Parasite (1982)

1982      R   1:25  Demi Moore


A lab accident unleashes genetically engineered parasites that grow to ‘giant’ proportions. One brave man with one himself, sets to stop them.

WOW! If you think gas prices in 2020 are high, I don’t know/remember what year this is supposed to be but DAMN! Forget cars, get a horse its probably cheaper.

Then there’s the a-hole with the Lamborghini in the desert!Now I’m getting nervous something is going to happen to that car. If a Lambo gets crushed or any sort of damage to it in movies etc I cry!! YES, and trust me if I owned one myself the only thing I WOULD be concerned with even if I’m dying is is the car ok?! (and any possible animals around).

Of course in this desert setting there has to be a gang, who just bullies everyone making a nuisance of themselves. They are more parasites than the parasite is. of course Karma is a bitch and they get kicked in knockers.

I think this is one of the better older movies i’ve seen in awhile.Love the sickly looking FX on the affected characters. Sadly because of age, some were done better than others but for an 1980s movie I think it has held up pretty decent.

The parasite mouth reminded me of the Critters

Ready or Not

2019  R 1:35  on Blu-ray   Horror     Adam Brody, Mark O’Brien

Parts of the opening credit sequence reminds me of a Bond cartoon movie noir.

I know there’s nothing likely original about this. Other ‘hunting party’ movies have been done, in the jungle, urban streets and so on actually if i remember right, I think Ice-T was in one of them Continue reading


This is a short one

2018  R  2:13  BluRay   Adventure, Based on true events   Charlie Hunnam & Rami Malek


Its a remake from the 1973 film about  safe cracker Henri Charrieres memoir.

In Paris 1931, Henri aka papillion  makes the journey from being a safe cracker, to being framed and convicted of murder. Transferred from prison to prison (or maybe it just seemed that way) to solitary then devils island. He makes an ‘unlikely’ alliance with counter fitter Louis Dega  to finance an escape. Along the way Henri spends years planning and attempting escape breaking up the monotony.

There WERE a few scenes that could have been made shorter, but was interesting. Just give yourself an intermission or 2

I got through the whole thing no problem. I wouldn’t say its memorable as I’m sure in a month or 2  I’ll only remember I saw it and who was in it, and nothing else. Thats why this is so short. For me there’s just nothing to really write about, at least nothing I can remember that would be worth it.


The Curse of la Llorona

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2019   R  1:33   Blu-ray         from the producers of the Conjuring universe


An L.A. Social Worker looks into the disappearance of 2 boys. The case worker goes to the home and finds the mother, but not the boys at home. Its dark and spooky in the apartment, maybe even a little abandoned looking. The mother is mumbling about a curse of a malevolent spirit.

Its nothing special. There’s not much to write about for me, Its your usual evil spirit story.  I think this is PART of the Conjuring Universe as I think something from the beginning of the movie that linked them, but i’m not sure if I was seeing a trailer or it was legit scenes.

Its the weeping woman (or Woman in White) legend with a spanish twist.

There’s nothing from the movie i remember other than the closet door. I was a bit bored during parts of it as well.

Rating… Proceed with caution

I wasn’t able to find a rental on Amazon but can buy it here


2019   R   1:27  BR

A class 5 hurricane hits Florida and Hayley’s sister calls worried about dad. She’s tried calling and he hasn’t checked back in. She asks her sis from the Gators swim team to go check on dad.


Going to check on dad, she runs into an old friend and he won’t let her through. Once she finally gets to the house she finds his phone, not him. Wait there’s someone in the world who doesn’t have their phone glued to them!?!?!? Holy cow I thought they were another appendage now. But then again I’ve forgotten my phone in one room or another sometimes.

The movie is pretty suspenseful so that’s good. However it never answered exactly WHY her father went down into the basement in the first place, let alone finding him in the crawl space. Before she finds her dad, as she’s following the sound of music or weather station she hears some odd noises here and there.

Holy Shatoli if THAT isn’t an entrance, I don’t know what is. That actually made me jump and I think my heart skipped a few beats. Not sure if it was the volume or surprise (likely both), the funny thing was I knew it was coming then I guess I put my guard down thinking oh they’re just going to do a fake here and wasn’t… I’d have said Hulk Smash if hulk had teeth like that.

I thought we were going to have a ‘JAWS’ moment at one point, but No… (it would have made a better ending though)

The only depth here is the water and I don’t like reptiles.. but almost felt bad for the gators.

Why is a house built over or near where they were coming from?

Its definitely worth a rental  especially at the price below.


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Angel Has Fallen

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2019         R        Action      2 hours         Gerard Butler  Morgan Freeman


This time Mike Banning is framed for an assassination attempt on the President.

During a kidnapping attempt from his framers he escapes and flees clear his name and save the president (again).

The president goes on a fishing trip, this scene is one of my favorites, if not the top favorite of the movie. Those drone things are freaking cool!

Its predictable who it is that has framed Mike, plus I have a bit of a prejudice of sorts against the type of character the actor plays.

Mike’s crazy  old man… I like his ‘style’!!!  THIS part of the movie was my favorite!


I KNEW IT!!!  I knew it was that 2 faced Weasel. (sorry to actual weasels)  I think this one might be my favorite of the series.

Don’t stop when you think its over, there’s another scene I think it was in the beginning of the credits.



my   London has Fallen review



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2019      R         2:26

This will be a (fairly) short review. (or  least should be)

Marketed as a horror movie, but sadly Facebook group Horror Everything  & myself have not agreed.

I say maybe more psychological thriller, and if not that then I have NO IDEA an that was probably the problem (maybe this is the reason why some movies are not released over here, and not even with DVDs, digital etc.

A young american couple join friends for a trip to Sweden for the midsummer festival. For those that are wondering, YES its a real thing. They still celebrate this in Sweden to this day and I have he photo from a (current) pen pal to prove it.

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