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Count Zakula The banisher of evil

Count Zakula The banisher of evil


Have a Ghoulish guest? Get locked down with Zak!

Zachary Alexander Bagans host of Ghost Adventures was born April 5th, 1977, in Washington D.C. His family moved to Clearwater, Florida where he was a “Typical Beach kid crabbing, fishing, boating, and surfing.”, he moved to Chicago to live with his biological father for a time and then to Michigan and now Las Vegas.


In 1994 his mother and stepfather moved to Lake Tahoe California.

Zak was interested in meteorology and broadcast journalism when he was in high school. He graduated Glenbard West High School in January 1995, instead of with the class in June (I don’t recall the reason for this)

He went to Western Michigan University for two weeks and left.

Zak Went to the Motion picture Institute for Documentary Filmmaking. He graduated with honors in an elite class and going overboard with his final called ‘The Red Butterfly

Zak and his sister were on a family week of Wheel of Fortune back in 1997.

He’s had jobs as a valet, landscaper, selling Urinal supplies & sanitary services Used to be a mobile D.j., and party host MC’ing weddings etc and because of this to this day he

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Halloween Horror Movies for your marathon

There are just some things that Halloween (the holiday) is synonymous for. Comfortable temperatures (at least usually for lower New York) Colorful Trees ablaze with a fiery rainbow of leaves, and HORROR!
This is the time of year that the people who don’t normally watch horror movies, likely do. (My mom won’t ever watch a horror movie again! She saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original) in the theater and something happened after she saw it so I can barely ever get her to watch even a chick movie or children’s movie that seems worth the watch! Yep I’m a lady and call them chick movies. (Frankly they are just a small step up from Lifetime and hallmark movies. Same crap but MAYBE in the theater you get better acting)
Frankly in October I like Horror and Gore. Sadly I don’t get scared by horror movies, (rare if ever something might creep me out or something to that effect same with a gross out) frankly when you live off of an Elm Street in the height of the movies’ popularity and End up having a basement that reminds you of parts of the movies, Yeah I’m just jaded, desensitized and whatever other words I can ‘t think of at the moment to describe it.
So here I give you some staples to watch including my favorites, what I plan to watch this year and an assortment of those I thought fit best
If I watch anything that impresses me,  I’ll add it (same with  anything else I think of)


2016   R

Five interwoven Roadside tales of terror. As a bunch of travelers are faced with their worst fears as things go horribly wrong on a stretch of forsaken highway.


THe first story has some jellyfish looking things hoovering above ground and the travelers riding around in circles. They’re certainly NOT jellyfish, but are pretty creepy. They’re here to collect, but collect what OH!!! I have a feeling I know.

THen there’s 3 girls who are some stupid ass chicks WHY which cliché!!! Get a flat and go along with some strangers

Another is some idiot driving while on their phone and hits a girl and OUCH! That is some serious injury. Gore wise this one was great.

Then there’s a family on vacation before school starts so what’s with the strangers purge act?

Every road ends somewhere right? Ok so one of them seamlessly went into another without me noticing or it was just that bad.

A few parts were ok, and I guess a bit terrorizing but some far fetched to me.




Toil and Trouble

I’ve signed up for a few Good reads sweepstakes over the years; thought I won a book previously by Jacob M. Apple but he sent me a copy, I guess to write a review. Still felt like a win though! this time however, is the first one I’ve officially won. So thank you to Goodreads

On with the book

Enclosed is the paper that came with it. Thanking me for entering their Goodreads Giveaway. They would love to hear what I think when I finish the book & Happy reading, as well as St. Martin’s Press social feeds and the proper hashtag to use #Toilandtroublebook

I previously started a post with my phone and thought I already wrote a few things up but sadly for some reason it cannot be found. (maybe I forgot to save it)

The book arrived well,  you’ll have to watch the unboxing video its just a shame you can’t feel the packaging through it… just as the Harry Potter Wizard portraits can move, I wish you could touch this video and feel the box. This is the first time I’ve seen a book come in a box. (and I don’t mean ones like the 2 book and so on sets. Its, I guess you could say a cross between a box and a book jacket (more like blanket). 


It’s the chronicle of one man’s journey to understand himself, to reconcile the powers he can wield with things, with which he is helpless. There are very few things that are coincidences, as you will learn in Toil & Trouble. Ghosts are real, trees can want to kill you, beavers are the spawn of Satan, houses are alive, and in the end, love is the most powerful magic of all– Goodreads plot summary

Welcome to the head of Augusten Burroughs, anxious, charming, multiple dog owner, with a fear of a certain Maple tree, and a love of old houses and antiques.


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Goon: Last of the Enforcers

Happy Hockey Season and a BIG Congratulations

to the St. Louis Blues on their FIRST EVER Stanley Cup Championship

Sean William Scott, Allison Pill, Live Schreiber, Kim Coates, Jay Baruchel, Callum Keith Bennie,

Wyatt Russell, Marc-Andre Grondin and Elisha Cuthbert

A hockey player plagued by a shoulder injury is confronted with the possibility of retirement when tough new player Anders Cain challenges his status as the league’s top enforcer.

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The Gambler

See the source image


2014  R  1:51  Bluray  Mark Wahlberg, john Goodman


The only way out, is all in


Jim Barnette is living a double life, by day he’s a college professor and by night, a compulsive gambler deeplyh in debt to loan sharks.

So after watching a big I’m think there’s maybe half the movie left and maybe  I’d take a break to grab a snack. Wrong!! I was only 31 minutes into the movie which felt like an hour. So if that plot sounds boring to you? Its boring to watch too!

Fast forward 15 minuntes

This just had to lose money at the box office right?

I think he’s living at his mother’s now and his car has just been repossessed.

Oh I get a break, a notification of some kitten video… and its trying or is hissing. This was more entertaining than the movie.  (its under Robin Sepult if you want to see it ‘New little kitten hisses at me’)

the dumbass doesn’t know HOW to gamble.. this should be a PDA (or at least included) for the dangers of gambling.

  1. First off do NOT play anything other than  some form of poker or black jack. Those you SORT of have a little control over (at least what’s in your hand)
  2. when my parents and I go to the casino we have a budget I take $50 tops (and NO debit/credit cards)and always take advantage of free money promotions) I usually get a free $5 each month. 
  3.  This is another important one. Have an envelope for money you WIN. Make sure you use nothing over $20 bills depending on your budget. It is easier to keep track of that way. Anytime you win keep your voucher in your WON envelope. DO NOT use this only use your budget.
  4. set HOW LONG you will be there for (say 2-3 hours) of course if you’ve taken a bus to one there’s not much you can do aside from bringing a book or some screen you can stream something on.
  5. THE MOST IMPORTANT  as soon as I win I stop. (I might throw in another few dollars but that’s it. No more  than $5-$10

I’m not sure of what type of person would actually be able to sit through this movie but honestly it should have a 15 -30 minute ‘serving’ make that viewing warning.

If I saw this in the theater I would have walked outand got my money back

Netflix Summer 2019

I had a Strange, Devilishly Dark Summer staring into a Black Mirror and those are just a few of the shows.. Hopefully I get to watch all the ones that came out before the summer and over July and August. Like Another life, the 3rd season of Worst Witch, and Rocko’s Modern Life: Static cling (or whatever they’ve subtitled it)

This is a round up of all the shows and movies I streamed on Netflix from July 2019 until October. The reviews more than likely have already been published and in most cases (if not all) I’ve included a trailer. Its the beginning of August and I’m pretty much wrapping up finishing a few shows (having only a few episodes or a season left) before I go on to try others.

Also keep in mind, I didn’t want to just binge a whole season in one day. If I am enjoying a series I want to try and make it last a little longer (especially being as they are shorter seasons than network and cable shows) So I tried to only watch one or 2 episodes in a sitting. However sometimes I may have went for three (there might have been one time I did that with Another Life.. its like a train wreck you can’t look away from, the only thing though in its case I’m not sure if its a good or bad thing.

There’s a few movies I see on there (not sure if they are all Netflix originals, but I know one of the titles I want to see is.) I am however trying to refrain from watching those until I am somewhat caught up on some of the new shows I wanted to see and my shows with a new season (like Worst Witch season 3 came out and Stranger Things JUST in time for me to hide from the July 4th noise.)

I am working on a Streaming guide of the Netflix, Hulu and Amazon original series (which will likely be sometime in the future as I need to watch the series and movies I want ) and  currently putting finishing touches on what’s the best streaming service which will publish by the end of October (if it has not already)

Just a note, I’ve watched most if not all of these, however if you click on a link and it does not work, the post may have not yet published (as of publishing,I’m not sure if I want to include what I watch in  October in this or not as I hope to have watched all the shows and movies before that so I can switch to Halloween type viewing and make a separate post for that..)

links are for the full series or movie

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