Grace then possession

2014  R  1:27


if this was good for anything is that instead of the typical Possession film, this one

I like and appreciate the idea, though I wish a better Possession movie was done in this fashion.

I just hope it doesn’t get over done. (Maybe a conjuring movie could do a better job.

My question however is why is it the overly religious adults who are the ones that get the possessed kids (or just telekinetic like carrie)?


starts out with Grace in Collage and her grandmother nagging the crap out of her. Grace starts seeing things that really didn’t happen and then Boom.. Grams Picks her up and takes her home not allowing her to go back.

Not memorable however its really not her fault she is possessed it has something to do with someone within the church. Which if Grams didn’t have her eye religiously closed… maybe she would have had a clue when it happened to her daughter.

Watch when nothing else is on






2015  NR 1:28  Kyle Schmidt  Christopher Lloyd Katharine Isabelle


Follows Gwen who has no idea who she is and has flashes of memories.

If I remember right we first see her in a diner and that’s when we get a few clues when she tries to open her bag.. what looks like a bunch of gumballs and a gun is what I remember most.

The story is split between two timelines the current and one with what seems like a boyfriend.  Gwen is fueled by revenge for the person responsible for the trauma she has suffered.  She thinks its the person who has been her ‘guardian’ some  criminal mob guy type.

The mystery was what kept me watching, and something that should have been so obvious to me I missed somehow.. or it was actually good cause I didn’t solve it before It was revealed

Bad Times at the El Royale

2018  R  2:21  BR   Chris Hemsworth, Jon Hamm, Dakota Johnson , Nick Offerman,Jeff Bridges

As thrillers go, Bad Times is quite fun, like a demented Clue board. “It’s got a kind of Tarantino energy to it,” Hemsworth says. “It’s a thriller and a drama, but there’s some humorous moments—in an insane way-Chris Hemsworth (GQ)

I loved the set designs and décor and appreciated the Motown music as well. (though a couple of classic rock songs thrown in would have been nice.) a suspenseful interlocking dramatic movie of criminal proportions, but who gets to ‘win’ in the end?

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The Last Exorcism 2

2013  unRated  1:29 BR

Teen Nell is back in the grip of evil. While alone she has nary a memory other than her entire family is dead. She’s still like a deer caught in headlights however in Nola err.. New Orleans she’s in a safe (half way house) place.

There’s one part I remember maybe 2…  actor Spencer (that plays Adrian in TNT’s Animal Kingdom) takes a liking to her. Also The other girls at the halfway house are all gathered around a computer watching HER.

I can’t even remember if she stayed possessed this time or what.


and sorry so short but the movie is a waste of time and I don’t want to waste either of ours writing a review (plus thanks to a medical issue  I’m behind again)




The Greatest Showman

2017  PG 1:45  Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zendaya,, Zac Effron   Musical

Now I’m not really into musicals. Grease is the god of them and and after that I can’t think of any other I can actually watch.

There may have been one, however can’t even think of what it was and NO it wasn’t Mama Mia.  Frankly Hugh Jackman and it being based on Barnum & Bailey Circus is what appealed to me.  However I am still hesitant.. to me  a lot of the time those who compose the songs don’t seem to always know how long to limit the song, or seem to get writer’s block in the middle of writing it. Oh Yeah and Zendaya being one of the acrobats also interested me.

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A how to guide, to writing a better review

How to Write a Review

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How to write a review

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I have been writing Entertainment reviews for years for friends and family and now this blog to share with everyone.

When writing a review there is certain criteria to follow. Some criteria can be used for all forms of reviews like Movies, TV, Gaming, as well as Books, Concerts and products! There is other information that works only with certain types of reviews as well. I hope to cover most, if not all of it here. And if you think of something I may have left out, please by all means, drop me a note of what it is so I may include it to help others.

I’ve read a few books that I couldn’t put down (the first 5 Harry Potter books you had to pry out of my hands) and sped my way through because I loved the book so much. This is a treat for any reader, and it’s true for reviewers too. I love to lose myself in a story, (some of my favorites for this are The Janet Evanovich Plum series, Yasmine Galenorn’s Otherworld series and J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series and most recently Ready Player One!) I usually gather my thoughts when I close the book. Or while Watching a movie or TV show I will take notes while watching so I won’t forget to mention a funny moment or anything else that captured my attention? Was it the characters, the story line, the topic, or the director or author’s voice? What techniques did they use? Why would I recommend this?

With stories like this, I often go back and re-read the book or re-watch the show at a later time.

Here I will help you to write better reviews or give you ideas to make some of yours a little different.

So what is a Review?

To answer that, While I was looking to see what sort of images were around for reviews, I came across this

(sadly for some reason missing from my files. Must be on the dead& Buried computer unless I have yet to find it in my backups)


as for that many words, not really sure being as depending on what it is you are reviewing, you may not have much to say about it, or too much! You want to give as much information as possible so a person can make a decision if what you have reviewed sounds interesting enough to watch, listen or buy but at the same time you do not want to cause a landslide either!

There’s also that sort of writer’s block question; when a movie or book is a bit ‘thin’ and aside from the usual stats you don’t really feel like writing about it…or not enough to write about.

General Criteria

You need to give a

  • short plot summary
  • what it was you did Like and
  • did not like about what you are reviewing be it products, movie, book etc.

Fact Stats

(for books, Movies & TV) = The specific information needed about the item being reviewed

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The Incredibles 2

See the source image2018    PG   animated

The best reason to watch is the Kids get hero time. Mr Incredible ends up playing Mr. Mom while Elastigirl goes to work to try to make superheroes legal again.

She faces some villain called screen Slaver…(am I the only one that thinks that’s a lame villain name?) Not to mention from the start, I already knew who it was.

The best parts of the movie is Jack jack, has a fight with a racoon which is when he comes into his powers (yes plural)! It could be worse.. they could always add teen angst to it!(oh man forget about terrible 2s its going to be terrible teens with this kid!)

I eat thunder and crap lightning 

Oh man I want one of jj’s powers the only problem is which one to choose? Laser, shapeshifting, and that’s just a taste! I think he has 17-20!! He’s what is called a PolyMorph

I had more fun watching JJ’s powers and everyone’s reactions to them more than the actual story line (was a bit of a bore) Most of it is a big disappointment to me. As I said the kids getting to be heroes and jack  Jack is the only reason to watch.


Rent (but then again who knows with kids these days.. would one want to rewatch this over and over? Rent first then if they keep begging for it buy it)

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