Book Bind ~Putting on the Witch

28504472by Joyce and Jim LaVene

Retired Witches Mystery

pages  292

Molly and her coven of friends: Elsie, Dorothy, Dorthy’s ghostly Mother Olivia are invited to Dorthy’s boyfriend Brian’s birthday ball. He doesn’t even want it, he just wants to hang out with them. So they all go to the party.

Early in the party founding member of the Witch Council  Makeleigh (from Egypt I believe) tells Molly there needs to be a change of the governing laws of

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Red Sparrow

2018    R  2:20   Drama/Mystery/Thriller

Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Irons,Mary-Louise Parker ,Matthias Schoenaerts, Charlotte Rampling

Prima ballerina Dominique (I really liked that Red outfit) has a bad accident during her performance thanks to her partner. Once healed her Uncle has a helps her out with a job; a trial by fire if you will

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Insidious the Last Key

2018  PG-13 1:43  Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Lin Shaye ,Leigh Whannell ,Josh Stewart, Angus Sampson,Caitlin Gerard ,Spencer Locke ,Bruce Davison

In this (I think) fourth installment of the Insidious franchise. The Ghost Hunting team are called in to investigate someone’s house, which turns out to be Parapsychologist Elise Rainer’s childhood New Mexico house.

Elise also finds out that something she saw as a child, wasn’t what she thought.

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The Drop – Animal Kingdom (Welcome to Deran’s Bar)

Cody Party Drinks

I thought with Deran buying the bar plus the partying of season 1… That there should be an Animal Kingdom Drinking Game and some signature drinks.

I am still working on ideas for some of the signature drinks

Tweet your ideas  with

@KymoDragon  +   #AnimalKingdom #Codypartydrinks   #AnimalStyle  #Badisbred

your idea + what to do…. Sip, Shot, drink, Gulp, Chug, FInish     (Gulp = Mouth Full   Chug = to 3-5 swallows)

 What You Will  or may need

*Shot Glass

*Screwdriver  (Orange Juice and Vodka)

*Your favorite drink or Beer (make sure you have at least 2 on hand) and ingredients for a signature drink

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Cat and the Canary

1927   unrated   Classic  Silent B/W    Comedy, Horror , Mystery   Laura La Plante


The heirs of Cyrus West must spend a night in his creepy manse 20 years After his passing to claim their inheritance.

Annabelle West (Laura LePlante) is first in line but must be of sound mind to do so, as all of them claimed Cyrus to not be in his right mind plus she also must find the West diamonds. Of course where there are heirs, like in the middle ages, there is of course one that tries to take it into their own hands by scheming.

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The Best of Times the Worst of Times: Ranking the Original Friday the 13th Series

Including this link to a Classic Cuts. Just starting it so will take some time to watch the movies again when I get to them

VHS Revival

Friday the 13th Ranked header

VHS Revival ranks the most divisive horror franchise of the 20th century.

Love him or you loathe him, he can’t be denied. The indomitable Jason Voorhees: a cynical Halloween cash-in who Paramount would take a punt on time and time again, and they wouldn’t regret it. For more than a decade the scourge of Camp Crystal Lake was one of horror‘s most profitable creations, and although he would later return for a Fred Kruger crossover and a couple of modern reboots, he will always be remembered for his original run, a 21-year period in which he racked up an incredible 129 kills.

With so many gimmicks and concepts and variations over the years, debate between fans has always proved divisive. Who is the best Jason? Who is the best final girl? Which is your favourite kill? And, perhaps most pressingly, which period do you belong to in…

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Cars 3

2017  G  1:42  Blu-ray   Pixar    Action  Comedy

Owen Wilson  Larry the Cable Guy , Armie Hammer, Cristela Alonzo, Nathan Fillion , Tony Shalhoub

Veteran Race Car Lightning McQueen tries to recapture his winning ways after the sleek new rookie Jackson Storm beats him. Each race Lightning McQueen sees the other vets outraced and displaced by the rookies.  Lightning With he help of trainer Cruz Ramirez tries to recapture his winning ways, and takes her under his  I’d say wing but I guess door would be a better substitute for that phrase.

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