September News

Here’s the Turner Classic Movies Halloween Programming Schedule for October 2018!

Why Marvel TV Can Tease X-Men & Fantastic 4, But Movies Can’t

‘Suicide Squad 2’ Script Has Been Completed

Avenged Sevenfold Announce New EP, Black Reign — Kerrang!

Game of Thrones : Everything you need to know about season 8

Target Has a Gorgeous Set of Universal Monsters Halloween Greeting Cards This Year

The worst Horror movies ever made

Stranger Things Season 3 Should Finish Filming By Novembe

Emmy Awards: Complete Winners List (Updating)

Marvel Fans React to Loki and Scarlet Witch TV Series Being in Development

The PlayStation Classic Is Coming Just In Time For Christmas

‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ Theory Suggests the End of the World Will Be Undone

Iron fist key to stopping Luke Cage??? Possible season 2 SPOILERs ahead

Don’t Expect Any Of The MAIN Avengers In Disney’s New Marvel TV Shows

Metallica, Slipknot, BFMV and more for WWE 2K19 soundtrack

The best 2018 horror movies you haven’t seen

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Movies that were too disturbing to finishInfinity War infographic

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August News

American Horror story IS BACK Sept 12

and with that news I have been adding the schedule to the TELLY TALK  pages in the tabs

Everything we Know about AHS: Apocalypse so far

Top 5 DVD Rentals

Week ending August 5, 2018


  1. Ready Player One
  2. Rampage
  3. The Post
  4. Tully
  5. Red Sparrow


  1. The Handmaid’s Tale:  Season 1
  2. Outlander:  Season 3
  3. Game of Thrones:  Season 7
  4. Homeland:  Season 6
  5. The Americans:  Season 5

and for those that care about the Oscars 2019: The 31 Movies You Need to Keep an Eye On During Fall Film Festival Season

The Best selling Books of Summer 2018 (So Far)

‘Aquaman’ Offers Promising, Comic Book-Driven Approach to Unique Movie Experience

‘Glass’: Watch Gripping First Trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s Superhero Thriller

We will never see a movie like The Dark Knight again

The Best Sci-Fi Shows to Binge This Summer

Complete 30-Film Universal Monsters Collection Coming to Blu-ray

Exclusive Look At ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 Confirmed For SDCC2018

Book of the Year Awards

Cavill Wants To Bring Mission: Impossible Stunts To James Bond

The Most Popular Netflix Show in Every Country

‘Game of Thrones’ Star Aidan Gillen Hunts UFOs in New Series ‘Project Blue Book’ — Watch the Trailer!

New Line Started Filming ‘Elm Street 4: The Dream Master’ Before Hiring a Director

It: Chapter Two, The Curse of La Llorona, The Nun debut footage at Comic-Con’s ScareDiego

First Look at Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy” Series Is Missing a Sixth Member

remakes worth watching according to Netflix

Castle Rock is Good Enough to Stand on its Own Says Stephen King

All the CBS Fall 2018 Premiere Dates

The Best Sci-Fi Shows to Binge This Summer | TV Guide

Andy Muschietti Showed Off First ‘IT: Chapter 2’ Footage at #SDCC and Promised Scarier Film

Project Blue Book Trailer: Game of Thrones’ Aidan Gillen Investigates UFOs

Matt Smith’s ‘Patient Zero’ Set August Release

The Longbow Hunters Are Coming To Arrow – Here’s Who To Expect

Game of Thrones Season 7 Scores 22 Emmy Nominations, Leads All Noms! | Watchers on the Wall

IMDB’s Best of 2018 so far

Stranger Things Season 3 Set Photos Offer First Look at Eleven

‘Castle Rock’ Debuts Dozens of Stephen King Easter Eggs

Avengers: Infinity War Gets an Epic Home Video Release Trailer

Upcoming RPG Game allows you to carve your own path through Lovecraft’s universe in

‘Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones’  

Russo Brothers Reveal Marvel Character They Feel Could Play Bigger Role in ‘Avengers 4’

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Director Explains How Thor and Captain America Are Connected

From “Sex and the City” to “Game of Thrones” The Top 20 TV Rentals of the Past 20 Years

Infinity War Facebook AR Captures Your Face as You Fade Away in Thanos Snap

May Day~ these shows have gone down with the ship News

everything coming and going in may on Netflix

Sharknado 6 has been pushed back to August 19th (was originally slated for a july date)

Broadcast ax: Networks cancel 20 shows in one week 

THere are a few from the Fall season and even mid-season  we already knew were going to be canceled like Wisdom of the crowd, & Valor and the hated Inhumans (which I was enjoying)

The Brave was up in the air but is officially canceled now as well as  (alphabetically listed)

9JKL                       Alex inc.             The Crossing               Deception        Designated Survivor,    The Exorcist,

Great News,         Kevin can Wait      THe Last man on earth,   Living Biblically,     Lucifer,   Life Sentence

Me Myself and I   Marvel’s inhumans  The Mick  Rise Superior Donuts  10 days in the Valley  Quantico


The Night Shift (The ONLY Medical drama I could stand) & Taken @ NBC  as well as Scorpion (Cbs) Abc’s Deception plus Lucifer (those REALLY have me fuming) at least finish off the episodes. I know there is at least one left of Taken I want to see for a guest star

In place of those we get Fox’s adaptation of Justin Cronin’s The Passage, CW’s CHarmed reboot (which I will try it but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s canceled by mid-season. CBS has a Magnum P.I. reboot  NBC has manifest which is described as ‘Lost in reverse’ A comedy at ABC with Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan called Whiskey Cavalier and something on Fox called REL with Sinbad and Lil Rel Howley

IMDB What Renewed & Canceled tracker


The Expanse Canceled At Syfy After Three Seasons  and Fox’s Gotham gets 1 more season

Universal’s “Dark Universe” Not Quite Dead Just Yet, It Seems… – Bloody Disgusting

Infinity War: Find Out if You Were Killed By Thanos or go straight to


Chris Hemsworth May Not Be Done Playing Thor With Avengers 4

Exclusive: Ron Howard Confirms ‘Willow’ Sequel Discussions

CW is not moving forward with ‘Supernatural’ spin-off ‘Wayward Sisters’

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Directors Confirm Which MCU Supporting Characters Lived or Died

District 9 News

Updated the Telly Talk  page with the upcoming summer premier dates I found out about
Updated the Animal Kingdom post

which Now includes season 2  information, vids and my review as the season goes by.)

I saw this and was just cracking up!



So did you watch the first episode of this season (what is it season 3?)  Were you actually upset At the events that happened? (Sorry don’t want to ruin it if you haven’t seen it and actually care) Just have a tissue ready…maybe… unlike with the Walking Dead characters, which depending on who… I do get upset over.  Fear for some reason just makes me want to cheer when one of the main characters die. Though maybe because to me it seems like none of the characters ever evolve except for Nick… maybe  for me it’s just don’t mess with Nick.

thrilling reads for summer-2017

tales-crypt-complete-series-set-coming-june   I’m still searching to find out when the new series will come out (if it hasn’t already)

Paul McCartney Pirates of the Caribbean Role

 jeepers creepers 3 finally done filming

Submitted For Your approval…

I’m having a contest! Submit your Separated birth images you’d like me to use, or just let me know the 2 names (and the show/movie they’ve been in. The actors do not have to be living to do so (as Mr. Fox here passed on in 2016) They can be old or young so long as they look like they could be closely related or actual twins.

American Horror Story…. ELECTION    mmm I might not be watching this year. Last year was a dud for me and with all the previous Election B.S. and the big  P.O.S. in office I just might skip this season altogether!

HBO Execs Finally Explained The Game Of Thrones Prequel News

Marvel Just Cast Tom Hardy as ‘VENOM’! – Bloody Disgusting!



and If you are having a bad day! Or a Pet Owner… I thought this was (although bad) I do like the effort its cute and sweet and honestly I want to go and rescue them all after this ad! Which I am including here for the ENTERTAINMENT value of it as well as the effort!

Universal’s ‘DARK UNIVERSE’

sooner or later forget the feminism… it’ll turn into manism…  Fems want equal treatment, pay etc… then this


Walking Dead Whisperers? 


Originally I have a prank from Avenged Sevenfold here (In short johnny Crist pranked Syn making him think the crowd was hearing his background vocals as a chipmunk when it was only the guys in the band that could.)

but this was funnier



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