ALL the comedies I liked like Dads, the one with the blind father, Enlisted just to name a couple of the better ones  (& previous to that also S^!+  my dad says )  So let’s HOPE This one stays. Because of losing all my favorites from last year, I was surprised this was coming back for a 2nd season, but quite happy.

My favorite comedy went from almost being canceled, to going  live on air (instead of a pre-recorded taping) and it’s been a hit!

I honestly had to make sure I went to the bathroom before I watched this so I wouldn’t have an accident when I laugh.

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Roman J Israel Esq.

2017  PG-13  2:02   Crime, Drama  Denzel Washington, Colin Ferrell

Idealistic lawyer goes from respectful man, to become like the rest of the leeches after his business partner the legendary civil rights icon William Henry Jackson dies.

Roman is recruited by a former student of Henry’s, the ambitious George Pierce.


His legacy is to put to the test on the Langstone Bailey case; A young man accused of murdering a convenience store clerk.

When the movie first starts I thought I was accidentally sent something else as I thought I saw the afro of Samuel L. Jackson! from Pulp Fiction or Glass.


“The real crimes are not outside, but within “

the ‘dead body’ was kinda funny.


The Predator

2018  R 1:47  See the source image action, adventure, Sci-fi, Horror

Boyd Holbrook , Alfie Allen, Keegan-Michael Key,Trevante Rhodes, Thomas Jane, Sterling K. Brown

I take this is a sequel considering the tag line (but honestly I don’t remember how many (minus alien vs. Predator) there are.

I don’t really remember the previous movies I saw them so long ago, but I’m thinking this one would be considered a comedy compared to the others.

After a jungle battle some allies in Latin America vanish and a crew of combat vets are dispatched to locate them, but all they find is dead bodies and an encounter with the predator. McKenna finds some proof of his encounter and mails it home.

Thomas Jane’s character has turrets and while its not a laughing matter it ends up creating some funny moments and lines, like when he has a gun in his face.

Its almost Halloween and McKenna’s autistic son has the choice between being a pirate and Frankenstein.  He answers the door when a package is delivered and opens it. Guess what he’s dressing as for Halloween! (forget the mask I want the arm thing.

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Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

2018  NR  1:30 Blue ray  Udo Kier Thomas Lennon

With the hope of selling a mint Blade doll at a Texas convention, the recently divorced Edgar hits the road with his Girlfriend and boss.

First off what happened to the Blade Doll?!?!?! I used to call it the reaper. Now its got a make-over and to me not for the better… talk about plastic surgery gone bad lol.

See the source imageIt’s the 30th anniversary of the Tulon murders, and its being celebrated with a convention complete  with a tour of the Tulon mansion and an auction of the dolls.






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The Nun

See the source image

The castle looks familiar for some reason,

If that hallway with the crosses and mist isn’t creepy, I don’t know what is. But what is behind that  Finit hic deo = God ends here door?

A nun’s suicide leads to an investigation of the abbey,deep in the woods of Romania by the Vatican. Their trusted man that specializes in unexplainable happenings, is dispatched. A young Nun, who has yet to take her vows is also dispatched by her convent.

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2017   sci-fi,Action, thriller  Gerard Butler Jim Sturgess


After a decade of extreme climate change and entire cities being decimated by floods (new York being one of them), storms, and so on.

The world unites to make Project Dutch Boy, a series of satellites that form a net surrounding the earth with Geo engineering technology designed to prevent the next big storm.

After 2 years of saving the earth and its residents from extinction, something seems to have malfunctioned when the U.N. finds a snowy village in Afghanistan, and all within looking like they were flash frozen.

Ooh a tornado that came up from below Hong Kong and Ii didn’t even see anything shake!

The net reminds me of the Longitude and Latitude lines on a map, and they always said they’re ‘imaginary’ apparently not in this.. wonder if they lined them up to those coordinates too.

That is what you get for making something that can be hacked let alone giving the government having a hand in it.

Talk about a freeze frame, that totally gnarly wave you expect to see some surfing on and instead poof…

The B.S politics takes away, wish there was more carnage, destruction and chaos.

Some really cool lightning and Nice Shootin Lady! …”marry her!”

You’ve heard and maybe even seen the leaning tower of Pisa, wait til you see what leans at the end.





mmm do you consider this a saboteur or terrorist?

Strangely scary sporting mascots to haunt your dreams

strangely scary sporting mascots to haunt your dreams