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  What will you be watching in 2019?

      all times noted, are U.S. EST (NY)

What You will find here

Some News, Previews, premier calendar, Printable 2015 Fall schedule, Printable Blank grid schedule (at the end) Network Websites

*Coming Soon


*Premier  Calendar &  return dates  (constantly updated)

*Articles of Interest

*Blank ‘printable’ Schedule

Network & Cable websites  +officially returning & canceled shows list

The Media can’t make a show or movie succeed or fail.  They’re a contributing factor to 2% of the pie. The other 98%?  Content & fans —Stephen Amell


  “Up Fronts” =  What’s Renewed

Renewals  American Dad, Dark (Netflix)  Drop the mic, Fargo, Future man (Hulu), The Gifted, The Gong Show, Marvel’s Runaways (hulu), SHe’s Gotta Have it (Netflix)  Van Helsing (Syfy) Victoria (PBS) Young Sheldon, ALtered carbon (Netflix), Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO) The Pubisher (netflix)   Happy & ZNation (syfy) Cheasapeake Shores (Hallmark) grown-ish   The Jim Jefferies shohw (cc) Liar (sundance)  9-1-1 (fox)  The Tick (amazon)  The Walking Dead

all the tv shows that are ending or canceled in-2019

What’s Renewed and What’s Canceled  (my fave source)

whats canceled and renewed -here’s the rundown from Cinemablend  how network shows are doing

  *   TVGuide- Renewed and pooed

CANCELLATIONS  The Fosters*  The Mayor * White Famous *  Dice * Once upon a time * Shut Eye * Young & Hungry * Damnation * I love Dick * Jean-Claude van Johnson * Lady Dynamite * One Mississippi * The Shannara Chronicles * Ash vs Evil Dead * Syfy’s Channel 0 * Netflix Marvel shows *

Broadcast ax: Networks cancel 20 shows in one week 


Netflix    The Most Popular Netflix Show in Every Country

Hulu Castle Rock

Amazon  Expanse

Did You Know That There Are Secret Codes On Netflix?

There’s a Simple Trick to Sort Movies and TV Shows by Year on Netflix



*Trim (verb) – Why Cancel a dud show when you can take a little off the sides

*Peak Tv (Noun) Our Current state of quality programming available on every possible outlet.

*Hope Watch (verb) –  It’s the Practice of sticking with a bad show, optimistic that it will get better

A term inspired by the second season of True Detective and popularized by HitFix critic Alan Sepinwall.

Corpsing– ‘The point reached on a set when all eye contact is deemed utterly impossible lest one crack up uncontrollably” -Paul Blackthorne from Arrow

Recast– someone else steps into the role like Don Chedal did for Terrance Howard as War Machine

Replaced– a passing of the torch like if Captain America passed the torch to Bucky

*Noted from Entertainment Weekly’s Best and Worst of 2015 Issue ‘Tv words of the year” on page 76

 Reality TV is eroding our society because there’s nothing “real” about it.

Don’t be fooled. It’s just low budget TV.  — @StephenMBraund



 *Premier dates sources are TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly or the network’s site. Likely if it’s wrong it’s from one of the 2 magazines. For instance, TV Guide had  The CW shows as September when they don’t start until October)


New premiers




2   iZombie   (last season)

10  Agents of Shield

21 Blood & Treasure

23 Elementary

28 Animal Kingdom

29 The in between


The Best Sci-Fi Shows to Binge This Summer | TV Guide


5 Black Mirror (Netflix)

12 Krypton (syfy)

14 Murder Mystery (Netflix)



4 Stranger Things (Netflix)



Netflix    The Most Popular Netflix Show in Every Country

Hulu Castle Rock

Amazon  Expanse

Have new shows to watch?

Are some same day and time as what you already do? Here’s a free printable grid to keep track of everything.

Tv Grid









2019 FALL schedule -set your dvr  So far I have not found any premier dates although

CW series usually start in October and this will be the last seasons of

Arrow (which I believe I saw was only 8 episodes )  &

Supernatural (full season as far as I know so far)












31 Are you Afraid of the Dark tribute film made by fans for fans “Tale of the Ghostly Guest”

You can check out the project here on Indigogo


November Baby image






Hiatus time?

Watch streaming shows

check the station website for your shows’ return date


and winter returns











The 50 best TV show seasons of all time, according to critics

15 Embarrassing Roles of CW actors

kids shows dark theories/messages

Top best-tv-shows-ever from Hollywood Reporter



Voltron vs. Power Rangers Mega Zord… Who will reign supreme? 

10 Messages Hidden in the Background of Movies and TV Shows




Network Websites

official returning & canceled shows lists

(if not previously noted)




NBC*      Fox





TV Line


christian-kane (now in the librarians he’s also a country music star! christian-kane-music-house-rules

Leave  Your opinion on the State of TV with your reply 


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