The kookie musical comedy mini series I figure I’d give a try as well I normally watch Once Upon a Time, though Galavant (the character) is a poor substitute for Captain Hook. It can be really stupid maybe almost annoying or obnoxious (I’m not a musicals person if it doesn’t have GREASE in the title.) It can be funny, maybe not be in the action but some of the lyrics to the songs. The pilot’s jousting match… The slowest ever, annoying… but funny and it was against John Stamos! If you can’t stand ‘cheese’ in yur shows musical or otherwise then it’s a definate skip. With Weird Al yankovich, Ricky Gervais (& I think a few others) will have parts in the show, I wanted to give it a try. (Gervais cracks me up) besides it’s a mini series so after its run we should hopefully never see it again. (I was wrong… The actor that play Galavant was on the Chew. & he said there’s a chance for a 2nd season) I think it would work better as a half hour show, and do one or 2 musical numbers in that. I usually watch it (or listen) as background fodder while I do some form of crafts or my nails. Anyway a Silly C from me


Man did that episode go by quick. I thought there was more coming and when I looked up it was already an hour later, it felt as though they jipped us a half hour to me. Well as they say, keep them wanting! So the dragons are pissed and kalisi is afraid of them…We saw many parts of Westeros but no Arya So far it’s off to a good start. Can’t wait to see more (and what way it is headed)

Ganzfeld Haunting

Guardians of the Galaxy

I missed a bit but it was quite action packed. Some bits from the trailer are still funny. I think I actually liked Batista’s character in this. On First watch  B+

Get a Grip on Dreams

Get a grip on dreamsby Maeve Evans & Jennifer Parker  and is from Time Life Books


pages 189

The Pages are weird, I’d swear they made the book out of paper bags, that’s what it feels like to me but thicker. So a bit hard to open enough to read esp. if you are like me & hold the book open with one hand.
Get a Grip on Dreams

I like the way they have it, as it’s written more like you are reading facts so you can read it while reading another book. Also there are varying views not just that of Freud’s Or Jung etc. (Freud I swear is a Quack! He had a ‘gutter’ mind)  Some of what I have read has enlightened me to a few dreams I remember having in the past, but sadly doesn’t explain all of it for instance like the one you are late or totally miss an exam (I have been out of school for years… but have had a few dreams that I have not had a chance to, Purposely put off studding or just miss the test altogether  So what the heck would this mean for me?)

So as the cover looks, the inside is illustrated the same way, sort of like a graphic novel I guess I could say. They also include ‘Themes’ the dreams of which we all have at one time or another and that people have been having since we at least could record and study them.  A Nice ‘Read between commercials’ book.

I am about 2 days behind in my reading I think it’s like 30 or more pages to go in this book

I thought I would have started my review for panther Prowling by now.. Let’s hope sometime tonight (Friday the 6th)

The Gift

The Giver

Pg-13 1 hr 34 minutes

A stuffy future society called ‘The Community’ that to me seems worse (& sounds creepier) than some post apocalyptic version doom & gloom version (frankly I swear it’s a futuristic ‘Stepford’ family instead of just the wife) The good thing about this future is no longer does disease, Pain or war exist, however the bad side is there’s no free will or individuality. There’s cmaeras everywhere including in your home! Jeff bridges stars as the Giver. There’s 5 rules to this society.

*Use precise language

Wear your assigned (!!) clothing

*Take your morning meds  (these are what keep the people compliant)

*Obey curfew &

*never lie

There are no memories of the past (other than those that Jeff Bridges harbors from his forebears) and there are no last names. Families I guess are arranged and children a born by mothers & given to families.  The Movie is mostly in Black and white which I think is pretty cool as it is used so little. I think it was used well in this case. An accent of color here or there shows up but as Jonah  comes to see more memories of the past, more color starts to show, though muted. oooh I didn’t know they were in this. A certain Bon Ton (true Blood) Vamp was in this!!! Also Katie Holmes and I’m sure the surprises won’t stop there. (I guess I really ignored the commercials when they were out but so far seems for the better and I really figured I’d check it out for my Awards show yes.. I have my own awards show!! The Avatar Awards so Stay tuned. They will happen a little later than previously Published! Instead of February 28th It may be the first week of march so stay tuned!  )    This seems like a more peaceful version of Divergent to me. By the end of the movie the colors are rich & vibrant. This was a nice change for once compared to the usual dark nasty landscapes of death . Oh wait the girl who plaid Rosemary was Taylor swift! As in the singer?  or are they 2 completely different people just with the same name? anyway … B

Gods of Egypt

Gone Girl

caught from beginning on cable 45 to 90 minutes in and I’m wondering how much longer this will be on for; and thanking I never bought into the hype and read the book. There are some funny morbid type jokes. The wife is mental and should be in solitary or a padded cell. I wouldn’t want to be with her, then she acts all stepford wife. It shows how two faced  the manipulative media and caniving masses are (and why I don’t watch the news).  C-



stars Donal Logue, Benjamin MacKenzie,  Jada Pinkette Smith  I’d say all share equal time.

Dark as The Dark Knight, yet you won’t see him other than as a Grade school child. After 3 episodes (as of Monday the 6th) I think it’s starting to pick up and be more interesting. The premier and 2nd episode I wasn’t sure if I like it but it’s starting to grow on me. When I heard Donal would be in the show I groaned, as  his  roles in Vikings, Copper & Sons of Anarchy to put it nicely were butt heads. He was Quinn in Blade years ago & though a ‘villain’ as he was one of the vampires,  he was likable. In Gotham  Donal Louge may be a crooked cop, but this time he’s in the gray  You may like him and you might not, but in ways (even you don’t like him er his character) he is still likable.

Meanwhile his new partner Jim wrestles with his conscious as to go along with his partner’s ways of getting information and taking down the criminals or not.

Gotham Season 2


2012  NR 1:34  On an Irish Island where alien monsters run a muck, it takes an alcoholic cop to help save the town. During one attack there’s a survivor left, how did he manage to escape the fate of his other fellow islander? Apparently Alcohol is toxic to the critter looking ‘octoliens’ (my word)  Not sure about the title yet… I don’t get it but then again I don’t think I’ve seen how it gets the people, but the title may be lame but is the obvious best choice! Though Grabbers to me sounds more like a plotline about some perverts (or for a porn movie). at first the bartender  of course looks familiar and think he’s ‘Trick’ from Lost Girl… but I’ve got my actors mixed u (besides to me they look like twins) The bartender is played by David Pearce who was in the first season of Vikings. I’d say this is more comedy than horror or sci-fi but hey there are sub-genres. The Baby Aliens look like some sort of creepy flower or coral. as for the big catch I’d say there’s three things the alien reminds me of the first thought was ‘call of Cathulu’ (though as of writing this I have yet to see it) , the other 2 however not really sure I have the right one but the critters or Langoliers. The last one I can’t really recall but it has to do with the way it grabs, so to explain it better I’ll note  Scorpion from Mortal Kombat  which is the closest I can think of to describe how that thing looks.  I can’t pretty much hear ‘Get over here’ every time I see the thing get someone.  you can even watch the movie as a drinking game!     C+

  • Each time you see the big alien take a gulp
  • The babies.. 1 shot each
  • each time the cop drinks from his flask have a swig
  • Everytime you see someone drink a glass, you chug one per glass


The Grand Seduction – (sounds like it should have a title like the Long con or one of the ones the show Leverage used to use.  stars Brendan Gleeson & Taylor Kitsch. The small town of (did I hear right?) Tickle’s fishing jobs have washed up and are trying to get a factory. For this they need a permanent resident doctor. So they put up a charade to woo Kitsch’s Dr. Paul  to stay. They manufacture quite  a few ways to get him to like the small ‘Harbor’ (town). They listen in on his conversations so they can find out what he likes and such (smal towns may be worse than big cities!)    C


I only saw the last quarter or maybe a bit more) of the movie. From what I saw it was intense and felt Bullock’s character’s frustration and panic.  I don’t think thought that I’d be able to watch the whole movie in one sitting though.  N/G


The Guest-

2014 R 1 hour & 39 minutes  in Short & to the point.. Predictable. I figured the person was either not who he said he was, or didn’t know who he said he did or some flip twist. I will say however damn the man is quick with the blocks etc. Don’t Blink! It had its good points (what action there was) and bad. D-


Hail, Cesar! 

The Hallow


Update…. I read somewhere Hannibal is canceled!

This season is supposed to be from Hannibal’s point of view where it was Will’s in the past couple of seasons. Gillian Anderson is now his wife (what?) now the she has removed herself from shrinking his head.  It could just be the season pilot  bu I felt not interested. I don’t know for what reason, if maybe it was the switch of the view point, or the script writing (directing whateer)  but I found the narration too slow I guess. Maybe its the change of scenery, this year Hannibal is on the run and has gone to Paris, so maybe my yawning is the cliche that is Paris. There’s a new character this year, Anthony Dimmon (played by Tom Wisdom) which I think is a character already part of the mythology of the movies; and which a body part I’ll just say becomes deformed (hopefully that won’t ruin things)

Happy Birthday to me

Hardcore Henry

The Hard Word

The Hateful Eight


If you’d like to read more on The series and the author please check out Yasmine Galenorn’s Otherworld You will also find my EXCLUSIVE! interview with her there as well.

Haunted Honeymoon


Haunted Moon (An Otherworld Novel)

Haunted Moon (An Otherworld Novel)

The Quote at the bottom of the book… works best. A world I don’t want to leave

I love the pop cult reference Yasmine makes about Ramen noodles. (Sorry but it wouldn’t be funny if I explain it to you. Its one of those you have to read up to it things for it to come off right. . ALong the lines of a Tension breaker! There’s a Character that Calls Delilah (a werecat) ‘Puss in boots’ SO the gang looks like they may be up against Galakah a Ghost god who was from the netherworld & was banished from there. Camille has a training meet with the ‘Triple Threat’ as she calls them (The earth side fae queens). The APN is hanging around and wreaking havoc, & chaos with bone walkers, zombies & more at their disposal. Beltane is on its way and more and more emergencies and things just keep piling up and this is after 5 quiet weeks which they were still busy but kept up with research.

Along with all this going on the girls must find the last 2 of the 9 Spirit Seals (in which the big Bad Shadow wing has 2 of them) There’s so much going on you will not be bored. The cast of characters is quite vast, not only is their families (not only the 3 sisters but all their husbands, & extended family live in the house & on the grounds! There’s never a dull moment but is there any prive ones?!out why you love this item.


Favorite lines:

I was the physical & emotional equivalent of a ramen noodle: limp, tasteless, and with no nutritional value whatsoever

Letting the Corpse out of the Coffin

There’s another books out in November

(review not showing in box.. so here it goes)

The Quote at the bottom of the book… works best. A world I don’t want to leave

I love the pop cult reference Yasmine makes about Ramen noodles. (Sorry but it wouldn’t be funny if I explain it to you. Its one of those you have to read up to it things for it to come off right. . ALong the lines of a Tension breaker! There’s a Character that Calls Delilah (a werecat) ‘Puss in boots’ SO the gang looks like they may be up against Galakah a Ghost god who was from the netherworld & was banished from there. Camille has a training meet with the ‘Triple Threat’ as she calls them (The earth side fae queens). The APN is hanging around and wreaking havoc, & chaos with bone walkers, zombies & more at their disposal. Beltane is on its way and more and more emergencies and things just keep piling up and this is after 5 quiet weeks which they were still busy but kept up with research.

Along with all this going on the girls must find the last 2 of the 9 Spirit Seals (in which the big Bad Shadow wing has 2 of them) There’s so much going on you will not be bored. The cast of characters is quite vast, not only is their families (not only the 3 sisters but all their husbands, & extended family live in the house & on the grounds! There’s never a dull moment but is there any privet ones?!

Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon novel – by Keith R.A. DeCanidido

Supernatural: Heart of the Dragonyes the tv show has dripped onto the printed page, great for us diehards who have to suffer through summer

I used to get the official Supernatural Magazine, which would take you inside and behind the scenes. I love reading as well so when they included a chapter to one of the novels (actually I think 2 at different time as I can remember) I love dragons, so seeing this title plus getting to read some of piqued my interest. There is another book Nevermore by the same writer which I think is supposed to have something to do with Edgar Allen poe or his story the Raven so that’s another I’ve been trying to track down & read.

As with the series, a playlist is also included in the back of the book of classic rock and thanks to the show some of those songs I loved that came out when i was born (or before) I know actually know at least the titles to if not the artist.   There’s a mention of Basil Rathbone in the book, which caught me sort of funny as my grandmother is interred across from him in the mortuary.

Ameliorated= to improve or make better

Official Website of Keith DeCanidido   *   Keith’s Livejournal

  100 years ago a demon tricks a ronin

“The Heart of the Dragon” meaning “Great strength in Character” into moderating an argument between the families of two brides. The demon spreads strife and the mob of villagers thinks the ronin to blame, and execute him.

Present day someone is summoning the ‘heart of the Dragon’ to do their bidding, and take care of their enemies.

(only midway through so more should come)

its a pretty quick read, with a nice flow & the wit we love from the show. Quite honestly I can see this as one of the episodes. (Wish they would pick a book or two to turn into an episode.) Speaking of which, they do note at to where in the Winchester-verse the story takes place, noting it being after one of my favorite episodes called ‘Changing Channels’ which I think may have been season 5.

I like the flashback on page 218 of the boys as kids in the car with John. Sam is already a bookworm or as Dean calls him a ‘Dexter’ (i’m guessing like that of Dexter’s Laboratory. Sam is learning about maps because John & Dean got sick of telling him where they were, at least he had a hobby which he learned th odd Numbers ra North to south and the even numbers east to west The higher the number the further north or east it was located. The Hobby also came in handy when they boys were older, as GPS came into play and would oft send them to a one way (the way they couldn’t go) or a road that no longer existed and such.

I liked the story and at least this novel has the same style and nuances Supernatural fans love about the show. Hopefully I can find Nevermore by the same author soon so I can read that.


– (season 2) I do not remember much from last season except a 28 days Later looking ‘rage’ virus, only set in the arctic. This year they’re on an Island (enter Lost jokes here!) and it looks like the people are growing Barnacles, or coral stuff that grows on boats, sometimes seen on aquatic life. I actually gagged at one image so that’s a score for the show with me. (Takes a lot to scare, or gross me out) also part of it looks like a cross between a rash and a burn maybe flash eating virus. This season they are flash forwarding ahead 30 years as well. (Which seems for no apparent reason) For me this is more background fodder than must see TV. I usually read while watching.

HellRaiser: Hellseeker

Heroes: Reborn

High Rise

Hiss of Death

by Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown


A friend of Harry’s community dies, from what seems like a natural cause (or at least what she’s deathly allergic too) but Harry has a fishy feeling about it.  There’s also Harry’s health to consider, diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer, she has to undergo radiation and decides to goto the gym . All the evidence seems to point to someone from a support group or the hospital. There’s also a part that may make you think twice about buying a hybrid car.

A true mystery to the end, I didn’t figure out whoit was (but not sure if I was trying to either)

if you don’t read it for the mystery, read it if you love animals. The character’s pets ‘talk’! (well amoung themselves & to the other animals, but they are the fun of reading the book. Pewter is a bit of a curmugeon, Mrs. Murphy is a level headed ginger tabby, and Corgi Tucker well Pewter would tell you she’s a bubble butt. I say she’s quite smart, if only these pets could truely talk, they’d solve the mysteries on their own! Also they save the day!
pg. 79 with ‘Harry’ reconizing Pewter (the silver tabby) getting ready to be a bad kitty, to taunt Mrs. Murphy & Tucker.

“She’d be asleep wake up shoot straight up int he air and race around the house then pounce on tucker.The dog suffering endless abuse from her, who would wrap jer front legs around the corgi to wrestle herto the ground. THey’d growl but it was usually play. Tucker growling and flop down as though the cat really threw her. Mrs. Murphy normaly watched but but on the occassion joined in though with her pewter for effect for unleash the claws


“You and a Porche have one thing in common, 60% of you weight is in your rear”- Mrs. Murphy to Pewter
Annalise : two wrongs don’t make a right

Cory: no. but 3 lefts take you back to the freeway

 words of wisdom:

Happiness is simple: Someone to love, something to do, something to look forward toanimals to love and a place to love

The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies  

Well ‘The Battle of five armies’ couldn’t have been a better title. I think that was most of the movie. I do however need a family tree for the elves & dwarves why because I want to know if Ironfoot (who has quite the hard head) is related to Gimli, or did Kili & Thuriel (sp?) explore their feelings for each other?   As for the last issue of Entertainment weekly I read with Stephen Colbert on it (did you know he was in the Desolation of Smaug with his wife & kids as a few citizens of Lake town?) They mention previous history mentioned in the Lord of the Rings films that i don’t remember being in the Hobbit, as well as history mentioned in the Hobbit that we don’t get to see (say a few tidbits about our fave Fair haired elf), why stop & 2 sets of movies, how about another set where we can explore that of which we don’t get to see. (also where are all the women dwarves?)

I think at least half the  2 1/2 hour film was the battle from various sides. I enjoyed it, and  don’t worry as you are not watching a cluster F**** of bodies just wailing on each other. There are some one on one fights and so on. I was quite amused at the ‘ice fight’ between Thorn & ugh what’s the name of the ork thing (?) with the missing arm.  There were at least 2 times I got a bit upset that I almost (or may have) shed a tear.  I still say something is off with the Legolas costume or make-up in this. Yes I know they probably made him look younger (if that was possible) but I’ll have to watch at least one of the LOTR movies to figure it out (Maybe the color of the contacts is wrong).  I haven’t read the books so I can’t make a comparison and frankly I think I’d rather wait, there have been some movies I’ve liked better than the book. I think the best book to movies series besides the Lord of the Rings & Hobbit (but remember I have not read, but I don’t hear much complaining either for those who have)  is Harry Potter. Thanks to the Return of the King I think I was left feeling empty being as there is just one ending not many here. It’s starts as one ends & ends as one starts! Which I think is pretty cool. I think another reason I might be a bit disappointed is aside from one or 2 shots, I didn’t get my wish of seeing Bard & Legolas side by side fighting. (Though we do get to see Luke Evans quite a bit. Would you believe for a time (when he wasn’t as known)  I thought he was Orlando Bloom. There were a few movies Luke was in that I thought it was Orly! One in which was 3 Musketeers which Orlando bloom plays a villian and Luke one of the Musketeers!)     A

 OH my that Ork I can’t remember the name of is freaking Manu Bennett aka Deathstroke on Arrow!



The Horde-

2009 NR 1:36 run time

corrupt cops  seek vengeance for their fallen friend and find themselves swarmed by a legion of zombies in the hideout of a Paris Gangster. I have seen this before or at least remember bits of it (like the ‘old’ man) If you don’t care for subtitles don’t bother. I don’t think it ever mentions how or where the zombies came about. Stick to the Walking Dead that is worth an entire day of Binge the Horde however, all copies should be burned  F


** Daniel Radcliff   a Dark comedy/mystery  Ironically… Iggy Parish (Radcliff) drives a Gremlin the car.. that barely exists as there were many recalls on them. Gotta love the sarcasm (at least the part I took as such). Iggy is accused (falsely) of Killing his girlfriend. The couple ‘argued’ a bit the night before at the diner. Apparently everyone calling Iggy evil and the devil in this small town has possibly made him become ‘evil’ even though he doesn’t seem as such but he does have the power of persuasion (or so it seems at first, & he doesn’t realize it)  He eventually tried to use this to find out who it was that really killed her. I had an idea of who but wasn’t really sure. When this persuasive nature starts people start telling him some dark secrets they did or what they’d like to really do etc. OF course it’s the Revenge to avenge someone bit. This is a bit of a new twist even though there’s religious B.S. in it but I’d say a C+ – B

Horrible Bosses 2-

2014  Rated R  1hour & 48 minuites.

The opening scene is a weather reporter  with his forecast, as he sends it over to the Anchorsto go to the next segment what fake ditzy sounding laughing  I do hope they were supposed to act ‘bad’ (and the laughs sounded quite forced) Then on to the shower buddy segment, which didn’t last long and failed. Dale played by Charlie Day reminds me of Bobcat Goldthwaid well the way he sounds I mean. Chris Pine as Rex is a freaking Lunatic! Kevin Spacey was funny in his role a bit scary maybe as well. Then Christoph Waltz which I was surprised to see him in a comedy for some reason. My favorite part, there’s a funny bit toward the end with the chase and a fence.  Gag reel at the end.  I found the movie lacking in ways, maybe they edited out a few parts that should have been in. We need to help poor Dale file a complaint against Jennifer Aniston’s character she is seriously creepy as a Nympho. The movie wasn’t that good (I think the original was funnier and better) this one didn’t have the charm and as I said was missing something I can’t place maybe depth, but why would I think that for a comedy? . Chris Pine great performance as Rex.  but overall D

Hot Pursuit


The House by the Cemetery & The Houses October built

House of Wax

How to get away with murder

last night (nothing else was on yet) I might keep watching it (or at least free on demand.. which is my version of a dvr & don’t have to pay anything extra!) I love how she says “How to get away with murder” in the commercial it’s so creepy, a few times it gave me a chill. It might take me a bit more time on this one, as the first episode was somewhat an initiation. She has a large class, & she gets a new case and unlike other classes that teach theory etc. It’s baptism by fire. The students have to come up with how to present (defend?) the case and which ever one (if any) bests her’s will be used & likely that student will receive the ‘trophy’ (a statue of lady Justice) as the best in the class (which she says can be used as an immnity from a test at some point) She will also choose 5-6 of the students to work with her as well. Other than that there’s also some thing going on that the students killed someone I think but this is the mystery of the show (so you can watch it with the mythology or just watch from time to time as well) Well that Murder mystery is solved. I saw that coming as to who it was maybe 3 episodes in (if not less) still a great drama I wonder what will happen in the 2nd half of the season.

HOw to talk to your cat about Gun safety

(and other Life lessons)

The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay part 1

2014 pg-13  2 hour  everything Katniss treasures hangs in the balance in this 3rd installment of the Young adult Book series’ post-apocalyptic movie epic. As conflict escalates against the capitial, Katniss needs to lead the Rebellion against President Snow. Peta is in the capital doing promos with the tv guy (forget the name) while Katniss does her own promos for the districts.

as far as the last movie goes, I don’t remember anything except the Girl on Fire gown.  There’s a few touching parts, I do like (but not love) the line “things are catching fire and if we burn you burn with us” The rest of the movie doesn’t really even have much action, Katniss seems to stand around with not much to do in this other than Worry, cry or record the promos. Gale is still slunking around, as for Peta well I’ll just say he’s a pet.  You can pretty much watch the movie on fast forward and still know what’s going on.  C-




Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs

Hunting Ground (Alpha & Omega, Book 2)

Hunting Ground (Alpha & Omega, Book 2)

So far it’s been well not a chore to read this but not holding my attention for some reason to “Read it like a wolf eats’. I can’t figure out why I am not already finished with it! It’s only 268 pages (give or take) I misssed a day over the weekend but still shuld have been finished no later than father’s day. I guess this one I’ll have to see if it gets any better by the 100th page or in another 2-3 chapters to decide if I’m going to read it any further I think the chapters are long & that could be a reason, as for me it just feels like you haven’t read much when the chapters are long, and makes it feel like a super boring slow gloomy day at work (or in school).

I think the book could have used more editing (unless I mis read & the grammar didn’t sound right or something) not to mention remove say the first 5 chapters (maybe more) started way to slow w/ too much B.S. the last maybe 3-5 chapters I wish was the book alone. So I’m not particularly thrilled abotu the book.

Oops looks like I forgot to post notes but then again I wasn’t all that keen on the book anyway!

Night World No. 3: Huntress, Black Dawn, WitchlightHuntress


I don’t know what took me so long to read this, weather it was I was busy or that I wasn’t into the story but I had to bust my brian readingit the last day as I fell quite behind. I think the last day I had at least 100 pages to read!

I wasn’t crazy about this story. Honestly I’m a day or 2 removed from finishing it, and already I cannot recall anything of the story! Wait that’s not right as I did just think of something. Jez (short for Jezabell) is half Vampire half human this is beyond just falling in love with a human but having a child withone is an abomination. She and her friends are trying to find some big new power that is supposed to keep apocolypse from happening.

The one thing I think I like about the stories & the books is that in some way or another all the stories are intertwined, be it characters from other stories names pop up and so on. To me this is a very complex story L.J. has weaved. (I wonder if she got help from the Norns of Fate?)

Cool Character Names- Valerian, Thistle & Iona Skelton

Huntsman:Winters War



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