Game of Thrones or Risk

This is a post I originally wrote up on writedge so while this mostly remains the same as that I have updated it for my blog so this is a back issue of sorts yet ‘new at the same time

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Peter Dinklage ,Lena Headey ,Emilia Clarke ,Kit Harington, Sophie Turner , Maisie Williams , Ian Glen, Aidan Gillen, Gwendoline Christie, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau,Isaac Hempstead Wright, Nathalie Emmanuel ,  MORE

One of my must watch (live) tv series is Game of Thrones; an epic adventure, fantasy, ‘war games’ so to speak, which is based on the book series “A Song of Fire & ice” by George R.R. Martin.

The opening credits reminds me of the Risk board game, in which was mentioned in an article about the show. I had a bit of a laugh at that and was glad it wasn’t just me that noticed it) If you have paid attention through 4 seasons to Daenerys Targaryen; she is playing Risk or so seems to me. Think about it she’s capturing cities along the way as well as capturing hearts. She’s been fair; just, letting the slaves of these cities go free; most of which choose to be in her army. She is called Kalissi which means the Mother of Dragons in which she was given three dragon eggs as her wedding gift to Khal Drogo.

The first season I think would be safe to say, had people floored not to mention jaws dropping. By now it’s no spoiler to say, the death of main character Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark (played by Sean Bean) lord of Winterfell had jaws dropping. Once this happened we knew no one would be safe as he was one of the (most ?) beloved characters of the show if not the top one or heart of it. I love that it’s not just one story, (though yes it is) but it is like multiple stories within one, and as far as the show goes is easy to follow (I’m not so sure would be the same way for me with the books but I will eventually try).

The Stark family are noble and fair they are the protectors of the North and are represtented by the direwolves.See the source image

Besides the Stark Clan, Daenerys & her brother, her husband Drogo, and her dragons we also meet the Lannisters. This family, well frankly if you are part of it, you might want to find a new one! The sister Cercei is the biggest backstabber, Tyrion is a dwarf and therefore basically considered a bastard, a womanizer and drunk, & Jamie the ‘Golden son’ is the swoon worthy handsome one who is way too close to his sister! and hey are the cause of one of the youngest Stark  boys being badly injured.

Arya is the youngest (at least of the girls) and is a tom boy, very determined. Sansa is more the damsel in distress, and immediately starts crushing on Joffrey upon meeting him. Robb Stark is the eldest and I don’t think we see him much, Bran is the youngest of the boys and has second sight and though he cannot walk of his own accord sets out with friends on a journey. Then we have quiet & a bit innocent Jon Snow which to me becomes more likable as the series goes on (esp. in the fourth season).

I have not yet read the books so my hopes for who takes the iron throne would be Kalissi, Arya or Jon but mostly the Dragon mother! (as I was born the year of the Dragon so a little nepotism there) Also it may not matter in the books who takes the throne as being the author of the books has yet to write or finish the next book. the series will be back for its 8th season in the first half of 2019, and therefore will have veered off of whatever the story may be that George RR Martin writes (as I’m not sure if there is any communication between the creators of the show and the author, or what book(s) season 6 or 7 covered.

For those of you who haven’t started watching the series, by now you need to hurry and binge those first 7 seasons.


Season 4 I found to be the most exciting season so far. I have read in Entertainment weekly that the 4th season  had the shows highest ratings to that point and though I don’t want to see it end I can’t wait to see what happens throughout the rest of Westeros.

If you have watched every season but still have to catch up on the last few or on season 4, all I will say is don’t wait too long or it WILL be ruined! I will only say the last 2 episodes of season 4 were great! The 2nd to the last was epic and maybe a shocker or 2 for the finale!

Season 7 was absolutely epic especially the white army and the surprise that saddened me (and maybe many other fans as well)

So while I fear the last season I Can’t wait for the return


(in case the video does not show.)  Game of Thrones Season 1 Extras- Character profiles

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In what way do you enjoy the series?

For those of you that are into RPG. I came across a character sheet for you to use someone made on DeviantArt

I am working on a Classic Cuts of the series however I am not sure when that will be finished


The Pacifier

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2005 PG  action/ Comedy     Vin Diesel, Brittany Snow, Lauren Graham, Max Thieriot,Brad Garrett ,Carol Kane

Vin Diesel plays a Navy Seal who becomes a body guard to the children of Government scientist Tate Plummer. His enemies are looking for his new program ‘Ghost’.

The kids are a mess when Vin’s Shane Wolfe shows up.


The Oldest son and daughter are always late, or missing classes. The baby is always throwing up on the nanny whose accent kills me when she says Max Thieriot’s  Seth “Walks like Dracula”

Oh yeah and there’s the pet mallard duck, which is a trip. Almost makes me want a duck for a pet. Wolfe gets the kids in shape by giving them the discipline they need at home and in school. The older daughter is up for getting her driving test, but she has been skipping classes. 

Seth is skipping wrestling, and Wolfe needs to figure out a way to change the baby’s diapers. Helping the younger daughter and her Fire Fly group with some cubs scout like troop of bullies.

If only all parents could be like Vin’s bodyguard. Of course being a family movie, everything works out in the end, then there’s that bonus for the guys of the family with the action and the end save.

I couldn’t believe that was Max compared to now, I actually had to look it up.

I thought this was a cute movie but I remember it not doing well.

The Meg- Pleased to Eat You

The Meg

Short for Megalodon, meaning Big Tooth.The gigantic shark of Jurassic proportions that lasted from the early Miocene period to the end of the Pliocene period. Its genus placement is still debated, authors normally place it in either Carcharocles (like Great whites), Megaselachus, Otodus, or Procarcharodon.  I am on the side of it being genetic ancestor of the Great White.

After a deep-sea submersible is attacked and dead at the bottom of one of the deepest trenches in the Pacific. The crew is trapped and its Jason Statham to the rescue as Jonas Taylor who encountered the monster mouth years before.  (I am sick of his action movies, but when I saw him I groaned but thought FINALLY its not a ‘Crank transporter expendable  Mechanic” movie. (all his above water ones seem to be the same movie)

Stats & Cast



Action, horror, sci-fi

RUN TIME: 1:53

Jason Statham, Cliff Curtis, Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose, Winston Chao,Page Kennedy, Jessica McNamee, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Robert Taylor, Sophia Shuya Cai and Masi Oka

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12 Strong

2018   R  2:10   Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, Michael Pena,Geoff Stults,William Fichtner Rob Riggle ,   IMDB page

The U.s. military sends out Task force dagger to Mazar-i-Sharif on a 3 week mission that Military planner said would take 2 months. I believe the mission was a  double one, part diplomatic as well(possibly) capture or Kill  Khaled.

The horse soldiers are one of the Militarys most stunning acheivements and Al-Queda considers it their worst defeat.

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Deep Blue Sea Double Feature

So I am likely at the theater watching THE MEG so I give you this in celebration of a shark that would eat all the other shark films under the sea!


The OriginalSee the source image

1999   R     1:42     action Sci-fi Thriller    Thomas Jane, Saffron Burrows, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Rapaport, Stellan Skarsgard, LL Cool J


Bigger. Smarter. Faster. Meaner.  Your Worst Fear is about to surface

Scientist loses Father to Alzheimer’s and is working on a cure. Part of that cure has to do with shark’s as they don’t get cancer and don’t lose their brain function. However the answer is in their brain, which does not produce enough of the fluid needed for the research. They use a Tiger shark, mako and another, though these were given (I forget what they said but) steroids in a sense.

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Ant man and the Wasp

2018   Pg-13  1:58  action, adventure, sci-fi

Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lily, Michael Peña ,Walton Goggins ,Bobby Cannavale ,Hannah John-Kamen ,Randall Park ,Michelle Pfeiffer ,Laurence Fishburne ,Michael Douglas ,David Dastmalchian ,T.I.

Scott Lang on house arrest with 3 days left, Scott does what he can to keep himself occupied. After having a dream where he finds himself as Janet playing Hide and Seek with a young Hope. He does what he’s not supposed to, contacting Hank Pym  to tell him. Scott is later tranquillized and wakes up in a micro vehicle with Hope. Hope and Hank have been working on a Quantum tunnel in hopes to bring back her mother Janet. Can people come back from the quantum realm? And if so how did she not die there? Did she find food, is that like crumbs and water drops to drink from:?

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TV-MA  2:06  mystery, sci-fi, thriller   Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd, Rob Kazinsky, Justin Theroux

The movie is as simple as IMDB’s description

“A mute bartender goes up against his city’s gangsters in an effort to find out what happened to his missing partner. ”

His missing partner is a waitress in what I’m pretty sure was some sort of strip club but the only ‘entertainment’ of that sort I noticed was the creepy robot doing the pole dance.

At least I was able to get through this, I had to stop watching BRIGHT (starring Will Smith) in the middle of the flick. I think they could have shaved off a few more minutes in some scenes being as while there is some action, all Leo does is look around and occasionally kick criminal ass.

So why does Leo’s partner go missing, besides to me how she does, or because of who…was obvious even without knowing the reason.

I love the vintage poster for the futuristic noir film. Oh and that guy in the bottom right with the white hair, I’d swear that was a character  from some Anime or manga show.