2014 Nordic Film

I love all that is Norse myth & Viking so  I was hoping this wasn’t going to be like that Gods awful insulting movie Dominick Prucell was in. I won’t go into it, I was boycotting it but only saw it as it was on syfy or chiller. I forget the name of the movie so you can stay away from it as it was so bad all around I bascially wanted to kill my tv & get rid f cable it was such a bad movie… (I nearly had to watch both sharknado’s again THAT was at least better than the awful one I’m talking about!) Oh Sorry about the babble..

Sigurd an archeologist finds a link between the Osenberg Viking Burial site and Ragnarok. The mast heads  of the long ships may have been that of a  real creature. At least that is the theory they come to in this movie, which many consider to be a dragon, ut I always thought of it being Jormungard the Midgard Serpent, which may also be known as an Ooroborus.

The party finds  something other than was expected. The kids have one hell of an adventure to tell their classmates when school starts again. ‘Scary’ but better than spain! (Ok I don’t remember why I noted that now)  Well with this maybe ‘nessie in Scotland is the true Midgard serpent of course if nessie isn’t a hoax which I hope she’s not. C+

 Ready Player One-Ernest Cline

Real Vampires series – Gerry Bartlett

Real Vampires Have Curves (Glory St. Clair, Book 1)Real Vampires Have Curves

So our character ‘GLory’ (to her friends) a vampire is moving from Vegas to Austin Texas and wants to open a vintage store. The Name “Vintage Vamp Emporium’ yes supoed to be blending in, but here ‘Vamp’ means that of a siren or beautiful woman. Like the ‘Vamps’ of the Swinggin 20’s

pages= 300+


*”Let me show you to my coffin’ -Damien

*”If you weren’t a freak prehstoric vampire, you’d probably kill to taste my triple mocha latte”-Diana


 Real Vampires Have Curves (Glory St. Clair, Book 1)

Good Flow, plenty of Characters (& trust me they are) witty but just amusingly, 80 pages in no full on Laugh out loud quips. Mid-book has gotten pretty funny with more intereaction and ‘laughs in the face of danger’.

The Vampires are pretty superficial and when it comes to fashion (& brands) very A.D.D. They love their Vintage/ retro stuff. This was a mystry/crime thiriller with some paranormal romance. And weould certainly recommend it! The Vampires are superficial when it comes to clothes & They so have A.D.D. when it comes to their fashions and brands. THey love their vintage . Its a mystery crime story as to who is killing vampires as well as a vampire possibly killing another.

Real Vampires Don’t Wear Size Six

Real Vampires Don't Wear Size Six

So Glory is tasked with mentoring a fledgling (what a pain) for the new Vamp council who wanted her to high tail it out of Austin because of the name of her Store (Vintage Vamps-but the meaning is as in the Vamps of 20s fashion and I don’t mean goth.) is not exactly ‘blending in’ but she in a past book had a problem with a demon and could be one of the reasons as well. Now demons are propositioning her to be a soul harvester but she’s only going to get 1 really bad one (that most agree upon is the worst) to help a friend out.

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I have no idea if this is a series or not. One of the customers from my old job gave them to me. They’re supposed to be humor so we’ll see about that.

Christopher Moore Official site  * Harper Collins publishers   & you can email him at BSfriends@aol.com

Series information

series Started= Sat Sept. 9

(remember I read a book or 2 between)

The Real Vikings Collection

(2013) NO this is on the awesome show on History it’s supposed to be an educational documentary about them. The first program (yes there’s a few but you can choose to watch all or just watch one at a time when you have the time) has that guy from Home Improvement (not Tim Allen the co-host of Tool time… ) So far i can’t take this seriusly but at least of what I know sounds about right. Minus wearing the helmets. I’ve read where if they did it wasn’t many unless they were in that army (which I can’t think of how to spell at the moment) C

Red Clover

Resurrection (season 2) 

Whoa! Wait I thought he was already though? And now again wait what?

This is becoming Lost proportion mystery (maybe worse). I just hope the creators writers etc don’t lie about what people theorized about Lost .. SPOILER if You have not watched Lost…)  How everyone was all dead & they all denied it …. & some of us ended up disappointed because their denial was  a lie!  I do enjoy the show & I am waiting to find out what is causing these people to come back. 2nd (or was it 3rd) episode and I’m thinking so far that season 2 is going to get really weird. And it has, though not sure if I like the show much. I hope if not the end of this year, they wrap it all up at the end of the 3rd. For me it’s getting old quick.

The Returned (TV)

It’s probably just Resurrection masked by another name! Though it seems at least with Camille that the deaths have occurred recently (at least in the 2000s) ah finally I get my answer! 4 years, again for Camille and 6 years for Simon who didn’t quite make his wedding. The episodes feels like they flow along smoothly (faster?) unlike (and I had comparing shows even if they seem like the SAME exact storyline) Resurrection. Does that mean the Returned is better at least writing wise? (or does a show that feels like it drags on and sound monotonous mean it’s bad, or just for those whose brains run a bit slower maybe for a 50- and up demographic? as far as Resurrection is concerned?).

After 2 epiosdes of the Returned I think I will keep doing so, even if it’s just to see if it’s ends up being (exactly) like Resurrection. I think for those who are Resurrection fans, will find it a comfortable watch, but remember it IS just starting, I just hope it doesn’t keep going on and on. (really maybe that’s why I do watch resurrection but don’t care for it, as it just feel like it goes around in circles.)

Oh & be warned The CW will have their own version of what looks like a back from the dead (without being a zombie) show called the Messengers and NO I will not even bother with this one!


2008  Not Rates 1hr & 24 minutes   ‘Horror’ mystery 

Locked in a recording studio, Alex’s friend discovers an anomaly in part of a recording. A voice maybe, and using a hand recorder our heroine captures something from within the room and nothing is playing! Weird calls when no one other than them are in the building. A musician killed himself somewhere int he building that may be possessing our star. There’s some really cool tunes One of which sounds familiar (of course the one he’s working on) The Lyrics even sound familiar but why? I have never seen this movie before, so the weirdness isn’t only in the movie! I don’t recall a haunted studio in a movie before,  so this seems different though not fully original. One scary thing about a haunting (esp. with e melevolant (evil) spirit is..

There is that frequency that is supposed to make your ears bleed &  There’s one that is 7 or 8 (i forget if it’s) mega hertz or Killahertz but as far as one movie I’ve seen portrays you are supposed to ‘die’ for a short time but come back sort of like astral projection. It felt a bit long but that could be cause i had to keep getting up (it was the holiday)  C- 

The Right Kind of Wrong

2013      R      1:37    stars Ryan Kwanten Sara Canning & Ryan McPartlin  on imdb and then there’s the gus who play the ‘Troys’ Something Woods and the other  Christopher Russell  I’ll be dreaming of for at least a week. 

A wife is writing a blog on how her husband sucks. The credits are in social media format which I thought was cool and original. The blog becomes a hit and hits the national (or is it international) news, and a book release!~

Ryan (the Husband) and his deer caught in headlights looks starts to pursue a woman on her wedding day! It’s charming, funny and entertainment with ups and downs and with  characters that evolve!


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