2019 Reading Challenge

Each year since 2013 I have done a reading challenge, of my own.

This is the main page for the challenge. At the end of the year I will publish the challenge in a post as the archive for the year so it can be found in a search.

 Want to do your own challenge?  They can be done in a few different ways,

  1. By the number of books to read in the year like GoodReads does (but a friend and I don’t agree on however they time it when you are ‘so many books behind your challenge.)
  2. have a theme of what to read for the year (be it all one Genre, author or plot type)
  3.  Reading ‘prompt’ challenges.  These are ideas to read like in this search pick one that looks interesting. There are ones for adults, ones in General as well as ones for children. (You can also find some of the ideas I liked most at the end of this page)
  4. Read a certain amount of books before you can buy yourself a new one. (mine is usually five, see below how I did myn 2013 reading challenge in the link below)

This year I need to get some of what I have of series read… so I may do what I did back in 2013 when I read 30 to 40 something books!

(sadly I know I won’t get that many read although it would put a nice dent in my pile here! Wish I could read a book a week or even every 2 weeks.)I have to read more than one book to get another! It was for every 5 books I could get one  though I would cheat sometimes and it would be at least a minimum of  3 read, then I’d replace them with one

2019 Challenge

DNF= Did not finish

The Dragon of Krakow and other Polish stories Richard Monte

I have a bit of Polish decent in me, and my pop-pop died when I was still in grade (5) school so I never got to ask him to teach me polish (would have come in handy with my polish friends around the neighborhood) as well as learning anything of what part we are from etc.  My Grandfathehr Pop-pop as I called him) would always tell me a story when I went to visit. It was the same story but I loved it. Not sure if he made it up himself or if it was something he learned as a kid. So anyway a pal got the book for me off my wishlist for my holiday gift. I guess in a sense I was hoping to find the story my Grandpa used to read to me. (Downloaded a couple of other polish stories on my kindle) I do hope somehow I will find it.  I enjoyed the stories and would even read them to my little cousins (though I always hated reading out loud) Guess for that I’d have to re-read the story a few times beforehand.  Its a small slim book       order here 

Traveler in the Dark -Deidre Gould      (order)

Hottest Blood (Carried over from 2018) DNF

I don’t think I found one story interesting.
Ended up giving up and putting it in the give away box (mm maybe I’ll make it a bookcrossing book and release it somewhere)

This was basically bathroom fodder and should have left it as such. (Heck I should have flushed it if I didn’t think it would clog up the toilet)

Anthology of stories by various authors, however the stories were not interesting.

A little bit of runes

Supernatural: John Winchester’s Journal – Alex Irvine   order

Selected Canterbury tales- Geoffrey Chaucer (still working on)

Plum Lucky Janet Evanovich  (click link on wicked charms…both on same page)

Ghost of a Chance (A Chintz ‘N China Mystery by Yasmine Galenorn

Spiderwick Chronicles: Great Escape    (was a nice short book I could read during my tag sale.

Wicked Charms  by Janet Evanovich (on her page)

Witch Hunt by Devin O’Branagan

Toil and Trouble Augusten Burroughs   (if link does not work, post may not yet be published)

All Hallows’ Evil (a susan Henshaw Mystery book #4) by Valerie Wolzien  order  October 1st – 27

( I previously Read a book of her’s called the Student Body in 2014)

 Lover Unleashed  (any notes yo will find on the series page (the books are noted in order)  October 28 –



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