Season, Series, parts and Epiosdes

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The world is a confusing thing. Especially when people don’t use words properly.

For instance I know the English use the term “SERIES” instead of season when it comes to each edition of a show. The show itself IS the series; though, I guess I see as they mean “the series”…series of episodes.

Then there was one show or as I see it ‘series’ called The Ranch that said it had 5 parts. I thought great I can finish that in a day… WRONG those so called PARTS turned out were actually seasons. That’s’ NOT a part.  A part is a small piece of something, so that would have been best used as another term for an episode. A perfect example Now Gilmore Girls: Year in the Life is a 4 part mini series of 1 1/2 hours each part.

Now if they want to use PART as Part 1 2 3 instead of Episodes fine that makes more sense. I might even understand instead of using series for season to use year, but that might not work as some series (shows) have 2 seasons in a year. There may be one in the spring/summer then later in the fall/winter.

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Tyler Perry’s BOO! A Madea Halloween

While some parts were funny, this was so stupid; however, at the same time, you should sit your kids down to watch especially the teens for the moral of the story.

Just gotta love the ‘punishment’ at the end, and I don’t mean the talking to, but daaaaaaamn! With those 4 old coots especially Medea she’d give anyone an anxiety/panic attack

Oh and fans of The Walking Dead…. NO that’s not the actor that plays ‘Jesus’ this guy’s name is Brock O’Hurn.

There’s really nothing ‘to write home about’ with this one.


is it fun, maybe a little is it scary well.. if you have a problem with clowns… there’s a creepy one in here.

It’s no classic and quickly forgotten after watched.

I would only suggest watching it if  its October/Halloween and  you are in a frat house (or next to one)

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Classic Cuts- Lethal Weapon

Classic Cuts

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I don’t think I even watched these movies, at least not in full. If I have watched any of them, I don’t remember it. I know I’ve seen clips here and there but I don’t even recall which ones, let alone from which of the movies. I’ve watched the Tv series Reboot (On Wednesday Nights 8pm (Est) on Fox. I loved it, I thought all the coming attractions before it aired the pilot episode was going to be all hype, and after seeing the gags in it, I didn’t think I’d laugh when those parts would come up in the show, but I did! It is my favorite new show of 2016 and must watch. Heck, I even watch it live and watch Arrow on Demand now! (Sorry Stephen Amell)

as for the Movies basically I’d end up comparing them to the TV show, but I know I should do it the other way around. I’m not sure if I want to compare them per movie or just wait until the end for


Lethal Weapon 

1987    R , 1:50   Action,Crime, Thriller   Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Darlene Love, Gary Busey

Police Detective Martin Riggs is reckless and suicidal after the death of his wife. He’s reassigned to partner with family man Roger Murtah. The new partners clash immediately , however together  they uncover  a mass drug ring. They begin to form a bond as they  encounter  more dangerous situations and Riggs volitile behavior  if it doesn’t kill them first, it just might help catch the bad guys.

“You think I’m crazy,  want to see crazy”

then does some sort of Three Stooges slapstick bt on the guys.

I think this scene gave me the biggest laugh of the whole movie (maybe even movie franchise)…likely as I didn’t expect it  as when I’ve watch the three stooges, they didn’t make me laugh, so it was pulled off in good fashion.  I knew this was part comedy (even if it’s not quite listed as such) but as time goes by one’s sense of humor as well as humor in our pop culture changes over time, so I thought any humor in this would be lost at this point, but it’s still good. I will have to chalk that up to Mel Gibson at least.

Murtah’s daughter is kidnapped  in this and (Fiday Nov 11th episode of the Tv series  had some  installer setting up some big screen tv and it was showing a slide show of pictures (I guess from their social media accounts) A picture popped up of his daughter in her bra  and I’m thinking that might be to replace the kidnapping?

Anyway after watching the first movie I’m glad they didn’t remake the movie or do it as a reboot.

Definitely worth watching You can do so here on Amazon Video

Lethal Weapon 2 

1989    R     1:54     + Joe PesciSee the source image

This one starts with California’s state past time…. a car chase, and in Murtah’s Wife’s NEW car (a station Wagon…for you millennials that don’t ahve a clue what this is) I always through they should turn those old ones into boats (closed or open) Or at least one of those artificial Reefs. You could probably reuse them as an urban tank, and many other things I can think of!

Anyway sorry to get off the point and speaking of reefs, there’s a pirate treasure in the trunk! Now “The Commercial” (which now I think is what the previously mentioned TV episodes is replacing)  But I was cracking up, I think I may have even had a surprised face. And AH! THAT’S where the high dive into the pool on the show came from!! Still loved that stunt!

The guys are on the trail of some despicable  South African diplomats who use their immunity for criminal activities.

Oh and there’s some  guy whose voice is so familiar but I can’t place it, then at one point the brain screams out “it’s the villain from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey” Oh and the shrink for Riggs, is the Mom from Monster Squad!

This one is worth a watch as well, though I don’t remember enough of it.   Watch it here on Amazon Video


Lethal Weapon 3  

1992   R  1:58   + Rene Russo

Days Away from his Retirement,  Murtah and his partner are roped into an important I.A. (Internal Affairs) case. The two close in on a black market  weapons op involving a  corrupt cop and arms dealer Jack Travis. Again the partners end up being joined by Joe Pesci’s  Leo Gets as an informant.  Oh yeah a Maples vs L.A. Kings game!!

“Close is a lingerie shop with out a front window”

This one is not memorable except for one scene, which to me was hysterical!  And the one reason to watch (or at least rent it and skip to the scene) Riggs acting like a dog!  to make the rotti’ chill out!  This is worth a watch Just for this part!~ Heck This part I hope they redo for the tv series!  This scene gets an A but this installment in the series, a D…

Watch on Amazon Video

Lethal Weapon 4

1998   + Jet Li & Chris RockSee the source image

So at this point I’m sort of over the marathon, plus something else I wanted to watch was coming on so needless to say I didn’t get to watch much of the movie. This round the partners have a crisis  I call it ‘age rage’

And he and his partner Riggs have to deal with a Chinese crimelord bent on getting his brother out of prison.

Even what I did get to watch, I remember nothing but the 2 additions Rock & Li being in it.

So I give it (a maybe un-fair) F

Over all worth a watch if you are in an 80’s action movie phase or just for some good old 80s- 90s movies.

Watch it on Amazon video

Over all for the movies……C     Order The full movie franchise on DVD, Blu-ray or combo 


Lethal Weapon  TV series

See the source image

2016    Damon Wayans, Clayne Crawford, Jordana Brewster, Keesha Sharp, Kevin Rahm, Jonathan Fernandez

My review

The action of the original movies and the couple in the 90s has nothing on the action, fast pace, and humor in this! I was happy when I heard Damon Wayans was going to be one of the stars, and more so when I heard Clayne Crawford would play the other guy. I’ve seen Clayne in Rosewell, and Baytown Outlaws (as far as I can think off the top of my head). The stunts are more extreme as I am pretty sure that dive out of the building in the tv series was higher than in the movie. I think the actors have better chemistry and I have fun watching every episode!  It’s a good amalgamation of Humor, Action, drama, and mystery.

If you haven’t watched it already, I suggest watching the first 2 seasons of the show.

Catch up with season 1 on Amazon Video

Season 2 on Amazon

Season  3,

Clayne Crawford’s Martin Riggs has been written off with his will he or wont he die season 2 finale, due to  On-set clashes that almost killed the Hit fox series

Frankl,y I don’t know if  I’ll watch now as American Pie’s Sean William Scott aka Stiffler will be replacing him.

So I’ll watch the first episode of the season and see how it is;  If its as funny and if they have the same amount of crazy to it.

To start they got me feeling like I’m going to cry. we meet the other Riggs in some part of Syria where his 9 year old source gets killed. He ends up a meter maid when he gets back.

12 minutes in not as funny as previous seasons but just as Murtah says something about the car falling in his lap, a car falls onto what I think is his family car. So Murtah and “stiffler” meet trying to catch the same guys.

Speaks 7 languages, resume is redacted has a 12 year old daughter X’s name is Nat and is that a real tat on Sean William Scott’s arm or is that for the show. Either way, doesn’t suit him, and looks new so I’m guessing fake.

As far as half way through the first episode goes, unlike the first 2 seasons being a watch live, I’d say this is a save for on Demand (or to save up on your DVR for the Holiday Hiatus.

Definitely Does not have the heart, thrills, fun or the funnies the first 2 seasons had, even though the last scene made me want to cry too.

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Star Wars Double Feature

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

2016 Diego Luna   Felicity Jones  Pg-13  2:13  

I wasn’t sure what exactly was supposed to be going on. It seemed like a prequel story and a repeat at that. Much of the movie felt way too familiar and thought they swiped some scene from one of the originals. Aside from this I don’t remember anything other than the girl in it, and she doesn’t look like the one in Force, or Last Jedi, so who the hell is she? Honestly it feels more like a movie they made just to

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Tripping the Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim stars Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) & Idris Elba (Thor as Heimdall)

The Pacific Coast is at war with large beings from the seas beneath the earth’s crust. That side of the world (at least) is in ruins and the military and so on, could not stop what is called Kaiju (meaning monster). The humans (as the posters & commercials say) to beat monsters, we made monsters. Those ‘monsters’ are the giant robots called Jagers (German for Hunter) that, like the Kaiju are as tall if not taller than skyscrappers.

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High Spirits

See the source image

1988   PG-13    Daryl Hannah, Peter O’Toole, Steve Guttenberg, Jennifer Tilly, Liam Neeson, Beverly D’Angelo

Peter Plunkett’s ancestral home and hotel has a viral case of vacancies. He therefore launches an ad campaign that falsely portrays the Irish castle as being haunted. A few Americans make the trip over, a priest, a parapsychologist and his family and the Crawford couple, played by Guttenberg and D’Angelo .

Jack Crawford is a nice guy, but not sure why he married Sharon as she comes off as a cold bitch. Not sure why they married, but it can’t be because they loved each other.

The hotel crew rigs the place up with wiring for their banshee, and a variety of other parlor tricks. Once the parapsychologist calls Bull S*** the silliness ends and he real haunting begins.

Neeson and Hannah play a tragic married couple, Mary and Martin Brogan which were killed on their wedding night. Well at least Mary as Martin thought she was cheating cause she didn’t like his warty stinky self.

I still like to book reservations when I see that its on.  When I get away to this castle while it may be disheveled, I do have a laugh and love the haunting good time..,however if you do not like ‘Whiting’ you might want to bring some of your own snack foods for the visit.

At one point a wall floats through the air brick by brick and what’s within comes alive. The zombies or ghosts whatever they are supposed to be have cakey make-up and such. The FX aren’t too bad, other than the make up.

This would be a movie I’d nominate for a remake. Maybe with Kevin Hart (or Jeff Dunham) in Guttenberg’s place, Jennifer Lawrence in Daryl Hannah’s Role maybe Liam Neeson could play Plunkett this time.


Wonder Woman

See the source image2017   Gal Gardot, Chris Pine

running time-too long

I never intended on watching this as I thought it looked stupid and like all the other DC movies, other than it was a period piece, and has Chris Pine in it.

PLEASE, someone, explain to me WHY this was raved about?   I guess the other women of the world don’t know a good movie when they actually see one.  This was just hyped out of everyone’s ass, frankly, it looks like it belongs in a toilet or a swamp. Actually the colors LOOK like swamp water

I suppose this will actually be nominated for the new Oscars category “just because”   First of all, its a cure for insomnia 2. its a dour, depressing period piece and they always seem to like those sort of films.

The Action FX and just Computer FX are even worse in some areas with the jerky moves of the characters computer copy (especially when getting on horses. If it’s not a close up of them getting on,…  KI just can’t.  I’ve seen amateur FX better than this. It seems like a Captain America knock off, only in this I’m not sure if its Chris Pine or Wondedr Woman who is supposed to be Captain America.

Gal Gardot just doesn’t cut it as Wonder Woman, and her costume looks more copper or bronze than red, and instead of yellow, there’s brass.  But I understand we can’t have some brightly colored anything in the DC universe. Also, the character is just obnoxious. I think Hera or Artemis needs to come down and put her on her ass. She runs off constantly she’s like one of those religious zealots that don’t take the hint.

I think she would be beset off in non-action movies but then again let’s hope the next movie or whatever she’ll be in (as wonder woman or not) will be better acted by her as well as better FX. The movie has no heart, no emotion.


The ONLY good part so far I’ve heard or seen is Wonder Woman saying the snow ‘is magical’ which I always say. Go figure!