Selected Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

The first so called tale “A knights tale” is certainly NOT!

Well at least not what I thought it was going to be. I thought it was what the Heath Ledger and Paul Bettany Movie was supposed to have been based on.. boy was I wrong on that!

For 1 its definitely NOT that story. Its about Theseus and Palamon (half the names I’m not even sure if I am pronunciation right.) and there’s just too much

Now I write poems of varying sorts, and as much as I appreciate a story in poetic (rhyming) form (which more or less is how I prefer poems to be for flow) this is ridiculous It gets tiring to read. (but I don’t write poems this long!!  I’m hoping the Poetic Edda is written in a less tiring way. Also I think there may just be too many characters in this or too much going on that I get bored and tune out.


There’s another story or 2, but sadly I don’t remember the titles.  I took a break from it to read Wicked Charms by Janet Evanovich… Now I can’t seem to find it next to my bed and I don’t see it in my discard (sale/give away) pile.

But hey maybe its better that way. Though I could hae used it to read the other night as I couldn’t fall asleep and at least the first story I could only read a few pages a sitting (maybe 2 or 3) before I’d start to feel tired (and get a little headache)

I’m hoping the next story in it Is not as long, also for me reading a poem that’s a story (at least not the first story in this) is a bore.

While I respect someone sitting there (hopefully patiently) writing an entire story in poetic form, I hope the Poetic Edda will be more interesting than this way.  It felt like those last few minutes of class or work til vacation that never seem to want to end.

ONce I find it and read more I’ll update it here. My apologies for the incomplete review.

So I have now found the book. The Miller’s Tale and The Tale of the wife of Bath I will  add those reviews here once I can finish each of them.



2018   Blu-ray   1:50  R

American Paratroopers are to dropped behind enemy lines after their plane is hit in 1944 just before Allied Forces D-day.

To execute a critical mission~ to take out the communication tower, instead they find themselves in the middle of a Nazi science experiment made nightmare.

Not sure if you want to call it a zombie movie, as it focuses more on the soldiers and story than the Underground Horror.  The guy that plays the Corporal reminds me of Charlie Hunnam  (at least in the beginning) I thin the syrum just makes them look worse over time (I theorize they should have used less.) Not sure if they are any better looking than the ones on Walking Dead… But they are a different type of Horror and gore.

Dead Snow was another cool movie, and though I don’t think I can compare them in any way aside from the Nazis (well Dead Snow had Nazi Zombies, These we those they basically kidnapped or took as prisoners.

I will also admit that I watched it because Iain De Caestecker aka Fitz from Agents of SHIELD is in it. (but wasn’t really sure it WAS him until I saw it.

They make it more about the troops, and story than the weird Nazi Experiments… (though I kinda wonder… are they working on a Winter Soldier as well?)

The Lost tribe

2010     R    1:30     Marc Baoher, Brianna Brown, Hadley Fraser, Nick Mennell, Emily Foxler


Don’t think I’ve heard of any of these actors before…aside from Lance Henriksen

I’ve seen a movie exactly like it before this just has different actors. (I thought it was Justin Baldoni in the other movie, but none of the titles on  his filmography  ring a bell. Change that.. I found it, they had a different title for it and at least Kellan Lutz was in it.


This one is a bunch of friends on a yacht see a person floating in the water and stupidly save him. (You stupid idiots he could be a pirate. I’d have zip tied him hands and  feet top side before I fixed him up.  He eventually freaks out (like the girl in Texas Chainsaw) about turning around you are going the wrong way. The dumb ass that keeps ‘watch’ ono him, closes the door instead of leaving the cabin door open to be sure if he wakes doesn’t do anything stupid. So they deserve what’s coming to them!  The guy somehow gets out through a porthole (above the room) and cuts a sharp turn Back to where he doesn’t want to be. The boats runs on some rocks and sinks.

The lot of the swim to what is thought to be an uninhabited island, but turns out to be the Lost Tribe, the lost link to our evolution.


For absolute Unoriginality      F


If you watch this and the Forgotten Ones aka After Dusk they come You will see what I mean.

Ghost of a Chance (A Chintz ‘N China Mystery by Yasmine Galenorn

186885The home where my nana live has 2 really tall bookshelves (I know they are over 8 feet tall and the ceiling is reasonably high so maybe at least 16 -18 feet tall)

One night, the spirit of a woman  shows up at the end of Emerald’s bed, trying to ask for help. She ends up writing her plea that her husband killed her. The next day, in the obituaries, turns out the woman Emerald had at the end of her bed was author Susan Mitchell and died of a diabetic coma. She’d been in the hospital 4x already over the year, and so people think it was just an ‘accident of not having a handle on the condition.

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Avengers: Endgame


2019         RUNTIME:   3 hours         STARS: (I would hope you’d know this by now)

I’m sure I sound like a broken record by now. I always wonder how am I supposed to write a review of a movie without spoiling it for others, . (especially being the trailers do enough of that in my opinion). Besides, there will be plenty of others writing their reviews that will Likely    somehow ruin something for you.  I swear its like Fight club, 1st rule …don’t talk about fight club however you just feel a gun to your head when it comes to Marvel’s. 

1 thing  I CAN tell you before we start Is there is no official mid and Post credit SCENE (hint hint). Now because I was told this, I didn’t stay for the whole credits. I later find out there MIGHT be a subtle clue. (That article is in the Spoiler section)

Its been a week (or more) since it came out and I mulled things over. I do hope after holding back a week, that its fair game and write my review without ruining anything.

For an 11am showing it was a packed theater. I even saw one of the viewing rooms started at 7 something am!!!! WHAT!!!

Were schools off for Eater or spring break? If not there were a lot of kids playing hookey. I heard it made was it 60 million over opening weekend or was it 6 billion. (6 billion might include international, though I heard it off-hand)  Avengers: Endgame Breaks International Box Office Records

They had a Thanos Dance video sadly I can’t find it but I did find one of the Dancing Thanos  Dancing thanos had the entire theater tickled Hysterical! Sadly being I don’t have that clip for you, hopefully you haven’t seen this. Then I’ll get on with my actual review…


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Home Sweet hell

2015    R    1:38

Katherine Heigl, Patrick Wilson, Jordana Brewster, Jim belushi  Aj Buckley

I like how they did the credits with her ‘My Goal book’ Scrapbook.

Overbearing wife and mother of 2 Mona is married to Don Champagne (and yes, they have a Champagne & Furniture business) Her daught is an uptight pain just like her, and the son just like dad.

She has a goal book and plans every little thing and tries to always look and be perfect.. seriously but she is no stepford wife her maiden name had to be Hyde!

She is one devious B***and when he tells her he’s had an affair she stays all to calm and says to kill her.

Morbidly funny (but not in a laugh out loud sort of way)

I enjoyed most of it, especially the end. Poor Don (Patrick Wilson) Talking about an oppressive environment. How can anyone love anyone like her?


Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

BBC/ BBC America   Elijah Wood, Samuel Barnett


That opening scene with all the bodies WOW! Who or What (and how many) did that? What a bloody massacre!

The detective character reminds me of the Zany David Tennant or Matt Smith versions of Doctor Who. HE was Hired six weeks in advanced of the death of who hired him, to solve it.

Wait, did I just hear a Thor Joke?!? Oh just realized this is the first season and episode.

This does not seem like a mystery of the week deal, but does it take them the whole season to figure it out?

So I’m not sure what I think of the show, it will likely take me a few more episodes (when I can find them) to make a full decision, sadly I have not caught it on BBC America again.