The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward

J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood

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Lover to Read

Yes I realize that’s a corny title, but for the moment I cannot think of anything else.

an Urban Fantasy paranormal Romance series , the Black Dagger Brotherhood is a group of warrirors that help to protect their kind against the Lessening Society, which are identified by the smell of baby powder or cotton candy (something sweet smelling)

In the past I had read the first book and then Lover Avenged came out and read that. So in 2013 I figured while I was doing a reading quest to get rid of as many books as I could, I decided to start collecting the rest of the BDB series to read in full (and likely keep the set). I didn’t get to even get to read the series for my 2013 ‘year of the book series’ quest but for 2014’s I can enjoy the books as I am not doing a full challenge to read a book in a certain amount of time . I ws burnt out by November (surprised I lasted that long!)

Within these pages you will find the books noted in order with what character is the star, as well as their mate and other information.

The listing of the books where I will include my reviews as well other sections that I will make notes in.

Other Characters of note (& who fans would like to see play them if there’s a movie)


The Savior -2019

There is a spin-off ‘Legacy’ series 

Next to Read.

 Lover unleashed

The Plan

Notes for the books.. Reviews in NEXT section

My Gods I wish I knew what the models name is, on the cover of Lover Avenged, so I know who I dream about at night. This picture is Scrumptious! If there’s ever a movie, can this guy actually play the character?(Finally I found out it’s at the bottom of the page)

I re-read Dark Lover & when I got to it Lover Avenged, being as i’d like to read the series all this year but not sur ehow that will work. I prefer to marathon read the series but I think I’ll take my time and read a book or two in between as I may just keep the series, to read again in the future. so it will give me a chance to read some that I do not plan to keep.

I can’t wait to use the insider’s guide. There’s are some ‘deleted’ scenes so I may read those as I read the books. I’ll have to put post its in the books to refer to the deleted scenes and read those as if it’s in the book. The insider’s guide also have Brotherhood Dosseries, interviews, board threads the brootherhood interviewing J.R. Ward and a few other goodies. I also think she should come out with a revised version all from the first insider’s guide and add a 2nd section for the books that came after it.

Series information (& totals)

(series) Start= February 23 ?*

I won’t be reading this like a marathon like I did with series in 2013 so there will be a start & stop for each book the Insider’s guide goes with as well.

*Insider’s Guide– Started Feb 23 (for Wrath’s Dossier and other information)

Series Info

*setting -takes place in Caldwell, New Jersey, and parts of New York

*Plot-The Black Dagger Brotherhood are highly trained vampire warriors who protect their species against the Lessening Society which is an order of slayers governed by the Omega for the purpose to obliterate Vampire kind.

*Antagonist– Members of the Lessening Society after they join, over time their features (hair, skin & eyes) start to pale.


Order ,Title, Brother & his ‘Shellan’

1. Dark Lover – Wrath & Beth

2. Lover Eternal – Rhage

3. Lover Awakened – Zsadist & Bella (& daughter Nalla)

4. Lover Revealed – Butch O’neal & Marissa

5. Lover Unbound -Vishous & Jane

6. Lover Enshrined -Phury & Cormia

7. Black Dagger Brotherhood Insider’s Guide

8. Lover Avenged – Rehvenge & Ehlena

9. Lover Mine – Darius/John Matthew & Xhex

10. Lover unleashed – Payne (sister of Vishous)  Manny

11. Lover Reborn – Tohrment & NoOne

12. Lover At last – Qhuinn & Blay

13. The King  (Wrath and Beth)

14.  The Shadows  Trez & iAm

15. Blood Kiss (Legacy spin-off series)  Paradice and Craeg

16 The Beast   Rhage and Mary

17  Blood Vow (Legacy series)  Axe and Elise

18 The Chosen  Xctor Leader of the Band of Bastards

 19. Blood Fury (Legacy)

20. Dearest Ivie –  Ivie & Silas

21 The Thief   Assail &b Sola

22. The Savior–   Murhder (2019)

*Links are to the amazon page for easy ordering. All formats so be sure you click the one you want

Kindle edition first 10 

Books 1-8 Kindle Bundle J.R. Ward The Black Dagger Brotherhood Novels 5-8 (Penguin Classics)

Which Black Dagger Brother is for you?

Here’s a click choose Quiz-I got Rhev! 🙂

J.R., Ward has mentioned Zsadist is her favorite character, & Dark Love the book in which she is most proud



hellren-husband or mated male vampire

shellan– wife or mated female

The Fade– died & passed to their spiritual place

Lessening society & lessers– vampire slayers a de-souled human Lessers must be stabbed through chest to be killed. Their features pale over time. The need not drink or eat and are impotent smell like baby powder and serve the omega

The chosen– previously used for unmated brothers to feed from

glymera – aristocratic core  of the vampires

princepts– highest level of vampire aristocracy 2nd to the King & Queen

leelen– term of endearment  translated  dearest one


aumahne– Aunt

needing period– Vampire PMS

transition– vampire puberty

ahstrux Nohstrum

Glossary of Terms



BDB Wiki page

besides the reviews I have also written what I have read of the descriptions J.R. Ward wrote for the brothers, and continue to do so as I read the books.

The World of the brotherhood – Caldwell NJ

“Live in a 4 story mansion made of greay stone like a place you’d ahve seen in promo for horror movies. Gothic gloomy & Oppressive with more shadows then a person felt safe around, with a small 1 story house across the way having the same Wes Craven feel with gargoyles on the roof.”

Clubs    Zero Sum,  Screamers & One Eye

The Tomb – Cast iron doors open to a 50 foot long hall with torches flickering with a 20 foot high ceiling with white stalactites ‘that hung down like daggers’. Black iron stations of candles as long as a man’s leg, & and thick as an arm

their ‘Sanctum Sanctorum‘ is carved out of bedrock veneered in black marble in the early 1700s when the first migration of them came over from Europe. In front was a raised platform, their Altar on top made out of a slab of limestone brought fromthe old country and propped up by 2 lintels. In the center was a skull. Behind the altara flat wall etched with the names of every brother that ever existed back to the very first whose crainium was on the altar. The inscriptions ran in panels covering every inch of the surface minus an unmarked area in the middle. This was six feet wide and ran the whole vertical of the marble expanse. About five feet up from the floor there were 2 thick pegs that jutted out positioned so a male could grip them and hold himself in place.

Temple of the Sequestered – On the other side where the Scribe Virgin lives and where one of the Chosen records the history of the BDB in seclusion

The mansion, Rituals & Vampire facts in general

Each of our characters has a physical flaw

Phury lost a leg
Wrath lost his sight
V lost a… testicle
Rhev has a barb in ‘there’
                                   Rhage  turns into a Dragon    (so NOT a flaw)
John Matthew is Mute
Quinn has 2 different color eyes


 character sketches may have information in them that do not come until later in the series.

I call the BDB to ORDER – Books 1-5

Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 1)Dark Lover   

Featuring Wrath

Started Feb 23 -March 17 (21 Days)

In the first book Darius is thinking of asking Wrath to help his daughter Beth (who doesn’t know about him or what he is) through the transition in case she goes through it. There is an attack on one of the brothers by the Omega while Beth is wanting an adventure which is sure to come

So this book is about Wrath To basically put it as one friend used to say “tall dark and oh my gods” or six feet and change monstrosity who has more than just an intimidating air about him. Long back hair and pale green eyes, which most do not get to see being he’s always wearing wrap around sungalsses due to hypersensitivty possibly due to his weak eyesight. Wrath is the last of his kind the only living pureblood vampire left on the planet and the king of his kind and he despises this. He has an almost insanely single minded purpose when it comes to hunting his enemies.

Mated to: Beth

child: Little Wrath (end of The King)

Pet=:cat named BOO   (Later..Dog George)

Family Color- Red & Black

tattoos: symbols noting his royal lineage on his inner forearms, his BDB tattoo Beth’s name carved into his back other body art as well.

Weapon(s) of Choice

*Throwing Stars (Typhoons) 3.1 oz of 4-40 stainless steel, 4 inch in diameter w/ Removeable center weight

*’Flashy set of knives’ Compeite metal, diamond hard, & beautifuly made by hand

*standard 9 mm Beretta & bullets (to kill lessers) Hollow & filled with some sort of liquid

Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 1)


Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 2)Lover Eternal  -Rhage

started- May 26 -June 7

Neon glowing iridecent “bahama blue stare” (Blue green) long lashes thick & wavy Blond hair lighter in front than back which was cut short. golden skin sculpted features “Mt Everest cheekbones,square jaw straight as an i-beam with soft full lips, broad forehead, and smells amazing” long tapered fingers big boned & thickly muscled body with no fat on it

Mated to: Mary Madonna Luce


Family colors- Blue Silver & black

tattoos: Multi Colored tattoo of a clawed Dragon covering entire back. Brotherhood scar on left peck muscle. Mary Madonna carved in old english into the skin of his upper back,

Nicknamed: Hollywood (or so Butch calls him)

Weapon(s) of Choice– His beast “Flickering in the monlight with it’s body covered in iridescent purple & Lime green scales” (OMG!! she described my dragon!) slashing tail with barbs, Long yellow claws and a wild black mane he turns when he is stressed or in pain

Car: Suped up Deep Purple GTO

Likes Tootsie pops (spc. the red wrapper ones)

vocab= Gauche- socially awkward, laking grace & tact

Dulcet- agreeable or pleansant to hear (becasue its soft or soothing)

 I thought I was in love with Rhevenge when I got that book (or at least the model on the cover) but Rhage’s alter ego is Purple & green & I love the way that looks together.. mmm which Brother to choose?) I this book we meet John Matthew, Bella & Mary. The Lessers have changed their strategies for wiping out the vampire race.

Rhage makes the ultimate sacrifice that just breaks your heart and we see a softer side to one scarry brother (but which one do I mean? The Dragon Or Z?) This one is a bit of an emotional Roller coaster

and he likes Tootsie Pops (grape)


Brotherhood Rules  

*If Rhage changes he’s on forced R & R for a couple of days

*After disposing of a Lesser, Vishous has to heal Butch


Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 3)Lover AwakenedZsadist

started= August 1, 2014 –

son of Ahgony  was abducted when an infant and sold into slavery of the 100 or so years in that he lost his humanity er,.. vampire full of trapped dark emotions

the twin brother of Phury with the same yellow eyes which however turn glossy black when angry

Skull trimmed hair. scarred (as if someone tried to cut his face in half) The thick scar starts at his forehead, down t he bridge of his nose, and curved over his cheek ending on the side of his mouth making his upper lip distorted. for a warrior any male really he was too thin, close to starving, scarred over his left peck and on his right shoulder and scars on his back.

unpredictable aloof loner Has deep black tattooed bands around his wrists & neck to show he’s (was) a blood slave.

(tenor) voice of an angel Zsadist, my favorite character from J.R. Ward's The Black Dagger Brotherhood. Zsadist is the warrior whose scarred physically and emotionally and the other brothers are wary around him because of his attitude and dangerous habits. He changes when he meets his shellan (wife) Bella and rescues her from the lessers (a race of vampire hunters).:

“a package of menace and high octane hatred”

Joined Brotherhood – 1932

height 6’6″   weight 270 -280 pounds

Hair ‘multi-colored’

Eye color:  Yellow when calm Black when angry

Mated to: Bella

children: Nalla

Family Colors-Purple Green and Black

tattoos: deep black Slave bands around wrists & neck (showing he was once a blood slave) both Nippled pierced with those silverr hoops with the little ball

car: Iron gray Porche 911 Carrera 4s


Weapon(s) of Choice

Signature Black Dagger Brotherhood Blade holster (& blade) crisscrossed over chest, 2 other knives (strapped to thighs) & a gun belt with 2 SIG saucers (9mm) but preferred to get personal when he killed (using his hands)

Lover Revealed

Started January 1 2015- January 17

Butch gets abducted by Lessers,  May have Vampire blood somewhere in his line, pretty funny and lots of the romance part. We also get to see more of the rituals of the Brotherhood, and the vampire species as well.

This had quite a bit of the guys busting each others chops so there’s some wise cracks and can get pretty funny. I always enjoy reading these books, and it’s mythos.

There’s still something about butch or the brotherhood  rules..

“Mother Not of Chosen (abotu butch) “stupid F*n  rule…..”   not sure what that’s about but hopefully answered in another book. Now I can’t wait to read Vishous’s  story but as I said I’ll wait til maybe summer or the end of the year.


Lover Revealed Butch O’Neal aka  Dhestroyer Descended of Wrath
shrewd & exhausted Hazel eyes, thick dark hair  a nose that been punched  one  too many times, with a chipped tooth. Weakness  for Lagavulin scotch, expensive  Italian brand suits and shoes.

Red Sox fan


Car: Escalade (shared with V)

Family: The Brotherhood cousin descendant of wrath  (cousin?)
Mated to: Marissa blooded daughter of Wallen

Family Colors– Black & Pale Blue

tattoos: Small of Back in Black ink a series of Lines grouped in 4s each bundle having a slash that ran at an angle… twenty five of them, signifying how many years his sister has been gone. Brotherhood scar on his left pec, Marissa carved in skin across back and shoulders Pinky on right hand is slightly deformed after transition

Brotherhood scar on left Pec


Weapon(s) of Choice- dry scintillating wit or a 40millimeter Glock  oh and then he became able to consume Lessers by inhalation which circumvents their return to their master
Misc- the fulfillment of the Lessening Society’s Detroyer Prophecy

Lesser Scrolls  Dhestroyer Prophecy

There shall be one to bring the end before the master. A fighter of modern time found in the 7th of 21st  and he shall be known in the numbers he bears:

One more than the compass he apperceives though mere 4 points to make of his rights*.

Three lives has he two scores or his fore and with a single black eye, in one well will he be birthed and die.

(*if you had a missing finger on right hand then you only had 4 point to make…3 lives Childhood, adult and Life in the lessening society score construed in a varying ways one in which is scarring and everyone has a belly button so that would be 2 scores on your fore, Plus right year to find him)

Learn about the baddie characters 

Quotes:– (single lines in quote section) also see

PaGe 150  between Butch busting V’s chops about his sex life. Takes most of the page, but if you don’t read at least from the top of the page I don’t think it comes off being as funny.


Butch: You’re a pain in the ass

V: said the Sig to the Glock

Wrath to Butch :  I always knew you were a royal; just didn’t think it went past the pain-in-the-ass part is all.

Butch thinking His body was a glade plug in that couldn’t make up its mind (page 168)

Butch to Rev You getting married? Where you registered, Crate and Bust’em

Pg 445 – after Butch finds his Brotherhood name (Dhestroyer)  “But you’ll always be Butch to us”  (Rhage cut in) “As well as hard-ass, Smart-ass, Royal pain in the ass, you know what ever the sitchuation calls for  I think as long as there’s an ass in there, It’ll be accurate.

“How about Basstard” Z suggested

“Nice I feel that”


Alacrity- briskness cheerful, readiness

Kleig lights:
Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 4)


Need the First 4 Books? Here’s the Kindle Bundle Page to order J.R. Ward The Black Dagger Brotherhood Novels 1-4 (Penguin Classics)  (need  Book 8 -11 ? )


Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 5)

Lover Unbound  -Vishous

born 1704

Mated to:      Jane

Family: Mother= Scribe Virgin, Sis =Payne (twin)

Pet=: (well if you think about it….)  Butch

tattoos: around his (?) Left eye, and the back of his Hand

Weapon(s) of Choice-

cursed with a touch to torch (“after V used his hand on a place nothing was left but ash and small bits of metal”)

J.R. WARD - Black Dagger Brotherhood: has Visions & reader of Minds

owns an Escalade

‘Diamond’ eyes with a little navy blue around the iris

Grew up in Father’s camp

intriguing info- pages 60-64 & 118-124 while in Father’s Fight camp

Jane:       Vampires do not exist

V:        We don’t? Then explain why you’re in my wonder F**n Land


So learning quite a bit not only about Vishous in this but a bit about Darius as well. Poor John Matthew is the late bloomer in his class of trainees, vampire puberty is a ** Not only did Z go through some major crap in life being abducted but V has one jackass (putting it nicely, &  G-Pg-13 rated) of a father and his mother well… I won’t spoil who he finds her out to be.  I think besides Rhage & Rhevenge  I think V is likely to be the 3rd fave tied with Butch of course for their sarcasm and wit. as for Rhage & Rev… well  Not sure if I should choose the dragon over that gorgeous model on the cover of Revs (who has purple eyes) I might have to say Rev as I think that was the first hardcover I bought & 2nd book to read.  These book have a nice flow and I do enjoy the story telling but Feminists beware.

Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 6)

 Lover Enshrined

Mated to:  Cormia

Family Phury the twin brother of Zsadist Loyal, strong & Devoted to his brother  son of Ahgony

Family colors– Gold Green & Black

Weapons of Choice Baretta

description  “Yellow eyes like citrine that show as bright as the sunshine”

silky low voice


lost half his left leg so he has a prosthetic. He shot it off on purpose (forget why)

thick blond, red & brown waves of hair   “Multi Colored hair from the palest blond to deep mahogany to warm copper”

Butch gets a metrosexual fashion vibe from him

addicted to ‘Red smoke’


We pick up 5-6 months from the last book, Cormia is still at the mansion and they have yet to finish the Primale ritual

page 140-141 has a flashback to when Phury leaves home to search for his twin

Haver’s Clinic is Raided by the Lessers and sorry but I’m considering it (for now) as a major spoiler though it might just be a moderate one.  Zadist is pissed at Phury after a fight which Phury’s prosthetic leg is knocked off and instead of just killing a lesser outright, has a thing for shredding them.

I thought John told Blay & Q about his ‘incident’ before this book or at least one of them.

This is a story of Addiction and recovery as well as evolution (in a sense) the evolution of a races traditions and that some need to be stopped or the race will no longer be.

Phury conquers addiction (or is at least trying) and the races restrictive society and spiritual constructs

We not only learn more about Phury but his brother Z as well, and more about how the species traditions. For instance, page 529 tells of some ‘Family’ celebrations.

Lines & Quotes

Xhex was  a Thunderstorm made up of hues of black and iron gray power leaked but no less lethal for its control while Cormia is a sunny Day cast  in a rainbow of brightness, warmth  realized’ (john thinking)


Vampire legend

has it that the Scribe Virgin created vampires as her one and only legacy, as her chosen children. The Omega Resented her ability to generate life and the special powers she bestowed upon them. The Lessening Society is his defensive response, using humans becasue he incapability to create life and because they are a readily available source of aggression


Become a BDB Insider – with the Insider’s Guide for 1st 6 books


The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide

I wish more Author’s would do this at half way point of their series (say after every 5 or 10 books & then have a revised edition.

by skimming some of the book and currently reading Wrath’s Dossier I think it’s so cool. There are loads of things in here.

A story is the first I think 80 pages of the book, then Bios/factsheets or “Dossiers’ (files) about the Brotherhood, Interviews with them (& they Interview J.R. Ward) ‘craft comments’ which is actually as far as Dark Lover goes advice or would be writers!. deleted scenes for which I’ve already marked the pages I need in the books and so on, so I can try to read the deleted senes while reading the book hopefully I can find where the senes properly go. Not all have the page noted that it starts on or where exactly in the ‘beginning’ and so on.

From what I see & have read so far I hope she makes another soon, that would pick up where this one left off. There is also a section for the would be writers as well. Not sure if it’s what she mentions in the brothers’ files or if its to elaborate on what is mentioned.

Not sure how I’m going to work on this one. I have read the first 4 dossiers of the guide so far as for the deleted scene for Dark Lover it only mentions ‘the Beginning’ but I don’t know where the scene belongs otherwise so I may just read it before I even start Dark Lover.

Now THAT’s Love!

When one of the warriors is mated, his mates name is carved into his back across his shoulders. (I guess like a permanent jersey name)This ritual is done as a symbol of strength that his body Heart & soul are hers & worth of her


Other Characters files etc.


Black & Red Hair with Peach eyes  Lives in Charleston, SC. Rescued (& Loved) Xhex from the Sympath colony, Went mad,  Kicked out of  the Brotherhood   Haunts his mansion Smells like Gunpowder & sex  & secret Abolitionast (as described via

was one of the brothers and Xhex’s lover  was driven mad when found she was a sympath (or went to get her at the Sympath Colony upstate)


6′ feet tall dark wavy hair down to the small of her back, with blue eyes the body of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Did not do the Femme Fatal thing, & quiet & unassuming Writer Never seen during the day   Mated to Zadist sister of Rhevenge


son of Havers MD 

Vamp community physician & Marissa’s brother

Blaylock   –  ‘red’ hair  BMW

Quinn – son of Lohstrong  who is Leahdyre of  Princeps council of the Glymera. Shunned by his family & the aristocracy  for his mismatched eyes. Lash is his first cousin and his other cousin Saxon lives in Connecticut.

Long neck short hair golden skin  Black stud earrings running all the way up one ear  Lower lip iercing in the middle with a black hoop

John Matthew’s ahstrux Nohstrum and so has Medallion of John’s crest, single red tear drop outlined in black at the top of left cheek (below blue eye) Symbolizes willing to shed own blood  for John. If John dies it’s filled in black signifying he served someone of interest honorably and if things don’t work out its boxed with an X to show shame to the race

Back of his neck in the old language August 18 2008 (nape)  3 lines of text


son of Ibix, son of Ibixis, son of Thornsrae mother Rayelle blooded daughter to soldier Nellshon was born March 3 1983 at 1:14 am is the  blooded son of the Omega. He has Blond cropped hair with grey eyes & chiseled face. Pre-transition wears a  Diamond Jacob & Co. watch and thick diamond neck chain, was  made by the Omega (as answer to Butch) half lesser, half vampire (HTF does that happen?) cousin of Qhuinn, drives a black benz 550 AMG has/had a Rottweiler,  the power to hide people that he can only see them as well as himself behind invisible walls. He has disiplionary issue   more 


Fallen angel who the brothers joke is a ‘neon sign’ none of them seem to like him

has  black blond hair as long as Wrath dresses army/navy with black shirts, camo pants and combat boots.

“Pierced like a pin cushion and accessorized like a jewelry box” Gold hoops and chains holes in ears wrist and eyebrows and you can bet on his chest and below the waist.

Mary Madonna

Brown hair & steel grey eyes

neighbor of Bella before meeting Rhage

Works as Executive assistant in a law office and was previously a rehab specialist for autistic children. Volunteers at a suicide hotline a few days a week & on holidays,

Family: catholic, her mother had muscular dystrophy & Cissy Luce died and

Mary was in remission from Lukeimia but it is back. Father killed when she was 2 & has no sibs

Polo & Khaki preppy fashion

Likes to cook

Her skin is pale & smooth like fine ivory stationery with delicate facial bones, cheeks tinted with a natural blush deep brown hair and gunmetal grey eyes -as seen through Rhage’s eyes


Dark shoulder length hair   drives an Audi


one of the chosen and Phury’s mate is thought of by John as “A sunny Day cast  in a rainbow of brightness, warmth  realized” for a short time was a sequestered scribes 


Nurse at Havers clinic   small features, strawberry blonde, long legs natural pink lips toffee eyes (yellow red and gold together) family was part of the Glymera. Her father Alyne blood son of Uys was a litigator before his shellan killed herself because of the family losing their station.(Thanks to Rhem and his father)  The father wrote “in the rain forest of the monkey mind” a 300 page manuscript tour through his mental illness, starting with the day he lost his beloved. 

 Fritz (the Butler)

The cheery,Doggen has loose skin long ear lobes and all those jowels looked like he was melting. His voice is accented with chirpy cadence of a Mozart concerto

‘Doc’ Jane-

Mated to Vishous, short blonde hair, looks masculine with no defining curves. Surgeon at St. Francis center head of the Trauma division

Marissa  –

long beautiful Blond hair most pure blood mated to Butch aka Dhestroyer sister of Havers

Saxton-son of Tyhm  “eyes color of pearls” (as written in Lover mine)   Went to Harvard Law

Thohrment – son of Hharm mated to Wellsie. Saved Wrath’s life in 1958 after he was hit by a Edsel Convertible (by Lessers) Fave weapon Sig. Darius’ best friend.

Trez-‘moor’ or shadow Peridot eyes  Royal member of the shadows a ‘moor’ he can turn to mist, Almond Shapped eyes, Muscled body of a fighter smart stare and strategist

iAm – moor Trez’s ‘Brother’ Tan black eyes uses H & K’s


  6ft tall & skin like white china, sherry colored eyes, Wavy Red hair down to small of back independent, strong mind, and a “stubborn streak to rival a bulldog”

Xhex Sympath  short cropped hair  ‘Gunmetal’ gray eyes who is a ‘Thunderstorm made up of hues of black and iron gray power leaked but no less leathal for its control”

Scribe Virgin

Creator of the vampires, smells like Lilacs, wears black hooded cloaks and is usually seen as a blinding light as if her bones glow.her brother is the Omega and she is Mother to Vishous & Payne has song birds as pets but her favorite is a barn owl.

The Omega-

More on the S.V. & Omega here

The Death Ritual

Ceremonial Wraps  soaked in a combination of Rosemary, Lavender and sea salt

The salt acts as a sealant so no fluids seep through, the mineral would preserve for entombment. The herbs serve for shirt term to mask any odor but emblematic of fruits of the earth and cycles of growth and death. 

Starting with the right hand, the leg, then the left hand, arm,then  leg, Next they do the hips, torso to chest, shoulder, with the face of course being last to be covered.

Then  wrapped in a black shroud symbolizing the corruptible mortal flesh, the inner white the soul’s purity incandescence within its eternal home int he fade



 The Chosen * The Band of Bastards * Lessers & Sympaths

Princepts Council

The charter (current one written in 1790) much be physically seated in Caldwell to convene meetings. Especially to change by-laws or select a new Leahdyre


 J.R. Ward the Author

J.R. Ward the Authorother series by

‘The WARDen’ 

Fallen Angels   * Moorehouse Legacy *  Jessica Bird *  The Bourbon Kings

Anthologies – Dead After Dark

the series continued 7-12

I’ve included the insider’s guide here as well only to show the order it came out so you would know what books etc would be included in it.

Lover Avenged (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 7)Lover Avenged -Rhev

527 pages


Half Sympath half Vampire

leadhyre of the Glymera after the raids.

Owner of Zero Sum and the new Iron Maiden (not screamers?)

Considers Veggies a Caloric waste of space

Mated To: Ehlena

Family Colors:

Description:  Violet eyes, cropped Mohawk , Warm golden brown skin

Part Sympath

family: sister Bella  (doesn’t know he’s half sympath) and his Niece Nalla

mother Madalina (a fallen chosen)

tattoos/Scars– 2 red star tattoos on his chest

drives– whatever the current Bentley model is

Weapon of Choice:  Xhex      see what the Cilices Xhex wears look like.

This time I’m re-reading it, Rhev is one of my faves as well as Rhage of the brothers. Who I’ve dubbed ‘Rock n Roll’ This is the first book I bought as a hardcover which I confess was because of the model on the book jacket.

I am just enjoying the story, and Rhev flirting with Ehlena in the clinic is just funny for some reason to me.

I enjoy the detailed descriptions of the guys and so on in the books especially when they sound so poetic (just scroll down for my favorites Quotes and Moments.) that I wish I wrote it!

In this we officially meet  Rhev as well as the clinic nurse Ehlena who is the one who helped (I think it was) Phury when the lessers attacked the clinic. Rhev who owns Zero Sum and has the new Iron Mask on its way to being opened, has a dirty secret or 2. One he is blackmailed because of  what he is, the 2nd secret is what he does to keep that secret from getting out.

The writing has a good flow and there’s usually never a dull moment in the house of the Brotherhood.


Lover Mine  –  Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 8)John Matthew

(Darius reincarnated)

(as described in Lover Eternal ) Born in a bathroom stall, raised by Our lady of Mercy Orphanage Nuns (which is who named him) Looks like a teenager but is actually 23. Has blue eyes, Dark hair and pale skin, so thin he looks emaciated, but so beautiful he doesn’t look human. John has a bracelet he made with some characters that look across between Chinese & hieroglyphs he said came to him in a dream; (Bella notices this when she meets him) and realizes it spells out the warrior’s name Tehrror (in the old language) he likes martial arts & watched the Matrix 4x the day it opened (in different theaters)

Used to live in some hellhole of a studio not in the wrong part of town but the downright dangerous section of Caldie, was terrified and only drank Ensure because of his bad gut, weighing less than a vacuum cleaner.The door that separated him  from the drug users, prostitutes and rats the size of donkeys had seemed thin as paper.

He wanted to do good in the world, fall in love and be with a woman, and wanted a family…Didn’t anymore.

As Darius  son of Tehrror, son of Marklon.  Has warrior blood and was in the bloodletters camp, When Darius first came to the brotherhood Ahgony, Throe, Murhder and Tohrture were the four that picked him up. Watched Beth grow up but she never knew who he was. He was killed by a bomb the Lessers set up in his car. He travels to the Fade and the Scribe virgin reincarnates  him into John, which does share Beth’s DNA. However the Scribe Virgin tells John He will not remember (or is not supposed to) any of this and has to give up one ‘sense’ but never says what. John has vivd dreams about the Lessening society, and the Car explosion, and some of Darius’ other memories and then there’s his odd reaction when Beth is around.Image result for cilices

The name Darius means Maintains Possessions well, yep The Mansion kept watch on his daughter… that’s quite fitting.

Family– Beth (His daughter as Darius)

son of Darius Son of Marklor

Tattoos/scars– star shape Circular scar above left peck muscle (Brotherhood brand) & says was born with it

Weapons- THe brotherhoods signature daggers

Noticeable traits– Can’t fight with his right but can with his left like Darius as well as sits like him


Continuing the story from the last book when Xhex was taken by Lash of the Lessening society.

John Matthew who has been crushing on her since he met her, even if she turned him down.

He is still looking for  Xhex after the events of the previous book.  We meet Payne and find out the chosen No’ones true identity!

I think this one is going on the list of favorite books. Just not sure where to rank Rev and Rhage’s books first. I guess that order. so J.M I guess will have to be 3rd.


Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 9)Lover Unleashed  – Payne

Family sister of Vishous Daughter of Scribe Virgin

Mated to:


Weapons: Herself.  When the king first became officially blind she showed up and started kicking ass because she was bored! The 2 continued to have sparring sessions.

Favorite Quotes & moments

Dark Lover

“You’re just too mean to find a grave and lie down”-Tohr to Wrath.
*Forget about the minute the curse flipped his psycho switch and the beast came roaring to life…. (on Rhage)
*Felt like he french kissed a blow torch. – Butch at a bar having a scotch after being choked by Wrath
*Welcome to the wonderful world of jealousy, he (Wrath) thought. For the price of admission, you get a splitting headache,a nearly irresistible urge to commit murder and an inferiority complex.
* Jose (Butch’s partner) leaves asprin sets up coffee & turned ringer off on phone saying if anything happens he’ll come get Butch which leads to the reason I’m including this one…

Butch’s reply: “I love you honey”
Jose’s comeback: “So buy me a drink and a nice pair of earrings for our anniversary”
Butch: You got it

There’s one quote by Wrath I can’t include the whole thing so I will note it’s on page 195 last paragraph: In summary it’s basically humans are threatened by anything different & they’re response is to fight, plus how human’s irritate him the way they portray his kind with the likes of Dracula or creating a mystique for bored  humans who think the dark side is a fun place to visit.

Z knew the fed EX-tinction package had arrived and wasn’t ready to take delivery

Gun Muzzles came out of the windows of the lessening society’s soccer mom special like the b** was a stage coach

Scars left wounds on the inside of you as as with skin that didn’t heal right, you still felt the rough sopts from time to time

Lover Eternal

She puts the ITCH in B**** (Rhage upon seeing Caith who is one of his own, & a Brother chaser.)

Yeah Well…What if its got room for jell-o -butch to ‘V’ while Rhage is in Dragon form heading toward Escalade

(Butch Thinking) Those claws were like daggers. they made Freddie Krueger’s set of fun and games look like pipe cleaners.

Supposed to in one hand, s*** in the other; see what you get the most of- V to Rhage

My twin’s not broken; he’s ruined Do you understand the difference? With Broken maybe you can fix things; Ruined all you can do is wait to bury him -Phury to Bella

Fake- it-until- you- make- it more than psychobabble Bull S*** (sometimes pretending to be normal was the very antidote to weirdness) – Mary


Lover Awakened 

“Well.. in the words of  Vishous, Want in one hand, shit in the other—see what you get the most of”

Lover Revealed

“Hollywood Expressed his inner Godzilla again” V to Z

Wrath to Butch :  I always knew you were a royal; just didn’t think it went past the pain-in-the-ass part is all.
Insider’s Guide
“White as boxers and just as solid (Rhage interview)

Lover UnBound

Lover Enshrined

Lover Avenged:

*The Heavy Soul will not pass tho’ the body is failing

-Love decription in this paragraph

-The Night was out of the cool zipcode and into chill city , the air smelling blue to her, if the color did indeed have a scent: There was just something so fresh and icey and clear as she breathed deep and exhaled in the soft clouds. With each inhale she felt as if she were taking the sapphire sprawl of the heavens about into her lungs and that the stars were sparks skipping through her body.

-John was beginning to understand emotions in the heart were like tendons in the body. You could pull them and pull them and pull them and feel the pain of the distortion and the stretching…and up to a point, the joint would still function ad the limb would bend and support weight and remain useful after the stress was off but it wasn’t an infinite kind of thing.  He snapped and was damn sure there was no emotional equivalent of arthroscopic surgery

*Describing Ehlena’s father’s illness:  he retreated farther and farther into paranoia but in a strange way he felt most secure there. Real life was fraught,in his mind, with people who might or might not betray him. The Voices in his head, however, were all out to get him. With those crazy monkeys that flipped and tripped among the branches of the sickness’ forest, raining sticks and hard nubs of fruit at him in the form of thoughts, he knew his enemies. He could see and feel and know them for what they were and his weapons to combat them were a well-ordered refrigerator and tin over the windows and rituals of words and his writings.

* The Spring’s pale green cloak…the summer’s bright-flowering veil…the fall’s chilling weave….the winter’s blanket of cold…Seasons not just of the earth but of every living thing, the peak to strive  for and the victory of fruition, followed by the fall from the crest and the soft white light of the Fade that was the eternal landing  -(a song Rhev used to sing for Bella )

~  Forming a half circle around the foot of the grand staircase  each making a thick fist with his weapon hand  and with a great WHOOMP! of a war cry, they went down on their right knee and slammed their heavy knuckles into the mosaic floor. The sound was thunder and bass drums and bimb explosions, ricocheting outward, filling all the rooms of the mansion.

Wrath:    “No stronger allies, no greater friends, no better fighters of honor could a king behold than these assembled afore me, mine brothers, mine blood”

Beth: God I love you guys

deep laughter  then Rhage “you want us to stab the floor for you again?

Fists are for kings, but the queen gets the daggers”

Beth: I wouldn’t want you to take chips  out of this beautiful floor. Thank you THough?

Brotherhood: Say the word and it’s nothing but rubble

Beth: Be still, my heart. -(pg. 360 in the hardcover)


Tohr- I’m surrounded by asses. Trust me”   (wearing baggy pants and still looking emaciated)

Rhage- Which would explain why you’re so confident going out without one.

Quinn was so hardheaded you could have hit his frontal lobe with a crowbar and make no impression on him whatsoever- John Lover Mine


Black Dagger Fan castings, Sites  & Videos

I have not made any of these videos & therefore take no credit. also as to my knowledge there is no plans for a BDB movie, it’s just a fun thing. Want to let me know who you;d like to see? it will be posted here just leave the characters & the actors you want to play them (and maybe where we might know them from) in the comments!

ONe fans wish for a movie cast

a Pintrest album for actors & models to play the characters (shoot I wish I could find out the Model for lover Avenged’s name!)

Here are some of my choices & ideas for the casting of the brothers (at least by who I think best fits their descriptions) keep in mind they are not all actors. Some are athletes and maybe even muscians

My casting who I think is best suited (looks wise) to play the brothers etc

(well I tried to do it that way as far as I know what they look like)

Wrath – Ben Robson (Animal Kingdom) Roman Reigns (wrestler) or Jason Mamoah (karl Drago from Game of Thrones) 

Butch– read the book and still can’t think of anyone!  Christian Kane, Kevin J. Ryan Sully Erna for the B-Town accent

QuinnDominick Sherwood Tumblr - Qhuinn Black Dagger Brotherhood:

Lash – Ryan Phillippe


Blaylock– Rob Kazinsky – (?)

John Matthew/DariusSlavko

Rhevenge-Jai Courtney(?) David Clarkson (Former NJ Devils / Maple Leaf Hockey) Travis Fimmel or Stephen Amell (arrow

Thorment – Henry Cavill , Sam Worthington or Liam Hemsworth (I can see him more with fangs than his brother) or as

Rhage (aka Hollywood) –  Taylor Kitsch 

Slavco tuskaloski -Model

M.Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold, actually has his own set of fangs) Liam Hemsworth

Phury– Taylor Kitsch  (or so I’ve seen fans post him for)  The hair is about right (as long as it’s long) my other choices  Kyle Schmid or Mike Vogel  Luke Bracey(Point Break 2015) Charlie Hunnam

Vishous– Sully(erna of Godsmack) Val  Chmerkovskiy  Henry Cavill   or maybe Zak Bagans (Ghost Adventures)

Zsadist–  Randy Orton (to me the ONLY one that would be perfect.)  Jake McLaughlin Jai Courtney

Havers– Luke Hemsworth

???  for Brothers & shellans etc. 

Sebastian Stan  Jai Courtney Jake McLaughlin, Charlie Hunnam, Kevin J Ryan ll, Luke Evans,  Jennifer Lawrence, Alex Hogh Andersen, 


Actors chosen by fans or have told me who they’d want to see as the character

*=has been named by fans for various characters (if more than 1 that’s the # times for that character

 The Brotherhood (in Alpha order)

Ahgony–  Haley Joel Osmet

Butch aka Detroyer Mark Wahlberg, Alex OLaughlin,Paul Wesley** ,Gerard Butler David Boreanez*** & Tom Hardy Ryan Reynolds, Joe Maginello

Blaylock Gerret Headlund Joseph Morgan Jamie Bamber Chace Crawford


John Matthew/ Darius– Jared Padalecki   Tom Welling   Henry Cavill


Lash -Cam Gigante, Miles Teller, Will Poulter

Dr. Manuel John Hamm

Phury -Gabirel Aubrey Taylor Kitsch Brad Pitt Kellan Lutz Jackson Rathbone Jason Lewis* Travis Fimmel

Qhuinn Ian Somerhalder Paul Wesley Randy Orton Colton Haynes Gale Harold

Rhage Chris Hemsworth* David Boreanez Jason Lewis Alex Pettifur Alex Skarsgard, Chris Evans*Paul Walker

Rhevenge Marco Di Silva Kellan Lutz


Tohrment Henry Cavill James Marsters John Cena Paul Walker, Gerard Butler

Trez ‘Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Vishous Greg Kheel  Dean Cain  Ian Somerhalder* Eric Dane  Jonathan Rys Meyrs Joe Maginello Colin Ferrell Henry Cavill, Dave Navarro (from RHCP)

Wrath– Jason Mamoa Ben Barnes Jason Behr

Zsadist Wentworth Miller** Michael Trevino Vin Deisel * Greg Finley* Nick Zano *Jason Mamoa, Taylor Kitsch Randy Orton

Misc Others I’ve seen noted sadly without character noted by the fan)

Colin Ferrel, Liev Schriber, Hugh Jackman,Sam Worthington, Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfur


The ‘Shellans”


Beth– (supposed to be brunette) Emilie de Ravin *

Cormina– Ashley or Mary Kate Olsen

Ehlena– Aimee Teegarden  “Hermione”

Jane– Hayden Pennetire (sp?)

Mary– Natalie Portman or Anne Hathaway

Marissa– (Supposed to be blonde & wraith like formerly Wrath’s shellan) Jennifer Lawrence or Emilie de Ravin, Blake Lively


Xhex-Keira Knightly Milla Jovovich

Wellsie– Rachelle Lefevre or Emma Stone

?- Megan Fox

Omega Hayden Christinsen

The Series Continued  10-…..

Lover Reborn: A Novel of the Black Dagger BrotherhoodLover Reborn    


Family: son of Hharm   Adoptive father to John Matthew

Tohrment has shrewed navy blue eyes, military cut black hair, Thick shoulders, and is totaly bad @** looking

Nice guy, Empathic

The official leader of the Brotherhood since Wrath took the throne .

The only brother to not live in the mansion

Cars owned: Ranger Rover Volvo station wagon, & a

60’s era Corvette Sting Ray Convertible shiny Ice Blue with white seats that he restored himself.

previously Mated to: Wellsie & expecting a child ….   No’One



Lover At Last: A Novel of the Black Dagger BrotherhoodLover at Last

Quinn & Blaylock


Description:  2 different colored eyes

Family:  1 brother and Cousin Saxton

Colors- Turquoise and Yellow

car:  hummer



Description:  Redhead

family: son of Rocke

Car:  BMW


The King

 The King: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood

The Shadows
The Beast

 SPIN OFF series Information

This is information a friend gave me as I’m not where close to that in the series let alone my Pile.

As for Blood Kiss the couple for that is Paradise and Craeg(won’t really know them til you get much later into the main series. As Paradise is the daughter of one of the characters close to Wrath.

As for the main couple of Blood Vow that couple is another person from the training program Axe and Elise that is a former member of the glymera and also the cousin to another member of the training program and to a character that loses their life in the first book.

Axe is a dude. A bad knock off of V to be frank about it. Novo is the other chick trainee aside from Paradise.

Milestone 100th Lens

Milestone 100th Lens
Milestone 100th Lens

Icons, Wallpaper & More from Fanpop

Oh & as for the Model on the cover of Lover Avenged… his name is Paul Marron

Paul’s official Website* book Covers * Covers search



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