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  I am Haunted: Living Life through the dead

by Zak Bagans



out February 10 (already have ordered & paid for my copy!) I picked it up the day after it came out and being they still had them treated myself to the Barnes & Nobles Best Book Bag Tote  that I’ve been eyeing for YEARS!!!

So Upon just skimming through the pages on the way home, I see it’s somewhat like the previous. It looks like he will be covering some more lock-downs from the show, however I didn’t do a full check out o it like the chapter titles etc.   Read More :book-bind-zak-bagans-i-am-haunted-preview-review/

Wait what’s up with the Green covers?!   (Is that gong to be a cover trend of 2015? we’ll have to keep watch won’t we?)

Inside Out

Insidious chapter 2

Insidious chapter 3

 The Interview-

Something tells me I’m going to regret watching this. I don’t like James Franco (I really can’t stand him & his monotone acting) oooh a *** (won’t ruin) Cameo! In opening, a music number that I’m guessing is supposed to come off as funny, fall flat and is insulting. Then we have the ‘Skylark’ (Franco) show, as usual Franco plays an idiot I will say though I did have a laugh when the like ‘Peanut Butter & JELousY’ came out of his mouth. I actually involuntarily laughed at one of their jokes for once! (OMG The world’s going to end, wait wrong movie & saw that & it was lousy) Has Franco played anything other than an idiot in a movie? (like a serious character be it in a drama or comedy .. now him being a serious character in a comedy just might actually be funny! cause frankly no mater what his acting always comes off as wooden to me, so I’m thinking he should be a serious character maybe that will help him out. ) Oh The N. Korean Leader is played by the actor that plays the dad in the new comedy Fresh off the Boat on ABC (Tuesdays I think)  The movie has a cool soundtrack at least. So about an hour in I think I see why the Koreans were up in arms about it and supposedly going to bomb theaters. Threat reason #2 I think may have been the interview itself, when he went off script, he made ‘Kim’ look bad.  I thought I was going to end up giving this an F from all the B.S. I heard. Now I am thinking that it was all a publicity ploy. It’s not as bad  as they made it out to be, though not uproariously funny it does have a few parts i found surprisingly funny, For instance, ‘Tank Bonding’. I normally try to avoid the movies of these 2 but and it. hurts. to. say. this…. I DON’T regret watching it. it was entertaining, & yes stupid in parts that really should have been edited out or have a different gag in but C-

In the Heart of the sea

Into the Storm

The CG is good (if it’s all CG The coolest part to me was the firenado  near the church which was in the trailer)

There are parts that well Horror Movies don’t scare me  but what they have of these made me nervous and freaked me out a bit. I didn’t even like the 3.5 (or whatever it was) Earthquake we had here (Yonkers NY)  in the 80s! And is one of the reasons  I will likely never live anywhere other than the northeast Oh there’s two nut-job redneck ‘daredevils’ in this obviously placed for comedic relief but they come off more idiotic. I think I heard the movie didn’t do well with the box-office and or reviews  but the damn thing was intense and terrifying especially that last one. as for cinematography (be it some real shots from storm chasers etc) Was quite realistic looking (at least for me)  I Have to give that an A as for true storm chasers I think you are all bat shit crazy but a whole new level of respect (though ‘ya’ll’ is still crazy!)  I think I was holding my breath   in some parts, and had a faster pulse. Screw the critics this was more thrilling and horrifying than most if not all of what I watched in a couple years.    A Why? Because I was terrified and I don’t scare easily (p.s. prob. best watched via blu-ray)

Into the woods

Invasion-Heros vs Aliens (CW crossover event)

The Invisible Man

I‘m the Vampire, That’s why

by Michelle Bardsley    Started: January 1st – Finished: January 6th

Even if you are not one for vampire stories, this book will at least have you cracking up weather you are a mom or not.

On another side… the character Jessica I swear has got to be my long lost twin (sounds like stuff I’d think or say of what comes out of her mouth!)

As I was reading one night I had to slap my hand over my mouth a few times not to laugh so i wouldn’t laugh so loud to wake up the other residents of the house. Another cool part of this book, you learn Gaelic & some German words & phrases. Don’t worry there’s a glossary in the back. The Vampire Patrick & His Brother Lorcan (which is werewolf now) are Irish and the legendary Brigid is also among the Vampires.

What does one do when they are a mother & they are turned to live for eternity knowing eventually you’re kids will die before you, not to mention that what’s left of your small town has been being bought out by these vampires & parapersons (without you knowing it) to make a safe community for themselves. Everyone’s lives get turned upside down having to turn the town into a night community, including school for the kids.

having Finished the book, I think this is my 2nd favorite series. (so far my Yasmine Galenorn series is still #1) but Michele Bardsley is definitely another favorite author now.!

This is my friend Jane from England’s blurb on the book :

This is the first in the Broken Heart series by Michelle Bardsley. For once, our heroine is not mere mortal or vampire hunter, although she does start out as human, but is attacked in the very first chapter while putting the bins out! Subsequently, she is ‘turned’ so becoming one of the ‘undead’.

This is real chick lit with supernatural characters It’s fun and quirky and very easy to read. You don’t need to think about what is going on.

So, if you are into a supernatural chick lit, with some great humour, I thoroughly recommend this book.

I for one can’t wait to read the next Broken Heart series. Thanks to my friend Kim for introducing me to this series.

It Follows

2015 R 1:40  This movie used horror rule number 1,  have sex, you die.

A sexually, sinister, malignant  unseen (to others) presence that takes any form it pleases stalks its victims after they have sex. It’s a walking STD!

Ouch! someone needs some knee surgery done after running in heels! The girl getting ready to go out I’d describe as “wholesome slut” style. its suspenseful what is ‘it’?  I’ll give you a clue or 2 (or at least my theory)

  1. Look Up supernatural beings  (Incubus & Succubus)
  2. You should look those up in demons & Spirits of..

Entertainment Weekly had it in it’s Best/ (or was it favorite) 2015 mov ies of the year so far List.   B

IT (Stephen King’s )– I feel like I’ve been duped. Is there another part to this? All this is is all build up and then that last scene!? NOT SCARY. It’s like someone didn’t come up with an ending.I sthis how the book ended as well? D

I, Origins

2014 NR 1:47 A molecular biologist encounters a woman who can prove his theory. oh Look it’s ‘Glen’ from The Walking Dead. So far I’m bored and it’s 35 minutes in but the lab assistant found the PAX-7 (?) criteria needed to do the experiment. 45 minutes in an unfortunate accident happens (somewhat shocking!) and we forward ahead. Now things get interestng (honestly If I had known better I likely would have forwarded through the first hour. Seems as though what his ‘wife’ said about reincarnation may be true as Ian (the MB) and Karen’s son seems to have the same pattern in his eye as a dead man, which is supposed to be impossible (the eye pattern I mean, they are like finger prints none alike). THey also find Ian’s friend Sophie’s eyes were recently scanned a few months ago (and she’s dead) Beginning F last half or so I’d say a C+ . FOr me it was an original storyline but they should have cut 15 minutes of the beginning and add a bit more to elaborate on the end So C- ORder from Amazon I Origins 


CW Tuesdays 9pm EST

iZOmbie is based on a comic series. Olivia, a physician goes to a boat party and wakes up in a body bag…literally! As for the one who witnesses this ..’Priceless’. After zombification she goes to work at the morgue …Don’t judge! .she needs a way to get her food, becasue if she doesn’t eat at least some brains she goes full ‘zombo’. When she eats brains she takes on some of their personality traits and knowledge like memories and in the pilot knew Romanian, was a clepto, and had visions of a murder victim’s memories. The cop is told by the mortician that she’s psychic, and coming back from a commercial we get the comic panel treatment which has the title of our next ‘chapter’ or scene I guess you can say. Again the CW is recycling their actors and here we will see David Anders who was ‘uncle John’ on Vampire Diaries. Anders has played a zombie before in the movie The Revenant (link to look it up on Amazon) or Netflix here. He’s the one I think that scratches her in the pilot but doesn’t look like a zombie, and I have seen him in a scene speaking to her when he DOES look like a zombie so I’m just adding things together (though I could be wrong) This has so many genres in it! The Comic, Procedural, Comedy and more. So with this show I think I’m going to have to start calling the CW the ‘Comic Shop’ instead of the TV TEEN a fun watch with smarts and a little original on the zombie revolution. Finally a smart Z, and about time they use this type of story as it was done in the 90s with vampires (as far as I can think the first time) how they get their blood without drinking from a person etc.)


2014  PG-13  1hr 40 minutes  After moving out of the house on the way to start a new life Jessabelle and her boyfriend are in a car accident. ‘T-boned’ by a trailer on the driver’s side, Jessabelle survives but is not able to walk. She has to stay with her estranged father in Louisianna where she experiences what she thinks are nightmares.  It’s basically the cliched sick/Injured storyline and they experience an ‘haunting’ of some form.  (the only other version would be, they suspect someone of murder and it turns out to be a big misunderstanding)  Friends or family think they are crazy because they are couped up all day. There’s more to this than I thought but still a cliche, she’s been voodooed in a way. For around an hour and a half it felt a bit long  C- Order via Amazon Jessabelle 


2014 PG-13 1:37

nine minutes in and so far it’s just religious stuff also some subtitles (but they are not through the whole movie)

So Gabriel ( a clue that he’s an angel … or so from the name) some realy cheesy ‘sword’ (if you want to call it that) weilding

the guy has to do some sort of test which seems like one of those Native indian spirit quest, but after a time I don’t know if he’s still in it or not. Well some of it was cool for a time but lost the bait toward the end there (maybe 7-10 minutes too long) D

John Wick

starring Keanu Reeves 2014 Rated R 1hour & 40 minutes

yeah my favorite (well one of them) 90s action star is back!  Loving the ’69 Mustang  growls like a lion! Oh don’t go after the puppy (& this is the reason why I have a couple knives & Hockey sticks at hand and am pretty resourceful of how to use things that you may not think could be used as a weapon in an emergency!  Trust me you WON’T want to the idiot who breaks into my house!) Oh someone that was in Game of Thrones is in this (all I can tell you is he got mutilated in a way I don’t think I can mention here)  I don’t remember the character’s name but he grew up in the Stark house (or something like that & is not a Stark)  2 lessons here 1. Don’t mess with a man’s dog & 2. If the head of the Russian mob is afraid of someone, they are Baaaaad ASS and Run as soon as you hear they are coming for you) I like the way they did the subtitles when the Russian’s are speaking but I wish they would leave the darn things on about 3-5 seconds longer! (was this based on a comic book?) Plenty of action cool movie &oh look there’s another that’s stalking/haunting me! B



Joyride 3: Road Kill

2014 R 1:35

Well that was a cool opening & GORE! too bad the rest of the movie followed! Trucker Rusty Nail is up to his old tricks again and I think some litteral (unless I saw ‘that’ done in another movie) 50 minutes in so far the best part is the opening stunt. I liked the kid’s spunk when he gets pissed and they think they (all puns intended) put the Nail in Rusty (or Rusty Nail) in his coffin for some reason I think otherwise. This franchise has become tame. The first 2 were better they need to stop making them (or wait 5-10 years and get some fresh writers or new studio or something.) D-



Jurassic World


The Keeping Room


Kidnapping Mr. Heineken-

2015   R   1:35  * Anthony Hopkins, Sam Worthington Ryan Kwanten  & Jim Sturges    {Based on a true story }

Jim Sturges leads a Brazen kidnapping of the beer magnate Alfred “Freddy’ Heineken  in November of 1983 made world headlines with his abductors making the highest ransome emand in history. The lead up was interesting, Thrilling and maybe even a bit suspenseful. I was rooting for them to get away with the whole business of it. Once they get the money (or maybe jsut before) I think it lost some steam. Hopkins I am guessing is in a sort of quasi retirement as the movies I’ve seen him in he seems to take on where he may be a major co-star  the amount of time he’s in the movies is  more minor co-star (think along the lines of Part time work). The film is a thriller with a low key vibe but Fizzles out. C


The Kingsman:The Secret Service

2015 R 2:09 (prossibly less)  Agent Harry Hart (Colin Firth) recruits a delinquent teen to teach him the skills to be a Kingsman spy. These are the privately ‘owned’ version of an english FBI or VIA (whatever 3 letters would have our spies). The car chase has a funny beginning as it starts out. ‘Eggsy’ (Taron Egerton) snags some bullies car, then ends up backing up from a police car. Samuel Jackson  plays what’s supposed to be a villain who has a lisp (which is a tickle) but he never seems like a villain. You like him, which I believe is different but its like he’s too soft to be one. Now those are impressive ‘fireworks’. The fight scene and CGI (well at least for the sidekick) assassin were good, and the new bond films might want to take notes  from this movie. I had far more fun and enjoyment watching this movie (like I did the Pierce Bronson Bond films) than the Lame ass Daniel Craig ones. I hope there will be a kingsman 2 after all there are now 2 proginies (and as I looked up information on the movie) there will be a sequel! 

Killer Klowns from outer Space

1988  PG-13  1:28

sadly I can’t scan and post the ‘evil’ looking clown face I made over my review. While in the menu two thoughts came to mind.

  1. Is this going to be one of those movies that I ask ‘was this supposed to be a horror movie?”
  2. There’s something abotu the clowns that remind me of that Twilight Zone Movie  with the little boy whose family  is afraid of him which I think turned someone into a giant demented looking bunny. So while writing this out in my journal I don’t know if I let it run too long or while picking up the remote that I accidentally hit a button  but I found an ‘easter egg’! Its the auditions for the Klowns. I check out what other Special features there are  Feature commentary (of course) Featurettes, My faves Deleted Scenes & bloopers, Photo Gallery, Theatrical Trailer. While checking this out I find the easter egg (on purpose this time!)

On the menu where it says ‘Play Movie’ highlight it then press the up button it will highlight the piece of popcorn in a greenish color. That is where the ‘Easter egg is hiding. Now On to the actual review

In this cult favorite the cosmic clowns are here to harvest victims and cocoon their prey in cotton candy to eat later. For some reason I never got to see the whole movie, I have seen  parts of it like the Coccoon room, ‘Clownzilla’ (as I call it) someone shooting at one of the clowns and how to kill them, and the tent maybe another quick clip or 2 but nothing of really knowing the movie.  There’s quite a few  actors from the 80’s faces I remember (really need to go look them up on the movie’s imdb.com page. It’s funny Silly not really dated. The Senior Officer has been in a lot  not only in the 80s but 90s as well that I watched. I think by now our kids regardless of the rating can watch. (cause if you think about it… what was rated R in the 80s (and maybe 90s even) is really now a PG-13 or G  (ahem.. Lost Boys most definitely a PG-13 if that!)    I’m giving this one a B! Because as I said it was a fun silly movie and I want that crazy ass crazy straw!

Kimdle= Kim’s Kindle

Kindred: The Embraced

King Ralph –

stars John Goodman as Ralph who becomes heir to the English throne. Peter O’Toole plays I guess his assistant. I didn’t see the whole thing I caught it already in progress on cable.  What I saw was funny and i’d liken it to a male version of the Princess Diaries  C+

Knights of the Blood (Knights of Blood)Knights of the Blood – Katherine Kurtz & Scott MacMillan

I have so far only read the prologue and a few pages in the first chapter or 2 (i’m only on page 30 as of now).

So far we have 1972 and a set of odd killings to what looks like surfers with SS tattoos. The cops ask a local neo-Nazi house if they belonged to their organization or not. Then there’s also way back with what may be someone of the Knights Templar, inspecting a small muslim village. All the bodies are bound hand & feet & some are hung on rafters by their ankles. All the bodies have one similar thing in common, the purple bruise on their necks.

This is not the cover I have. Though I’m not sure if I like this one or the one I have more. This one at least shows on the cover alone what (sort) of is up in the book without giving anythig away. (even thought in the prologue you sort of do)

I think I’m a bit confused with the story. Between what’s supposed to be present time, and the 2 past (or is it just one past with 2 different settings. I’m behind yet again reading this one… (uh oh. Could it be burn out?) I hope its just the story or the writing.


I  wasn’t going to note any vocabulary but I thought I’d note it being this is the second time I’ve seen august used as a word (not a month or male name)… its used in place of imposing or invulnerable

The mention of a pale Topaz ‘Evening’ ring. If by evening ring, they meant a cocktail ring… then I’ve got one. As soon as I read the line with that in it, I thought of my ring.

WEll this was the 2nd vampire book that was a chore to read (though not so much as the L.A. Banks Book Forsaken I HATED) Parts of the story are in the past others in present and I’m not always sure when its one or the other (well aside from when Officer Hermmond is in a scene).

Some parts droll on that I skipped over that wasn’t needed for me to know as it had nothing to do with the case. Officer John Drummond not only is researching the old closed case but there have been happnings that may be connected to the 20 year old case file. The story is well detailed that I don’t think its flat, a character or 2 may be but I think the most interesting parts are when John goes to Germany. The ending is less than stellar as well. (mmm maybe would have been better as a movie script than a book. Though I’d guess it would end up really campy looking.)

I’m not sure how to classify this book by genre as its not really a mystery as you already know who did it and why.


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