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6-8 episodes

I was going to skip watching then my aunt told me what was in it so I will try to stomach the religious kool aid with A little bourbon, my new kitty and my spiritual books (print and kindle) in hand.

An Isolated island falls prey to both evil and unholy evils in this horror drama written and directed by Mike Flanagan. The story opens with Zack Gilford (From Friday night Lights) plays Riley Flynn an alcoholic who is sentenced to jail for DUI manslaughter. When his time is up and returns to his costal home, he finds many have left the area, a depleted fishing industry after an oil spill a few years back and at the same time…

The community is visited by Father Paul who is filling in for their ailing pastor. The new priest offers to start AA for him there to save him the ferry rides, he learns the priest is lying about something.

Faith vs Fanaticism.

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Horde of horror 2021

(formerly Halloween Horror Nights and Netflix Tricks and Treats)

Color coding is as follows

Turner Classic Movies  my Usual Saturday night watching Svengoolie on MEtvNetflix or dvd.com, PRIME My Library Vudu ( likely watched free with commercials) TUBI HBOMax MIscellanous…likely cable

Editors’ Picks: Not-So-Scary Movies For Scaredy Cats

There’s also plenty horror on Summer of Netflix as well (and i’m still writing up and scheduling)



A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting NX

(from summer publishing on 13th)


October 1

Venom Let there Be Carnage

You Should Have Left

Creepshow (s.2)


Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein







Rise:Blood Hunter 2007 (Nick lachey cameo)



Grave Halloween (Syfy on Demand)

Dream Catcher

Popeye: Shiver me Timbers 1.9

Flintstones 5.9 The Gruesomes

Smurfs 3.38 Halloween Special

Smurfs 3.39 Littlest Witch






Cult of Chucky beginning)

Chucky Series Pilot (syfy)

Day of the Dead Pilot (syfy early premier)

13 Event Horizon

This was a recommendation from Darren Van Damn on Flick connection and was o HBOMax. I got through the whole movie whose storyline is that the spacec ship of the title, when it went behind Neptune it was lost. The Visual FX from what I noticed seems to have stood the test of time. The first half hour went fast. Didn’t realize how fast time had gone by. Sadly I was not crazy about it I’d rather have watched one of the alien movies yet again) But at least its something I have not watched before.

Exorcist 3

PRIME video Another one Recommended by Flick Connection and for the first time i came out with 2 movies was not crazy about. THis one I feel was a waste of my time guess I’m just not a fan aside from making “Exorcist Soup’ joke when mom makes pea soup. I could have at least started watching Midnight Mass. So skip this and just watch the original.

The Legend of Halloween Jack

Prime….. English Some trial of a guy I think was supposed to have killed some kid. The guy gets out of it because the ‘arresting’ officer didn’t read him his rights. So the guys kill him and bury him . 1 year later one of them goes to the spot and kills himself.

So far I’m bored and hope things pick up when…….NOPE not even the kills can help this That was awful slow trying to stick the guy with the pitchfork. The ‘mask’ of Jack is lame not even scary reminds me of Jack in the box restaurant character. Why did that guy kill her for.,, Oh well will have to see how I feel after I watch American Horror Story…. (never went back to it)


Another Life s.2

occupation Rainfall

2020 Ken Jeong, Daniel Gillies, Temuera Morrison,Mark Coles Smith Supposed to be set in australia

Lets hope there’s some scary looking aliens in this. Its been 2 years since a mothership arrived. Now not sure if they ever mention where they are from but there’s what seems to me more than one alien species.


Decent & decent 2

rewatch. (Not sure why.. Still not crazy about it)



Casper: A spirited beginning

The Amityville murders


Midnight mass



Ghost stories

4 intertwined. Tales. Indian (?) Netflix org.

I think the title of the tale is shown at bottom right before the story comes on.

A caregiver taking care of an elderly woman who keeps saying her son is there, learns otherwise. The son was supposed to have coe to take care of her. The caregiver figures he left in the morning. Never saw that ending coming!

An aunt who looks after her nephew after school is now a Mom to be. The nephew is jealous of the baby. She’s having weird dreams maybe even hallucinations… Or are they?

A man shows up in smalltown and the first he meets are a boy and girl that say her father ate his father. The boy however never tells the whole story. Not sure what the ‘people’ are but one had fangs on the bottom but didn’t seem to on top…De-evolution??? I swear I just saw a caveman .or is that supposed to be a,werewolf? Either way this was a favorite

A creepy family who’s granny is dead but the grandson can communicate with her, they treat granny as if she’s A god. I sort of liked this one but at the same time not. Maybe it was in the way they set it up.


A Night of Terror:Nightmare radio

“8 Terifying talesto haunt your dreams” DVD

As far as the stories go, I think some if not all were better than some mainstream full length american movies.





13 FRIGHTs of Halloween


19 teen wolf


The Unholy



Heebie Jeebies (syfy)

(writing on the 23rd) watched just a couple days ago and I can’t remember a thing of what it was about or whatever kind of creature/monster was in it

Night teeth

NX 2021 (see full review Publishing on the 25th Oct)

A college student moonlighting as a chauffeur picks up two mysterious women for a night of party-hopping across LA. But when he uncovers their bloodthirsty intentions – and their dangerous, shadowy underworld – he must fight to stay alive.


Trick or treat

“Middle age can be murder” Blu ray picked up @ dollar tree

Now someone that sounds Irish Is that supposed to be the board walk in lost boys?

A wife is annoyed with HER husband who “isn’t the only one having a problem with family life” His estranged brother shows up says he killed someone…which is in the car …. Then a couple of guys show up looking for the brother. Checkinng out the plot, apparently the person the brother hit is supposed to be the son of a local gangster.

(was interrupted and have yet to finish as it only works in the living room (weird neither dvd nor bluray works in mine)

Find on Amazon









Nobody sleeps in the woods tonight 2

Toy story of terror





You can also check out what Horror movies I’ve watched During my Summer of Netflix (there’s links to the posts)

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Halloween Horror Movies for your marathon


Most of my information I get from IMDB or Amazon like the summaries or casting credits.

Important Announcement

My mother back the end of August found out she has cancer. She had to have surgery to  remove what was there but was not able to remove it all, if they did she’d be paralysed on her right side.

She is currently undergoing radiation and its been very hard to get anything done for the house, never mind getting anything set up for the blog.

I will try my best to post, but anything published may not be polished, edited etc. If anything is published during this time it will likely be plain text unless I was working on it before this time.

I will try to keep track of what I watch for october, if I don’t get to note in the Horde of Horror page; (I’m sure i lost track posting summer watches) I will write  the list of what I watched this October once I get my Halloween watch on.

Don’t forget… Hocus Pocus 2 is now available on Disney +


Hope you have a happy Fall  & Halloween




The Mist


Thomas jayne Marcia Gay Harden , Laurie Holden, Jeffrey DeMunn, William Sadler, Sam Witwer Andre Braugher


A freak storm unleashes a species of bloodthirsty creatures on a small town, where a small band of citizens hole up in a supermarket and fight for their lives.    -IMDB

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Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

2019 PG 1:58 br
Angelina jolie, Ed skrein,chitwell eljifore

Years after the conflict portrayed in maleficent the horned fairy and princess aurora– soon to become queen— forge new alliances and take on new foes to save the enchanted forest of the moors and the creatures within it

Ugh did prof. Um bridge really have to play the pink (red) fairy???

Onward mulan preview
Mushroom people???? Oooh pretty glowing flowers

Ingred prince Phillips mother looks like she’s wearing a wedding dress and omg are there enough necklaces around her neck.

Oh do I get to watch my little be sleeping beauty book?!?!??? I’m sure with some updates and twists

Aurora and malficent have Ben invite to the castle for an engagement dinner

The human queen is shady and provoking the king wants peace but she obviously dies not

That redhead looks fake. Like a doll or nutcracker….or a tall oompa loompa?

Fairy down

Flight through fairy lands

Auroras porcupine friend doing some detective work and gets chased by the cat

Red dust bombs

Love the parrot wing fairies looks esp cool

Wait will she become a ______spoiler________ instead of a dragon?
The raven guy gets his wish

Good pace and action
who is truly the evil one or the monster?

Classic Cuts- Tales from the hood 1 and 2


The original starred Clarence William III, Corbin Bernsen, David Alan Grier (of in Living Color fame for back then anyway)

In this a funeral director tells four tales of horror with an African American focus to three drug dealers he traps in his place of business. The first

See the source image
My favorite story from the original, was the one with the dolls

Not sure if the original’s soundtrack is still available but here’s the song list

See the source image

I was surprised when I came across Tales from the hood 2 on Netflix . The main story of this one is Robo Hell which is a twist like the original was. In Good Golly a couple of besties Audrey and Zoe take a trip to the Museum of Negrosity housing an assortment of propaganda. Audrey is there to purchase a gollywog doll for her collection, the doll is named Golligee . Which I think was the most memorable. The Medium a fake so-called psychic medium preys on the grief stricken and those that didn’t have closure. He is forced to do a séance which can go one of 2 ways. It will reveal how much of a fake he is, or he will summon those beyond the veil. Date Night is basically the falls of using Tinder and other dating apps and their predators. makes me glad I didn’t sign up, though now wonder if I should. Lol The Sacrifice was another that was very memorable. Unlike when you get a reboot or remake and so on, I was surprised I liked this one. It felt like it had all the elements that made the original what it was. So if you liked the ’95 movie you likely (I think) will enjoy this one. Back to Robo Hell this ended up my favorite of this sequel. Robo patriot which is basically an upgraded Robo cop, with a shot of Captain America. A mascagonist, racist asshole politician calls it R.I. ‘Real Intelligence as it learns 1st and 2nd hand. It goes from Captain Robot to looking like another Marvel character or property. When it senses a threat to America !!! I had to pause it just to write some of this up and(it was almost over but I just got excited) and found it a little funny (the very end of it) reminded me of someone else. What did you think? Tale from the Hood 2 Wiki In the first story we get a bit of Nostalgia, a special ‘guest star’ from the original movie B overall and an A for the Robo Patriot

I think this was form the original movie

Tales from the Hood 3

this came on Syfy, i didn’t even know there was a 3rd movie. 

Tony Todd IS in this one though and No wonder… its from 2020


To get away from the bad things TT and a little girl (grand kid?) duck into some old building where she tells him some stories. 

The 1st story 

as always some     is trying to clear house, but one family with a sick boy remains In the building which is supposed to be turned into a medical building of some sort that the area so very much needs.  The suit that visited them earlier hires someone to get them out and he’s haunted.



Some hillbilly racist living in a bunker to protect his water . NOt sure what happened but I think its all in his head. A new type of zoo! with an American Racist Exhibit … I like this twist!

Story 3

a backup singer gets fired and is hired to be a paid to pick up blood. The old woman gives the singer a music box which she has a nightmare about which the story was predictable 

4 Tale of the thief and I’m pretty sure that was some voodoo curse laid on him through the news. Walk a mile in his victims shoes and feel the pain of the families.

Chaperones  Angels and demons so  I  guess he’s trapped between life and death.


I’m definitely not impressed with this one and can see why no one seems to like it. It doesn’t have the tone style and such the previous 2 had.  No shocks and thrills plenty of cliché and no heart and no gory joy. Poor Candyman Tony Todd… WHY did you take this … He should have played the mortician!

The Sandman

Morphius – dream of the endless
Lucyen – right hand
The Corinthian a Nightmare? Boyd Holbrook
Astra (who girl)
Roderick berges

2022 Netflix

1 sleep of the just
I like the opening narrative. Mysterious, truthful,

Order of ancient mysteries
A grimoir
Wants to capture angel of death 

A raven that looks like it has a white t-shirt  on.
What happens when you catch the sandman? And if he gets out

2  imperfect hosts
Palace in shambles
Their library faded and disappeared
He must remake his world

Visari volumes

Kane and able, a gargoyle (thought was a dragon at first but☹️梁


The endless summon the fates 3 in q the one that is 3

The fates

So we are going to have a religious journey

Joanna Constantine
Dead bro back finds egg thing

3 dream a little dream of me

Demon agolaious

Matthew the racen 
Son john with the protection anulet in the he elevator making meatsuit puddles(?) Or art

4 a hope in hell

Hell is cold
Abd mazakine and lucifer is an okder lady

Demon corizon

Sandman vs lucifer

The ruby kakes dreams come true

5     24/7

Using ruby in diner. Doesnt really seem to make dreams come true mire like manipulates you to tell the truth

6 the sound of her wings

Not surevwhat ut is but not crazy aboutbthe guy playing the sandman. Ibhaven read the book(s) to knowba description. But maybe he seems too edward cullen mixed with the cure singer….

So what is he supposed to be doing now?  Why? He does not seem to be doing the sandman thing? Is he just a muse now ir….Must have missed something because people cant keep their mouth shut

7 the dolls house

Rose inherits an apt. But is looking for her brother. Travels to England and meets  a relative she never knew. Shes a vortex, as some if her hair is if color. Every few thousand years one us is made a dream vortex.That can control (?) dreams
Merv  jack o lantern head
Some followers of the corinthian
Removing peoples eyes to get his attention.
knowledge and power is how you hide from the dreaming.

8 playing  house
So is this her little brother thats playing superhero. And stuck with a so called aunt and uncle he jeeps running away from

9 Collectors
A  cereal convention for serial killers
An earthquake in a dream
Jed is learning theres something ofd about this cereal convention

10 lost hearts
Well thats a reveal  about unity and and the kids!!

I want to see more merv!!! Most underused character. If theres another season i hope theres more of him.  rose her bro unity the Corinthian  and lucyfer
Are the only characters that were likeable to me

Some odd demon that looks like shadow but made up of what looks like many of those critters from those movies (or venom smiles with glowing teal eyes)


Bonus 11th episode

Dream of a thousand cats/ Calliope


Aww still kitten is cute and some cat peaks in to come on an adventure. To a cemetery 益

A purebloid cat tells a tale about her kittens.the Kittens one of her owners threw in a water bed and drowned all because they were not purebred like her.  Goes to find why in dream

The history of how cats once ruled us. And for cats to dream that no cats are harmed or die alone.
The kitten dreams when it goes home

Calliope  (One of the muses )
Aug 2018
A writing class  wait i think the professor is ‘rory’  from dr who

Gross sample is from someone with ‘rapunzle’ syndrome and use as a trade

While he promised her hed free her after first book never does.

She calls for help and  then calls for Morpheus to help after reading ‘sleeping beauty wakes up’ as a headline

While being interviewed Morpheus visits her, then he pays a visit to the author to teach a lesson

Bonus episode
11 Dream of a thousand cats/Calliope
by Michael Ahr | Den of Geek
The Netflix adaptation of The Sandman has been long anticipated both by early fans of the DC comic and by those who have come to enjoy the many wonderful Neil Gaiman televised offerings, from Good Omens to American Gods. But even with the inherent…
by Adam B. Vary and Jennifer Maas | Variety
Spoiler Alert: This story discusses a few plot developments in “The Sandman,” currently streaming on Netflix. When viewers watch the ending credits for Netflix’s new series “The Sandman” — the long-anticipated adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed…
by Debopriyaa Dutta | Slash Film
Warning: spoilers ahead for Netflix’s “The Sandman.” Neil Gaiman’s haunting comics series “The Sandman” has a troubled adaptation history, and has even been deemed “unfilmable.” But after decades of false starts and development hell, Netflix has…

Day Shift

2022. R. Jamie foxx   David franco = seth
Starts with California love. And a view of the park from lost boys, also a reseda sign (karate kid??) 

Dayshift is a Thrillingly fun action packed summer movie I was able to sink my fangs into!

-Multiscreen Multivision
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Zoo (book)

“Something bad Is happening out there…

something very bad

By James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

395 pages

Started July 18

Finished Aug 3

Jackson Oz studying the ‘event’

So far the chapters are short, well paced

“oz my boy sometimes I think this world would favours is nothing but a goddamn zoo.”
In front of oz on many screens were animals, all behaving very badly. Fathers really do know best, because the world was becoming a zoo , without cages.

No one seems to see the pattern of attacks, be it by city, or state the least. 

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2022 tv-ma foreign Taiwan insp. True story

Forein  Insp. true story
Did Something Taboo and now cursed and  the more you understand the Curse the more you are affected by its power.

Done in a Documentary Sort of Style as  social uploads  making for her daughter (adopted)  to watch
She Visited  Mother buddah but not sure
if that was before or after adopting the

You decide how your World is Shaped

Something happened w/ dongliter that
She won’t Walk! Now they want to take
her away.
One of the The ‘Ghostbusters’ (as they  call themselves)  breaks open a family tunnel.  Or for better understanding, basically grave desecration,
The woman filming has a miscarrige (I guess a flashback)

Make sure you watch the tunnel footage
Full translation from ??

~Hou No Niu Yi
Sei Wu wa Silent Tess Silent Hay Hell
Heaven Spell Death Summon Life Collect Wish
Connect Fate Link birth Offer Take
Circle balance Share Suffering Buddha
Mother Yours Mine yad All line spread join Ayony
Dity Sacrifice Spirit MEAT Soul blaxt Flesh Hind
Hou Ho Xu Yi S. Sei WU MÅ WE ARE ONE We are
all one (Repit 2-3) Recite Chant Bee, Names to share forte Comando
words Names to shar Silently Dray Sclently Answer Name
Abrez x2

Or in case my scan to text messed things up

huo-ho-xiu-yi, si-sei-wu-ma.

silent, bless, silent, pray, holy, hell, heaven, spell.
death, summon, life, collect, wish, connect, fate, link, birth.
take, circle, balance, bhare, buffering, buddha, mother, yours, mine, god, all, one.
spread, join, agony, deity, sacrifice, spirit, meat, soul, blood, flesh, mind.

huo-ho-xiu-yi, si-sei-wu-ma.

we, are, all, one, we, are, all, one.
recite, chant, recite, chant, names, to, share.
fate, connects, names, to, share, fate, connects, pray, silently, pray, silently.
answer, your, name, silently, answer, your, name, silently.
I, do, I, wish.
I, agree, I, agree.

Explanation of end spell etc via Cnn Indonesia  you’ll need to click the 3 dots to translate web page


Misfortune and blessings depends upon each other

How Incantation Tricks Your Brain