Reference Help


  1. Netflix user tips
  2. What Streaming service is right for you (Navigating the streams)
  3. Your Guide to binge watching
  4. What is the Bechdel Test
  5. What is Staunking & list of offenders.

17 Tips for every Netflix user!

Did You Know That There Are Secret Codes On Netflix?

Navigating the Streams


Classic = warner Archive (9.99 mo)

Current= Netflix= (8.99 mo)

Both= Huluplus 7.99 month

Movies & Tv

Netflix- (8.99 mo)

Amazon Prime – $99 year order Amazon Prime here

HBO Now  $14.99 per month



CBS All Access 5.99 month

Want Britsh tv too?    Acorn Tv $4.99 month

hulu Plus Watch shows the next day (or you can wait a few days and watch them on their station channels FREE!)

or as they air also a large selection of imports as well   plus back catalog of shows

Amazon= watch the shows when the season ends (I don’t think that’s right as I’ve seen episodes posted.) and a back catalog of shows


Guide to Binge Watching


FREE streaming (or so a friend tells me)

(Alison) Bechdel Test

there must be at least 2 women in the movie talking to each other about something other than guys (or shopping)

 What is Staunking  & file your own report!

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