Earth to Echo

Shameless promo for the GoPro camera Think Goonies in a way (& more so than I mentioned about As above so below) here they are on Bikes, and go on a journey (or scavenger hunt pretty literally) to help ‘Echo’ the robot the parts it needs for it’s ship.

Love the little robot guy.. cute & why didn’t they make toys of him? (Like better then Wall-E) At least happy meal toys!  bet my cat would have had some fun with it esp. if it hoovered!  Great for the whole Fam C+

Edge of Tomorrow

was on over the weekend and I still had yet to see it so Finally caught it, though in the same part that I started to watch the last time. At times I get a bit confused as sometimes there seems to be a hiccup; we’ll see him die at one point and right away it goes Right back  to that point. I know he’s supposed to be able to get redos on what goes on but whatever.. maybe I still jsut need to get the rhythm of the movie. Well for a bit there I never thought we’d get out of the part where tehy end up on the beach, then the training part it’s like listening to a scratched Vinyl, only the repeat ends up a little different. The creatures called Mimics are kind of cool but the Kiju’s of Pacific Rm were so much better & really BAD-ass (scary) These are not. They just look like some dudes in suits (though CG effects) with dreadlocks. Oh NO they didn’t. In a way this rips of Pacific Rim, only instead of having ‘the bridge’,  in this is ‘The Omega’. So kiddies Don’t get Alpha Mimick blood on you, otherwise you will have the worst case of Deja Vu and will go Ground Hog Day  infinitly until your blood gets diluted or bleed out. THe action is ok though      D

The Education of CHarlie Banks

Entourage: The Movie

The Equalizer


Europa Report

2013 PG-13 1:30  I think I saw Sharlto Copely (of District 9)  a Sci-fi found footage docu type. For the first time astronauts travel to deep space to a moon of Jupiter (which is mostly ice). When something happens to video communiation  the crew members see some light (like those glow worms the blue phospherous like in caves (this one from new Zealand) & occasionally wash ashore in certain countries. However when this happens the ice starts to crack and radiation spikes. I found it interesting, maybe a bit different from the found footage though we get a decent climax to the movie at the end. The lead up was somewhat worth it and the mission end game, though they don’t know it I think was a success as the climax is the payoff but not as cool…  I’ll just say Pacific Rim’s were WAY cooler! This think looked like something I think from Skyline. C Click to order from Amazon Europa Report 



Exodus:Gods & Kings:

2014 PG13 2 1/2 hours! starring Christian Bale as Moses and Joel Edgerton as Ramses

I love pretty much anything egyptian (especially that Lapis Lazuli stone) and Joel Edgerton in guyliner I couldn’t help chuckle when I first saw him in the trailer. I just had to watch him as an Egytpian pharoh, esp. with the head dress on that makes them look like a cobra. I’m not in the same belief system as what the movie portrays so this is for Joel and hopefully some entertainment. The (Egytptian) costumes are beautfully inspired and I nearly drooled when I saw the sword scabbard made of what looked like all Lapis Lazuli. The Jewelry looks like they took it out of museums.

A half hour has passed and it felt like an hour, so I think this one is gonna feel longer than 2 1/2-3 hours long! It was boring and cliche jsut one plauge after the next, though the frogs I had a laugh, at because of a prank played on someone while camping. The action isn’t exciting either and that end part with the tsunami…. was the only cool part (and effect) Oh wait there was one other cool part, how the sea turned red! but aside from those moments really I could have done without the movie. D

The Exorcism of Molly Hartley

 Exorcist  (tv)


The series has gotten a reboot so to speak, in hopes they won’t be booted from the screen themselves. The pilot episode is a confusion made in time travel. There’s 3-5 times we are shown before the actual story just to set us up with what happened. Their trick to ‘retell’ the story after the events of the first season. He husband is now dead, and Jeffery Dean Morgan is in it. She’s been in a ‘rest’ home, but it’s really for those they think have mental problems. after a few episodes, it’s not really improved. I’ve slipped in watching it; besides Chiller shows Todd and the book of Pure Evil from 10-12! Even with the changes, the show is still a bore and frankly not worth your time. The only time to watch this is in a black out on your fully charged portable whatever (Laptop, Blu-ray, DVD, Table phone)




Family Guy/ Simpsons

1 hour crossover which was fun. I’ve been a simpsons fan since it started though I have been a bad goul as I don’t get to watch it so I have to try with the on demand. I een have a Bart’s guide to life book! some magazines somewhere as well. If you are a Simsons’ fan &/or family guy fan I think You will appreciate it. There’s meta jokes rip offs & I just love stewy & Bart together! I hope someday there can be a reverse crossover where it’s a simpsons episode. The homer & Peter fight was epic quite long & just when yuou think it’s over…. well I’m giving things away (esp. that of what they get into the fight about). a satisfying episode A

Fear Clinic 

2014  R  1 1/2 hours  Imdb

Directed and co-written by Robert hall (I swear he reminds me of Max Chmerkovskiy (sp?) of Dancing with the stars) 

starring Robert Englund as Dr. Andover   Corey Taylor (yes of Slipknot) plays orderly Bauer   and Thomas Dekker.

Dr. Andover  uses a metal ‘coffin’ to fully emerse his patients into their fears. Dekker’s character is bound to a wheel chair after the groups mutual trauma. I’m not sure what to make of this. I suppose for some it might be scary (at least a certain cahracter they shows up and blink and you miss them parts) and oh look ‘Freddy’ (Robert Englund)  is having a nightmare.. oh the irony! 

Has a cool soundtrack (well as long as you like rock or metal music) and there’s some inside joke for certain fans.. I didn’t hate it nor did I find it anything other than Ok Oh and I think it was based on a web series… (never saw) C



The Final Girls

The Finest Hours

The Flash

–  Watching some of the show felt a bit odd as we had a sneak peak during an episode of Arrow. The part where Barry Allen becomes the flash (or the means by which he did) was shown he was getting home and the news report was on the tv and a storm was brewing while a particle accelerator was being tested. We get to see the moments leading up to that part in the premire of the show which I just have to say the CW has yet anther Hit on their hands!  The Flash so far seems a bit brighter  than that of Arrow’s tone for one; Then there’s what makes them ‘super’ heroes  while Arrow’s ‘powers’ are all learned abilities the flash we get to see  his ‘lightning’ fast sprints.  I also came across these  25 flash-tv-series-easter-eggs-yo may have missed. I’m not sure if you saw the previews of the show but there’s a certain cameo at the end which well is ‘Cool’ don’t miss it! A

flash-arrow-crossover-humor-surprise/ AWESOME!!!!

After reviewing the Flash & looking back, I’ve forgotten to review

Flash Fiction: 72 Very Short Stories Anthology

I took some notes from the introduction “Flash Fiction” is around 750 words but no less than 250 words. This was the limit Jerome Stein set for his “worlds shortest short story” competition (which noteably the winners appear each fall inSunday:Southeast review”

James Thomas also explains in his introduction how “Flash Fiction’ opposed to “Sudden Fiction” (which is what was done in previous books ) is differfent. “we wanted to make a distinction between the two story types” Flash Fiction is shorter in terms of a limit whereas the sudden fiction is 1,000 words longer (or up to 2,000 words)

Vocabulary-    Pannier <– Click for definition/info       arroyo- dry gulch steep sided in a desert area that’s only wet after a heavy rain.

And they are very short! like 750 words or less and only takes a minute or 2 to read but if you want a better way to put it.. should tqake you no longer than a commercial or commercial break to read!!!

This book belongs on the “Think you don’t have time to read list”

The Flintstones & WWE: Stoneage Smackdown

2015 Not Rated 50 Minutes The names are enough to give you a laugh! john CENAstone, CM PunkRockNicki & Brie boulder Daniel BryRock, Ray Mysterio becomes MysteriOPAL and Mr MC Mahon is Mc Magma while The Underaker remains untouched.

Oh yes hoppy that kangaroo (hopasaurus) is in this. (Was so underused in the original cartoons!) I don’t like that they make Punk out to be a bully though. Now I love the Flintstones and still watch on Boomarang network at night when I’m up for it. I Don’t care for the overly bright contrast or color tones of the new cartoons they come off as obnoxious to me, nordo I care for the use of a computer (maybe I woulnd’t mind if it weren’t overused. just used to accent certain bits of a scene or something) This is always my worry in watching a remake of a cartoon be it an animated television series remake or making a movie of a classic beloved favorite.

I do have to say I give them credit overall on everything! It wasn’t a blight on the flintstones (except for maybe a couple of the voices I think Wilma’s and/or Bettys was not quite right.) …Yeah Bam-Bam… Ooops sorry.. writing while I watch I do have to say the story and fun out weighed the brightness and anything I didn’t care for in the picture. I even watched the special features! 2 of which include old episodes “Take me out ot the ball game and The Engagement ring’ which I don’t think I ever saw before! There’s also a feature how to be a stoneage superstar and the suerstars of the FFE (Fred Flintstone entertainment) B

The Forbidden Game

(will come back to this at a later date)   Forbidden Game wiki page  *  Forbidden Game Fan SIte

The Forest


stars Ioan Groffudd (pronounced as Griffith) who in the show they say is 23  (doesn’t look close to that, 30 or 35 would be more believable unless I misheard..) plays a Medical Examiner in NYC and has lived for I think 250 years (so far). He can’t die no matter how he does, he just wakes up in water. He has an adopted son who is now older than him. Our Immortal isn’t Mr. broody he cracks some jokes and there’s lighthearted parts. I love the way he deduces things, too bad he & Sherlock Holmes (Johnny Lee Miller) from Elementary can’t have a cross over! That would be a freaking fun epiosde or 2! Oh yeah & the actor that plays his son I think is the guy that pays Jeff Goldblum’s dad in Independence day.  Another favorite….Canceled

Four to Score by Janet Evanovich

Four to Score (Stephanie Plum, No. 4) (Stephanie Plum Novels)

Stephanie gets another bail jumper and has to track down a waitress who doesn’t want to be found, and who has sent her Ex on a scavenger hunt of sorts.Her arch-rival Joyce is on the tail of of her and the case. She’s also being accused of stealing someone’s boyfriend, which doesn’t end there as the accuser takes justice for lack of a better term into their own hands taking it out on Stephanie’s personal (and even some Public) Property.

 four-to-score-partial-review-wicked-charms-chapters-1-and-2 tide you over 

If you want to see more please see my whos-stephanie-plum page for the full review. (after the weekend)

Frankenstein 1970

b/w  1:15  So Boris plays Victor the last descendant of the Frankenstein line and resurrects his great ancestor’s monster while a film crew stays at the castle.

Freaks of Nature


Friday Night Lights  review

Full House Janet Evanovich

(anything to do with this book can be found on Who’s Stephanie Plum

Furious 7

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