3-days-grace-talks  &  3DGs 2015 release Human Album Review 

13 Horror stories by 13 of the masters

Anthology    for YA?

The 5th Wave


50 to 1

2014  PG-13 1 hour 50 minutes stars Christian Kane, & Skeet Ulrich

This is a True Story Biopic of the Underdog ‘Mine that Bird’  that defied the odds of the 2009 Kentucky Derby. THe horse made me feel like a kid again with it’s shaking its head no, playing around with the ranch hands ad such When I was a child I used to go to a ranch resort in Upstate NY and there was a show one night with a horse that could count. I miss that I wonder if that show is still there. The Poor jockey right before the Derby (that previously rode ‘Bird’.) that’s not the only funny thing, he resembles a friend we know, though this guy looks like he might be a bit older but definitely looks like the guy we know. Whadda ya know, ‘bird’ gets to be #8 which was the same number as a horse at my local track (Yonkers Race Track) which I told a friend to bet on, he didn’t listen to me and the purse was big  and the darn horse came in first!!!! I wish I would have put the $3 I had with me on it! DOh!   A


(Flight)  7500

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