The Shape of Water


2017     R   2hr 3m   Sally Hawkins, Octavia Spencer, Michael Shannon     Adventure, Drama Fantasy  writer/Director Guillermo del Toro


There are so many elements to this, I’d say this is not only the genres notes but I’d also go with a period Sci-fi Romance. Think Creature from the Black Lagoon only the girl likes the creature back.  Surprisingly, I’d even call It a chick flick (and I liked it! likely because to me it was a modern Creature from the Black Lagoon at least as far as the creature in it and if I remember right del Toro mentioned it in an interview)

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Santa’s Slay

2005   R 1;35  Bill Goldberg Douglas Smith, Robert Culp, Dave Thomas, Emilie de Ravin   Lionsgate studios     IMDB

Santa isn’t making a gift list this year he’ll check twice; he’s running down his hit list now that a thousand-year-old bet he lost to an angel has expired. Now he’s spreading the holiday fear.

Something tells me that this is not going to be a horror movie as I thought it was from the title. YES that is former WWE wrestler Goldberg. That was a great use for a candy cane… I’ll have to be sure I start keeping one on me more often in case I ever need to defend myself. This kid and his assumed by all ‘Crazy’ grandpa live in Hell! No seriously! Of course, there has to be a Grandpa got runover joke..  oh but isn’t that ‘reindeer’ a buffalo or ox.  Oh and being Santa is supposed to be Satan’s son in this… someone says the name as such then he says it as ‘sha-tan’ and the person says “like the hockey Player” (I forget what teams Miroslav Satan was on I think one was Buffalo Sabres, and every devils’ fan wanted him on the team and give him the #6.

When the Credits role at the end, it’s naughty and nice list.

I may rent it again in December. I ended up watching this late as when I got the disk it was broken.

I enjoyed it was a bit funny

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Den of Lions

2003 R  1:43  Stephen Dorff  Bob Hoskins    Action crime thriller


Budapest after the fall of the Iron Curtain  is under fire from the Russian Mafia.

Its up to Stephen Dorff’s undercover FBI agent Mike who has infiltrated the mafios and gained the trust of the head (Demetrius) and heart of his daughter Katya.

Over the case of the movie I wasn’t quite sure what Mike was undercover for, as far as the Russian Mafia went. Were they trying to get them on drugs, trafficking or what?

At times I also wondered if he was still FBI or if Mike had turned.

The movie was only :::shrugs::: OK. I am however a big fan of Stephen Dorff’s (since I was a kid and he’s only a few years older then myself) and try to collect his movies for my library. However this one would not be going in there.

Aside from a bit of the end and some part of the movie I don’t remember what part of the movie its from I don’t remember much of it.

I think it also felt slow or too long.

Class of Nuke’em High

1986      R              B-movies    Troma Studios    Horror, Schlock,


Menu Options: 

“Creature Presentation”

Scenes we thought we lost

Nuke’em High Fearbook

Extracurricular activities

Troma interactivities

coming DVD distractions



Troma High is around a mile away (give or take) from the new nuclear power plant, which suffers a malfunction that turns the students from honor society Nerds to drug dealing bikers that look like they belong in a mad max film. The lazy manager (owner?) of the plant has his head up his ass or maybe that’s actually his head he sits on while thinking with the opposite. Looks like he ate part of the plant and ‘atomic pot’.

One of the things I like about Troma movies is they are so out there. The acting ight not be the greatest among other things but you know what to expect, sort of like Marvel studios movies they’re either great or may be a bit average (which for them is better than the regular average movie) It’s nice to take a B-movie breather from the Hollywood horde every now and then.

Quite a bit goes on in the movie and I’ll be honest it’s been a few months since I’ve watched it as I’m trying to get caught up on writing my movie reviews (since September or October)

I’d recommend giving a watch as this one is normally well known not to mention a classic of Troma. Find the movies but I’d advise if you are going to watch more than one, please do not watch more than 2 in one sitting as I swear I’ve done it before your brain will melt watching more than that.

here’s a line up of their other films



Killer Joe

2011    Rated   R  1:42

After Chris’ mother steals and sells his coke, and puts her son in a dangerous debt, father and son plot to have her offed for her insurance money.     See the source image

They hire killer Joe, who turns out to be in law enforcement and does this on the side of his job!

They use the daughter as collateral to tide joe over until the job is done and can give him the money. Of course there’s a big bump in their plan that does not bode well for them.

I will give this 2nd poster props as it is one twisted ‘trailer park murder story’ but apparently not twisted enough to leave an impression on me.   I guess I would think most might appreciate this, but I hate when movies feel longer than they are. I prefer movies to hold my attention and with this one it waned. there’s also scenes that go on too long in my point of view, that I started to play games on my kindle or getting other things done.













The Duel

2016         R           1:50       Liam Hemsworth  Woody Harrelson


The residents of a tiny Texas town  are under the thumb of a man called ‘The preacher’ and I don’t mean Dominick Cooper.

The locals start to disappear and are found in the Rio Grande. Liam Hemsworth’s Texas  Ranger is called in to get The preacher who killed his father when he was a baby.

Obviously I couldn’t think of anything significant about this and felt uninspired to write about. Wish I skipped it, but then again I’m not one for westerns, I likely had it in the Queue for dad.




2018    R   Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh,Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez, Tuva Novotny, Oscar Issac

Adventure, Drama, Horror


Mission Girl Power!

A covert expedition into a government area sealed off for decades. The four women.. a psychologist, surveyor, biologist, and anthropologist find a wilderness where our known laws of nature do not pertain. This is called the Shimmer.

Loved  The light house and crystal trees…

Aside from the shimmer and the trees, this was a drab piece of crap. the only int4eresting part was what the shimmer was and what was causing (or should that be creating) it.

How Portman has any awards is beyond me, and maybe one big reason the first 2 Thor movies mostly the 2nd were not u-p to par.

As for the title, I would not have titled it that. Why because Neither the world nor a species  was annihilated.