2018   Blu-ray   1:50  R

American Paratroopers are to dropped behind enemy lines after their plane is hit in 1944 just before Allied Forces D-day.

To execute a critical mission~ to take out the communication tower, instead they find themselves in the middle of a Nazi science experiment made nightmare.

Not sure if you want to call it a zombie movie, as it focuses more on the soldiers and story than the Underground Horror.  The guy that plays the Corporal reminds me of Charlie Hunnam  (at least in the beginning) I thin the syrum just makes them look worse over time (I theorize they should have used less.) Not sure if they are any better looking than the ones on Walking Dead… But they are a different type of Horror and gore.

Dead Snow was another cool movie, and though I don’t think I can compare them in any way aside from the Nazis (well Dead Snow had Nazi Zombies, These we those they basically kidnapped or took as prisoners.

I will also admit that I watched it because Iain De Caestecker aka Fitz from Agents of SHIELD is in it. (but wasn’t really sure it WAS him until I saw it.

They make it more about the troops, and story than the weird Nazi Experiments… (though I kinda wonder… are they working on a Winter Soldier as well?)


The Lost tribe

2010     R    1:30     Marc Baoher, Brianna Brown, Hadley Fraser, Nick Mennell, Emily Foxler


Don’t think I’ve heard of any of these actors before…aside from Lance Henriksen

I’ve seen a movie exactly like it before this just has different actors. (I thought it was Justin Baldoni in the other movie, but none of the titles on  his filmography  ring a bell. Change that.. I found it, they had a different title for it and at least Kellan Lutz was in it.


This one is a bunch of friends on a yacht see a person floating in the water and stupidly save him. (You stupid idiots he could be a pirate. I’d have zip tied him hands and  feet top side before I fixed him up.  He eventually freaks out (like the girl in Texas Chainsaw) about turning around you are going the wrong way. The dumb ass that keeps ‘watch’ ono him, closes the door instead of leaving the cabin door open to be sure if he wakes doesn’t do anything stupid. So they deserve what’s coming to them!  The guy somehow gets out through a porthole (above the room) and cuts a sharp turn Back to where he doesn’t want to be. The boats runs on some rocks and sinks.

The lot of the swim to what is thought to be an uninhabited island, but turns out to be the Lost Tribe, the lost link to our evolution.


For absolute Unoriginality      F


If you watch this and the Forgotten Ones aka After Dusk they come You will see what I mean.

Home Sweet hell

2015    R    1:38

Katherine Heigl, Patrick Wilson, Jordana Brewster, Jim belushi  Aj Buckley

I like how they did the credits with her ‘My Goal book’ Scrapbook.

Overbearing wife and mother of 2 Mona is married to Don Champagne (and yes, they have a Champagne & Furniture business) Her daught is an uptight pain just like her, and the son just like dad.

She has a goal book and plans every little thing and tries to always look and be perfect.. seriously but she is no stepford wife her maiden name had to be Hyde!

She is one devious B***and when he tells her he’s had an affair she stays all to calm and says to kill her.

Morbidly funny (but not in a laugh out loud sort of way)

I enjoyed most of it, especially the end. Poor Don (Patrick Wilson) Talking about an oppressive environment. How can anyone love anyone like her?


Grace then possession

2014  R  1:27


if this was good for anything is that instead of the typical Possession film, this one

I like and appreciate the idea, though I wish a better Possession movie was done in this fashion.

I just hope it doesn’t get over done. (Maybe a conjuring movie could do a better job.

My question however is why is it the overly religious adults who are the ones that get the possessed kids (or just telekinetic like carrie)?


starts out with Grace in Collage and her grandmother nagging the crap out of her. Grace starts seeing things that really didn’t happen and then Boom.. Grams Picks her up and takes her home not allowing her to go back.

Not memorable however its really not her fault she is possessed it has something to do with someone within the church. Which if Grams didn’t have her eye religiously closed… maybe she would have had a clue when it happened to her daughter.

Watch when nothing else is on




Bad Times at the El Royale

2018  R  2:21  BR   Chris Hemsworth, Jon Hamm, Dakota Johnson , Nick Offerman,Jeff Bridges

As thrillers go, Bad Times is quite fun, like a demented Clue board. “It’s got a kind of Tarantino energy to it,” Hemsworth says. “It’s a thriller and a drama, but there’s some humorous moments—in an insane way-Chris Hemsworth (GQ)

I loved the set designs and décor and appreciated the Motown music as well. (though a couple of classic rock songs thrown in would have been nice.) a suspenseful interlocking dramatic movie of criminal proportions, but who gets to ‘win’ in the end?

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The Little Stranger

See the source image

2018  R   1:51 Drama, Horror, Mystery

A rural doctor arrives at a crumbling mansion on a visit to a new patient. The place is linked to stories of a malevolent Ghost.

At 51:22 still have yet to hear of any of the sort! 1:01 speaks of hearing knocks where something (in a previous scene) happened next to the window. There’s really no suspense, and not even sure If there really was any drama. Oh and the spirit… really isn’t.. its more of an imprint of a memory.

POORLY executed Not even the  least bit creepy had to look up on IMDB to find out what the Genre was officially as I couldn’t figure it out. I think they had a problem deciding how to market the movie (genre wise) and the reason is failed miserably. Should have been a direct to video release or sold to a streaming company.

WASTE OF TIME…unless you need help falling asleep.

(counting sheep is more exciting than this!)


Den of Theives


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2018    R     Action, Crime, drama    Gerard Butler,Pablo Schreiber,50 Cent, Cooper Andrews

Yes that’s Jerry from the Kingdom of The Walking Dead and The Leprechaun from American Gods.

A gritty crime saga which follows the lives of an elite unit of the LA County Sheriff’s Dept. and the state’s most successful bank robbery crew as the outlaws plan a seemingly impossible heist on the Federal Reserve Bank.  (-IMDB)

Well the movie to me started out kinda weird as some guys steal an armored truck that…

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