Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon

Suicide Squad’s Joel Kinnaman

Biggest Lavish Netflix series ever -Enteretainment Weekly

Set in the futuristic world of the acclaimed sci-fi novel which you probably haven’t heard of where people in a sense, live forever. It’s based on the Richard K. Morgan 2002 cyberpunk novel set 300 years in the future when your Mind & soul can be put in a new body by a digital implant called a ‘Stack’. The body’s are called ‘sleeves’ which you can get a free one or for whatever the price, you can buy a better one.

Joel’s ‘sleeve’ character is brought back with Takeshi Kovacs an elite soldier along for the ride. He is brought back after a centuries-long  to investigate rich guy Laurens Bancroft’s murder, who is now in the sleeve of James Purefoy.

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Zak Bagans : I Am Haunted

Zak Bagans I am Haunted: Living Life through the dead Book Cover Title: Zak Bagans I am Haunted: Living Life through the dead
Author: Zak Bagans
Genre: Paranormal (I’m guessing)
Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing
Release Date: February 10, 12015
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 272

From reading the description on amazon I take we get to go along for the ride with Zak while he investigates hauntings, maybe his own house that’s haunted (and in quite a bit of jealousy on my part.. with his very own dungeon!) Possibly mention more findings from the Dracula Castle special which aired October 31st, 2013.

Aside from assuming, which I do not like to do (because of the disappointment that follows) I can only imagine what this books is going to be about. I can’t wait. (mm Maybe I should re-read Dark World before this comes out,  til then I hope you will as well.

Stay tuned and as soon as it comes out I  will get it, (I’ve alrady pre-ordered & Paid for it)  & get a copy of Dark World & for some interesting tunes his Necrofusion album!


Head Ghost Adventures P.I. (in this case.. Paranormal Investigator) Zak Bagans has travels the haunted realms of the world, Romania, The Winchester Mansion and the Edinburgh Vaults  are just a few of the memorable places where they’ve gotten ‘Locked-down’. This all started with a documentary movie Zak, Nick & Aaron made back in 2004 when a brick or piece of lumber was thrown by an unforeseen force .

If Zak’s second book release is anything like the first  it will equally give us a look inside his life (maybe hopefully about the ghosts at his house and especially his own Dungeon… I’m So jealous!!!) as well as Ghost Adventures We get an introduction to the GAC (Ghost Adventures Crew)  I just hope there’s an explanation as to why Nick Groff has been missing in the current season)

A chapter on the Demon house mentions at the end that there will be a movie set  to come out in 2015 (I’m guessing it’s a travel channel documentary)

One of the pictures in the book made me laugh but it’s not because of the pose or the item that made me laugh.. He has a bracelet with a cross wrapped around his fingers… and as I said it’s not the pose etc. but the fact I’ve seen those same bracelets in the dollar store!

Most of the pages seem to be only a few pages (maybe 15 or less minutes of reading time) so far the only one I’ve seen that seems to be a ‘full chapter’ of pages is the one on the demon house.

So Zak being a Vampire FANatic like myself (& a card carrying err Fang barring member) he has been inducted to the Sabertooth Clan and you can see a couple of pictures of Zak with his fangs on.

One of the questions the book asks is if more than one spirit can inhabit a body, Zak covers the health risks of the job and for a guy who hates clowns & Dolls and with some just the looks of some I can understand  and if you saw the  episode harold the Doll is no joke!  Zak also covers the weather’s ‘Paranormal’ connection and his own to Kurt Corbain & Lane Stanley 2 members from the grunge rock era that were taken by their own demons. Speaking of which demons, Zak finally covers Ouija boards which people always recklessly use thinking it’s a ‘game’  Try looking up the rules and be sure to follow them.

Other topics is Location disappointments, debunking, Guest Investigators (which I love when someone comes in I recognize.. Vince Neil & What was that characters name from the Roadhouse on Supernatural?) and GHosts of Girlfriends past or well more so the fact that they get chased away by them  and how some of his fans scare him.

Order here via Amazon

I noticed today (September 13) on my twitter feed a post from Zak Bagans host of Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures that he is coming out with a follow up Release (due to drop) February 10 2015 titled I am Haunted: Living Life through the dead . So I guess with some of the money I get from my Birthday and holidays I will get that.

I accidentally came upon his book Dark World in 2011 while looking for some ‘Halloween reading'(I always try to find something new and creepy to read in October), I didn’t even know he was writing a book, let alone heard one being released around that time.I came across Dark World on one of the tables in Barnes & Noble and was quite surprised to see it (like it was a sign) sadly I didn’t have enough to get it at the time so I had to wait. You can find the review for that on My Zak Bagans page Some highlights though, I had to laugh when I first got the book, as I thumbed through it there’s some pictures, as well as checking out the sections, in which one is titled “So you want to date me?” The books has some insites to what you didn’t get to see in some of the episodes to that point. THere were a couple of parts I remember from the shows that actually had my hair stand on end (too bad it wasn’t at least a bit of the hair on my head I was never able to do that in the 90s with the big hair) Now it’s so long well… I’m getting off topic here but It ends up being in a bun or pony tail) Dark World is an enjoyable read even if you are a skeptic. It’s written as far as I remember as if he’s right there having a conversation with you, which I think is the best way to write a book (unless of course you are writing a story of course)

as soon as I have the book I will review it for you

Zak also has an album .

Reading Infograph

High Spirits

See the source image

1988   PG-13    Daryl Hannah, Peter O’Toole, Steve Guttenberg, Jennifer Tilly, Liam Neeson, Beverly D’Angelo

Peter Plunkett’s ancestral home and hotel has a viral case of vacancies. He therefore launches an ad campaign that falsely portrays the Irish castle as being haunted. A few Americans make the trip over, a priest, a parapsychologist and his family and the Crawford couple, played by Guttenberg and D’Angelo .

Jack Crawford is a nice guy, but not sure why he married Sharon as she comes off as a cold bitch. Not sure why they married, but it can’t be because they loved each other.

The hotel crew rigs the place up with wiring for their banshee, and a variety of other parlor tricks. Once the parapsychologist calls Bull S*** the silliness ends and he real haunting begins.

Neeson and Hannah play a tragic married couple, Mary and Martin Brogan which were killed on their wedding night. Well at least Mary as Martin thought she was cheating cause she didn’t like his warty stinky self.

I still like to book reservations when I see that its on.  When I get away to this castle while it may be disheveled, I do have a laugh and love the haunting good time..,however if you do not like ‘Whiting’ you might want to bring some of your own snack foods for the visit.

At one point a wall floats through the air brick by brick and what’s within comes alive. The zombies or ghosts whatever they are supposed to be have cakey make-up and such. The FX aren’t too bad, other than the make up.

This would be a movie I’d nominate for a remake. Maybe with Kevin Hart (or Jeff Dunham) in Guttenberg’s place, Jennifer Lawrence in Daryl Hannah’s Role maybe Liam Neeson could play Plunkett this time.


Wonder Woman

See the source image2017   Gal Gardot, Chris Pine

running time-too long

I never intended on watching this as I thought it looked stupid and like all the other DC movies, other than it was a period piece, and has Chris Pine in it.

PLEASE, someone, explain to me WHY this was raved about?   I guess the other women of the world don’t know a good movie when they actually see one.  This was just hyped out of everyone’s ass, frankly, it looks like it belongs in a toilet or a swamp. Actually the colors LOOK like swamp water

I suppose this will actually be nominated for the new Oscars category “just because”   First of all, its a cure for insomnia 2. its a dour, depressing period piece and they always seem to like those sort of films.

The Action FX and just Computer FX are even worse in some areas with the jerky moves of the characters computer copy (especially when getting on horses. If it’s not a close up of them getting on,…  KI just can’t.  I’ve seen amateur FX better than this. It seems like a Captain America knock off, only in this I’m not sure if its Chris Pine or Wondedr Woman who is supposed to be Captain America.

Gal Gardot just doesn’t cut it as Wonder Woman, and her costume looks more copper or bronze than red, and instead of yellow, there’s brass.  But I understand we can’t have some brightly colored anything in the DC universe. Also, the character is just obnoxious. I think Hera or Artemis needs to come down and put her on her ass. She runs off constantly she’s like one of those religious zealots that don’t take the hint.

I think she would be beset off in non-action movies but then again let’s hope the next movie or whatever she’ll be in (as wonder woman or not) will be better acted by her as well as better FX. The movie has no heart, no emotion.


The ONLY good part so far I’ve heard or seen is Wonder Woman saying the snow ‘is magical’ which I always say. Go figure!


The Lawnmower Man

See the source image1992  Jeff Fahey, Pierce Brosnan, Dean Norris

Until recently I’ve never watched this.  I’d imagine being from the 1990s that this was some breakthrough for Graphic FX, not to mention the start of Virtual reality?

Not sure why I never saw this when It was out, maybe to me even then it looked sort of cartoon cheesy. I was wrong. I’m surprised at the graphics for it being the early 90s even though it still looks like some 1980’s music video to me;Oh yeah and those suits look a bit too “TRON” to me but aside from those things the story is interesting and flows well but if any movie needs an update, this one is in need at least for the Visual FX.

I think this is considered a classic, but I could be wrong.

Aside from the graphics it somewhat still holds up to the test of time.