Escape Room

2019         PG-13        1:40       Taylor Russell ,Tyler Labine ,Deborah Ann Woll , Logan MillerSee the source image

So the Netflix disc sleeve plot summary says:

Tyler’s girlfriend buys him tickets for an escape room event, but the couple and 4 of their friends fun takes a turn when they realize there may be no escape

That’s partially wrong. 6 strangers receive a little black puzzle box. If you solve the box you find a voucher for an escape room inside, however its more like a ticket to hell.






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Mission Impossible: Fallout

See the source image  (#6 of the series)

2018    PG13     2:27    Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Simon Pegg,Ving Rhames


With an elaborate plot you may not be able to keep up with at times (or at least you may be a few minutes behind) with the clockwork of parts.  Hunt’s mission is a race against time to secure 3 spheres of plutonium and stop an anonymous doomsday zealot by the name of John Lark who is after said cache of plutonium to launch a ncities .uclear attack on the world. Hunt with the help of Ving Rhames’ Luther and Simon Pegg’s Benji which hopscotch between Berlin,  Belfast, Paris and London to Kashmir.  While Old foe Solomon Lane the anarchist from Rogue Nation who is supposed to have hooked up with Lark. Bombing 3 religious

See the source imageMeanwhile Henry Cavill’s CIA agent August Walker and icy brute (and I don’t mean the cologne) They should make a beer with the name and throw the whole 6 (or maybe 8) pack in a sub zero freezer. He ‘s assigned to shadow Hunt’s IMF crew.

While we may be feeling fatigue from all the franchises out there, sequels are not usually worth the watch after the 2nd or 3rd. However with Mission Impossible upping the stakes and stunts with twistier plots with each installment like my favorite scene… Skydiving during a lightning storm, ACTUAL action scenes Unlike Jack Reacher or Atomic Blonde came off as armature (to me) due to the slow choreography and a lack of action.

LMAO the guy in the in the ‘hospital’ room

Of course the one complaint Had to BLAST VOLUME for Speaking parts and Lower to 1/4 volume for the action scenes.

And Had a few tears of laughter at the fact that THOR apparently DOES NOT LIKE superman. You’ll understand when you see it.

Cruise should honestly just stick to this franchise (and just end Reacher… That one is forgettable.

it just sucks and not in the fun way. I mean at least hand it over to a younger star that needs a jump in their stardom.

The last 30-45 minutes was cool.

Action, Thrills, spills twists and more

Intense moments and cool chases that’s an action movie!




Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

2016   PG-13  Tom Cruise, Cobie Smulders, Aldis hodge


Major Susan Turner is arrested for treason (for what seems like no reason) and Reacher stops at nothing to prove her innocence and uncover a huge government conspiracy involving soldiers being killed.

Not much of an action movie, so WTF genre was this supposed to be a thriller? Not too suspenseful for that and really

WHY is Tom Cruise who’s lost too many steps to be an action hero, let the Chris Hemsworths, Jai Courtney’s Joel Kinnemans and so on take over.  (Either that or he’s going to have to get a better trainer and stop spending so much time at the scientology church. Plus he’s going to need ankle, weights and do that parachute run so he get be faster.)


Time to end this franchise I mean isn’t pretty much the same as Mission Impossible? Reacher is past its expiration date, its not sour its rotting.

Get him some scripts for his age, no more action let him do horror cause to me sadly he now is.

They should have listened to their own title!

Classic Cuts (duels) – Independence Day

Independence Day

starring Will Smith, Vivica A. Fox Bill Pullman                       action adventure sci-fi

The movie was also promoted as ID4… and to this day I still watch it anytime its on around July 4th.

There is so much I enjoy about the movie when it first came out and even now. The cast is awesome, the story line, the quotes and more. While yes, I think it was longer than 2 hours, it wasn’t one of those movies where you felt like you fell asleep when there was no action. The storyline remains interesting, throughout and with action and humor in all the right parts. The alien creatures were certainly a different take on what we think they look like (for that time anyway) and how can you not just love the

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Crooked House

2017  PG13 1:55   based on the twisted tale by Agatha ChristieCrooked House Poster

3 generations live in the poisonous atmosphere of bitterness, resentment and jealousy.

A Theater actress played by Gillian Anderson, the widow of the deceased  the matriarch Lady Edith de Havlland but you know her as Glenn Close and then there is Sophie.  The spy turned Detective, Charles Hayward investigates the curiously suspicious circumstances of the death of the wealthy patriarch.

I’d say its a good mystery and of my 2 suspects I was right with one of them. However unlike many other stories, or should I say movies, it was not blatantly obvious which made me start to think if it was the matriarch but that would have be going with my brain and not my gut.

Godzilla king of monsters


All the AWESOME posters… Which to use as feature

2019     PG-13   2:12     Action, adventure, Fantasy

Bradley Whitford, Kyle Chandler, Ken Watanabe, O’Shea Jackson, Zhang Ziyi,Vera Farmiga,Charles Dance. and Millie Bobby Brown


I have tried previously to watch the original Godzilla movies that came from Japan but for some reason I just cannot get through an entire movie. I’ve tried a few times over the year and it never works. I’m not sure if its because you can tell they are puppets and people dressed in costume or if its the pacing, or even the acting. Just not sure what or why.  Then we have the modern movies I can’t remember anything from the 1998 movie, and as for the latest of 2014  parts are memorable but something tells me King of Monsters and his err ‘frenemies’ are going to light all previous movies up! I think I used to watch the old cartoon sometimes, I  just cant remember if it was in the 80s or 90s. (well there was one in the 70s which looked more like dinosaurs. I think this is the one I saw a few times with ‘Gadzooky’


short review…. F*****n AWESOME!!!!!  Best seen & worth the theater $$.

as I watched all I could hear is the WWE universe “This is Awesome” Chant as if I was at a match (which sadly I only heard on tv)

(if you watch or have been there, You know the feeling)

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Night School

See the source image

2018       PG-13


This looked somewhat funny in the trailers but I was hesitant. I refuse to see any comedies in the theater as they aren’t usually worth the money to see that way. If a movie ticket cost less than $10  (more like cost between $3-5) then it would be worth it.


Teddy Walker (Kevin Hart) has worked at a B-B-Q  Grills and furniture store since he was a teen and is told he will be the one to take over when the owner retires. He had plans to propose to his girlfriend and sets up the store which some how was made to look (oddly) romantic.  However after the store explodes he needs to get his GED to get a financing job at his friend’s company.

Some lady on the phone in her car talking all loud at a light, calls him a Burnt leprechaun which had me cracking up!

He plays tug of war with a tow truck and after finding out that his old school’s principal is his arch nemesis, who still has it out for him.

He goes to Night School without letting the girlfriend know what is going on.

“Don’t let the door knob hit ya where the good lord split ya” 

He’s got ‘Learning Herpies’ (that was still kind of funny)

To me the way the teacher teaches the class for Teddy after she learns of his learning disorder(s) is the way EVERY teacher should teach a class. Don’t just teach with book and blackboard (or whatever they use these days) They should teach the subject in more life like settings and having a hands on approach  ; and not just blabbering on a student retains the information better. Make it interesting and the kids will pay more attention, maybe even look forward to going to class and my word actually want to learn?!!?!?!


It was ok. Not great but I’d say at best good.