MacGyver (2016)

Mad Max:Fury Road

Maggie’s Plan


I enjoyed this movie, and it brought to life all the parts I remember from the copy of  my book of Sleeping Beauty, only the dragon wasn’t black and purple and didn’t have that narrow head. This one was more fierce and scary but that’s the way a dragon should look.  There is a part or 2  I was disappointed with, and Angie played the dairy Malficent well.  C

The Martian


The Maze runner

PG-13       2014     1 hour & 45 minutes  Wait Is that the Kid who played Peter Pan in Once upon a time? Funny that around 10 minute mark reminds me of the Once seen  with the bonfire and the lost boys as frankly all these ones in a sense are. Our main character ‘greenie’  wakes in a cage elevator not remembering who he is and so on. We are all clueless but even though I have not read the books, I can see somewhat where this is going. Some of the guys are getting stung when they go in the maze  but there’s no mention of by what and as soon as I finish writing that, i think we have an answer.  A metal sounding well cross between a spider (or Scorpion) with a bit of Orc mixed in. This was based on a book right? because it seems more like a video game, I enjoyed it until the end. The action and everything come to a halt so you are somewhat shell shocked as the kids which in a way is cool but now to me the series has lost momentum and the last 15 -30 minutes you just feel like slumping over like oh that yawn. B

Menace under Marswood

by Steraling E. Lanier


Takes place in 23rd century  which has been Terraformed for humans, it’s called the ‘Teef’  for erraform, and even more commenly known as The Ruck  as well as ‘The  most  dangerous  duty in the solar System and where ‘a man’s best friend is his side-arm’ .

Their fort sits on an artificial mound, where nothing grows for 2 hundred yards around the walls except  the mutated grass and eindeer moss clipped to 6 inches in height.  Nothing can approach without being seen as the walls are partolled 24/7 night & day  by sentries useing every sensry device the UN labs could turn out.
Characters: Sr. Lt. Slater (& his tiny turtle Grabbit) , Lt. Helge Nakamura, Col.  Muller Danna  Konsel Thau Lang  JayBee Pelham
Honestly I’m a bit mixed up as parts I got distracted in while reading. Some sort of group of the natives are causing trouble so the Leader of them and some humans aka Greenies by the native folk are heading out to nip it in the bud. I’ve lost track of what their mission is supposed to be out in the Ruck (from Hindi for Forest) as it’s called.

This ended up being a menace! it was a chore to read and got relegated to bathroom and waiting room fodder! This would have been better written as a movie script or mini series I think, not a book to read. It shouldn’t take me 2 months to read a book that is 213-15 pages long! The last few pages better thrill me otherwise it’s getting an F

Marvel’s Agent Carter

(2 hr Premier Bridge & Tunnel) If just the 1st hour of this show foretells of things to come, Then it’s a HIT!~ So long as they keep up the pace esp. of the action. Well if it isn’t Chad Michael Murray where the heck has he been all this time? He doesn’t even look like he’s aged! (Last I heard of him he & Sophia Bush had been married then I blinked & they were Divorced.) mmm Leviathan I’m guessing is the big baddie like the boss at the end of a video game. Also That Marvel wit as Expected, esp. the times that Howard Stark or Jarvis is in a scene. Definately Recommended. Also those of you girls that want to know what it was like before women’s lib and sexual harrassment laws.. just watch the show. Things have gotten a little better between the (90s & 2000s but there are some men out there that still think we are nothing more than an arm ornament and belong in the kitchen, Trust me, I worked in a lumber yard and well I didn’t take any SH!+e from them) A

Mia’s Tempest

 A Mid-summer Night’s Dream Shakespeare

A Midsummer Night's Dream (Folger Shakespeare Library)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Folger Shakespeare Library)

This is the same publisher etc. of my copy of MacBeth. I didn’t enjoy this one like I did Macbeth.. which I think I read in 2 days. It gives you the meaning of what the words are (those from Shakespeare’s time) there’s also a bio on his life & so on.. I don’t think this work is as good as Macbeth which maybe for me was more smooth

There was a line in this I liked. something about not having to play a woman I have a beard coming in.

Wasn’t crazy about this one, so still by far Macbeth is my favorite

Midnight in Death

Midnight in Death

Best purchase as Kindle edition it’s only 90 pages a great take along to the beach, or winter vacation (snow day?) read. It’s based around Christmas and in the future 2050 something. Some torture murderer has escaped (that’s as far as I’ve gotten through so far). Crime thriller, good flow though the end is pretty predictable but great for a day trip finished in one day

A million ways to die in the west

Wow there are alot more people in this than I knew! Liam Neeson, Seth MacFarlane Neil Patrick Harris, Giovani Rimbisi & Sarah Silverman among others and a surprise one or 2 cameos (one is a blink & you’ll miss)  Western 1882 Arizona. “You shouldn’t Drink and Horse” (smirks)  The Mustache song was possibly the only highlight of the movie and a certain cameo of a sort of ‘mad’ scientist as well. Otherwise they showed all the best parts int he trailer (can’t they just use ONE of them & that’s it?) There are at least one or 2 good parts  but i can understand why it got bad reviews D


Minority Report

Mission Impossible;Rouge nation


my-darkest-days  (band)


Mockingjay part 2

Monster High: Haunted

House of Wax


Necroscope    – Brian LumleyNecroscope

The first book of the series, had to repost as there was a problem with the previous post of it.

There’s a story of 2 Necroscopes those to talk with the dead. One from Russia and the other in England. Only one is the bad version and the other good

Not really keen on how it was written it just doesn’t flow and as previously mentioned, it felt like one page took around 15 minutes (or more) to read. (for me) The chapters are too long, and I think each could have been at least split in half or to thirds. Interesting story but at leat 1 hundred pages too long (if not more) I grew bored of it around page 300 or so, even to the point where I skimmed read the pages just to find the more important parts. I would even doze off reading the book.

Finished for the most part the 24th but fell asleep with a page or 2 left.

Well I started with the prologue on the 12th so its a full 7 days and only 228 pages in… (wasn’t feelning well to ‘Read like a Wolf eats”) I like that one of the characters in one of the sub-plots writes stories and is working on a novel.

The prologue to me was a jumble of babble; it has me confused, maybe more like lost. I felt like I was doing a word jumble only it was with part of a story. There’s something about uprooting, someone who dies, another who can see a glimpse of the future but none seems to interconnect, and I don’t see the connection with the first chapter, as far as I’ve read. The first chapter at least is way too many pages. I hate when chapters are longer than around 10-12 pages as it just feels like it drags. What I’ve grabbed is we are either in London or (communist) Russia (I’ve lost track). The cover of the book says Vampireism, necromancy, Supernatural mayhem & shreiking bloody terror. So far we’ve met one who reads the dead which is the necromancer, but still waiting for the scarey. I would have liked to have seen part of the first chapter as a movie with gore spattered walls etc.

So far it seems more like there’s 3 seperate stories so why not just write it that way and have a smaller book. I think I’m getting a little confused with the what characters are what & to what sub plot of the story.

::Grumbles:: This feels like its taking me forever to finish & I still have about 2oo pages to read I really hope the other 2 books do not read liek the first one. Well the second one is at least 470 pages (yeah… still a few too many for me. The 3rd is 500 and 20 or 30 something pages.

Finally maybe a little more than half way thorugh the book, I think the two stories within are coming together.

This is a crazy sort of story where There’s a Necromancer (but not in the Sorcerer sense) & a Necroscope (the later talks to the dead & they love him etc. The Necromancer is the bad version and steals the secrets of the dead from them.) There’s all sorts of elements in this one by that I mean there’s a litle time travel and things like that.

Cool names= Dragosani (surname)

A blurb review by my friend Peter

“They do pick up. The first suffered from Harry’s learning curve throughout the book. They can start slow bu they do get going. BTW, 1-3 are a story arc, but there’s 5 total in the main series. And then there’s like 10 more in sequel series”

The Necroscope Series  by Brian Lumley can be found here (you may have to scroll down)

needle  review post

Nerdy Nummies  (Youtube)

Never Lake- 

2012    Not Rated   1 hour 26 minutes  Horror 

On vacation from school to visit her father Doctor Brook in Tuscany,  Jenny meets some children with peculiar injuries  who say the adults are bad. Jenny is also having strange visions, like finding  herself in the middle of a lake with blood on her hands and dripping into the lake. The ‘intro’ looks like the woods of a dark fairy tale. The father seems to avoid or or at least try to keep his distance, and that Olga lady looks like for lack of a better term a Witch (and I don’t mean a nice one either). There’s a twist to this tale which I appreciated  and was surprised at.  I thought the movie was just going to turn into some sort of torture porn. Turns out the Lake is real and an actual important Archeological site! it can be found near Arezzo Tuscany. Numerous Bronze Human figures and anatomy produced by the Etruscans were found here and are in the ‘most important’ museums all over the world.    C

Neil Patrick Harris Choose your own Biography

The Nice Guys

The Night Before

The Night Manager


Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

2015 R 1:40 starring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams Ricky Gervais, Ben Kingsley, Rebel Wilson & Owen Wilson

So Owen Wilson’s cowboy & Spartan friend are watching a cat on you Tube playing with a laser pointer;

“You can’t touch light It’s an illusion  like human happiness”

Something is up with that golden tablet, it looks as if it’s tarnishing and it is making the inhabitants ‘cooky’. My favorite part is the show when the constellations come to life like a planetarium show but better! With this I guess the world now knows of the after hour activity of the museum, to which this show runs a fowl. (Did I miss the last one, I don’t remember it other than it was at the Smithsonian). T-rex playing fetch is now old news, and the lion statues I thought were cute playing with the flashlight.  I was a bit sad watching as I think this was the last movie Robin Williams filmed, (and  don’t think anymore will be being made) and  Mickey Rooney as well (I think).

If this really is the last one, then it may be a good thing. The first was the one with all the magic, though I wish it could go on for one reason: As a child I personally wondered  what happened at the museums after hours and talk about the kid inside  coming out, the first one really made be feel like I was back to that age I had wondered about this (and would like with all my heart to believe it really does!)  I love the Egyptian Gods (almost as much as the Norse)  though I do pray to Bast the cat goddess being as I am a cat lover and have my own Egyptian book of the dead). I wish there was more story on the tablet, as I found what little there was to be quite thin. What did the symbols mean, why do they spin (or so look that way)  Not really bad, but not really funny either or equally remembered.   C

Nightmare On Elm Street (classic Cuts)

 The Night world Series you can find on the 2013-Year of the Book series  (you will need to scroll)

Night World Official L.J.Smith Site & home of the ORIGINAL Vampire Diaries Books

Nine Lives


2014    PG-13  During a flight to London, US Air Marshall Bill Marks played by Liam Neeson receives texts that threaten that the sender will take a life of one of  the 150 passengers on board every 20 minutes if 150 million dollars is not sent to some account which turns out to be in Bill’s name which the media brands him a hijaker. That whole bit has been overdone I think even more so since 9/11, though you may get a bit of a laugh at the middle eastern looking man that says he hates flying. I’m starting to think its flight Attendant Nancy but I know they are probably making her to be a red herring. Bill does his job as he should even after being told to stand down . Predictable but at times quite intense.  C

No Tell Motel

The November Man1 hr 45 minutes Action packed and wonder why Pierce Bronson is no longer Bond. (Guess they couldn’t afford him anymore) He’s still handsome and suave looking. Go figure maybe he got bored with the role.  I don’t recall a dull moment  in this film . The guy that plays his partner in the beginning will be playing Johnny Utah in the Point Break remake (or was it sequel , well whatever it is, either way yet another yummy Aussie  has come to play. WHere HAVE all the american action actors gone? Not that I’m complaining but it seems all the Aussies & Brits are getting those lately and P.s. I don’t count The Rock, or Batista as actors they’re posers to me)  Anyway it’s a B

Now you see me too


Once Upon a time

(what is this season 3 now? for 2014-2015?) – So did Storybrooke get frozen over? Well she arrived, and I don’t want to ruin it, but I want a nice creamy fluffy looking sundae. After Emma finds Maid Marion in the past & brings her back (last seasons finale) will the ‘evil queen’ go back to her old monsterous ways? I enjoyed this episode even though I wasn’t crazy about the movie Frozen. Oh it was so good to see captain hook again! I missesd him so. I wondered how they would work Frozen into the storyline, though I wish they would have worked the storyline in to the episodes that would come maybe before the december hiatus  or the first few when it comes back from the holiday hiatus. Though with the sudden summer weather back for a couple days it was welcome. i’m looking forward to the rest of the storyline. So far so good!


Open Season: Scared Silly

The Other Side of the Door

 The Ouija Experiment

 not to be confused with the 2014 release of Ouija  (which I may have done). FOur people sit down to use the ouija Board to see if it will work. One friend, films the event and Mike, whose ‘brilliant’ (note sarcasm) idea  this is tells them the rules (well 3 of them)  They are even corrected by a friend of the cameraman’s That you DO NOT ‘PLAY’ with the board. If you and especially the spirit do not say good-bye  you have left a portal open for all types of spirits (good and evil) to get through . Wasn’t bad, and has been done before but a good scare if you have a sleepover party   C


as always they call it a ‘Game’ when you ‘play’ it and not take it seriously is when you get bad spirits,. Sometimes even when you are serious and know perfectly well what you are doing, they still come through.

Here’s a few links with the rules (some are legitimate and others are so-so )

http://www.ghostwalks.com/ouijahowto-article.htm * http://www.theparanormal.me/2012/04/ouija-board-rules-how-to-‘play’-ouija.html This is the best to ref. to http://www.dragonoak.com/Ouija-Board-Instructions.html  Sadly at this moment I cannot find the right site I had previously noted within my blog post (or pages).

There were a couple of parts that made me jump, and I don’t usually get scared let alone jump from a cheap scare.  The psychic from Insidious is in this.  I had a laugh when the girl went into the attic with a flash light, when she passed a perfectly good lantern that was on the table in the room she passed. (Dumbass)  and of course there has to be a creepy boiler (um waiting for Freddy Kreuger to show up! cause that was all I could think of when I saw it! and why I don’t like basements.. hey I lived a street or 2 from Elm St.)  So not much of a climatic ending, a bit disappointed really. Based on this & the Ouija Experiment which  I gave a C to and was sort of found footage/documentary like. This one you find out who or what (however yhou want to put it)  is doing the haunting and why. The movie is ok, worth at least a watch for entertainment purposes  and I was glad I saw it as a rental instead of seeing it in the theater (I wouldn’t have been happy with the money I paid, good thing the Movie Gods prevented me from seeing it. I think the times it was starting were never one I could get to   C-

Outpost 3– Not sure why I watched this when I didn’t like the first one, and never watched the second. I must be really desperate for some visual entertainment that being it’s December, all the tv series are on hiatus. Just as I did with the first I lost interest after awhile. I think I got it for dad, as I think he liked the original. Nazi Zombies only this series is definitely no Dead Snow nor is the make-up Walking Dead grade. Though for some reason like the term ‘Fairy Vampire’ just sounding so silly and still gives me a laugh every time I hear it, Nazi Zombies is a close  2nd but the movie all D

Over my Dead body

by Michelle Bardsley       Started January 17- 22

(I fell behind reading this as I was not feeling myself, but still came from behind to finish a day ahead)

This is Simone Sweet’s story. The Mechanic of Broken Heart, is not what she seems. Most don’t think she has an angry bone in her body, & they’re wrong (She just quells it better). She had an abusive husband, that she finally escaped… and now against her better judgment getting the warm fuzzies for Brady. She has a daughter who has not spoken since the night they escaped. The town is getting ready for a big festival to usher in and make official among the lycans, Patsy as Queen. For this, the town is trying to install an invisi-sheild, with thanks to Brady having nabbed some tech from his previous job for the technology for it. There’s something unknowingly lurking around town. Simone has seen a man in a black suit in the woods, then there’s Rainer who gives her the creeps as well. .


Out of the Silent Planet  Book #1 C.S Lewis   started Feb 9-17 it may say ‘beloved’ on the cover but so far over 3/4 of the way through & the writing does not flow. I can imagine the writer reading it in some monodrome tone and aside from the adventure of it (& the will & drive) to get through it (& the other 2 books) I would have probably stopped reading it long ago! So I may end up having to use one of my banked days to finish. Edit that.. make that used 3 days, Part of this could be the condition of the book that took me so long to finish it as even as I ead it the middl eof the book would fall out, another page would come away from the spine, and even more of the outside of the spine would disintegrate. I’m hoping Paralandra the 2nd book will be easier as well as NOT falling apart

annoyed because the pages keep falling apart between my fingers & I should have been able to finish this within 3 days.

Not sure what to make of the story…but I had to use some of the extra days. SO with that.. in short was not happy with the writing and I’m not really into Sci-fi I don’t mind the occassional one. This one was for be quite hum drum. I like details and such but this was just headache inducing as trying to (in a round about way) exlain things from our world to those of another. This one I give a D+ as I could almost see in my mind the Landscape of the other planet. THE COSMIC TRILOGY: Out of the Silent Planet; Perelandra; That Hideous Strength

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