47 Meters Down: UNcaged

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2019    PG-13  Blu-ray  1:29

Four teen girls Mia and Sasha are step sisters. Their father plans a shark tour a ‘lass bottom boat, you can look through as if you are watching them from an aquarium

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50 States of 😱 Fright on Quibi

Executive Producer Sam Raimi brings each terrifying tale to life.


50 states of Fright, the Horror Anthology Thriller from Quibi when I first started my research of the shows and saw less than 50 episodes, I will have to say I was a bit disappointed. They should have done more stories the way they did this. Its 14 episodes but not as many stories.   Some if not all of the stories are in 2-3 episode parts.  Each state’s story I would think is about an urban legend from one of the areas. (Not sure if they give cities as well) 

I would call these webisodes… or at least how I define one. 

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My favourite Viking cowboy YouTuber is working on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla | Rock Paper Shotgun

Curated content..and the title does fit for me too


I love watching Jackson Crawford’s Old Norse channel on Youtube. I’ve curated his videos for my Norse page on My Zodiac Immortal blog

Maneater (video game)

Looks like its officially time for me to get An PS4! I finally found a game worth me getting a new system! (I have Playstation and PS2 and Sega Saturn)

RPG Game for Jaws fans (or Shark Evolution)

PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

[Review] ‘Maneater’ is a Shallow But Entertainingly Gory Shark RPG

Entertainment News Roundup

godzilla vs kong possibly pushed back 2021

Witcher actor switch for s2?

Most Watched Fantasy Series During Quarantine

Kit Harington Shocks ‘Game of Thrones’ Fans With a Recent Revelation About That Controversial Ending

Here’s How The CW is Moving its Schedule for ‘Supernatural’ and Other Shows in Wake of COVID-19






MOVIES Miscellany 2020 part 1


The following are movie reviews that were too short (or too behind)  to make an individual post for. Likely either because I didn’t want to give anything away or it didn’t leave me inspired enough for a decent length review, or would just be a waste of time no matter if i was inspired enough.

These are likely ones with at least a sentence but no more than a paragraph.

Bright BurnSee the source image

2019      Elizabeth Banks     Horror/sci-fi


OMG There’s Raggedy Anne and Andy Wallpaper (I don’t remember if the one in the link was the actual wallpaper,but you can at least see what they look like) Wow talk about a blast from the past, that was a surprise to see.

Basically a superman story….but ‘Evil?  superman’

The 12 year old seems to have a seizure while sleeping. After his mother hears some voices coming from the barn, she finds him ‘sleepwalking’ trying to rip open some trap door.

It had some cool, sick and demented parts and even a gory moment or 2

Buy on Amazon Prime    or a  physical copy

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What is the difference between a remake and a re-boot

While there are plenty of both, remakes and reboots through the years but many more in the 2000s. There are some people that I do not understand why they have no idea what the difference is.

To me ‘Remake‘ tells me everything I need to know.  For instance, there the original Amityville Horror with James Brolin then the 2005 REMAKE starring Ryan Reynolds. Another There’s the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974  and the 2003 remake starring  Eric Balfour and Jessica Biel. Remakes are usually mostly the same as the original but just to go along with the current era’s  fashion also some is sometimes changed to the current social, political etc structures.  Think of the 2010 Nightmare on elm street its more of a reboot than a remake. While yes there are elements of a remake to it taking some of the original scenes and making blasphemous twists to them, plus adding in the ‘prequel like’ storyline of part 2 it works more as a reboot which obviously NO ONE liked otherwise they may have made the original part 3 (which original fans love) as part 2 and ruined the whole thing.

Then there are the ‘remakes’ through an adaptation say a book to movie.  Usually there are differences between but the best so far I’d say was The Book Cabal to Night Breed, No filler. Also as far as I can remember… Harry Potter for at least the first 2 movies and maybe the 4th, otherwise there were things missing in the others that I really wanted to see. (NO PEEVES!!!! WTF If the 30s can come up with a way to make a man invisible WITHOUT computers, Blue and green screens.. WHY couldn’t they make that happen? However with certain types f books like geek pop culture… You get the same plot line but a revised story for Ready  Player One between the Book and Movie. Ernest Kline name dropped so many 1980s Video games, Books, Movies and so on that when it came to making the movie I do know Steven Spielberg didn’t want to include all his movies, characters etc. It would have been more memoir.. also you run into licensing problems. So they get what they can and add in some more modern characters as well. (You will need to frame by frame the start of the battle scene at the end to catch everything.

Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)


My Bloody Valentine

10 Worst Remakes of All time

Reboots  also sort of tell what they are….   Take your favorite boots or sneakers. They are no longer available in stores and you have not found the style anywhere on line used or new.They are totally discontinued. The soles are worn out and they could use a few fixes like frayed stitching, fixing a scuff etc,  that you get them ‘buffed’ up so you ca still wear them because they fit you perfectly and just might be your ‘lucky shoes’ (Heck I have a  pair of ‘slippers’ that mom bought me she calls my viking boots. I wore them so much around the house and taking out the garbage I had them resoled so now they are worth more money than when she bought them!

Basically they are  trying to  bring back beloved classics, or a franchise back to breathe new life into it…

For instance all the Spider-man movies from Maguire, to Garfield and what 3-5 years after him Tom Holland.  We I think he’s our guy after his Civil war introduction in the Captain Ameria Series, 2 Spidey Movies and Avengers… so maybe No more Spidey reboots, tho’ Tom Holland  does sometimes leak spoilers.

There’s Scream 4 (as well as the 2-3 season tv series) There’s the 2016 Ghostbusters which the ONLY good thing about was Chris Hemsworth.

The reboot of the Creepshow series (scroll all the way to bottom for the review)  from Greg Nicotero

Remakes are not always as good as the original I do like the 2003 Chainsaw better than the original but I think its because the original one for me was dated and not scary. (Frankly to me the only scary was the Chainsaw not the psycho behind it. I do however  find Remakes BETTER than reboots which so far well I can’t think of a good one. Aside from the new Dracula Untold which Universal says is NOT part of the Dark Universe reboot of the classic Universal Monster movies, They might want to think again and include it as such. (If its from Universal!)

Because that new Mummy movie…. well needs A LOT of bandages.. Cast stunk other than Russell Crowe, They were not the right people, It was a B.S. story Honestly don’t make a new story, Remake the originals with some new elements.  I’d rather watch Brendan Fraser and NO even a Scorpio (king) The Rock in those films.  The 2020 invisible man…. I’d like to cut the hands off the writer and rip their eyes oout with a melon baller… The original was not some ‘modern’ LIVING horror. (and really nice to give people who are in abusive relationships anxiety and panic attacks with those trailers and if they saw the movie.  The original was part comedy and the first time I saw it I went nuts trying to figure out HOW they could do the ‘invisible’ effect. (They explained it on Svengoolie one night don’t worry I’m not telling… it was something I never even thought of.)  If you want to see my take on the original you can find it in my Universal Legacy Classics post

Worst Reboots

The Mummy and Invisible Man from universal

Ghostbusters (2016)

Nightmare on Elm st 2010 (cause its not really a remake NOR is Robert Englund in it)

31 upcoming film reboots & sequels that are completely unnecessary 

121 Movie Remakes and Reboots Currently in the Works

This post was inspired by this question on Quora


Beasterday: Here comes Peter Cottonhell

2014  comedy Horror  1:27

Something is killing the residents of some town, and the hippie mayor must be some ancestor of the one in Jaws as they are greedy and this one selfish as well.

Now some girl just got evicted and calls home that she’s coming back for a bit. While there she gets a job as an animal catcher with some pervy creep that reminds me of Adam Driver.

That poster, Horrific right? sadly and worse so disappointingly that is NOT the beastie we get…

The first scene at the wedding had me laughing. With that I’ll mention scenes seem random, like someone just edited in a bunch of stuff fro the cutting room floor.

I don’t know if this was supposed to be serious or not but I should have turned it off it was bad but it was like a car wreck…you couldn’t look away. I wanted to see how bad and ridiculous it got. Basically it was so bad it was funny.


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Doctor Sleep

2019    Rated R    2 hours 32 Minutes     Blu-ray      Ewan McGregor,  Cliff Curtis,  Kyliegh Curran

Forty  years after Daniel Torrence’s initial childhood trauma at  outlook  hotel, Danny is an alcoholic like his father but has some semblance of peace.

He moves to a quaint town with a cute mini version of it in the park. He meets  Billy Freeman (played by Cliff Curtis) who he befriends and

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the Upside

Dell (hart) is on parole and has to find 3 signatures (I think a week) to prove to the parole officer that he is looking. (wow he gets off easy I had to list 10 signatures a week. He goes to a few places for his proof and then answers an ‘Auxiliary care giver’ ad. He’s hired on the spot.

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