Reading Challenge

Each year since 2013 I have done a reading challenge, of my own.

This page will be the main page every year for the challenge,. At the end of the year I will publish all of them at once in one post as the archive for the year, so it can be found in a search.

Now reading challenges can be done in a few different ways,

  1.  is by the number of books to read in the year like Good Reads does.
  2. have a theme of what to read for the year (be it all one Genre, author or plot)
  3.  Reading ‘prompt’ challenges.  These are ideas to read like in this search pick one hat looks interesting. There’s ones for adults, ones in General as well as ones for children. (You can also find some of the ideas I liked most at the end)
  4. Read a certain amount of books before you can buy yourself a new one.

This year I need to get some of what I have of series read… so I may do what I did back in 2013, when I read 30 to 40 something books!

(sadly I know I won’t get that many read although it would put a nice dent in my pile here! Wish I could read a book a week or even every 2 weeks.)I have to read more than one book to get another! It was for every 5 books I could get one  though I would cheat sometimes and it would be at least a minimum of  3 read, then I’d replace them with one

Challenge Archives

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2016 Biblio Bound   *     2017 -Got some serious reading to do

You can also check out the book nook, click on the book nook tab in the menu, or hoover for other book and series  related pages

I read this one in a day and I read it just for that reason. Also If I catch the Goosebumps show on I still watch it. So sometimes its just nice to read a short book and I think I’ve heard of this story before. The kid finds an instant camera in an old house that takes photos of what will happen instead of what you are actually photographing. being it was just a bit over 100 pages I thought I’d cheat a bit and get another book finished for my Goodreads challenge (I think I have like 20 books to read and I have only read oops Only 10 and I’ve got 25 that was my target to finish)



Hoping to get to

Library for a book you were supposed to read in school.

The Chocolate War????The Chocolate War (Chocolate War, #1) by Robert Cormier



Reading Challenges

For Light reading to the Obsessed this one is for you (click on image to zoom)

Here’s one that has points assigned to each challenge

Bookopoly Board    OMG They SHOULD have this!!!

reading bookmark   

(Color them in as you read)

summer reading olympics bookmarks