Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

2017  PG  Animated   Will Arnett, Jackie Chan, Maya Rudolph, Bobby Moynihan, Peter Stormar, Gabriel ‘Fluffy’ Iglesias

Surley and friends are threatened by the greedy mayor, who is making a profit from everything in town except Liberty park. When the bulldozers push in, the animals push or shall I say bite back.

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Death Note

See the source image2017       Netflix TV-MA      1:41         Thriller,crime,drama,

Nat Wolff  Shea Whingham, Lakeith Stanfield,Paulr Margaret Qualley ,Shea Whigham ,Willem Dafoe ,Jason Liles ,Paul Nakauchi


Just as Light Turner (really? Seriously?) catches the attention of a pretty girl while he’s sitting on a bench, a storm comes from out of nowhere and a black book drops from the sky. This book has the power to kill anyone whose name is written within the pages. Bonus you get to even choose how. I hope he has some good writing skills.

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Jane Got a Gun

2015 1:38   action/drama/western Joel Edgerton Natalie Portman Ewan McGregor Noah Emmerich

Jane’s outlaw husband comes home injured after a run-in with his old gang. She enlists an ex-love for help.

From the moment I saw the title of the movie years ago… all I could hear is Aerosmith’s “Janie’s Got a Gun”

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Red Sparrow

2018    R  2:20   Drama/Mystery/Thriller

Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Irons,Mary-Louise Parker ,Matthias Schoenaerts, Charlotte Rampling

Prima ballerina Dominique (I really liked that Red outfit) has a bad accident during her performance thanks to her partner. Once healed her Uncle has a helps her out with a job; a trial by fire if you will

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Cat and the Canary

1927   unrated   Classic  Silent B/W    Comedy, Horror , Mystery   Laura La Plante


The heirs of Cyrus West must spend a night in his creepy manse 20 years After his passing to claim their inheritance.

Annabelle West (Laura LePlante) is first in line but must be of sound mind to do so, as all of them claimed Cyrus to not be in his right mind plus she also must find the West diamonds. Of course where there are heirs, like in the middle ages, there is of course one that tries to take it into their own hands by scheming.

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Cars 3

2017  G  1:42  Blu-ray   Pixar    Action  Comedy

Owen Wilson  Larry the Cable Guy , Armie Hammer, Cristela Alonzo, Nathan Fillion , Tony Shalhoub

Veteran Race Car Lightning McQueen tries to recapture his winning ways after the sleek new rookie Jackson Storm beats him. Each race Lightning McQueen sees the other vets outraced and displaced by the rookies.  Lightning With he help of trainer Cruz Ramirez tries to recapture his winning ways, and takes her under his  I’d say wing but I guess door would be a better substitute for that phrase.

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June Bugs (News)

Sorry for the late News post, the laptop was accidentally sent to the Flip Flop Repair shop instead of the repair shop but in a sense I can see the mistake, mine flips and flops as its both laptop and tablet… Another thing is my cat has not been well and we may be at the Vet as I speak so she no longer has to suffer,  Though I hope the vet will tell us there’s a chance she can get better… 

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