The Taking of Deborah Logan

2014    R    Jill Larson, Anne Ramsay, Michelle Ang,Brett Gentile     70 mins    Horror, Mystery, thriller

So I thought this was just another cliche possession movie. Wrong!

This was a ‘blair witch’ hybrid a single camera filmed docu horror as well as times where it seems like a normally filmed movie. Because of  her fast progressing disease (she has dementia or alzheimer’s) she is either possessed or just remembering some things.

I watched on Stream Dor a free app I got for my kindle, which you can watch movies free. (Though sometimes in another language with subtitles or in English with some foreign subtitles.  I ended up watching a couple of movies (forget which) in Polish, one in which I had already seen before so that was interesting to me.

I don’t find this movie to be worth the time really (unless you are perhaps bored in a hotel room, everything is closed or you are just in the middle of nowhere)  I was jsut so tired I jsut really did not want to read and had nothing else to watch that was short. Now I know why Netflix doesn’t have it!



Monster High: Haunted

2014         NR        1:16          animated        DVD


The ghouls help spectra who gets captured in the ghost world when she tries to find out why it seems DracuLara is being haunted.

All the ghouls become ghosts with the use of Twilla’s dad’s Boogeysand then travel  to the ghost world and meet (to my knowledge) some fun new characters along the way like Painter-geist.

There’s a couple of shorts on the disk as well.


I always enjoy these spooktacular adventures, I just wish there was a weekly cartoon show or a live action movie/tv series. I think it would be fun.


The November man

2014   R    Action Crime Thriller     1:48     Pierce Brosnan, Luke Bracey   Blu-ray

Former CIA agent Peter Devereaux (Brosnan) is to extract a woman someone who is close to a presidential runner

I saw parts of this when my father watched it, but I was a bit busy but then it looked more exciting . Also there’s not as much action as I thought and man Luke Bracey looks better with the surfer look of Point Break.

A some point I feel they lost sight of the story. For me it got lost somewhere along the way, is it really about the Russian president or more about Mason and Devereaux?


Choice words…

“I’ve got my hand so far up his ass I’m moving his lips”

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Catch Hell

2014       NR        Drama , Thriller     1:38      DVD    Ryan Phillippe   Tig Notaro, James DuMont, Stephen Louis Grush,Ian Barford

directed by Ryan Phillippe   Written by Joe Gossett  Ryan Phillppe and


Ryan plays Regan Pearce a once successful actor who is in Louisiana  to film some movie  called Flashpoint (funny as that is currently the story on Flash and would LOVE to see Ryan on the show or as his own superhero in a movie or show… (let’s see what has Marvel NOT done yet?) he’s abducted by a sadistic former cop and his redneck nephew.

The creep who abducts the star is not a fan  but I would still say its sort of a Misery type movie of the clips form that I’ve seen maybe meshed a bit with something like saw or Hostel (ya know torture porn). Movie of this ilk are really all the same just different actors and they are either in some out in the middle of no where place or in some basement in the city and if there’s a duo they usually play the good cop bad cop (so to speak) sort.

(Yeah sorry Ryan I love you but there’s too many of these sort of movies already, it’s a cliche)

The end of the movie credits certianly breaks up all the intense seriousness. I’ll just say it’s a ‘dancing ‘gator’






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Captain America & Winter Soldier

Being as I didn’t have the bog when these came out… and sadly the cable movie stations didn’t endlessly show the first 2 captain movies, and what’s up with that anyway.. of course any other movie they do it for but for one that’s at least 5 years old and for those that may need a recap of what has gone on so far (at least in Cap’s movies) they can’t endlessly show it.

So its a week or 2 after seeing Civil War on opening day and I wish I had the money to see it again in the theater… so instead I’m going to rent the previous 2 movies and   thought I’d do a look back review of them .

Captain America the First Avenger

2011  PG-13  2:05  Action, Period,Comics, Origin, Adaptation   Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Hugo Weaving, Dominick Cooper, Hayley Atwell

The movie starts March 1942 in Tonsberg Norway incursion for the Teseract. Why would you just have one safe guard to guard that treasure? Not to mention the button to open it was found so easily… approximately 10 minutes in Bucky shows up  looking so handsome in his Uniform.

Bucky: Don’t do anything stupid till I get back”
Steve: I can’t, you’re taking all the stupid with you”

He enlists to fight in World War 2  5 times failing all of them.. to short, too skinny and has asthma just to name a few. The little guy with lots of heart gets the chance “to kill some Nazis” when he volunteers for a secret experiment that will transform him into Captain America, a super soldier with a perfect physique and heightened reflexes whose metabolism burns four times faster  than the average person.

Captain’s Pajama’s!  the uniform really does look so, watching some interviews of the cast for the movies  and the guys joking about it.

Steve learns of troop 107 being captured, and seeing him remember that’s Bucky’s. There’s no rescue mission so he goes solo to rescue his friend who is not with the other soldiers but in a lab in a chair, but recognizes him right away so did or didn’t they (Hydra’s) Dr. Zola experiment on him yet?

So the ‘plasma weapons’ are made from the teseract? It dosen’t look any smaller

The Fondue running joke, still a tickler and pretty sure Bucky made sniper with the army.

Oh That’s how Bucky falls out of the train. He uses Cap’s shield when a blast goes off it knocking Bucky out of the train  to hang on to a broken bar to keep from falling to his demise.

Love the ‘backfire’ on Cap’s bike

How’d they make Chris Evans into the scrawny Steve Rodgers?

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The Winter Soldier

2014     PG-13  2:16 Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, Frank Grillo, 
Emily VanCamp, Maximiliano Hernández 

So Steve Rodgers is running circles (or in this case rectangles) around Sam Wilson when Black Widow shows up

“Hi Boys, either of you know where the Smithsonian is; I’m here to pick up a fossil”

Hydra strikes again in the form the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D and the Winter Soldier who turns out to be Cap’s err.. Steve Rodgers best bud Bucky Barnes 

While on a mission on I forget the ship’s name, Cap has a fight with Georges Batroc played by actual UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre

We learn that Natasha has previously had a run in with the Winter Soldier and why she has a scar on her hip, and tells Steve the soldier is responsible for over two dozen assassinations in 50 years.

Easter Eggs: Loki’s staff & the Twins   and Bucky in the Smithsonian

Special Features:  Rental DVD from Netflix- was a Deleted scene and Steve Roger’s Notebook

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here’s My Review for the 3rd movie in the series ….Civil War



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Theater Thursdays- ABCs of Deaths pt 2.

The ABCs of Death is an anthology movie of 26 mini movies showcasing death in all a manner. They are all horror but many sub-genres, funny, others serious and the formats vary as well, from live-action to what seems as clay-mation, one even in the form of a commercial!

2014    Not Rated   2 hours & 2 minutes

The sequel like the original showcases work from around the world and includes one from animation great Bill Plympton and horror auteur Larry Fessenden. a drafthouse film (as in Alamo Draft House & there’s one in Yonkers, NY!)

The Introduction credits are creppy yet ‘cute’ in a disturbing way. A girl jumping rope and another a swing but it’s not as innocent as it sounds. also creepy that ‘La-la’ music Here’s a look

I think these shorts go faster, or maybe they are just better than the first go round?

I wonder what they will cover this time? Sadly I cannot recall the ones from the last movie., but there were at least 3-6 good ones in the last)

*A- from the looks of it I’m guessing assassin but from watching the original  I’m no amature and the title will likely not be what you think.

B – I laughed at this one as it is supposed to be a documentary being filmed on badgers near a nuke plant, The boom mic is assaulted and the smug ‘star’ well he won’t get a second chance to listen to the crew I’m sure.

C- A community thinks someone killed a girl, says he did not but they already have judged him could it be criminal?. This one you might know what it will be…the way they go about it, it would be the easiest one!

D- Oh I thought this was a waxy rendering of Freddy Kreuger! I liekd the ‘clay-mation’ and so did not think of that not sure if they was even in my vocabulary before hand!

E- Beached on an island 2 guys just try to survive. I’m just wondering if it was real or an illusion

F- a soldier falls into enemy territory

G- is just all sorts of creepy but not in a horror sort of way, more like creepy old man

*H- this is another I liked it’s an animated  sketch the way it starts I’m thinking  halitosis but like i said it’s the beginning and usually you don’t figure it out the head game until the end if at all. I was sort of close. The style and art of this one set it apart.

I-oh look Witching and Bitching part 2! lol

J- didn’t like but pretty cool in the end saw it coming.

K- Some black goo, could this be what a death knell is?

L- Some sacrifice that’s supposed to be done maybe the voodoo deity papa Legba?

M- This i remember form the trailer.. butt ugly dude with piss stained tighty whites  and white eyes yes it’s a zombie sadly I can’t remember the end game of it

N- It’s Halloween and I’ll just say ‘Frankie’ and his girlfriend are getting ready to meat,  I mean meet up from house to meeting place is clue

O- Zombies versus humans I’m thinking oppression but no….

P-this was a 3 stooges sort of  thing Thought the title to me, is a cheat!

Q- This one will make you think twice about surveys etc

*R- ah Russian Roulette, but I’m sure there’s another underlying or DUMB ass (cheat) meaning here. Or maybe just metaphoric?

S- home invasion

T- well shouldn’t this be in S ? She looks like she’s supposed to be a Succubus in a porn movie.. Oh this ends up just being lame as that genre is pretty much played out

*U- this one I liked and has a portable Crematorium

V- I don’t remember just have what it covered and trying not to give anything away

W- this is the one that’s a commercial which I thought was a cool angle. to go, and how many times as a kid did we wish about a toy….

X- I knew it right off! but it’s Gory and quite disturbing! (even for my sick Morbid blood lusty self!)

Y-Ah here’s another cool one

Z- Gross and nasty. Daughter ‘kills’ mother for not letting her go (That I can sort of relate to… w/o the killing part)



Official Site *The ABC’s of Death Combo Pack  * &  ABCs of Death 2  links are to Amazon page * *

Audio Literacy ~ Billboard Year end Ranking 2014 by the numbers 


Billboard’s 2014 Year-End charts are now available. Here’s where Avenged Sevenfold charted:

#1 Mainstream Rock Artists

#2 Mainstream Rock Songs (“Shepherd of Fire”)
#3 Hard Rock Albums Artist
#3 Hard Rock Albums (“Hail To The King”)
#16 Top Rock Albums Artist
#18 Top Rock Albums (“Hail to the King”)
#21 Mainstream Rock Songs (“This Means War”)
#27 Top Rock Artist
#29 Rock Airplay Songs (“Shepherd of Fire”)
#62 Hot Rock Songs (“Shepherd of Fire”)
#70 Top Billboard 200 Artists
#88 Top Billboard 200 Albums (“Hail to the King”)
#100 Hot Rock Songs (“This Means War”)