2017 Reading Challenge-Got some serious reading to do

Each year since 2013 I have done a reading challenge, of my own.

This page will be the main page every year for the challenge,. At the end of the year I will publish all of them at once in one post as the archive and so it can be found in a search.

This year I need to get some of what I have of series read… so I may do what I did back in 2013, when I read 30 to 40 something books!

(sadly I know I won’t get that many read (as it would put a nice dent in my pile here!) I’m not going to abide by all the rules I had set up for that challenge the only one that does and do try to abide by is I have to read more than one book to get another! then it was for every 5 books. This time as long as its a minmum of 2 read then I can replace them with one (though I prefer it to be five)

Challenge Archives

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2016 Biblio Bound   *     2017 -Got some serious reading to do


War & Peas by Jill Churchill

 Addition by Toni Jordan

L is for Lawless

Vikings    (TV series Coffee table book)