The Predator

2018  R 1:47  See the source image action, adventure, Sci-fi, Horror

Boyd Holbrook , Alfie Allen, Keegan-Michael Key,Trevante Rhodes, Thomas Jane, Sterling K. Brown

I take this is a sequel considering the tag line (but honestly I don’t remember how many (minus alien vs. Predator) there are.

I don’t really remember the previous movies I saw them so long ago, but I’m thinking this one would be considered a comedy compared to the others.

After a jungle battle some allies in Latin America vanish and a crew of combat vets are dispatched to locate them, but all they find is dead bodies and an encounter with the predator. McKenna finds some proof of his encounter and mails it home.

Thomas Jane’s character has turrets and while its not a laughing matter it ends up creating some funny moments and lines, like when he has a gun in his face.

Its almost Halloween and McKenna’s autistic son has the choice between being a pirate and Frankenstein.  He answers the door when a package is delivered and opens it. Guess what he’s dressing as for Halloween! (forget the mask I want the arm thing.

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Hotel Artemis

2018    R   1:34    Jodie Foster, Dave Batista, Zachary Quinto,Jeff Goldblum, Sterling K. Brown, Charlie Day, Sofia Boutella

April 2028: After a robbery gone wrong with 2 brothers being part of the crew, on the getaway one is shot, the other brings him to a hotel? 

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The Rig

2010    R   1:34  action Horror Advevnture

William Forsythe,Stacey Hinnen ,Scott Martin


With A tropical storm approaching, an oil rig tries to get some drilling done. When they hit dirt, a purple cloud  erupts and a fish attacks the navigational camera.

On the surface the call is made to start evacuating all non-essential personnel on an oil rig off the Louisiana Coast. 

The few that remain get ready batten down the hatches and such and get ready for what will be a rough night. They’ll soon realize its not just the hurricane they have to survive but a voracious evil from the deep.

Monster movie. This felt more like it was from the 80s or even 70s than from the 2000s

Not much to say about it, other than its typical cookie cutter outline.

The monster is inspired by a really scary deep sea fish, which I find scarier than Sharks and most other things in this world.

Here’s an over exaggerated picture of said fish from Finding Nemo

Swiss Army Man

2016    R  1:37   Adventure, Comedy, Drama   Paul Dano, Daniel Radcliffe,Mary Elizabeth Winstead   blu-ray

Hank who is on a deserted island contemplates suicide but when Manny washes ashore, Hank gets off his pedestal.

SO Manny, a dead guy saves him Hank,just not from the island but from himself and his boredom.

The 2 help each other and Yes ‘Harry Potter’ plays a dead guy whose gassy decay is used for a variety of things,  one of which is starting his camp fires. Wonder what else Fart power will be used for.

For me its original , an amusing and maybe even in a childish way. But it is supposed to be a comedy and yes there are some funny parts. Frankly I couldn’t help but laugh at the end.

Give it a try

I’m Giving it a B

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2018      R 1:40      based on a true story    Action,Comedy

Ed Helms,  Hannibal Buress, Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm,Isla Fisher, Leslie Bib, Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson, Rashida Jones


A group of adult friends have been playing a game of Tag for the past 30 years. They all live in separate states and so now every May they get together to play their game. (I just wish I knew how they keep track all that time who is it and not forget)

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2018   R     Logan Marshall Green 1:40  sci-fi, Action, thriller


DAMN! The Black rabbit hole of tech, that you can fall into.  Self driving cars which obviously get hacked, like Mr & Mrs. Grey Trace’s do while they are on the way home. They have an accident and are attacked (for no reason I can find) and Grey is paralyzed.

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Miscellany Reviews

The Hard word

(2002)   R

Joel Edgerton is one of the stars in it. He’s the only reason I wanted to see it. OMG how do I describe him in this, Adorably handsome or Handsomely Adorable.

Anyway so three brothers  are out on bail and attempt a massive heist before they’re hauled off to jail while their lawyer is sleeping with one of their wives.

Its really nothing to write home about, other than in that jogging suit, Joel looks like he should be in one of the mobs. —Forgettable


The Sisterhood

2004  R

I didn’t realize until I was a little too far through it that I had already seen this. Christine Puts her psychic powers to work to destroy a coven (sorority House called Beta Alpha something …”B.a.t.” ) of witches. Her psychology professor urges her to infiltrate the Sorority led by an evil Sorceress to destroy the coven or will they bring her to the darkside?


Leather Face

Stephen Dorff, Lily Tomlin & Finn Jones

Prequel as to how he became Leather face. And just happens to have my favorite actor ever in it! (Finally! a new Dorff Movie)

For me this reeked a bit much of the Michael Myers Halloween Prequel (not sure if it was one that Rob ZOmbie did or not) but

still there were at least parts that seemed similar to it.  To start its Jed’s birthday and he gets a chainsaw (bigger than he can handle) The family pressures him to use it on someone they caught supposedly trying to steal their pig.. Prequel,Origins story type movie