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  What will you be watching in 2017?

      all times noted, are U.S. EST (NY)

  Hiatus time? check the shows website

What You will find here

Some News, Previews, premier calendar, Printable 2015 Fall schedule, Printable Blank grid schedule (at the end) Network Websites

My year round guide grid to what I watch


*Blank ‘printable’ Schedule


*Premier  Calendar &  return dates  (constantly updated)

*Network & Cable websites  +officially returning & canceled shows list

The Media can’t make a show or movie succeed or fail.  They’re a contributing factor to 2% of the pie. The other 98%?       Content & fans        — -Stephen Amell


KillJoys renewed for final 2 seasons

Top best-tv-shows-ever from Hollywood Reporter

2017 TV  Up fronts-preview


I have an archive page for reviews previously Posted, as well as an overall alphabetical archive

  “Up Fronts” =  What’s Renewed

What’s Renewed and What’s Canceled 

whats cancelled and renewed -heres the rundown from Cinemablend  how network shows aredoing

  *   TVGuide- Renewed and pooed

ABC  Inhumans

CBS    Superior Doughnuts

CW  Flash, Supergirl  Valor, Dallas or is it Dynasty forget which (basically interchangeable to me)

FOX   Lucifer (s.3) Lethal Weapon (s.2) Ghosted

NBC  The Brave

Cable      Six s.2      Vikings s5  (Nov 29)   Channel Zero s.2


Did You Know That There Are Secret Codes On Netflix?

 Coming soon

Stargate Origins

kids shows dark theories/messages


*Trim (verb) – Why Cancel a dud show when you can take a little off the sides

*Peak Tv (Noun) Our Current state of quality programming available on every possible outlet.

*Hope Watch (verb) –  It’s the Practice of sticking with a bad show, optimistic that it will get better

A term inspired by  the second season of True Detective  and popularized by HitFix critic Alan Spinwall.

Corpsing– ‘The point reached on a set when all eye contact is deemed untterly impossible lest one crack up uncontrollably” -Paul Blackthorne from Arrow

Recast– someone else steps into the role like Don Chedal did for Terrance Howard as War Machine

Replaced– a passing of the torch like if Captain America passed the torch to Bucky

*Noted from Entertainment Weekly’s Best and Worst of 2015 Issue ‘Tv words of the year” on page 76

 Reality TV is eroding our society because there’s nothing “real” about it. Don’t be fooled. It’s just low budget TV.  — @StephenMBraund


Voltron vs. Power Rangers Mega Zord… Who will reign supreme? 

10 Messages Hidden in the Background of Movies and TV Shows

 Fall 2017

Wonderstruck (Amazon)


*Premier dates sources are TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly or the networks site. Likely if it’s wrong its from one of the 2 magazines. For instance TV Guide had  The CW shows as September when they don’t start until October)


1  Special Inhumans IMAX experience (P.S. Game of Thrones ‘Dog meat’ is in it)

4  Biggie: The Life of Notorious BI.G. (A&E)

Gear Dogs (Discovery)

American Horror Story: Cult

Grave Mysteries

10 The Orville (fox)

12 Jeff Dunham Comedy Special (NETFLIX)

20 Channel Zero (season 2)   No-End House (Syfy or was it Chiller)

21 AMerican Beauty Star (Lifetime)

22 Deathnote Netflix     ike Judge Presents tales from the Tour bus (CInemax)

23 Ducktales Disney DX

24 Star Trek Discovery  (CBS All Access)

25   Scorpion (CBS)

Dancinv with the Stars (ABC)

The Big Bang THeory (CBS moves to Thursdays Nov 2)

Lucifer  FOX

The Voice NBC

Young SHeldon

Kevin Can wait (CBS)

The Gifted( Fox)

Valor (CW)

Me myself & I (CBS) moves to 9pm October  30th

The Good Doctor (ABC)

The Brave (NBC)

26   The Middle (ABC)

NCIS (cbs)

Lethal Weapon (FOX)

The Voice (nbc)

Fresh off the boat (ABC)

Black-ish (ABC)

Bull (CBS)

The Mick (Fox)

This is us (nbc)

Brooklyn 9-9 (fox)


Law & Order True Crime: THe menendex murders (nbc)


27 Seal Team (cbs)


The Goldbergs (abc)

Survivor (cbs)

Empire (fox)

The Blacklist  (nbc)

Riverdale (cw)

Speechless (abc)

Modern Family(abc)

Star (fox)

Law & Order SVU   (nBc)

American Housewife (ABC)

Designated Survivor 9abc)

Criminal minds(cbs)

Chicago P.D. (nbc)


28 Will and Grace (nbc)


29 Inhumans (ABC)

Hawaii 5-0 (CBS)

Exorcist (FOX)

Big Mouth(Netflix)


1 Ghosted (Fox)      Wisdom of the Crowd (cbs)

2   Lucifer    Gifted (FOx)     9JKL CBS

3rd     The Mayor (abc)

Kevin (probably) saves the world (abc)


5 Ghost Wars (syfy)

Real estate Wars (bravo)

6   Once upon a Time (8pm ABC)

Inhumans      Suburra (Netflix)

9 Supergirl   & Valor (CW)

10 Flash  Legends of Tomorrow

11  Dynasty   (CW)

Shanarah Chronicles (spike)

12 Supernatural  & Arrow

13 Mindhunter (Netflix)

20    Superstition (Syfy)

22 The Walking Dead

27     Blind Spot     Stranger Things (s2) Netflix

30  Superior Donuts


31 Are you Afraid of the Dark tribute film made by fans for fans “Tale of the Ghostly Guest”

You can check out the project here on Indigogo

November Baby image

1 Stan against Evil  (IFC)

2 S.W.A.T. (cbs)

5 Ride with Norman Reedus

29 Vikings season 5

Happy! (syfy)


Hiatus time?

22 Bright  Netflix stars will Smith and Joel Edgerton

25 Doctor WHo Holiday Special


check the station website for your shows’ return date


SYFY -Krypton














Have new shows to watch?

Are some same day and time as what you already do? Here’s a free printable grid to keep track of everything.

Tv Grid

Network Websites

official returning & canceled shows lists

(if not previously noted)




NBC*      Fox





christian-kane (now in the libraians he’s also a country music star! christian-kane-music-house-rules

Leave  Your opinion on the State of TV with your reply 

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