2015      R      2:11      Tom Hardy

In this biopic Tom plays dual roles of Britian’s notorious gangsters Twins Reginald and Ronald Kray; who terrified the public with their exploits, and frustrated authorities in 1960s London.

All but Hardy as Ronald  I can understand, he seems to mumble his lines which by the end of the movie, you think you are watching the last Batman movie with Bane in it! Well that’s funny… A Jackass walks into a party…..

The Sibling slap fight an hour and 55 minutes in was the best part. The ‘double vision’ FX I can see the ‘halo’ around one of the Tom’s which likely means a blue or green screen cut and paste to the scene. (Looks amateur)

I’m not fond of mob movies, but I watched because I like Hardy as an actor but this was too long for me at the pace it went.

order the DVD, Blu-ray or amazon Video here


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