Mad Max: Fury Road

2015  R 2hrs  Blu- Ray

Still rife with motor gangs the desert wastelands inhabited by the road warrior legend Mad Max who encounters a group of fleeing refugees and their leader Furiosa and joins them in their getaway.

That is one F*** awesome guitar! (and concert rig set up) I wonder who did the song for those scenes.

 The sandstorm part was cool, but didn’t have the dire (or any) feeling I thought they might have been going for.

What the hell is slanga? Some insult to men? I’ve seen parts of the old movies (still trying to get through a whole one) and those are better than this.

The action is not impressive and of course, as usual all the ‘best’ parts and lines were in the trailer; therefore so played out by the time the movie came out, they died on fury road. Fury Road which obviously means Furiosa, not Max  as it seems the movie is more about the female character than being a Mad Max Movie. The parts where Theron didn’t have her ‘terminator’ arm on, look really weird not sure if its just because i knew he really has an arm or if it was something with the FX.

I hope the last half hour of this demented sort of Steampunk…errr Sandpunk maruding adventure  will make up for the rest of the movie. Ah so that’s what those tall sticks are for, they’re like a crow’s nest. Well I think the ending is making up for at least an hour of the movie and the ‘concert’ is awesome!

They seem to make a toy figurine for everything now, WHY isn’t there one for the scene in the picture above? Hell make a Guitar Hero version of that guitar! Make a cigarette lighter design.

I’m glad I didn’t see this in the theater for me it’s a disappointment, and I didn’t even have any expectations of it other than that my instincts told me the trailer was mostly all I needed to see (which in a way was and wasn’t true) There are parts I don’t think were in any of the trailers.   D+

As for the song not sure if it’s the right one, but Massive attack has a song called ‘teardrops’ in this, otherwise it looks like everything else was composed for a score.  Which is all I find, even though amazon has it listed as a Soundtrack (Soundtrack = music by bands and usually has words… Score usually composed by one person and recorded by an orchestra and has no singing)   you can order one here via Amazon if you liked the music Mad Max: Fury Road – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

if you don’t want the whole score here’s the search page for individual songs Mad Max Fury Road Music Search

as if that ‘Concert’ rig wasn’t sick enough, there are some seriously sick looking mish mashed vehicles in this as well  check out the images from this bing search

here’s  my friend Rich’s review


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