembering those we lost

In Memorum

Actors/–       Leonard Nemoy (Live long & Prosper)   Dona Douglas (Ellie Mae on Original Hillbillies)   Gene Hackman  Taylor Negron Jerry Stiller  Anne Meara  Reynoldo Rey  Betsy Palmer (Friday 13th) Rod Taylor (The Birds) Elizabeth Wilson Christopher Lee Rue McLeanahan (Blanche Golden Girls) Dick van Patten Amanda Peterson Omar Sharif  Irwin Keyes     Dickie Moore  Brooke McCarter(Lost Boys)   Jack Larson

Musicians –  Lemmy Kilmeister-Motorhead Scott Weiland   Heavy D    Ben E King  (Or was that BB King)    Denis Sheehan (u2)

Other –  ‘  Wes Craven (creator of Scream & Nightmare on Elm st.)   Rowdy Rody Piper    Dusty Rhodes  Buddy  (WWE)     Baker (Nascar)   Burt Shavitz (Burts bees founder)   Stuart Scott  Darrel Winfield (The Real Marlboro Man)  Sam Simon (Simpsons writer)  Albert Maysles  Terry Prachette (author) Anthony Mason (NY Knicks) Verne Gagne (wreslter) Andrew Lesine  Jackie Colins(author) Yogi Berra(Baseball legend)




Artist  Tori Kelly Sean Mendes(pca) Halsey The weekend

Band – Three Days Grace   Godsmack Breaking Benjamin Five Finger Death Punch papa Roach

Soundtrack–    Fast & Furious 7  How to Train your Dragon 2

Single/Song–    Painkiller- Three Days Grace  Stars – Sixx A.M.  Untravels Road- Thousand Foot Krutch

Album–    3 Days Grace Human, Breaking Benjamin Finger 11  5fdp Fallout boy Megan Trainor(pca)

Import–  Apocolyptica

Tribute–    Motely Crue

Rock n Roll HOF Inductees –  Ringo Starr Gren Day Joan Jett & the Black Harts Lou Reed Stevie Ray Vaughn

Favorite ‘home’ or Tour video

loudwire 2015 music-awards

INAUGURAL Avatar BLOG Awards!!

















Page About me-


Craft   *  *    *

Beauty  &

Fashion    *  *   *  *


Thank You winners here is your trophy

Multi-Screen Mo_T_Vision Avatar Awards
Multi-Screen Mo_T_Vision Avatar Awards


SQUINK awards

The worst or most disappointing Entertainment

Movie Black Hat   Unfriended  Man from Uncle
Movie Disappointment Black Hat    Avengers Age of Ultron Man from Uncle
Movie Sequel Avengers Age of Ultron

Xmen Days of Future past


Worst Remake Gone Girl
WORST Casting tv or movie 50 Shades of Grey   Mayor in Show me a hero
Tv series (disappointment) Fear the walking Dead
Reality 99% of it
Worst Cartoon Remake Be Cool Scooby Doo   The CG garbage Garfield
WORST Book/series  Pride Prejudice & Zombies

(had no prob withthe prequel or sequal book but this one is rough)

Worst Writing

(story may have been good just the writing made it dull or something)

Awaiting the Night by Donna Lea Simpson

Menace Under Marswood

Song All about that Bass
  ‘Staunker’ award

 (Go Away…been in too much and see them everywhere)

James Frain    Kevin Hart (first half) James Franco Michael B. Jordan   Anna Kendrick








Best NEW Show–  Zoo, Scorpion Secrets & Lies, Limitless,  Quantico, Blindspot Scream Queens

Returning Show–    Undateable

Fall/Winter– Quantico

Summer/Spring  –   Zoo   Scream


Lead Actor        

Male    Andrew Lincoln – The Walking Dead  Greyston Holt-Bitten   Mike Vogel-under the Dome Grant Gustin-The Flash   Don Johnson –Blood & oil

Female- Anna Silk –Lost Girl   Katheryn Winnick –Vikings  Viola Davis-H2GAWM


      Male     Norman Reedus – The Walking Dead       David Bradley- The Strain      Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland-Haven Alexander Ludvig-Vikings    Torrance Coombs-Reign   Moe Dunford-Vikings

Female-   Emilia Clarke-GOT  Melissa McBride-TWD  Jenna Colman-Doctor Who

Breakout Performance

Male    Grant Gustin- The Flash

Female-   Bianca Chopra-quantico


Actor in a new series –   Matt Dillon-Wayward Pines  Aaron Ashmore-Killjoys     Bruce Campbell –Ash vs Evil Dead  Jake McLaughlin-Quantico    Aleksander Dreymond –the Last Kingdom   John Stamos Grandfathered (PCA)

Actress in a new series–  Bianca Chopra-quantico  Jamie Alexander-Blind Spot

Actor in Procedural

Cable actor- Andrew Lincoln TWD   Kevin Durand- The Strain/Vikings


Performance of the Year–    David Dukovny Acid Trip on Aquarius    Cameron Monaghan-Gotham  (Jerome Joker)

Cameo/Guest Performance– Wentworth Miller – The Flash      Stephen Amell- The Flash



 Drama    Game of Thrones (cc)      The Night Shift     Lizzy Borden Chronicles

Actor – Freddie Highmore (bates MOtel) Charlie Hunnam- SOA  Terrance Howard-Empire  Taylor Kinney Chicago Med(PCA)  Scott Foley

Actress – Eva Green (Penny Dreadful)  Vera Farminga- Bates)  Teraji- Empire Viola Davis-How to get away with Murder

NEW Drama–   Forever   How to get away with murder   Wayward Pines

Drama Actor


Procedural– CSI:Cyber  How to get away with Murder    iZombie   Nightshift      Limitless

Actor– James van Der Beek

Actress Patricia Arquette  CSI:Cyber


Medi/Crime Drama–    Nightshift     CSI:Cyber  Blindspot  Quantico  Limitless Secrets & Lies

Comedy –    undateable   Selfie  The Odd Couple  Black*ish  Fresh off the boat  Young & Hungry Scream Queens

‘Oldie’ – Roseanne s.8 e.5 Halloween the Final Chapter

Comedy Actor–  Jonathan Sadowski –Young & Hungry  Dean Winters (Battle Creek)  Chris D’Elia (undateable)  Anthony Anderson  (Black*ish) Johnny Galecki –Big Bang Theory Randall Park (Fresh off the Boat)

Comedy Actress–  Yvette Nicole Brown (Odd Couple)  Melissa Joan Hart (Melissa and Joey) Emily Osmet-Young & Hungry

NEW tv ‘Comedy’ –   iZombie


Horror-     Scream   AHS:Hotel  the Strain the Walking Dead   Ash vs Evil Dead    Lizzy Borden Chronicles

Horror Actor– Bruce Campbell-Ash vs Evil Dead  Andrew Lincoln-The Walking Dead  Hugh Dancy-Hannibal

Denis O’Hare   or  Evan Peters –American Horror story-Hotel

Horror Actress-Lady Gaga  Sarah Paulson-American Horror Story Hotel   Melissa McBride-The Walking Dead  Eva Green-Penny Dreadfuls  Lucy Lawless-Ash vs Evil   Christina Ricci


Sci fi-    Doctor who   Bitten    Lost Girl    Under the Dome  Kill Joys   Dark Matter

Fantasy show–     Norell & Strange   Game of Thrones


Sci-fi star-     Greyston Holt (bitten)  aaron Ashmore (Killjoys)

Sci-fi/Fantasy Actress  Anna Silk –lost Girl   Lori Van der vort


Animated Series –  Archer (CC)   Family Guy

Classic show– Small Wonder   B/W I dream of Jeanie  Bewitched   Rosanne s.8 E.6 The Fifties show  Golden Girls

Syndicated–   Charmed

 Period piece–      Sons of Liberty    Texas Rising  Aquarius   Vikings

Kids show–   Sam & Cat (on Teen Nick)

Game show–  Hollywood Game Night    Geeks who drink

Theme–  True Detective s..2    American Horror Story:Hotel    CSI:Cyber

Anthology series– True Detective   American Horror Story

Actor or actressJessica Lange, Sarah Paulson   American Horror Story     Taylor Kitsch  Colin Farrell -True Detective

TV-movie–    Sharknado3: Oh Hell No

Best Ensemble cast –   Vikings   The Walking Dead   Night Shift    Game of Thrones   Scream Queens

Tv Fan Following–    Vikings   The Walking Dead  GOT   Doctor Who

Comics adaptation– Agent Carter, Agents of Shield Arrow Constantine Gotham The Flash (Legends of Tomorrow CS)

Best Newcomers   iZOmbie   The Flash

Best   Costumes                 –  Reign  Vikings  American Horror Story

Best Set Designs  –  Reign   Game of Thrones  AHS:Hotel

Best Character(s) – Jerome –Gotham

Tv Couple-  Donnie & Jenny   Booth & Bones

Best FX  –    Game of Thrones Hard Home s.5 e. 8  Wildlings vs. white walkers

Best Cross Over–   The Flash – arrow (and vice versa. 2 instances can’t decide which I liked better)

Bones & Sleepy Hollow    Halloween 2015

Medical/Crime Drama– The Nightshift    CSI:Cyber   How to get away with murder  Blindspot

Network series – The Black List    the Following   Hannibal   Person of Interest

Cable tv Drama–    American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, 12 Monkeys Continuum Salem The Strain Scream

Premium cable series –    Game of THrones   Homeland  Veep Shameless

Paranormal Show–     Paranormal Witness   Ghost Adventures  Haunting Australia  The Dead Files

Cameo Sif – Agents of Shield   Dom Cooper –Agent Carter  NPH- AHS Freakshow

Fight– Glen vs Nick – The Walking Dead       Wildlings vs White Walkers -GOT    Battle scene in France-Vikings S.3

Best ‘Presumed’ Death–  Ragnar surprise Vikings s.3   Boone-Scream Queens  Captain Hook-Once Upon a time  Glen-The Walking Dead

Memorable Moment –  Darryl chain  whip 3 z decap move

Mem. MutilationScream the tv series  Will gets ‘unzipped’ by giant saw    Darryl chain gang whip 3 z decap

Villain–   ‘Jerome’-Gotham    Shannyn Sossamon-Sleepy Hollow

Gal Pals– Emma & Piper


Best Original (New) series –   Scorpion    Quantico   Blind Spot

Season Pilot– Under the Dome s. 3  The Last Ship s. 2

Best Episode –  Vikings  Season 3 ep 8 “To the Gates”    The Librarians s1 e6 and The Fables of Doom   Scorpion s. 1 e. 5  Vampire Diaries  s. 6  e. 16  Downward Spiral   Game of Thrones  hardhome s.5 e.8  Young & Hungry 203  Pot recipes

Best ep. Title–  San FranPsycho (what’s new Scooby doo

Best Scene – GOT Tyrion & Daenerys meet & Ep, 8 Hard home     SOA s.7 e.12 Redrose jax kills Gemma  How to get away with Murder: s1 e4 Vanity Make-under

Limited Run seriesbates Motel Game of Thrones The Librarians  Outlander

Credits Montage/Music– True Detective s.2,   Elementary, Game of Thrones,   Zoo, Scream Queens, Black Sails CSi:Cyber  AHS:Hotel


Remake/Reboot – The Odd Couple  Heroes Reborn   X-Files

Movie to tv adaptation– Scream the series,  Limitless , Minority Report  Ash vs Evil Dead  (tight race but)


Best Episode of a Series Ended – Rosanne s.8 e. 6 The Fifties show



MC Donald’s Love is endless  (Frenemies Hawks vs Wings hockey, Freddy vs Jason  swimmer vs Jaws smurfs vs Gargamel)   Bud-lite  Live action Pac-man

Android -Animal Friend

Petsmart-‘pets part’   Cat eating from chopsticks

All’s -Peanuts theme

Amazon Prime’s  -Dog w/ Broken Leg



Streaming Series –

Series we miss most–    True Blood (couldn’t say True detective without screwing it up)

Most anticipated reboot –X-files   Prison Break (in the works)  Fuller House

Anticipated NEW show – Scream Queens   Frankenstein Code

Most Binge Worthy – Aquarius      Scream the TV Series   Vikings   Game of Thrones The Walking Dead   American Horror Story   Zoo (because I can’t choose between Vikings & The Walking Dead)


TV WTF Mo–  under the Dome season 3 pilot

Hottest TV actor – Josh Dumahl (Battle Creek)  Travis Fimmel, Clive Standen Vikings   Danielle Gilies (The Originals)  Stephen Amell(arrow)   ‘Dawson’ –CSI?;Cyber  Dylan McDermott on Stalker  Mike Vogel- Under the dome Taylor Kitsch  Grey Damon



Reality    Leah Remini     Lachey’s Bar     Legend of Superstition Mountains

Reality Competition or Game show–     Geeks who drink, Battle Bots, Bulls eye, Hollywood game night  Shark Tank  Face-off (critics choice award)   DWTS  The Voice(PCA)

Best Concept–    Battle Bots

Reality Couple –   Clay & Shelly

Reality Hottie–     Clay

Reality Host– Betty White Off their Rockers   DWTS Tom Bergeron   Julie Chen –Big Brother


Cartoon remakes- Wabbit (Looney Tunes)   (not bad but still slightly annoying)

Daytime Hosts–      GMA   The Talk(PCA)  The Chew

Night host–   Jimmy Fallon   Jimmy Kimmel  James Cordon

New Talk show host– James Cordon

Talk Show Host–    Jimmy Fallon


Creative Arts (Movie & Tv) –

Director- ian Somerhalder (an ep of Vampire Diaries)

Creator – Michael hirst (Vikings)

Showrunner- Greg berlanti (arrow) David Benioff (GoT)

Stunts=    The Walking Dead (s. 5 e. 15 fight through window)

Make Up/FX-    The Walking Dead  Game of thrones (Hard home wildlings vs the dead and white walkers)

Costume/ – Lou Eyrich   Vikings, GOT

set design- Supernatural    AHS Freak Show

Hair/make-up-  Tom Mcinerey & Dee Corcoran –Vikings       AHS Freak Show

Lighting/Sound – The Walking Dead



BEST Guest Stars   Neil Patrick Harris on American Horror Story; Freak Show  Jamie Alexander – Agents of Shield  Stephen Amell Flash Wentworth Miller & Dominick Prucell on the Flash

Favorite humanitarian Award-  Elleng Degenerous (PCA)

Lifetime Achievement award  Carol Burnett

Phyllis Diller Comedy award-   Chris D’Elia& Company-Undateable

TV Icon-  John Stamos



tv  Quote

  • SCREAM  try to pick just one!


*“Put an edible condom on your head, cause your mind’s about to be Blown”  -a character on an MTv show

*I feel like I have to Polish a turd  – contestant on Face-off

*Come on Bon, I’m a fever you can’t shake – Damon on Vampire Diaries

*Rear of the Year, and I’m ass of the past” – Len on Dancing with the Stars to football player s.20

*Life is like Charlie Brown and his football; that bitch Lucy keeps yanking it away but You’ve just got to keep on

kicking” –Piper Scream tv series

  • You’re not howdy Duty; you’re howdy dummy – say yes to the dress
  • Senator, I did my grad school thesis on the inverse proportionality to their (animal head trophies)  owners penis size …my condolences to your wife- Mitchell Morgan (played by Billy Burke) on Zoo

*”I’m pilfering this adorable little bottles that haven’t grown up yet” –Zoo Billy Burke’s character who’s name I can never remember

  • You will be a curse upon Gotham. Children will wake from sleep screaming at the thought of you. Your legacy will be death and madness—Jerome’s Dad –Gotham
  • You want Cookie’s Nookie then ditch the bitch
  • So you are what you eat isn’t just a bitchy  thing my mom days about fat people-Liv on izombie

*Sometimes being a good soldier doesn’t mean  being a good man-Ryan on Quantico

*You were so far in the closet, you were in Narnia-Young & Hungry

  • All sad people like poetry. HJappy people like songs-Vanessa Penny Dreadful

*Different is Good, so don’t fit in Don’t sit still don’t even try to be less than you are-Angelina Jolie Nick Kids Choice



Best of TV awards (THe Nominees)   Sag (Screen Actors Guild) Awards *

Golden Globes nominations * Golden Globe winners via Who Say





Horror   It Follows   Fear Clinic   ABCs of Death  Tusk The Babadook Only Lovers left alive    Contracted

Dracula Untold (Saturn awards winner)  The Pyramid  Crimson Peak The final girls  Army of the Damned


Direct Release Horror Tales of Halloween,  Let Us Prey  The Voices

A Christmas Horror Story     The Last Shift VHS

Horror Indie The Boy  The Nightmare   Spring  Creep   The Cooties
Remake or Sequel Rec 4:Apocolypse  insidious 3   Paranormal Activity:Ghost Dimensio  Sinister2  poltergeist
Horror Short Lights out  The Sleep Over  Bed Fellows (Make up)  Witches Brew (cool house)
Scared as shit performance Mia Wachowski
Horror Character Nana & Pop pop –the vist

Billy Murphy –The final girls

Cursed Person-It Follows

Krampus –Krampus

Grim grinning ghost-tales of Halloween

Horror Actor    Luke Evans  Tom Hiddleston
Horror actress Mia Wachicova   Jessica Chastain Abigail Breslin
Action Brick Mansion John Wick  Snow Piercer  unbroken (Saturn award) San andreas  Jupiter Ascending  Fast & Furious 7  Avengers:Ultron   Kingsman  Mission Impossible 5
Action Movie Star Chris Pratt   Vin Diesel   Chris Hemsworth  Keanu Reeves Tom Cruise
Action Movie Actress Michelle Rodriguez   Charlize Theron
Sci-fi      Edge of Tomorrow Snow piercer Godzilla Hunger Games: Mocking Jay   Jupiter Ascending  Interstellar pixels  The Giver Ex-Machina    Star Wars The Force Awakens  (I  have yet to see The force..)
Fantasy Ragnorock  Into the Woods

The Hobbit:Battle of 5 armies (sat winner)

Thriller   The Equalizer   Kingsman
Mystery Gone Girl   The Guest
Actor Chris Pratt   Chris Hemsworth (PCA)  The Rock

Vin Diesel    Robert Downey Jr.

Actress Rosamund Pike  (I’ll just go with my friend Rich’s choice as I couldn’t even think of any)
Comedy The Long Weekend   Tamara Drewe The Right kind of Wrong Summer Rental  P.C. U  The Duff   Hot Pursuit Pixels Spy Chef Zombeavers
Comedic Actor John Favreau   Jim Carrey
Comedic Actress-           


Sandra Bullock (PCA) Melissa McCarthy

Sofia Vargera Amy Schumer  Reese Witherspoon

Drama Birdman  The Gift    The Giver   Chef      Big Eyes

50 to 1  Green Street hooligans

Crime The Drop   Felony   Big Eyes  Green Street Hooligans Black Mass
Actor/actress Joel Edgerton  Johnny Depp(PCA) Matt Damon

George Clooney Channing Tatum Will Smith

Amy Adams Christoph Waltz Leonardo DiCaprio    Ben Affleck

Family/Animated Home   Big hero 6 The Box Trolls How to Train your Dragon 2  Hotel Transylvania 2 Inside Out

Scooby Doo & Kiss Rock –n- Roll Mystery

The Flintstones and WWE Stoneage Smackdown

Animated Charater Toothless     Penguins of Madagascar     Snoopy
(based)True Story Big Eyes     Everest  Wolf of Wallstreet    The Revenant
Tear jerker Boyhood  (another from my friend Rich)
Documentary Steve Jobs  (according to my friend rich.. I DESPISE APPLE and don’t thik I saw any Documentarys so I will give him this one)
Superhero (actor)  Chris Evans  Anthony Mackie Samuel L Jackson –Capt Wintersoldier  Hugh Jackman

Robert Downey Jr.

Comic Book Inspired: Avengers:Age of Ultron   X-men Days of Future past

Guardians of the Galaxy (Saturn winner)  Ant-Man

Most Improved Sequel (from last) Captain America Winter Soldier
Most under estimated Character  Adam Allen-Crimson Peak
Most under used actor/character Charlie Hunnam-Crimson Peak Tom Hardy Mad Max
Fave Face of Heroism Chris Evans (Capt America)    Hulk
Movie/Cult  following Evil Dead’s Deadites    Star Wars
Favorite movie actor Robert Downey Jr.  Bradley Cooper Chris Pratt
Favorite Movie Actress Jenifer Lawrence Scarlett Johansson
Young actor Taron Egerton
Young Actress Abigail Breslin
Best movie Tie in Crimson Peak Ale





Best   lead 

Male         Robbie Amell –The Duff    Tom Cruise –Edge of Tomorrow  Chris Evans-Capt. America

Michael Keaton –Birdman Chris Pratt-Guardians of Glaxay  Matt McConaughey-Interstellar


Female      Emily Blunt-Edge of tomorrow  Wassie Davis-The Babadook      Anne Hathaway-Interstellar  Jen Lawrence-Mocking Jay  Rachel McAdams-Big Eyes    Sandra Bullock-Gravity    Rosamund Pike- Gone Girl   Blake Lively


Actor         Anthony Mackie or Samuel L. Jackson –Capt. America Winter Soldier

Richard Armitage-The Hobbit 5 Armies (Saturn award) Tom Hardy-The Revenant

Actress  Scar Jo-Capt. America Winter Soldier  Jessica Chastain-Interstellar or Crimson Peak  Emma Stone-Birdman  Evangeline Lily-hobbit:5 armies (or ant-man)

Breakout Performance

Male          Taron Edgerton-Kingsman

Female     Dakota Johnson -50 Shades

Comedic Performance  (solo, duo or group)      Reese Witherspoon & Sofia Vargara   Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels


Best Remake, Reboot or adaptation

Movie – Brick Mansions       The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Book  – Lord of the Rings

Tv–    Scream the Tv series    Ash vs Evil Dead



There’s 2 kinds of People in this world: There’s Hammers and nails you decide which one to be –Will smith Focus

“The thing about street fights? The street always wins”  -Dom     Furious 7

Prison is for Pricks who don’t have their punishment  ::points to head:: up here –Tom Wilkinson Felony

You can’t learn anything when you’re talking- Rocky Balboa Creed

Best Cameo Bill Murray-Zombieland
Ensemble cast Lord of The Rings
3-D movie ———-
Movie Duo Birdman’s Mike Keaton & Ed Norton Han Solo and Chewbacca
Holy $4!+ scene of Year Death of Han Solo  (Thanks for Ruining it… Rich’s Pick)
Bad ass Character Imperiator Furiosa Mad Max (Rich’s Pick)
Sequel Mission Impossible 5 (Rich’s pick)
Foreign import Tokyo Gore Police The Raid
Camp/Geek movie Sharknado 3:Hell No Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Best Fight Hulk vs Bulked up ironman      Brick Mansions   Norton & Keaton in Birdman dressing room (well was fun at least)
Best Chase Scene Mad Max Fury Road
Memorable Mutilation Samuel L.Jackson gets his balls shot off- Hateful 8
Hollywood Hottie Emma Stone
Best Villian/ Dirtbag /Evil Genius Jessica Chastain-Crimson Peak Johnny Depp-Black Mass
Shameless Product Plug

(tv & Movie)

Gatorade & Skippy PB on -True Detective

Redd’s Apple ale and some Mascara –Sharknado 3

*Suzuki- The Strain The Car Commercial in Jurassic World

WTF Mo’/ Holy $h!+ performance Leonardo DiCaprio- The Revenant
Best (presumed) Death Leonardo DiCaprio- The Revenant
LMAO moment Hateful 8- Samuel L Jackson punches Jennifer Jason Leigh for spitting on his letter and knocks her and Kurt Russel out of the carriage, who is handcuffed to her.
Best Kiss Amy Schumer and Bill Hader  ß-ANYONE BUT!!!
Global Star Tom Hiddleston Leonardo DiCaprio
Indy Movie Ex-Machina    (Rich’s picks)
Fantasy/ Sci-fi  Actor Oscar Isaac-Ex-Machina
Fantasy/ Sci-fi  Actress Alicia Vikander-Ex Machina
Comedic Actor
Comedic Actress-           


Sandra Bullock (PCA) Melissa McCarthy  Sofia Vargera


Next Gen *  Ellie Fanning-Maleficent  Noah Wiseman-The Babadook  Chloe Grace Moretz-Equalizer
Sexiest Beastie..
Biggest bad-ass star
Villain Make over
Fashion Comeback Ripped Jeans
 GORE GALORE Scream the series  Tokyo Gore Police Army of the Damned
Most Anticipated Movie 2015: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

2016: Suicide Squad   WarCraft    Batman vs Superman


‘Best’ WORST Movie Sharknado 3
Ultimate Scream
Scream Queen THe Queen of course! Jamie Lee Curtis (yeah couldn’t think of one from a Movie this year)
Moldy     Killer Klowns from Outer Space   The Invisible Man Summer Rental
Best 1 word Emote
New CULT Following Wayward Pines
 “Remove casting of”
Year end movie
Movie Performance  Christoph Waltz –Big Eyes   Meryl’s ‘Midnite- into the woods
Creative arts
Best FX   (visual) The Hobbit:Battle of 5 armies   Edge of Tomorrow  Guardians of the Galaxy
Make-up Dracula Untold  – Mark Coulier * Dani Phillip  Guardians of the Galaxy – David White etc   Into the woods –Peter King   Hobbit; Battle of Five Armies
Costume Dracula untold-Ngila Dickinson  Guardians of the Galaxy – Alexadra Byrn  Into the Woods-Colleen atwood  Crimson Peak    Jupiter Ascending
Director Nejandro Ginnarnito-Birdman  James Gunn-Guardians (Saturn win)   Dennis Gasoner -Into the Woods

production design

Nathan Crowley-Intertellar (Saturn win)   Wachowskis-  Crimson Peak
Screen Writer/ Guilermo del Toro –Crimson Peak
Screen (Scream) Play Birdman




Best movie of 2015 (must be at least 1 movie per month among noms)  –   

Jan–        American Sniper

Feb      Kingsman

Mar    It Follows

April–     Fast 7

May –    avengers Age of Ultron San Andreas  Hot Pursuit

June–  Jurassic World  Inside Out  Max

July–   Antman   Pixels

Aug-     THe Gift

Sept-     Cooties

Oct-       Crimson Peak   Goosebumps

Nov –    Victor Frankenstein

Dec-  Point Break  Krampus

Narrowed Down to: San Andreas  Cooties  Crimson Peak


OVERALL 2015 movie Grade….C+

dvd video diskBest Rental

Birdman   Scanners   It Follows   Killer Klowns from Outer space  The Invisible Man  Cootie  Tokyo Gore Police

Best video disk release – beneath (IFC film release)   Odd Thomas (the Saturn award winner)  Ragnorock   

Best Special Edition Release– Alexander; The Ultimate Cut

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Extended edition

Nightbreed: Director’s cut (Saturn winner)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre : 40th Anniversary Collector’s edition


Television release–  Batman: The Complete Television series (I’m guessing Adam West)

Hannibal season 2    Merlin the Complete Series  Spartacus: The Complete Series Star Trek: The Next Generation season 7


Video collection release– The Exorcist: Complete Anthology

Halloween: The Complete Collection (Saturn winner)

Stanley Kubrick: The Masterpiece collection

Steven Spielberg Director’s collection

Toho Godzilla Collection

Universal Classic Monsters: Complete 30 film collection

Best film shots of 2015

Most Anticipated film of 2016 Here’s Guardian’s 75 films we’re most excited to see

The Golden Tomato Award goes to (RottenTomatoes)

See Full List of Winners
Golden Tomato Winners in Theaters
Get Tickets
Best Limited Release:  Room
Get Tickets
Best Drama: Brooklyn
Get Tickets
Best Romance:  Carol
Golden Tomato Winners on DVD
Get Showtimes
Best Action Movie:  Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation
Get Showtimes
Best Thriller:  Sicario
Get Showtimes
Best Comedy:  What We Do in the Shadows

American Gods … meet Neil Gaiman’s deities

Kristen Chenoweth, Gillian Anderson,Ian McShane, Peter Stormare, Orlando Jones, Pablo Schreiber, CorbinBernsen, Yetide Badaki,  Emily Browning, Bruce Langly, Ricky Whittle, Crispin Glover, Dane Cooke, Jeremy Davies

adapted from the New York best seller that was first published back in 2001 (and translated into 33 languages)

I’m not sure if this show sounds interesting to me, though when  saw a book titled of which (not sure if it was by Gaiman) but was interested in that, until I found out it was just a story, I a pile of reading books here I don’t need to add to it.

Its basically ‘What if America Created it’s own hierarchy of Gods born fro

m and nourished by the country’s obsessions like Technology.

The old gods who were brought to American shores by the Immigrants  find themselves scrambling to be remembered in a faithless America.

Continue reading


TNT  Mondays @ 10     Laurie Davidson, Olivia DeJonge , Mattias Inwood,Colm Meaney     IMDB

In the first episode ‘London Calling’ belts out and my isn’t the market a colorful place.

So what do you get when you cross Shakespear and punk? WILL

In a sense it sort of reminds me of the modern Romeo and Juliet movie from the 90s that Leoardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes starred in. Only this, is supposed to be in the time Will lived but has modern accents. Some of those outfits are too bright for commoners to afford IF even there were colors as vivid back then for clothing. The Audience during the plays look like they should be part of blood drive …or comic con with their colorful hair or face paint (maybe you could include Face-off in there too) Just that alone is entertaining.

I thought this was going to be a horrible bore that, the pacing would be slow and all but its actually enjoyable.

If that is what the theater make up really looked like back then.. then I think someone’s cosmetic bag melted on all their faces. (Either that or the toxic crap joker and Harley fell into)

I like the costumes and especially the one (in the first or 2nd episode) of the guy that I take is supposed to own the theater.

Definately a cool ‘Punkspeare’? eh doesn’t sound so good but I think you may enjoy it if you give it a few episodes.

Ready Player One Database

IN case I forgot to include the books

Anoraks Almanac

LEGEND    ^=Cartoon  *=Saturday morning  ‘cartoon’    += text adventure game   @=RPG   
Superfriends ^
Peter Jackson
Joust  (1982)
Terry Gilliam
Dig Dug
Real Genius
James Cameron
The Clash
Stanley Kubrick
Raaka-tu +
Riptide #
(music & comic)
Might Be Giants
Steven Spielberg
Bedlam +
John Hughes
Pyramid +
Greatest American Hero
Van Halen
Quentin Tarintino
Bon JOvi
Kevin Smith
Def Leppard
Guillermo Del Toro
Yar’s revenge
Knight Rider
Pink Floyd
The Muppet Show
 Rush    (subdivision)
George Lucas
Ooingo boingo
Rom Cartridges
Space Invaders
Misfits of Science
(90s internet)
Dungeons & Dragons   @
Star trek-
(TOS, TNG, D59,
Voyager, Enterprise)
Video Fever- The Beepers
Basil Poledouris
Conan Barbarian Score
Star raiders
Gobots *
In your eyes- Peter Gabriel
Howard Jones
80s poet
Star Master
Transformers *
Bill Hicks
Land of the Lost *
not a cartoon
Thundar the Barbarian *
Douglas Adams
Schoolhouse Rock*
Stephen King
Gurps   @
Kurt Vonnegut
Champions  @
G.I. Joe *
Neil Stephenson
Car Wars   @
H.R. Pufnstuf *
(not a cartoon)
Orson Scotcard
Spacewar 1962
Go Speed Racer Go*
Richard Morgan
Tennis for 2 (1958)
Star Blazers
Midnight Oil
(87 hit beds are burning
Terry Pratchett
Zork +
Forget ref. to
Robotrohn 2084
The Space Giants
(or Maguma Taishi  in Japan)
‘Rockin like Dokken
Terry Brooks
Star Wars
The Holy Trilogies
Crystal Skull and on ‘don’t exist’
Lord Of the Rings
Mad Max
Donkey Kong
Burger Time
Back to the Future
Golden Axe
Indy jones
Smash TV
Better off Dead
Heavy Barrel
Revenge of the Nerds
 ^Dungeons &Dragons  80s
Neil Gainman
Crime fighters
Rod Sterling
Family Ties
ikari Warriors
Robotron   (?)
Sesame Street
Madness & the Minotaur +
BattleStar Galactica
3 is a magic number- Bob Dorough
Black Tiger
Time Pilot
Howard the Duck
Dungeons of Daggeroth  ‘82
Cowboy Bebop
Charge-John Waite Vision Quest ST
70s/80s Tandy Radio shack comp
Sword Quest (series) 1982
A million Miles away The limsouls 1983
PDP-1 computer
Tron Deadly Discs
Colossal Cave +
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Superman the movie
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Song  by bunckner  & Garcia
Atari 2600
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Fruit loops
Explorers             (Joe Dante)
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Mecha Godzilla (Kiryu)
Lucky Charms
Monty ython & the Holy Grail
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Frosted Flakes
Cap n Crunch
Square Pegs
Electra Woman & Dyna Girl
Wonder Woman
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The Iron Giant
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Supaidaman (spider-man)
Minerva X
Silver Spoons
Buck Rodgers

2014 Avatar Awards

So I’m ‘re-airing past Avatar awards as posts in the months leading up to the airing of 2017s awards in December.

I am trying to clear out a few pages in hopes the menu will not be as confusing.  You can still find 2016’s awards in the menu above  until sometime in the fall  (or December) depending when I get to set up and organize it.

2014   Avatar awards in 2015

©Kim Marie Ostrowski

Sounds pretty cool as an award name?!?!

1 Avatar Awards ticket 2014

Ticket’s Please


This is not the Oscars…cause they’re too snooty, though Neil Patrick Harris can run around with his underwear all he wants, and unlike the Oscars unless it’s for filming, No ‘Rick Grimes bear beards’

Awards are noted, but there  are some I did not find someone or watch something worthy of it, so it was left blank. I do try my best to see as much as I can but Life also gets in the way. I also hope net year that I can do this with more variety than just writing the text in.

Just because it’s here does not mean it won, I also sometimes note other awards winners (esp. If they’re a nominee for an Avatar Award)

(PCA)= People’s Choice Awards    (CCA) Critics’ Choice Awards

Avatar Award winners– Red, Blue, Underline or Bold

Filmstrip photo: filmstrip filmstrip.gifFilmstrip photo: filmstrip o57q1j.gifMOVIESFilmstrip photo: filmstrip o57q1j.gif

Filmstrip photo: filmstrip filmstrip.gif


Some of the following movies are from previous years because I was not able to attend in Theater or video release was not available before  December 2013

 Filmstrip photo: filmstrip o57q1j.gifOverall   2014     Movie Grade      C+

Filmstrip photo: filmstrip Vfilmstrip123.gif



Best  Genre movie

enre movie

Horror      The Conjuring  Annabelle  As above so below Ouija Dracula untold Jessabelle Horns Into the Storm

Actor/Actress- Justin Long (iHorror)  for Tusk

Action   Lucy Captain America   American Outlaws  Need for Speed   Snowpiercer  John Wick The Equalizer

Actor- Keanu Reeves-John Wick   Vinnie Jones   Mark Wahlberg  Pierce Bronson  Luke Evans  Hugh Jackman Chris Evans (pca) Denzel rimetime

Actress- Scarlett Johanson– Lucy, Capt America Winter soldier etc

Sci-fi            Mr. Nobody   Snowpiercer  Tusk  The Giver  Earth to Echo Edge of Tomorrow

Fantasy      Iron Sky  Hobbit: Battle of 5 armies Ragnarock

Thriller or Mystery sabotage  Abandon   old Boy Lucy November Man Jon Wick Gone girl Horns Into the Storm

Comedy–  Blended    St. Vincent   The Interview   Witching & Bitching  Night at the Museum: Secret of The Tomb

Comedic Actor– Adam Sandler PCA  Channing Tatum Seth Rogan Zach Efron jonah hill  Ben Stiller

Actress Drew Barrymore   Melissa McCarthy (pca)

Romantic  Blended

Drama–      Hours

Dramatic Actor

Dramatic Actress– Emma Stone, Meryl Streep Shayline Woodley Chloe Grace Morentz Reese Witherspoon

Crime– Escape Plan

Animated–  The Nut Job  Frozen  How to Train your dragon 2

Family  – Ragnarock The Giver The Maze Runner Earth to Echo

Animated Charater – Penguins of Madagascar   Toothless (how to train your dragon 2)

(based)True Story   – (? Old Boy) Monuments men, When the Game stands Tall(?)

Tear jerker– Hours

Documentary– Never Sleep again: The Elm street legacy

Adventure– AS above so below Ragnorock

Superhero (actor)  Chris Evans   Capt. American       Guardians of the Galaxy

Comic Book Inspired:   Captain America

Book Inspired– The Maze Runner The Giver

Most Improved Sequel (from last)  –

Most under used/estimated Character   –

Most under used actor/actress

Fave Face of Heroism–   Capt. America

Movie/Cult  following

Favorite movie actor –    Mark Walberg  Chris Evans  Hugh Jackman

Favorite Movie Actress–    Scarlett Johnsson  Reese Witherspoon Melissa McCarthy

Young actor-

Young Actress –


Best   lead 

Male        Josh Brolin –Old boy   Luke Evans –Dracula Untold  Brad Pitt,  Robert Downey Jr.  Hugh Jackman

Mark Wahlberg  Keanu Reeves- John Wick Michael Keaton-Birdman

Female     Scarlett johnsson   Amy Adams (big Eyes) Reese Witherspoon


Actor         Robert Duvall Ethan Hawke Edward Norton(birdman)     J.K. Simmons (whiplash) (GG)

Actress     Keira Knightly (imitation game)  Emma Stone (Birdman)  Meryl Streep   (into the woods) Patricia Arquette (BoyHood (GG)  

Breakout Performance



Comedic Performance  (solo, duo or group)      Drew Barrymore & Adam Sandler    Melissa McCarthy & Bill Murray


Best Remake–  Movie     Brick Mansions (France ‘District 13)

  Book       (didn’t read) but Liked The Giver


Most screwed up or coolest  name……


QUOTE(s)–   I stuck his head in a blender & killed him- You’re Next

SO what are we, Vikings? –Bullet to the Head

Aww damn, its sir screams a lot-Ice Cube Ride along

Peanut Butter & Jealous – Dave Franco in The Interview



This year’s guests, Nominees and winners will receive Swag bags full of goodies

What EVERYONE will be taking home

Take a peek swag_bag basicin yours

 (put together via for amusement purposes as well as if you’d be interested)


Filmstrip photo: filmstrip Strip_of_film.gif


Cinematography- Pompeii (esp. towards end)
Costumes Pompeii (Canadian awards)    Dracula:Untold
Director Peter Jackson
Screen Writer /Screen play Old Boy  Mark ProtosevichWes Anderson Grand Budapest hotelThe Giver
Screen (Scream) Play Escape Plan   Old boy  The Giver   Grand Budapest Hotel
Foreign import Witching & Bitching   The Babadook-Australia
Camp/Geek movie Knights of Badassdom
Best FX Iron Sky   47 Ronin
Make-up Deliver us from Evil (iHorror)
Stunt Brick Mansions (pick One)
Best Cameo Zak Gandalfiakis     Eminem-The Interview
Ensemble cast Sabotage
3-D movie
Direct Release Taking of Deborah Logan (ihorror)
Hollywood Hottie
Best Villian/ Dirtbag /Evil Genius Luke Evans Fast & Furious 6 & No One Lives
Bad ass Character Josh Brolin-Old Boy  Keanu Reeves-John Wick
 Holy $h!+ performance
WTF’ scene of Year Bat fist- Dracula Untold
Indy Movie Afflicted (iHorror)
Movie Duo
Best Fight(s) Brick Mansions
Best (presumed) Death(incl TV)
Scared as shit performance
Memorable Mutilation You’re next’s Blender Head   Gut Twister & Swiss army Machete   Chunk Neck Shanks-Old boy
LMAO moment
Best Kiss
Global Star Chris Hemsworth
Best Chase Scene
Next Gen * Chloe Grace Morentz
Sexiest Beastie.. Clayton Danvers –Bitten (Played by Greyston Holt
Biggest bad-ass star Josh Brolin (old boy)  Keanu Reeves –John Wick
Villain Make over Vampire-the Strain (tv)
Fashion Comeback
Most Anticipated Movie Warcraft  The Goonies  2 Pacific Rim 2  Ghost Busters (remake)
‘Best’ WORST Movie Sharknado 2: The Second one (in NY)
Shameless Product Placement The Last Ship: Coors beer       White Collar: Go pro camera
Ultimate Scream
Scream Queen
Moldy(came out 1 or more years previous) Clue
Best 1 word Emote
New CULT Following
Battle to remove the  casting of
Year end movie
Movie Performance Jennifer Aniston (?)   & Michael Keaton for Birdman (from People awards)

EW’s Chart Attack Year end edition

Top Movies (based on Box office)

1 .Guardians of the galaxy

  1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
  2. Captain America Winter Soldier

  3. The Lego Movie

  4. Transformers: Age of Extinction

6 Maleficent

7 X-men:Days of Future Past

8 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

9 The Amazing Spider-man 2

10 Godzilla



Filmstrip photo: filmstrip Strip_of_film.gif

©Steve Thompson (made for me)

Wish I could do that- 1 name… LUCY

Golden Globes George Clooney (Lifetime achievement award?)

Genius Award (CC)


ULTIMATE VILLAN  –    Mahmed  Dracula Untold

Scream’s Maverick Award


 Tribute –  Shirley Temple

Movie Icon– Shirley Temple


Best movie of 2014 (must be at least 1 movie per month among noms)  –   

12 Years a Slave (CC)  Old boy Capt America: Winter soldier Divergent Open Grave Lucy Sabotage

Jan–   Open Grave  Knights of Badassdom

Feb   Monuments men   Pompeii

 Mar   Divergent   Grand Budapest Hotel

April–     Captain America Winter’s Soldier

May –    Blended   maleficent

June–     How to train your dragon

July–   Earth to Echo Snow Piercer

Aug–     The Giver

Sept-       As above so Below, The Maze Runner

Oct-  Dracula Untold        Horns    John Wick


Dec-  The Hobbit Battle of Five Armies

Narrowed Down to:   Capt. America Winter Soldier   as much as I want to be Bias and choose Dracula untold  Snowpiercer

(Favorite Rental)

dvd video diskClue     Hours  Old Boy 

The following List has nothing to do with the Avatar Awards and defintaely Does NOT agree with many of the choices! 

Honestly I saw No more than 5 movies I’d agree with but I think It might be more like 3! WReck-it Ralph, Zero Dark Thirty  and Maybe Grand Budapest Hotel Though some should be higher or lower than where they are!

Filmstrip photo: filmstrip Strip_of_film.gif



Television©Kim Marie Ostrowski

Best New show of 2014   Sleepy Hollow  Dads  Witches of East End Almost Human             

  Spring/Summer  Copper  True Blood Leverage White Collar  Haven     Walkin Dead          

  Fall/WinterVampire Diaries Hawaii 5-0 The Walking Dead   GG    Vampire Diaries Supernatural   American Horror Story s3:Coven (



Quote (top 5)   and  Moment

*Where I’m from (spam) it’s a controlled Substance –Hawaii 5-0

*Vex calling Dyson (a werewolf) ‘Marmaduke’ – Lost Girl

*Taxidermy Tetris – ? Alaska

***You are smitten with the accused and it’s adorable. Miss Vega will smell it on you like you stepped in Young Adult & tracked it into this Courtroom – Will Graham’s Lawyer on Hannibal

  • You are not gone,; because you are always in my heart-Ragnar Lothbrock in Vikings

*Calling me Satan is an insult to Satan-Damon Salvatore Vampire Diaries

*That’s bananapant’s – Undateable

*Get ready for a large file transfer –:::Window Breaks  & Out drops a file cabinet:: -Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1

*”Obsessive speedo butts”  Duke talking nonsense  Have season 5 episode 4

  • ***If I’m not black I’d like someone to tell that to my hair andmy ass

***** you’re a big Marshmallow full of testosterone – Hawaii 5-0 Danny to MCGarret

*(more like a moment)  Zombies chillin, but turns out they are really humans posing to rob people – Z Nation

#1 Twitter is stupid, and instagram is twitter for people who can’t read

**I’ll smack you so hard you’ll regenerate- Clara to Doctor Who



Best NEW Show–  . Enlisted    intelligence  Black Box Resurrection Nightshift The Last Ship THe Leftovers   The Flash

How to get away with murder   Forever   Stalker   Constantine

Returning Show–  Under the dome   The Night Shift  TIE!

SEASONAL SHOW    Fall/Winter season

Summer/Spring  Crisis  Believe Resurrection Crossbones

Fave show Walking Dead   Once Upon a time Game of Thrones American Horror story


Actor    Travis Fimmel   Gustav Skarsgard  -Vikings  Stephen Amell  Clive Standen

Actress     Katheryn Winnick              Viola Davis(H2gawm)  Jessica Lange Katherine McPhee Sarah Paulson (AHS)

Actor in a new series –  ‘T.C.’  on Nightshift

Actress in a new series–  Viola Davis   Debra Messing  Jada Pinkett Smith Octavia Spencer  Katherine McPhee


Procedural  How to get away with Murder  NCIS:New Orleans Hawaii 5-0 The Night Shift  Elementary Stalker

Actor/Actress  in Procedural

Cable actor– Matt Bomer(PCA)  Charlie Hunnam   Sean Bean   Eric Dane   William H Macy


Supporting actress – Kathy Bate   Sarah Paulson  for American Horror story Freak show

Supporting Actor- Matt Bomer  for the Normal Heart


 Drama   Night shift  How to get away with murder


Actress- Ellen Pompeo (pca)

NEW Drama– Intelligence  Crisis  Resurrection  How to get away with Murder

Network Drama- Greys Anatomy (pca) How to get away with Murder The Originals  Forever Arrow Stalker

Drama Actor/Actress–   Dylan McDermott -Stalker

Comedy –   Enlisted    Growing Up Fisher   Un-dateable   Black*ish    Z-nation

Sitcom Classic-

Network comedy– Big Bang Theory (PCA)  Un-dateable Black*ish

Comedy Actor-   Chris D’Elia  from un-dateable  enlisted guys

Comedy Actress–  Kalley Cuoco )(PCA) Zoey Deschnel Amy Pholer Melissa MccArthy Sofia Vargera –modern family

NEW tv Comedy –   Black*ish

Horror series – Hannibal, The Walking Dead (ihorror)  The Strain Penny Dreadful Supernatural  Constantine

Sci fi-   Believe Resurrection  Bitten   Doctor Who Helix

Fantasy show–   Game of Thrones  Atlantis

Based on Comics- Arrow    The Flash   Constantine    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Sci-fi star-    Eric Balfour  J-pad Jansen Ackles Stephen Amell  Greyston Holt

Sci-fi/Fantasy Actress    Emilia Clarke

tv icon


Classic Show

 Period piece–   Black Sails    Vikings

Kids show– Big Time Rush

Game show– Hollywood Game night

ThemeGlory & Gore  (I think is the title) – Vikings     Supernatural

Mini-series–   Sons of Liberty   Ascension  True Detective  The Missing   Fargo (GG)

TV-movie–  Sharknado 2: The Second one   The Normal Heart


Best Ensemble cast –  Vikings   True Blood  Under the Dome   Resurrection  The Walking Dead  Scorpion

Tv Fan Following–  The Walking Dead  Supernatural  Comic Geeks

Best Newcomers  

Best   Costumes                 – Vikings

Best Set Designs  – Vikings    Bitten Supernatural

Best Character(s)  –

On screen Romance (movie or tv) –

Chemistry–(Movie or tv cast or ‘ship)  The Walking Dead Nightshift

Tv Couple-  Prince Charming & Snow white on Once Upon a Time are a real life couple

Best FX  –   The Walking Dead

Best Cross Over–  marvel movies to Shield   Scorpion & NCIS:LA


Medi/Crime Drama–  Intelligence  Nightshift   Black box  How to Get Away with Murder

Cable tv Drama–   Walking Dead

Premium cable series –   GOT

Dramatic TV –  How to get away with murder     Stalker

Paranormal Show–   Ghost Adventures      Dead Files (can’t stand her though)

Cameo–   Jamie Alexander as Sif on Agents of SHIELD   Stan Lee   (or well once I realized it wasn’t hef!)

Best ‘Presumed’ Death

Memorable Moment –Walking dead s4  Carl eating a 112 oz can of Chocolate Pudding    Bob laughing at Terminus “Tainted Meat’ s5


Mem. Mutilation– Maggie’s use of a road sign- Walking Dead  Rick rips out some guys throat with his teeth and he’s not even a zombie!~ Walking dead  TIE

VillainThe Dome  (Under the Dome)  The Terminus ‘termites’

Anti-hero–   Rick Grimes   Darryl Dixon   Hannibal Lechter

Bromance–  Zankie (Frankie & Zack from Big Brother)

Gal Pals

Performance of the Year–  Lisa Kudrow (The Comback) & John Hamm (MadMen)  (from some award show)

 The Cast of Sons of Anarchy


Best Original (New) series –  Resurrection   Believe


Best Episode – Dad’s Mafia Game (Warner’s Got it made s1. E16)  Librarians S1 Ep 5


Best Episode of a Series Ended    – Choose a true blood ep!               (Pref. from season 6 Or the one with Godric)


Commercials-    Radio Shack ‘80s throwback   Mt Dew  “Dale call’   Bounty Choco milk  Afflack Golf  Pistachio Head  Axe Make love Not war M&M Russian Mob  Dorito’s Time Machine  Bud’s Puppy & Horse BFFs



Streaming Series –  Amazon’s  Transparent (GG)

Series we miss most–    True Blood



Reality   The Quest   Leah Remini-It’s all relative

Reality Competition–   Face-off     DWTS s 18 or 19  Big Brother season (2014) The quest  The Voice

Best Concept–   Darren & Tanner’s Alien on Face-off    Ve neil & co on Judge Night comp-Faceoff

Reality Fight

Reality CouplePeta & James     Frankie & Zack (well sort of Big Bro)   Nicole & hayden

Reality Hottie–   Juan from the Bachelor   Maks or Val or Derrek –DWTS

Reality Winners–  Maks & Meryl


Cartoon remakes-

Daytime Hosts–   The Chew  The Talk  The Talk     Ellen(PCA)

Night host–  Jimmy Kimmel  David Letterman  Graham Norton Show Jimmy Fallon

New Talk show host

Talk Show Host– Jimmy Fallon (People awards)


TV WTF Mo– Ricking Biting guys neck & he’s not even a zombie! –walking dead


Creative Arts (Movie & Tv) –

Creator- Michael Hirst – Vikings

Showrunner- Greg Berlanti Arrow & Flash


Make Up/FX-   Hannibal  Walking dead

Costume/set design – Vikings

Hair/make-up- Vikings


Script (writer)- Michael Hirst- Vikings

Cinematography/Camera (Director)


Red Carpet Looks (do’s) –  Katheryn Winnick  Golden Goddess

Red Carpet DON’Ts– Joann Frogart(GGs) Acceptence in Glittery Black dress  w/ Roses trim


When will the networks learn??-


CHEERS! Happy Returns (or Welcome)to tv- Josh Holloway from Lost to Intelligence


BEST Guest Stars    Jamie Alexander (Sif) Agents of Shield

Honorable Mentions


2014 Final Farewells–      True Blood (#True to the End #Goodbyessuck)    White Collar


Moments of Silence for Series  (ended too early)   . Pretty much all the comedies I liked Enlisted, Growing Up Fisher, Dads, Almost Human  & some drama’s I liked  Drama’s Believe, star crossed Intelligence Dracula


TV GUIDE Fan favorites

Fave drama – outlander  Fave Duo Jamie & Claire (Outlander)

Horror Show- WalkingDead

Comedy- Big Bang Theory

Villain- Regina/Evil Queen

Favorite Actress- Stana Katic

Actor- Nathan Fillion

Reality Competition- The Voice

Guilty Pleasure- Syfy Movies

Sci-fi/Fantasy show- Arrow

New Show- THe Flash


The following were actually announced in shows that aired on TV

Pets-friendIan Somerhalder & the IS foundation


Favorite humanitarian Award-  Ben Affleck (PCA)   Ian Somerhalder

Lifetime Achievement award Robert Englund

Phyllis Diller Comedy award-  Kevin Hart

TV Icon-  Betty White  Henry Winkler  Tim Allen Roseanne Katey Segal Ed O’Neil

& the Talk dubs Betty White the most loved actress in the U.S.


Celeb Role Model–   Kate Hudson (from People awards)

Triple Threat– J.Lo  Actor, Producer & Singer

Phenomenon- Walking Dead


McCarthy says I’ll stick around as long as you’ll have me, you abused that privilege with me

-Betty White accepting TV Icon Award



 canadian-screen-awards-2015-mommy-big-film-winner-orphan-black-takes-top-tv-trophies – more 



and now  short ‘commercial’

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 Book divider learning

Book  To the 9s   High 5    Lover Awakened-J.R. Ward     Revival (iHorror)The Spellmans strike again by  Lisa LutzConfessions of a wild child- Jackie CollinsOcean at the end of the Lane Neil GainmanThe Rithmatist-Brendan SanderSign changes-Bart Hopkins Jr.
Author Janet Evanovich   J.R. Ward
Magazine/Article People’s Sexiest Man of the YearEw’s article w/ Stephen Moyer & Anna Paquin
Vamp book Lover Awakened
Romance Full House by janet Evanovich
Fiction Cell (Stephen king)
Mystery / Crime Santa Clawed or Litter of the Law – Rita Mae Brown/Sneaky Pie BrownThe Student Body – Valerie Wolzien
Series Stephanie Plum series      BDB
Anthology/Short Story —-
Coolest Title The Cat ate my Gymsuit
Quote-  (or moment) *Sometimes its hard to tell what’s love & what’s ndigestion –Valerie Plum*I rolled my eyes so far into the back of my head I saw myself Thinking”-Stephanie Plum*Grandma Mazur stun Guns Mr. Plum  when he opens one eye & farts (LMAO)   Grams replies “oops someone must have stepped on a duck”*Your life is a rimetime Sitcom”-Ranger (to Stephanie) in Hard 8Assume makes an out of yu and me-CellThe Bananas are going to hit the fan whe she (grandma) finds out about this-Christine Pierce Full Bloom (Janet Evanovich)


Geek Gab


Video Game The Evil Within (ihorror)   


Comic Book Writer-

Comic book or Graphic Novel– The Strain (iHorror)  Saga Sandman overture  Chew

Comic Book Artist


Best Con  Texas Frightmare Weekend (iHorror)


Comic-Con Icon

Last round of Best of Squidoo

squidoo patchMy Best Squidoo articles of the Year (weeks at top plus ranking & Likes)

#1  Cell


Purple purple stars     Yasmine Galenorn’s Otherworld    Terrific Toronto        Silly Sully



2015 will be best pages, posts & Blogs

If you or yuor friend or family member Have a blog you think Deserves an award? (& No this is not one of those pass around ones) Here’s your chance! I Kim Marie Ostrowski aka Zodiac immortal & I alone am the ONLY one that gives this out.


Webster’s word of the year – Culture




mic banner

Jukebox Illustration

Music NoteMusicMusic Note


Artist Godsmack

Band –Godsmack, My Darkest Days  A7x popEvil 5 Finger Death Punch Hellyeah Seether Linkin Park Pretty Reckless

Alt. Band


Rock Goddess– Joan Jett, Lizzy Hale* (Halestrom) Taylor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless)

Titan – Phil Anselmo  M.Shadows, Dave Grhol Rob Halford Nikki Sixx Slash Corey Taylor

Rock Song–  Painkiller3 Days Grace Moth-Hellyeah  Rebellious-Linkin Park Stars- Sixx A.M. Coconut Dracula-Islander

Rock Video–  Wrong side of Heaven -5FDP  Hater-Korn  The Offspring Dividing by Zero  1000hp- Godsmack

Drummer– Shannon Larkin-Godsmack

Singer- Sully Erna    Corey Taylor  Ivan moody  of  5fDp

Guitarist-Brad Delson of Linkin Park Tom Maxwell of Hellyeah Slash, Zakk Wylde, Synester Gates of A7X

Rock Album1000Hp Godsmack, Blood for Blood  by Hellyeah, Linkin Parks, Modern Vintage by Sixx A.M.

Honor is all we know Rancid

Live– Linkin park, 5 finger Deathpunch, Godsmack, SlipKnot, Korn, A7x



Country Artist–    Lady Antebellum *hunterhayes

Country Group Rascal Flatts Zack Brown Band Perry Lady Antebellum (PCA)   Florida Georgia Line

Country Icon

R&B artist–   Jason Derulo ( Talk Dirty to me)

Hip Hop Iggy Azalea(PCA)  Jay-z Nicki Minaje Drake T.I.

SoundtrackAwesome mix– Guardians of the Galaxy   or Frozen

Single/Song–   1000hp- Godsmack  Shake it off- Taylor Swift  Talk Dirty to me- Jason Derulo  That Base

Album–   Godsmack 1000hp   My Darkest Days


Oldie-  Swollen Members Greatest Hits


Music Video –   Fancy –Iggy Azaleya (for the Nostalgia)

Favorite pop artist   – Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga

Male artist

Female artist-   Taylor Swift  Katy Perry, Lady Gaga  Iggy Azelya

Tribute–  Joan Jett,  Kiss  & Kool & the Gang

Devoted Fans– Godsmack  Black Veil Brides  5fdp A7X  Linkin Park  Nickleback

Rock n Roll HOF Inductees – Kiss, Nirvana, Hall & Oats, East Street Band, Cat Stevens, Linda Ronstadt


mic banner



Horse Racing   ME! (I forget the name of the horse sorry) I should have bet on this horse at the track when I as there. It was a last minute feeling! & my friend had me picking the horses. & wouldn’t go with my last minute decision! It was like an 8-1 odds! I thik we would have won at least 4 figures.


Derek Jeter announces retirement

World Cup (soccer) upset (or so sounded) Germans beat Brazil 7-1 (Damn I should have bet something I somehow knew)

Me at Yonkers Race Track picking  horse named Orapax that shouldn’t have won & neither my friend or I put nothing on it in any way shape or form!

Hockey– *

L Petr Sykora retires (announced March 18)  Saku Koivu retires

Ryan Smyth Retires

Olympics- Canada Sweeps Hockey Gold

Kings Cup #2

Wrestling Wyatts beat the shield  Ultimate Warrior, Jake  the Snake & Mr T & Razor ramon inducted into HOF

Cena wins unified titles


Nascar–  Harvick wins Sprint Cup Championship Dale Jr. wins Daytona 500



Year of the – Selfie  (as noted by one of the news stations)


Entertainer(s) of the Year 2014

Legends on (tv) Pirates  Dracula  & Sleepy Hollow


#1  Witches &  werewolves   finally gotten their turn

#2. Zombies   (a lot more shows came out with a few more to come

#3  Pirates  well Black sails & Crossbones… & a new Pirates of the Caribbean on its way


Fads   Rubberband  Loom Bracelets    Paracord bracelets more zombie shows


Ew’s Entertainer of the Year   Jimmy Fallon


My new faves  Nathan Parsons (Originals & True Blood)

Swag Bag VIP

Click to find out what’s inside

 (Swag bags a made with ‘amazon widgets’ for a fun & entertainment purposes)

Plus one additional item for your next Vacation 

 Fang awards


Best Vampire  Luke Evans (Dracula untold)   the guy in Afflicted  Tom Hiddleston -Only lovers left alive

The actors from The Originals Elija ( Daniel Gillies)  Klaus (Joseph Morgan) Rebecca (Claire Holt)

Vampire Diaires    ‘Enzo (by Michael Malarkey)  Damon Salvator, Stefan Salvator

Vampire book (or series) Black Dagger Brotherhood

Movie   Twilighters denied… Only NOMINEES with Fangs apply     Dracula Untold   Only lovers left alive   Afflicted (?)

Show   Aside from     Vamp Diaries s.-4 , The Strain  The Originals    are there any others left?

Fangs    Luke Evans (he’s got his own need for caps!)  Paul Wesley (runner up)  Ian Somerhalder Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies  Tom Hiddleston (?) 

Actor  Luke Evans (Dracula Untold)   Michael Malarkey   Ian Somerhalder –Damon Salvatore   or  Paul Wesley (all from Vampire Diaries )  Daniel Gillies  Joseph Morgan-Klaus (from The Originals)   Tom Hiddleston (only lovers left alive)



Nina Dobrev as katherine Petrova  & Vampire Elena    (Vamp Diaires ) The True Blood Girls –  Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica (True Blood)    Kristin bauer as  Pam De Beaufort(true Blood) or Tara      Rutina Wesley-Tara True Blood   Rose in TVD

Vamp I miss most…… Our ‘fiends’ from True Blood



Actors–   James Avery (Dr. Phil on Fresh Prince)  Jim Lange (Dating Game) Phillip Seymore Hoffman Russell Johnson (the Professor of Gilligan’s Island)  Dave Madden (Partridge Family’s Kinkaid)  Roy Garber (Shipping Wars)  Shirley Temple   Sid Ceasar (from yonkers)  Ralph Wait (Waltons Dad)  Andy Griffith  Harold Raimis (Egon Ghostbusters) Robin Williams Lauren Bacall Anne Davis  (Brady Bunch) Eli Wallach  James Rebhorn Mickey Rooney  Bob Hoskiss Ruby Dee mary Rodgers  Ken Weatherway (Original Pugsly)  Sabah

Musicians –    Phil Everly (Everly Brothers)   Pete Segers  Tommy Ramone  D.J. Ez rock  Wayne Static (static-X)


Other –  ‘Joan Rivers (comedian)  Jonnie Mae Young (WWE)  Jim Henson (Muppet Creator)  Ultimate Warrior  Casey Kasem Mya Angelou Linda Petty Dick Smith (Make-up FX)   Jean Beliveau (Hockey) Oscar De La Renta   Patt Quinn (Hockey) Ruby Dee


 or you can just go to in-memoriam-2014/


 WORST   Of the year

Movie Vikingdom Godzilla Expendables 3 Locke

Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead  V/H/S:Viral

Movie DisappointmentGodzilla

Movie Sequel Expendables 3

Worst FX or 3-D Worst RemakeTMNT

WORST Casting tv or movieThe Guy in 50 shades of grey

Bad Titling  based on plotAs above So below

Worst Tv series


Worst Cartoon RemakePound Puppies My Little Pony Scoob-doo Mystery Inc.

WORST Book/series Flash Fiction:72 Very short stories  (as short as they were, many were still a chore to read)


Worst Writing

(story may have been good just the writing made it dull or something)

Music Artist




Not happening award’ (Bad Acting  any misc. type stuff)         Face off’s Dragons EPIC FAIL

‘Staunker’ GO Away   (been in too much and see them everywhere)

Donal Louge   Timoh Pinkette

Worst vampire Makeover

1 Avatar Awards ticket 2014

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Miscellany recaps


Entertainer(s) of the Decade 2000-2009 (for those that missed it previous years)

 Johnny Depp  (yes like everyone else..but….)


Personally  Oooh this is HARD!!

   VAMPIREs!! (think about it 2009 was the Year of the Vampire! Magazines on the shelf devoted to all the vampire shows, movies books etc.  now if there can only be a Black Dagger Brothehood  movie series! I’d be happy! (maybe sam can Play Rehvenge oh yeah I’ve got another fave in the seriss.. Rhage.. why cause HE turns into a PUPRLE Dragon!! Lol

Movies– Saw series Final Destination series Fight Club Gladiator The Hangover Avatar Marvel Comics movies,

Tv– Lost has gave ‘acid’ flash backs, forwards & a Time Traveling headache 2009 & in its 6th & ‘The FINAL Season of 2010 Sideways Flashes.  Friday Night Lights The Tudors

Characters– Maximus (Gladiator) Capt. Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Carribean)  Miranda Presley (Devil Wears Prada) House (from “” Show) The Gilmore Girls Stewie (Family Guy) Golum (Lord of the Rings) Harry Potter (Heath Leger’s) JOKER Harold & Kumar

My All Time– Buffy Angel ‘The Charmed ones’ of Charmed   Roseanne   Beavis & Butthead  The Simpsons esp. homer & Bart  Stephen Dorff



Vampire Smackdown      The Master from the Strain

Elija, Rebekah & Klaus, (Bronze age 3300-2100 BC)  & The Salvatores  from 1800s  Vampire Diaries  Aiden &  Henry from being Human (u.s.)  Eric (789-1066) & Bill Jessica Pam & Tara  (True Blood)  &  Colin Farrell’s Jerry in Fright Night  (Babylonian times (?)   Fright Night 2’s


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