Godzilla king of monsters


All the AWESOME posters… Which to use as feature

2019     PG-13   2:12     Action, adventure, Fantasy

Bradley Whitford, Kyle Chandler, Ken Watanabe, O’Shea Jackson, Zhang Ziyi,Vera Farmiga,Charles Dance. and Millie Bobby Brown


I have tried previously to watch the original Godzilla movies that came from Japan but for some reason I just cannot get through an entire movie. I’ve tried a few times over the year and it never works. I’m not sure if its because you can tell they are puppets and people dressed in costume or if its the pacing, or even the acting. Just not sure what or why.  Then we have the modern movies I can’t remember anything from the 1998 movie, and as for the latest of 2014  parts are memorable but something tells me King of Monsters and his err ‘frenemies’ are going to light all previous movies up! I think I used to watch the old cartoon sometimes, I  just cant remember if it was in the 80s or 90s. (well there was one in the 70s which looked more like dinosaurs. I think this is the one I saw a few times with ‘Gadzooky’


short review…. F*****n AWESOME!!!!!  Best seen & worth the theater $$.

as I watched all I could hear is the WWE universe “This is Awesome” Chant as if I was at a match (which sadly I only heard on tv)

(if you watch or have been there, You know the feeling)

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Ralph Breaks the Internet

2018   PG 1;52

Ralph and fellow Video game misfit Vanellope travel the web in search of a part to save her arcade game Sugar Rush.

Now there’s a cameo in this I never expected to see  Stan Lee and I wonder if this is what his favorite cameo is.

Man are the Disney princesses violent in this. And said Princesses mentioning WHY I’ve always wondered why Disney was ‘family friendly’

(9among other things Bambi, Black Beauty, and Old Yeller) Ugh and then she sings a song. (ugh I think I rather listen to the Frozen song for the annoying obnoxious millionth time.)

This time while I do appreciate it, I can do my own tour of the internet.  Easter egg scene …yeah family friends, or should I say kid friendly my ass!

They have so many rules at their park (I know someone that worked at the Anaheim one) and for the marvel movies and so on but its ok to kill animals and moms (like Bambie’s) Im still traumatized from those previous movies mentioned (likely why I hate Disney)

Post credits Ralph sings Ric Astley’s Never gonna give you up


Jason Bourne (2016)

2016      Pg-13     2:03   Matt Damon, Julia Styles


On the verge of unraveling  his true identity, Bourne is back making mice out of the covert Government agencies.

Why is this Bourne title Jason Bourne? Wasn’t that the name of the first one? Why its not like its a remake or reboot.

I remember the original and that was a ‘high octane thriller’  This one is more like highly Leaded~

I get Damon is older and all that but its not what we expect from a Bourne movie. Between this and Jack Reacher’s Never Go back,, I’m not sure which one I’m more annoyed with and disappointed by.

Nothing really happens and that ‘fight’ we see in the trailer, yawn. I’m not sure that was enough of a scene to even be considered a fight.

And I can’t believe I’m going to say this but the DC movies were better than this and I mean including those BEFORE Aquaman and Suicide Squad.!!!

to me it felt like it had no emotion in it, and the guy that’s putting the app out in this is the same guy that played the bad guy in Venom.


Night School

See the source image

2018       PG-13


This looked somewhat funny in the trailers but I was hesitant. I refuse to see any comedies in the theater as they aren’t usually worth the money to see that way. If a movie ticket cost less than $10  (more like cost between $3-5) then it would be worth it.


Teddy Walker (Kevin Hart) has worked at a B-B-Q  Grills and furniture store since he was a teen and is told he will be the one to take over when the owner retires. He had plans to propose to his girlfriend and sets up the store which some how was made to look (oddly) romantic.  However after the store explodes he needs to get his GED to get a financing job at his friend’s company.

Some lady on the phone in her car talking all loud at a light, calls him a Burnt leprechaun which had me cracking up!

He plays tug of war with a tow truck and after finding out that his old school’s principal is his arch nemesis, who still has it out for him.

He goes to Night School without letting the girlfriend know what is going on.

“Don’t let the door knob hit ya where the good lord split ya” 

He’s got ‘Learning Herpies’ (that was still kind of funny)

To me the way the teacher teaches the class for Teddy after she learns of his learning disorder(s) is the way EVERY teacher should teach a class. Don’t just teach with book and blackboard (or whatever they use these days) They should teach the subject in more life like settings and having a hands on approach  ; and not just blabbering on a student retains the information better. Make it interesting and the kids will pay more attention, maybe even look forward to going to class and my word actually want to learn?!!?!?!


It was ok. Not great but I’d say at best good.

Thrash metal band Slayer to call it quits?

One of the Metal Music world’s BIG 4, Thrash band   Slayer calls it Quits!?!?!

Dead House

2017  Unrated  1:16Dead House Poster

The movie opens with a ex scene so you know right there  its garbage.

The tables are turned on a group of thieves who go knocking on their next victims door. Once one of the inhabitants answer the door, they rush in and terrorize the family. At one point they’re ‘saved’ by something that goes bump this night. The burglars make the father (a scientist) open up the door to the basement lab where the remains of secret viral experiments have gone wrong.

This my friends is the start of the Zombie apocalypse.

one of the prosthetics for the zombie make-up was cool. Kind of like that weathered leathery mummy bandaged look with a head like that guy in the megamind movie. That was the only thing that made this movie worth seeing; and thank gods it was as short as it was.

Not sure if this is supposed to be some novice rip off of the movie death house with MANY well known horror actors (Ie: Tony Todd who played candyman, Kane Hodder who played Friday the 13th’s Jason and so on) I’ve been trying to find this darn movie and am losing miserably.

Also I couldn’t even find a video cover or movie poster of this one. ah NOW I find one sort of… Here’s the IMDB page for this movie.

On the Teaser Trail

I couldn’t find a proper Image so I thought this video was spot on as to how they make every trailer. You see the 2 minute or so runtime.


Awhile back I did a post on  Trailing on Trailers where I mention how I am trying to boycott trailers as they show too much, and/or there are way too many of them. I include some suggestions how to fix this.

First as how long as the above video is… I’d say if they are going to have trailers. Make one or 2 and just have one short scene in it. Don’t ruin stunts and good lines. Those should be saved so that we don’t feel robbed of our money. We are paying to be entertained, and when all the entertaining parts are in the trailer well… what was the point of seeing the movie (like how I am still complaining about the first half of Man of Steel, The WHOLE 1st Half of the movie was in the trailers.

How to improve trailers?

I hope I am not repeating myself from previous posts but

How about some misdirection? Use scenes that were edited out.  You could also use a mix of  parts from the movie (those that tell us what the plot is at least) AND use scenes that were cut in editing. Instead of using the actual funny lines, how about throwing one of the bloopers in.  Instead of actually using movie footage, why not make the trailer PART of the movie (without that scene being in the movie) this way nothing gets ruined. You know what its about who will be in it and so on. Frankly you can just show a title Like Avengers: Endgame and people would go so WHY must you show a montage of scenes? By now we know the Marvel actors we’d just need names for new cast members.

In the past there have been some movies that have shown no footage at all.

You have some trailers that are BETTER than their movie

Zero (or very little) footage  teasers (NOT trailers)

Doing a search for any variation, I did not find what I was looking for. I did however find this  Classic Movie teaser trailers.  There are some here that

Gregory burkart explains why this is the scariest movie TEASER  of all time/

So finding this teaser idea, I thought it great and it makes the director producer or even marketing more creative. Just don’t do anything longer than 30 seconds.

I have another idea, go lighter on the trailers  (make one and that’s all! Maybe 2 tops but between the 2 should not exceed 1 minute.

They could do marketing in other ways, (save money on all the editing for trailers and have an offer when you see the movie. For instance, for Detective Pokemon a special pack of Pokémon cards (or one special card limited run, maybe some special foil, clear or someway to show its extra special) another idea they could have a small detective kit that would be a game, maybe even small figurines. For Marvel movies offer a button,keychain note pad anything really that Adults (as well as kids can use)  For something more general Have souvenir Postcards, or posters (like the one sheets) I know Alamo with some older movies like Grease they have a sing a long or Quote alone. Sometimes they even have props (say for Jaws they might have a Welcome to Amity (billboard)  Postcard, maybe something of the Shark like teeth or a toy, and maybe some motorized scuba diver or a model of the boat.  I’m sure you get the idea.

Alamo Draft house comes up with special menus for some movies. They’ve had one for Deadpool, Avengers Endgame and The Meg as far as I can remember. In the past when I’ve seen certain movies some of the staff dressed up. Suicide Squad someone was walking around as Joker and one of the girls as Harley Quinn. Then During Avengers or maybe it was Civil War there were a couple of staff dressed as Crossbones (who is played by Frank Grillo) and Spider-man. When the movie was over, I swear whoever dressed as spiderman WAS somehow sitting over the doorway leaving the viewing room.

sometimes the trailers just end up BETTER than their movie


While the following is NOT what I thought it was going to be, WHY NOT market the characters with their own songs. Say for this shirt Hulk is listening to heavy metal something ‘SMASHING’ (or maybe THe Smashing Pumpkins)   Thor is likely listening to Tyr from the Faroes… maybe Hold the Heathen Hammer High

RDJ/Ironman what else Sabbath! (or other classic rock bands… The who, Stones etc they already had it covered.)

BlackWidow.. Spiderwebs by  Gwen Stefani/ No Doubt.

hawkeye… which version pre snap or after snap? For after snap I’d say some sort of punk music.  The Clash,The Transplants or Rancid

I’m still trying to figure out what Bucky/Winter Soldier might be listening to.. depending on which version of him is listening (though yes he’s supposed to be ‘Winter free’ now)

Samuel L. Jackson is Curious About the Avengers’ Taste in Music

So what do you suppose who is listening to what?  And how would YOU improve movie trailers.