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Book #2 by C.S. Lewis   started February 19 Feb 23rd… (Incomplete) Did not finish..’penalized’ myself by cashing in 3 of the banked days & will not read Book #3 of the Trilogy “That Hideous strength. It wasn’t just the first book falling apart. It was the writing of the book, it may be well detailed to paint a picture in your mind of being on the planet and such but for me if a book of this size (just a bit over 200 pages.. while the first was 100+) should not take me longer to read than 7 days. Being I had to use 3 days to finish the first.. that should not have happened. For me reading this second book was one of those teddious chores that you half ass the job and rush through. I’m not sure weather I was doing this on purpose or not but I noticed I would skip over parts or re-read others when I took a break. For me the writing just does not flow as I’d like for me to be able to read it. I think any insomniac however by my point of view would love the trilogy as I think after reading about 5 pages I’d have to take a break myself this would probably put them to sleep. I’m sad to give up on reading it as I do not like quitting, as well as it was a good story.

One good thing that came out of the first book at least… it inspired me to write a poem! (I was hoping soemthing in these other 2 would get me 2nd & 3rd stanzas to the poem but I just can’t do it (unless I read the last half of the 2nd along with reading anothe book as I’ve done before but defeats the purpose of having a 7 day deadline to finish each book etc.

The Paths We Choose

Paul Blart Mall Cop

The Penguins of Madagascar –

2014  PG 1:32 Blu-ray

Those efficiently funny and quite capable penguins; Skipper, Private , Rico & Kowalski  from previous Madagascar films finally have their own film. In this they go fin to tentacle with Dave. Dave  seeks revenge over all the cute animals (the Penguins) that took all the attention from other animals at zoos & aquariums .  The penguins sort of team up with a covert group  called the Northwind consisting of a Wolf, Polar bear, Tiger, Owl, and a seal. The wolf is the alpha of this pack and is quite arrogant. For a villain, dav is too damn perky, yes its a nice change to the dower downers but it’s sort of freaking me out! He has good taste though, but then again his submarine is Purple & green! I LOVE those colors together!  The movie is enjoyable  but they are not as funny as I remember them in the previous films. Not sure if it was because of the writer, or that they are best left to ‘minor’ characters (who are not so minor with their big personalities. I remember them more than the other characters from the movie. Them & the Lemur with his sidekick are my faves!)  C


1994  PG-13   Comedy  you can chalk up to as a before they were stars deal. Chris Young, Jeremy Piven as ‘Droz’  Alex Désert as Mullany  Darin Heames as Dave #2  Jon Favreau plays Gutter David and Spade plays the antagonist Rand McPherson  the former owner of the frat house

Tag line :”Flunk’em if you can’t take a joke”   a senior from High School visits Portchester University for the weekend I was calling them a Hippy Frat but it’s more stoner, the 60s era looking clothes screwed me up. There’s a Frizbee game between WoMYNST house and Jerry something for the guys) as in Garcia) Oh wow Cameo from George Clinton (the Funkmeister), and another use for the club (you know that thing they put on the wheel so someone can’t drive off with it?  A House called The Pit which is Piven’s characters house is in some sort of trouble and they need to raise money to keep it, and so it won’t be expelled or something. Meanwhile Spade’s character Rand is in cohoots with the president and I’m guessing Sabotaging them and getting other students to make complaints against the house or just doing it himself.  Sort of Revenge of the Nerds, Animal House and maybe a bit of Dazed and Confused thrown in.  Another classic (cult fave? to add to your summer movie viewing list.)

Penny Dreadful (season 1) –

this I wanted to see but sadly I don’d have showtime so I had to wait for video. Dark Victorian times with Dorian Grey, Victor Frankenstein, the wolfman and more. For those into classic horror I think would get some of the inside mentions and ‘jokes’ . I hope there will be a 2nd season. I was wondering where wolfman was, and had an idea of who it may be but I wasn’t sure. Oh sure NOW he’s out of the closet WHY did we have to wait til the finale?  C

A Pinch of Poison (Hemlock Falls Mysteries, #3)A Pinch of Poison

by Claudia Bishop

Have not really been able to read much since I am my aunt’s. For some reason I only seem to get to reading  a page or 2 (if I’m lucky 5) a day for some reason, I’m thinking this is because of the Cat-ertainment.  So now I’m home, I’m finally getting caught up and on track.

Hemlock falls sounds like a quaint little town and I like the name of the place! (After all hemlock is a deadly tree!So that right there tells ya about the town or at least series.) So reading through so far there’s work going on at the Inn, some mini mall plan going on and the sound of something crooked going on with it. Then there’s the new guy (still trying to keep up with all the characters names) who runs a ‘rag mag’ which at first I thought was going to be the mystery …wrong. Around page 60 the mystery or what starts it is finally found!

Was a good read however the reveal wasn’t even climatic (or remotely surprising) even though I didn’t even suspect the person! Stoker you’d think is more trying to sabotage the Inn than help

This also has a recipe included for Crab Clouds in the back.

Notes & Quotes

Quill ” Maybe some muscle bound cretin  or sleeveless t-shirt came clouching  through the front  door  with a cigarette hanging from his lower lip and sweat rolling off his biceps  and seduced her away”

Meg ” What?”

Quill;  “Nothing. It’s just Hot. It’s august and I feel…Witchy”

Disapprobation- strong Disapproval usually on moral grounds

Gladstone Bag – Here’s a link for Vintage ones 

Tempenade   Shibui   croesus

Semaphore- System of signalling with the arms or 2 flags (like  they do for planes)
Order A Pinch of Poison via Amazon *   find more info on Goodreads


The Player

Playing With Fire – Katie MacAlister

Playing with Fire (Silver Dragons, Book 1)Katie MacAlister’s Dragon Septs

KatieMacAlister official site

so I’m around or a little over 50 pages in, and gather that the subjects of the story are supernatural twins by that I mean one is a naiad along with her doppleganger shadowwalker. One is bound to a demon lord and has her stealing from others.

Some mistake her identity for being asian and that’s the fun of this I have so far gathered. Oh right & there’s some dragons (so things may get hot & torublesome)

Wed. 12th- SOOO behind! I’m only a little over 100 pages in 😦 but then I’ve been erraticaly going through some of my stuff so I can sell it at my next tag sale. Plus a couple of other things I’ve been busy with. Oh well guess I’ll have to try a mad dash for a day or 2 or use a few of my banked days.

So some of the info on the dragons is that There are Black green as well as Silver dragons. Wyverns are leaders of the septs. The Black & Silver dragons were part of one sept. and one of them (the silver) cursed the black to never have a mate born to them until one becomes leader of the silver dragons (or something like that.) Between May & her ‘twin’ and meeting dragons I’m sure you know what that’s going to end up leading to.   This is a moderately good read. Enjoyable if you like ROmance, Dragons and other fantasy (or supernatural) presence in a story this would be good for you.  I can say this, its never boring, can be a bit funny and portrays a little of all the emotions.   for more info or to order via amazon ->Playing with Fire (Silver Dragons, Book 1)

Plum Lovin’ by Janet Evanovich

From the time I started on the 8th (read 40 pages) & read the rest of the book on the 9th… it took me a day to read So it’s a page turner for sure, it’s funny real review & notes to the Full review you can find  on my Stephanie Plum/Janet Evanovich page Who’s Stephanie Plum

Point Break  (2015) 

Political Animals

Poltergeist (2015)


That was somewhat cool in a way, even though it was sort of like phone booth (I didn’t like that movie)  only this was based in a raio station in the town of Pontypol Ontario and a disease spreads but cannot be cured with a drug. You don’t see anything of what goes on outside and I start thinking that maybe this is going to end up being a War of the Worlds radio broadcast type hoax at the end, and it all happens on a very snowy day. I enjoyed the suspense and the original idea on how the virus spreads, so for that B

Practical Demon keeping

Practical Demonkeeping

Vocab= nomenclature– the act or process in name or designation,like as set or system of terms in a certain community ie: Music, art, movies, sciences

Quotes & fave lines: “I’ve seen more intelligence in the crotch lice of heram whores’ Practical demonkeeping


Practical Demonkeeping

Well this is an interesting read. It’s supposed to be a bit of a comedy (or so I was told & there are a few) The characters on the cover.. are Travis (the ‘human’ & Catch the demon) THere is a bit of a backstory ( to long to include here) on the demon, as well as how Travis became the keeper. It’s a bit of an adventure, Mystery with other elements mixed in. There are a few characters to keep track of and at time I had to pause to think a bit to be sure I was still with the book. I’ve come across a few mistakes that i think the editor missed as well that I had to re-read the spot a time or 2 thinking I was reading the wrong line.

Epaulets– a shoulder ornament worn on military uniforms especially that of a fringed strap Examples

FugueDefination from Merriam webster

Trilobites-a fossile group of marine anthropods that are now extinct

Quotes & fave lines: ‘While a tarryton extra long dangles from her lips dropping long ashes down the front of her sweater like the smoking terds of a tiny ghost poodle’ (this one gave me a chuckle when I first read it

Mavis: “What, you three got thirty years of college between you and not enough smarts to dial a phone without a blueprint?”

Howard: “Astute Observation

Catfish: ” I ain’t got no College”

Mavis “Well cheers to you for being just naturally stupid”

Surfers don wetsuits against chill of storm waves and “white sharks adjust their diets to include shrink wrapped dude snacks on fiberglass crackers”

(LOVE the Metaphors!)


Pride Prejudice and Zombies

Priestess Dreaming by Yasmine Galenorn

Roz and Vanizir  try to help the sisters with the Yule season decorations, by purchasing a spell which is botched by a portal to the Northern lands of otherworld opening in their living room.  The Holly king (the true non-christian incarnation of Santa)

Camille has had some dream of a large dragon and a ‘Wyrm’ which are the titans of the current dragons. The Wyrms were not able to change form like Smokey is) They are alien to those of the Dragon Reaches.

Camille is sent by Derisa to go on a quest to find someone from the clues

‘Only sorcerer lived longer than many of the great fae lords. From Noble  Line. His powers are renowned, the ancient druid father and lead them with fortitude and might…

I think this may just be MERLIN!   Which I’ve noticed of late has been being called ‘The Merlin’ so as it’s not just a name but a title The path of the priest to the hunter, The Father of the Druids is the son of earth mothe’s consort. Therin that hold the title are neither hman nor fae for they are reborn into what they they become when they take the post. They are born to it, and trained for it (like the Dalai Lama) the boy is chosen when young and trained when the reigning Merlin knows he’s  nearing his time. The rite is dark and treaturous and changes them. They live for thousands of years and are not kind old men like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings. This Merlin was last known as Myrddin

Talamh Lonrach Oll “Land of the shining apples’

THe will  O’ the wisps  are spawned from the souls of the dead fae who were killed in the woods on the moors and fields. (No matter how death occurred, Murder natural or war) There a fungus that only grows in the woodlands and fields that when one of the fae die nearby, he toadstool drains the energy  as the soul leaves the body. With this the toadstool releases a number of tiny  wil o the wisps which do not carry the departed’s consciousness. The soul goes on to their Land of the Silver Falls and the energy released upon dying  feeds the brth of the Wil O the wisps, a symbiotic relationship.

This part of the book reminded me of a story my pop pop would tell me.

THe Walls and ceiling of the cave were covered in a myriad of crystals – long spikes of quartz and Amethyst and citrine.

You can find more on the otherworld series here  and about the author


Project Almanac

The Pyramid

2014     R        1:29    Egyptian Archaeologists by satellite find a three sided pyramid  beneath the desert floor. Once they enter, they find themselves lost in the catacombs  and being stalked. What could be stalking them when even they weren’t aloud in?  From the way it started I take its supposed to be based on a true story and they just added the horror element to it. Considering this was out (I think) give or take the same time as,   As Above so Below was which was in the Paris catacombs. That as it was marketed as horror got a D, but as an adventure movie I gave it a C. The Pyramid was marketed as horror and definitely has more than one element of  horror to it, like a quick what was that here and there, and has a basis with the Egyptian Gods and The Egyptian Book of the Dead. The Monster at the ‘end’ of this Pyramid  I can’t complain about the costume or Spcial FX for the Half man half jackal Anubis or combo of the 2. I’m sure it was costume though as I saw eyes that looked all too human to me. I would think looking in this ‘monster’s’ eyes there should have been either black or red contacts or make it look like there are no eyes at all considering the justice sort of thing it has.  That is the only beef I have with it as far as the ‘costume’. As for the small ‘creatures’ I already didn’t like that breed, I dislike them even more now! It might seem slow going at the start, but not i a bad way. It picks up momentum and I was actually excited and best of all surprised by it! (I guess being as I thought it would be a disappointment. B

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