Witch Hunt by Devin O’Branagan

This isn’t the cover I have but wasn’t able to find the picture. (I will try to add the cover I haveSee the source image

later though)

The book takes place in 1992 where Leigh and Craig’s son has been having a recurring nightmare that is actually a vision.

Descended from a long line of witches the Hawthorn’s have faced the Witch Trials, Inquisition and a new threat

The daughter Kamelia walks into their room without knocking and calmly Leigh tells her she should knock before entering. Kammi says she always listens first..didn’t hear any sex then her parents tell her she’s going to embarrass herself one day. Leigh tells craig she thinks all the anatomy books he gave her may have warped her sensibilities.


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Mission Impossible: Fallout

See the source image  (#6 of the series)

2018    PG13     2:27    Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Simon Pegg,Ving Rhames


With an elaborate plot you may not be able to keep up with at times (or at least you may be a few minutes behind) with the clockwork of parts.  Hunt’s mission is a race against time to secure 3 spheres of plutonium and stop an anonymous doomsday zealot by the name of John Lark who is after said cache of plutonium to launch a ncities .uclear attack on the world. Hunt with the help of Ving Rhames’ Luther and Simon Pegg’s Benji which hopscotch between Berlin,  Belfast, Paris and London to Kashmir.  While Old foe Solomon Lane the anarchist from Rogue Nation who is supposed to have hooked up with Lark. Bombing 3 religious

See the source imageMeanwhile Henry Cavill’s CIA agent August Walker and icy brute (and I don’t mean the cologne) They should make a beer with the name and throw the whole 6 (or maybe 8) pack in a sub zero freezer. He ‘s assigned to shadow Hunt’s IMF crew.

While we may be feeling fatigue from all the franchises out there, sequels are not usually worth the watch after the 2nd or 3rd. However with Mission Impossible upping the stakes and stunts with twistier plots with each installment like my favorite scene… Skydiving during a lightning storm, ACTUAL action scenes Unlike Jack Reacher or Atomic Blonde came off as armature (to me) due to the slow choreography and a lack of action.

LMAO the guy in the in the ‘hospital’ room

Of course the one complaint Had to BLAST VOLUME for Speaking parts and Lower to 1/4 volume for the action scenes.

And Had a few tears of laughter at the fact that THOR apparently DOES NOT LIKE superman. You’ll understand when you see it.

Cruise should honestly just stick to this franchise (and just end Reacher… That one is forgettable.

it just sucks and not in the fun way. I mean at least hand it over to a younger star that needs a jump in their stardom.

The last 30-45 minutes was cool.

Action, Thrills, spills twists and more

Intense moments and cool chases that’s an action movie!




Spiderman Far from Home

See the source image

2019            pg-13         action, adventure, sci-fi    130 minutes   Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal

50 years of Spider-Man clip show at Alamo.

We start with Fury and Hill in a ruined village in Mexico where I don’t think one building is still standing. Ruins and rubbish of mortar and brick, It looks the Game Rampage after I played. This was supposedly done by a tornado.


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Scream: Resurrection (season 3)

Scream: Resurrection (2019)

Starts   MONDAY JULY 8    on VH1

I’m starting this as a preview, and will review as I watch it (either Live on Monday 🌙

I really couldn’t find much more other than the cast, that Queen Latifah is supposed to be the producer and a plot summary on IMDB:

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Atlanta, “Scream” features a brand new cast of characters destined to fall prey to the mysterious killer known as “Ghostface”. The series centers on Deion Elliot, a local star running back whose tragic past comes back to haunt him and threaten his hard-earned plans for his future…and the lives of his unlikely group of friends. which was Written by Scream Wiki.

I know they are supposed to return to the basics of the movies.


to catch you up on the previous  seasons that aired I forget how long ago

Scream (the series) (2015)

Scream season 2


Scream TV Series Reboot Confirmed; New Showrunner Announced


Resurrection  2019

New series, New cast, 6 episodes, 3 nights (starting July 8th)  The mask and original voice of Ghostface returns!!

Keke Palmer returns,Mary J. Blige ,William Scharpf ,Tony Todd ,Tyler Posey (I)

See the source image

As I mentioned… I would be writing the review here as well… once its up you’ll have to Just

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NOS4A2 Home

AMC            Zachary Quinto


Well this is WAY late I think its going on the 5th or 6th episode now.

This is a different type of Vampire tale, however I’m not sure if I like it or not. Its mysterious. So far that’s all I like about it.

Quinto plays the vampire Charlie Manx  who kidnaps children and absorbs their life essence to become young again. The children become, what looks like a changeling. He drives around in an old car

Zachary Quinto in NOS4A2 (2019)

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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

2016   PG-13  Tom Cruise, Cobie Smulders, Aldis hodge


Major Susan Turner is arrested for treason (for what seems like no reason) and Reacher stops at nothing to prove her innocence and uncover a huge government conspiracy involving soldiers being killed.

Not much of an action movie, so WTF genre was this supposed to be a thriller? Not too suspenseful for that and really

WHY is Tom Cruise who’s lost too many steps to be an action hero, let the Chris Hemsworths, Jai Courtney’s Joel Kinnemans and so on take over.  (Either that or he’s going to have to get a better trainer and stop spending so much time at the scientology church. Plus he’s going to need ankle, weights and do that parachute run so he get be faster.)


Time to end this franchise I mean isn’t pretty much the same as Mission Impossible? Reacher is past its expiration date, its not sour its rotting.

Get him some scripts for his age, no more action let him do horror cause to me sadly he now is.

They should have listened to their own title!

Do you watch….. Yes, I do watch…..

TV streaminga new peeve of mine is when I ask someone if they watch a certain show and the person says  “I don’t watch TV”

Lately I’ve run into this a lot when I post about a show or something having to do with a show on a network or cable station.


to start

A friend or 2 of mine… Had replied to a post or something on a show I watch but said ‘I don’t watch TV’ meanwhile one of these was about Gotham which airs on Fox network…just because he watches the show on a computer via subscription he (note sarcasm) doesn’t watch tv, (at least not on a literal  tv screen) yet it is made for the literal term, but watching network and cable shows via Hulu, amazon Netflix etc…. I can only respond with a quote from the ‘;90s cartoon the  Angry Beavers



I was recently ask on Quora Do you even watch TV in 2019.

my answer

I explained about writing this post! As well as I get “no I don’t watch Tv” (and the person sounding snotty or snobbish about it.)
Honey if you are Streaming or just watching something on station’s app or website.. YOU ARE WATCHING TV. Even if its on YouTube.
Wile yes there is a small fraction of people who do not own a tv (even a smart tv). If you have a screen, in this day and age that is a tv… Kindle Fire, Laptops, other tablets with internet and streaming capabilities, if you watch anything on a screen even if its no longer airing on Network or cable you are still watching ‘TV’ you are just streaming it.
‘TV’ is just a lot faster to say than are you streaming such and such show… Or do you watch this show is a lot quicker. Also it seems now with so many Streaming options (even the stations having their own streaming only series) people don’t seem to have a clue where many of the shows are Like the Christian Group trying to take Good Omens off of Netflix lmao!) Just like they were trying to get Lucifer off Network TV.
If you don’t want it on… don’t watch it… don’t let your kids watch it.. Don’t make the network take a series down just because you don’t approve of it. Not every one is Christian or some branch of it.


Its a screen you are watching, its a series made for ‘TV’ so to speak so you are watching TV. Even if its exclusive to Netflix or Hulu etc. ‘streaming’ series like House of cards and those of the like, it may not be on a TV network or that you are not watching it on a literal TV screen (and with so called Smart tvs being available… why are you watching on tiny phone, and tablet screens? Frankly if I can’t watch on the actual TV I use my laptop to stream Netflix. (Though I prefer watching on the TV screen which is larger than this screen.

Unless you absolutely  do not watch any form of dramas, comedies, cartoons 1/2 -1  hour episodic series formats be it on the boobtube, stream or download to a computer, tablet, or mobile screen… then




your ass sounds stupid when you reply that you don’t watch tv when in fact we are having a conversation about the same show regardless of Me watching it on an actual Television and You via an alternative form. Even streaming shows if someone asks me if I watch something on Netflix I don’t ell them I don’t watch TV. First if I’m not sure how to see it, I’ll ask them what its on, which would mean I likely have not seen it. But I’m watching it on another form of screen I don’t say I don’t watch TV.

When I ask ….”Do You Watch __enter whatever show here_____  ….

answer yes or no  I don’t.   I didn’t F****in ask if you watch tv, and I don’t care how you watch it.

I asked if you watch a certain  show  I don’t care HOW you watch your entertainment, and  don’t make me pull teeth cause I ( will actually enjoy doing the literal sense)

If the answer is NO then tell me what you do watch (regardless how you watch.. doesn’t matter unless I saw it before you and don’t want to ruin things)

Likely, I think we need a new term… Like E.S. for episodic series (something with more pizazz that can cover meaning ‘t.v’ streaming, downloading etc being there’s so many ways to access ‘TV’ series now be it literal sense or not) ..even YouTube will have their own TV shows (or was it movies)now…  Those sites are trying to be like TV or radio stations which I can understand. Maybe people need to stop being so literal…(am I doing that?)  And learn that when someone asks If they watch a show…

saying I don’t watch TV… (which is a generic term at this point I even see streaming as tv after all you are watching a screen,  )  just because it’s not the literal Television doesn’t mean you ‘don’t watch TV’ …) 1. is not the answer and 2. Just makes you sound like some snob.

The person I was speaking to about Gotham, said no he doesn’t watch tv but did watch the show. Again as I said, you sound stupid (at least to me) saying that. Especially being as I didn’t ask how where etc you do so. Honestly I think those ‘smart phones’ are ‘smart’ cause they’ve sucked the brains out of your heads!


as I proposed … I think we need a new term and Would like to hear your suggestions for one.

as I pledged  E.S. for episodic Series but that for me is a bit bland and sounds so stupid if you ask so

What Episodic series shows do you watch?

Plus a bit long. Should it be what screen shows we watch? at this point at least half the country (ok world) would still say TV so shouldn’t people still get the phrase which at this point ‘Television’ is an umbrella term to cover the alternate ways of watch as well or am I wrong about that?  I mean it’s not like we have a Hologram projector to watch things on, or like in the book Ready Player one that I’ve read (twice now) they have a Virtual reality sim they do EVERYTHING in (school, work, play etc)

Think on that and I would love to hear your ideas.

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On a side note…

There are still shows that I enjoy on the network stations. However there are shows and movies that I am interested in on streaming apps/sites as well. Sadly you can only subscribe to those by the month, instead of being able to do so for a day or a week. I mean for a Day have us pay like $5 (sometimes there’s only one show on a streaming service I am interested in at the time…like CBS’s all Access has one show, Hulu I think has 2–3 shows I want to see) Or sometimes you just need a subscription while away on vacation.
Some of my favorite long running shows are coming to an end on Network, so I shall see, maybe after 2020 there won’t be enough of shows worth watching, and may end up playing musical streaming services, switching up each month.