Maggie’s Plan

2015  R  1:38  Romantic Comedy Drama,

** Greta Gerwig, Travis Fimmel, Ethan Hawke,Bill Hader,Maya Rudolph,Julianne Moore

Maggie’s plan to have a child on her own, is derailed when after choosing her sperm donor she meets the man of her dreams.

Ethan Hawke plays John, the married man she falls in love with, whose own marriage to Julianne Moore’s Georgette (I forget what she does as far as work) but she’s colder than the Arctic on a winter day, and is a busy body, hardly any time for the kids let alone paying attention to them. No wonder why he’s straying.

Maggie’s plan in itself was a waste of time in her life as she ends up marrying John, has his kid, and the marrige starts to mirror he old one!  She gets bored  and falls out of love with him and gets him back with his wife. There’s a nice twist at the end during the ice skating but you do need to listen for it and the one she should have been with all along shows just in time! Sequel?? it’s open enough for one. If so I think there will be more of Travis Fimmel which yes I watched only to see him play this pickle entrepreneur. Which was you could say quirky I guess. If Travis weren’t in it I wouldn’t have even bothered watching it.



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Classic Cuts ~ Nightmare On Elm Street

So Syfy channel had a TGI-Freddy Marathon on Friday the 13th (may 2016) and I made it a point to watch.

I thought while doing so I’d work on one of my new ‘columns’ called ‘Classic Cuts’  (well the title is best for slasher movies like this)  which reviews an entire franchise in this case, Brand (Marvel)  or stand alone film (like Goonies)  so

Whatever You do, don’t fall asleep


and WELCOME to nightmare_on_elm_street15

This is one of my favorite franchises, plus I lived one street over from Elm as a kid. I did however wonder why they weren’t doing a Friday the 13th marathon? But I thought why not do an over view of the series!

New line Cinema presents ….

A Nightmare on Elm Street 

 1984      screen play written by Wes Craven (RIP)     90- minutes      Rated R

 Horror, Slasher  stars   Heather Langenkamp , Robert Englund, John Saxon, Johnny Depp


Image result for a nightmare on Elm stI think because of the first and maybe second movies I was never comfortable with unfinished basements, the one that was in the house I grew up in (the street over from Elm) well it was a big basement from what I remember. I remember the big water heater and the one thing I hated was if we had to change a blown fuse, we had to pass by it. There were a few times I was tempted to go over to it and try to look in it, but the basement would spook me out.

I don’t know who he is but he’s burned, wears a red & green sweater , this funny hat and knives like fingernails 


 I think one of the great things about the movie was it came with that morbid, haunting nursery rhyme of 1…2.. Freddy’s coming for you.  Of the series I think the first and their movies were the best. They are at least my favorites. I like how in the first he’s scary and serious then in the 3rd he starts  to become somewhat a comedian! The 2nd in the series well as my friend Rich would say  “belongs in the bog of eternal stench”

With the poor 2010 update (remake/reboot..whatever you want to catalog it as) That combined with original and some of the sequel’s storylines, still couldn’t help it, but then  they ruined all the best parts  of the original movie like Johnny Depp’s Character Glenn’s death.

Image result for A nightmare on Elm st 2010

Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

1985   R    87 minutes    Robert Englund   Mark Patton, Kim Myers, Robert Rusler

After this bomb I’m surprised there was even a 3rd movie, but thankfully there was and much improved from this.  I like the sort of literal Highway to hell, sadly they couldn’t have at least got permission to use some of the song. Honestly I think this should have been called ‘The Possession’ as frankly Freddy is getting revenge in all the movies, including the first isn’t he? So the title to me doesn’t work (although yes I know they didn’t know there would be so many sequels).

The girl that plays Lisa, for some reason I always thought she looked like (or at least for some reason  reminded me of the) singer Tiffany.

“You’ve got the Body, I’ve got the brains”

So what is it with this story or the movie that gets a bad rap? Honestly when they don’t show this in a marathon of the series, I’m happy (though I do bitch about a ‘marathon’ being the WHOLE series not just 1 3 & 4 (esp. when they play them out of order)  Could it be the homosexual undertones? Is it the acting, or just the story itself?


Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors

1987  Patricia Arquette, Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, Rodney Eastman, Jennifer Rubin, Laurence Fishburne

Wasn’t Nancy’s grey streak on the other side of her head in the original film? The series’ even the crappy sequels like Freddy’s Revenge, the 3-D Freddy’s Dead and the not as bad (at least to me) meta sequel New Nightmare are still quite high on the re-watch list and worth adding to your video library. (although not sure on the 3-d one… I think that might be worse than part 2, but Freddy’s Dead wasn’t shown during this marathon.. so I just might be right on that!

Welcome to Prime time Bitch 


A favorite part is ‘Puppet master’ Freddy, the ‘strings’ FX could use some updating!  I believe this may be a fan favorite because of all the memorable quotes. It could also be the alter egos or the cool death scenes.  You had the snarky Kinkaid and the sweet (but pervy) Joey,  Badass Taryn, and Nerdy Will the Wizard Master…

I think this one is a fan favorite because it was so quoteable. While the original was very dark this is a bit brighter but then, that could just be the lights of the mental ward This is one of the originals movies I WOULD like to see remade but as is, just to update the make-up and special FX (like puppet phillip’s ‘strings’)


Nightmare on Elm St. 4: Dream Masters

1988  R   Tuesday Knight, Andras Jones, Danny Hassel, Lisa Wilcox  

So we have the last 3 of the true Elm street kids only Patricia Arquette is replaced by Tuesday Knight..(cool freaking name).

I had (and I guess you can say still do) have a big crush on Joey (the character not the actor)  and a guilty pleasure … (If you see me on the street I likely won’t admit this but) I actually like the cheesy pop rock  music in this! (Though I still think heavy metal and horror go best together!)

How sweet, fresh meat

Alice is a full on daydreamer, her brother Rick is a funny guy no wonder Kristen is dating him, Dan the hunky jock Alice is oggling  and their nerd friend and the big haired one (classic for late 80s and much of the 90s) I didn’t catch their names.

Because Kristen can bring people into her dreams, Joey and Kinkaid get pissed at her for ‘waking’ them up into her’s and because of it think she’s just going to bring him back. Sadly there are soon no more Elm street kids but thanks to Kristen who brings Alice into her last nightmare, and would be the worst person to get Kristen’s power gets them. So now, no one is safe!


Freddy’s Nightmares  tv series  ran from 1988-1990

I don’t recall how long each episode was half hour or a full hour,but I have been trying to find a full episode. Sadly so far I have not but here’s a promo video (from various countries) Did I see Brad Pitt in there somewhere? (maybe it was a different video)

Imdb page


Nightmare on Elm St.4 : Dream Child

If you are not able to read the rhyme, click the pic

1989   89 minutes     Lisa Wilcox   Danny Hassel    Kelly Jo Minter  Erika Anderson  Joe Seely   

Although the movies are still quite rewatchable, even if (some of) the make-up and special FX are dated. My favorite part of this is Dan’s ‘waking’ nightmare with all the pun-ish one liners Freddy slings like “Fuel injection” sounding like an arcade game. Another one is the comic book guy. I don’t remember this poster when it was coming out, the ons I do remember i think all had a baby carriage in it, so I used this one cause I thought it was funny with a Preggers Freddy

man syfy was really constantly I think for 2-3 months doing Nightmare on Elm st. Marathons and I caught this again before something else I wanted to see was coming on. I noticed I think they may have messed with Freddy’s origins, unless because I was tired from my day just didn’t get it. The scene I speak of is when Alice see Amanda Kreuger give birth to Freddy as a lumpy headed looks like Jason Vorhees without the mask creature. I’m not sure if this was just Freddy messing around bringing Mom back to birth him again or if they were trying to change up the the origin story.

I was never really big on this addition to the series    C-

A Nightmare on Elm Street(1989) (Video Game)  

I need to find out what system this was available on… and now wonder if it was the reason the next movie had a gamer in it.

do we get to see a slice of the actual game in the upcoming? (No idea)

(this is the PC version of the game)            if you are a collector… you can find a NINTENDO version on amazon

and the Nintendo NES version (but not sure if it’s the same year)  to me looks like a cross between Super mario Brothers and Donkey Kong

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

1991   Lisa Zane, Breckin Meyer  Tom Arnold, Rosanne Barr 

They didn’t include this in the marathon I mentioned but as I said, i’d do an overview of the franchise

With he corny 3-d there’s only one part I remember somewhat clearly, and that’s the gamer (Breckin Meyer I think) that becomes part of the video game. Another part I can remember is one of the characters using 3-D glasses in the movie and that’s all.  Here’s some appreciation one fan shows for the movie; in-defense-of-freddys-dead-the-final-nightmare/ putting it that way, I can appreciate it a bit more. It still sucks though


Maybe NOT so FInal!

New Nightmare 

1994  written by Wes Craven stars  Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp,  Wes Craven

I’m not sure if this was intended to celebrate it, but I see it as a 10 year anniversary of the series. The meta sequel has its good and bad moments  but I can’t recall how fans took it when it came out; or if I saw it in the theater or not. (Depending on when it came out I may or may not have been aloud in to see it, but would be the only one I might have been able to see when it was originally released in the theater. I do like the meta angle, of it, as it’s different and movies usually don’t do that.



Order the complete series via amazon

Freddy vs Jason

Freddy vs. Jason:

not sure if this was fan made, but I liked this better than the others I saw

2003  Robert Englund Ken Kirzinger Monica Keena   Katharine Isabelle  Jason Ritter, Kelly Rowland

In this smack down (which I’m sure in a sense paved the way for the superhero match -ups of 2016) Freddy isn’t even a memory as the town has covered up everything relating to Freddy’s existence.  Birth & death certificates and other records are removed, Obituaries redacted, any teens who have had nightmares are quarantined in the asylum not calls in or out same with visitors and they are drugged with that same experimental drug from Dream Warriors  that keeps them from dreaming.

Instead of committing  them all, why not just give ALL the kids in the town a prescription for it?

Freddy uses Jason as a sypher (I guess you could say) to get to the kids because he’s weak  as no one believes in him anymore. Once however Freddy is on the path to coming back, Jason keeps killing the kids and Freddy is not always able to take what he needs to come back.

Gotta love the stoner having gone down the Rabbit hole… Order or watch on Amazon


A nightmare on Elm St.: Real Nightmares

2005 tv series   IMDB

I have no recollection of this being on or ever hearing about it. I will have to see if I can find disks on netflix or another way to give a few of the episodes a watch. Looked on Amazon to see if there were any DVDs or way of watching but sadly nothing comes up other than a season of (syfy’s) Paranormal Witness and some memorabilia


Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to include this in the series info or after the 2010 update…. I think it fits in better with the series info.


This is both a book and a video release you can find the review and links to order in the series info at the end, meanwhile here is a review for the book.

A Nightmare on Elm street  (2010) nightmare_on_elm_street_ 2010 ver2_xlg

2010     UPDATE  Jackie Earl Haley, Thomas Dekker, Katie Cassidy, Connie Britton & Kellan Lutz

Frankly this update merges the events of the original 2 movies, but is certainly not a remake as some things are done differently not to mention not in the same order as the others. I will say that was the only way this movie was good (& Kellan Lutz.. even when the guy is supposed to look like he’s been to hell and back he’s hot..come on!)
Kellan Lutz nightmareOf course Horror/Slasher cliche #1… the hottie dies first  and during as well after watching this Blasphemous  update I was ready to enter the nightmares of the creators and whoever’s idea it was to start the series again as well as whoever greenlit it.!

The part when Freddy comes to form through the wall…looks so crappy in CGI, compared to the practical effect in the original.

Even the ‘framed’ boyfriend part of Robert Rustler’s is tweeked instead of being shredded on the ceiling Cassidy’s character looks more like she’s having an epileptic seizure and certainly not as much blood as on the walls and ceiling as the 1st death (Tina) in the original

The scenes as mentioned are not actually in the order they were in and to be a remake, what I call the ‘tribute’ scImage result for Nightmare On Elm Street Alice Cooperenes those iconic scenes from the original film (Like Johnny Depp’s) have to be in there not to mention same order and same way…this one… they flubbed the way Depp’s Death was… and that was a BIG F*** up to me. That was THE BEST Death ever and it doesn’t even look like blood, it looks like black sludge.

Oh and funny that, I was going to make a snarky remark in part 3 about Joey’s “How’s this for a wet dream” and how it’s the reverse of Johnny Depp’s Glenn’s  Blood Volcano…In this one it’s sort of the 2 together.

Oh and we have a cameo of the Shock Rocker Alice Cooper as Freddy’s Dad

To me it just makes more of a darker (not actually bad) parody of the originals but the way they did it just sacrilege!  They should all be strung up by their fingers and toes and slashed with a fountain pen.                D

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Series Info

RIPT T-shirts, the creator of awesome horror movie tees, wants to take you back through the life of Freddy Krueger with a walk down Elm Street: Rated R     FAQs via IMDB

Rewatchability 95%

there’s also my Nightmare near my Street hub  With trailers or clips of each of the movies, as well as my own ‘nightmare’

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

2010        Doumentary     Heather Langenkamp, Wes Craven, Robert Englund

In the documentary the cast talks about scenes, FX and so on. I’m not a documentary person but this was worth a watch for any fan!

you can order the legacy documentary video here 

The book, you can check out on Amazon, they have the option to look through some of it. There’s some pictures and a variety of information.


and purchase the book via Amazon here as well


as for this Infograph, I thinkthere are some kills missing, but will have to take care of that the next time I watch a marathon. (and I’ll add that information to each of my reviews.

New line Cinema: The House that Freddy Built still Growing Strong

The Nice Guys

2016 R      Mystery comedy drama  DVD   stars; Ryan Gosling & Russell Crowe   1:56

a private eye teams up with a bruiser for hire in this 1970s Los Angeles set ‘noir-ish’ mystery.

The two investigate a missing persons case and a porn stars suspicious suicide while stumbling (literally) into a conspiracy.

Ha! Nice shot through the hot tub. Loved the (what I supposed was) stock footage, of ads and a preview of the wood panel station wagon. If this wasn’t stock footage then damn did they do a great job with the vintage set and costumes for those parts! (Honestly for the whole movie but what was supposed to be on TV they were watching was awesome.  Oh wow I didn’t know Matt Bomer was supposed to be in this, and almost didn’t realize it was him, but then again it was that awful wig.  There’s some good dry wit or just plain dumbass goofiness like the bathroom scene. Though I wasn’t crazy about Kim Basinger, her acting did not seem good, or shall Isay believeable. Not a good villain on her part.

Imdb        *  order on Amazon  * or watch on Amazon video

The Boss

2016   R comedy   Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell 

Normally I can’t stand watching chick comedies cause they just aren’t funny. I ended up starting to watch this when nothing else was on…but something I do watch or wanted to was coming on maybe about half way through…

CEO Michelle Darnell is busted for insider trading, goes to jail and when released is bankrupt with no where to go and no family to stay with. She ends up on the couch of her former assistant.

So When it comes to Melissa McCarthy movies its seems for every 5 she makes one of them might actually be somewhat funny. Not sure who writes that one moderately funny one but really please we need more from you.

Normally I would have seen this coming but the couch bed…not sure why I didn’t expect that to happen, but it got a laugh outta me.

I can’t figure out what is with her and the turtlenecks. First of all, her chin is too small to even bother with a full one. (She should be wearing a crew neck) It just looks so stupid (and not funny) to me, She looks like a floating decapitated head (that is the ONLY thing funny about that gag if it’s supposed to be)  at least give us a reason why she wears them like that, then maybe it’ll be funny or least bit amusing.

So do you remember the trailer with the ‘Dandelions’ (Girl scouts like troop) well that was a bit funny. It just looked very odd to see ‘Girl Scouts’ in a rumble. The best part was something Darnell promised the annoying mom at the meeting….I’ll jsut say ‘butt clusters’  for a clue.

Now there’s a part (the Bra scene) that I wouldn’t think was funny but actually found so, maybe because it went a little long to start to feel sort of awkward.


I’m so surprised the movie actually made me laugh more than once. Maybe it was the physical ‘slap stick’  parts that came off funny rather than the actual verbal jokes.

So unlike most, as it did give me a few laughs (as usually a chick comedy if lucky only usually gives me one Ha!) I’m going to give it a bonus plus!

Oh yeah and by the way, I watched the whole movie instead of flipping over to my show! So there’s a compliment for ya.

C+    buy or watch on Amazon

Nine Lives

2016   PG   Blu-ray  1:27  Comedy  Jennifer Gardner, Robbie Amell, Kevin Spacey     (IMDB)

Mr. Brand is a worlaholic CEO of the ‘Fire Brand’ on the night of his daughter’s birthday (party) he buys a cat for her and ends up falling off a roof with the cat and he ends up in the cat’s body somehow, while his body is in a coma.

What is with all the cats by three? It’s like 3 of the same cat or 3 cats together…

Oh my the blue of that cat’s eyes! And The part where it’s drunk had my family cracking up!

I can see why Entertainment Gave this a worse of 2016 movies; The pacing is too slow, not sure about the characters in general, there’s so many ways this could have been at least a good if not great movie. The only good parts is when the cat is on screen.


“Oh look Satan’s over for dinner’ (in reference to his ex-wife.)

Oh yeah and then at one point the mother mentions (I forget if it was Amell’s character or the daughter) had asked “Why is daddy a vampire”

There’s a part where the cat Mr. Fuzzy pants  (gosh if I were a cat and someone cave me that name I’d rip your face up’ I jsut hate those stupid cliche pet names.) looks like he’s i a donkey Kong game  When he’s walking up a wall or something.


Those security guards deserved that!!! (You know what I mean when you see it) and there’s Lil Bub!!!

I won’t kill the movie completely, but it deserves at least a D for some of the jokes. They could have made it better if it were an hour long special!


Want it? Order the DVD or Bku-ray via Amazon or on Amazon Video



Vampire Dog

2012  G  1:31  Family Comedy  Collin MacKechnie, Julia Sarah Stone,Jodi Sadowsky

I had heard of this some where, but sadly when I added it to my netflix queue, it has sat there for a year or more in the ‘saved’ section which meant Netflix did not have it nor knew if ever they’d get it. (Though they are usually good at getting foreign films.

One day I was playing around on one of my movie apps on my kindle and I came across it!!! (and noticed a few others on my saved list.

Fang the cliche name of the 500 year old vampire dog, does not drink blood, but hoovers up all the red ‘jelly’ (jell-o). He is adopted by the current surviving kin of his owner who was his care taker. He was made a vampire while saving his master from being bitten. He’s a cute dog oh and by the way… he talks!

It’s a cute funny movie., the whole family can enjoy or just you and your pet even.

its rated 4.4 stars on Stream door and I was trying to give it 5.. (gotta figure out how to rate them on there)


Find it on DVD & amazon video    or if you have a kindle download the free StreamDor app to watch any of the movies there free. Not sure if it’s free on Google or iTunes (if they have it)


Classic Cuts~ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles :Out of the Shadows

Welcome  to Multi-screen Mo_T_Vision’s new signature series,  Classic cuts

you can find my criteria for choosing the titles here



Having watched the original versions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the 1990s hearing the way the new turtles speak, just irritates me. I thought they sounded more ‘surfer’/stoner speak in the ’90s but maybe not as much as I thought, unless the cartoon made them sound more like that.

I didn’t know the movies were originally based on comics, I thought it was a movie and cartoon before it became a comic.

The original starred Judith Hoag  as April O’beil and Elias Koteas as Casey Jones while Corey Feldman was the voice of Donatello  & James Saito played Shredder

Enjoy the original 1989 movie via amazon 


The Secret of the Ooze


the 2 mutated creatures are a snapping turtle with spikes and I guess a werewolf.. which looks more like it should be in a movie version of the arcade game Rampage! Which Co-starred Ernie Reyes Jr. The Secret of the Ooze

Between the 2 originals I can see why they updated them. Though I refused to see the new one when it came out,

maybe now I will as I hear good things about the sequel besides ‘Arrow’ actor Stephen Amell is in it.

Here’s the amazon link to watch



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3…

1993   PG    1:36       Paige Turco as April O’Neil

I didn’t remember that there was a 3rd movie, so I guess while I’m on a Turtle tear I should see if I can find a copy

Was this subtitled “Secret of the Samurai”? If not, no idea where that came from

An old mysterious scepter causes April to switch places with an ancient Samurai, so our Turtle friends have to travel through time to feudal Japan to rescue their friend.

Japan 1603 which at first just shows a red sun in the background and for too long as well, then leads into a fight that fades from a red hue to full color.

I can already see why I forgot about this. It doesn’t even look like the turtles from the first two movies. Whoever is in the costumes could not have been pro martial artists it looks more like something that would have been made for Syfy channel when it first came out! (Watch the 2 previous movies you will see what I mean. Like if you watch Donatello with the Bo staff, doesn’t look like he’s twirling it but just shaking it from side to side (WTF?!?!) Most of the movie is just a bunch of cheesy poses. Also their faces and heads are not the same shapes nor are they the same color I think they are lighter from the original, plus where I think the original suits were more mate these are glossy. Then there’s splinter, definitely has got to be a new suit or animatronic (I think the later as I don’t think there was a fully head to toe shot of him). Talk about looking like a sewer rat! This one does, the previous incarnation of the character looked cleaner and less frazzled.

splinter…Lampshade…”he made another funny”

as my friend Rich (from youtubes’s The B.A.R.) would say.. another to toss in the pit of eternal stench.

An old mysterious scepter causes April to switch places with an ancient Samurai, so our Turtle friends have to travel through time to feudal Japan to rescue their friend.

Japan 1603 which at first just shows a red sun in the background and for too long as well, then leads into a fight that fades from a red hue to full color.

I can already see why I forgot about this. It doesn’t even look like the turtles from the first two movies. Whoever is in the costumes could not have been pro martial artists it looks more like something that would have been made for Syfy channel when it first came out! (Watch the 2 previous movies you will see what I mean. Like if you watch Donatello with the Bo staff, doesn’t look like he’s twirling it but just shaking it from side to side (WTF?!?!) Most of the movie is just a bunch of cheesy poses. Also their faces and heads are not the same shapes nor are they the same color I think they are lighter from the original, plus where I think the original suits were more mate these are glossy. Then there’s splinter, definitely has got to be a new suit or animatronic (I think the later as I don’t think there was a fully head to toe shot of him). Talk about looking like a sewer rat! This one does, the previous incarnation of the character looked cleaner and less frazzled.

splinter…Lampshade…”he made another funny”

as my friend Rich (from youtubes’s The B.A.R.) would say.. another to toss in the pit of eternal stench.

Try the Cartoon, the first 2 season is on Amazon

Not only were there toys of various sorts (Remember the Pizza shooting  ‘Turtle Tank’ (or so I called it) was it the same as the Party Mobile?? Here’s one of  what looks like a new one with the Ghostbusters  (though my intention was including the older ones) Here’s one of the original comics



Its an all new Turtle!

The first time I came across the 2012-2014  ‘cartoon’ I have to grab a Ginger Ale every time as I got nausea everytime I saw it! For one CGI is not a ‘cartoon’ and these look like nothing but trash, like someone’s failed attempt using a new program, or an old apple computer (like 90s old). They are more an exercise for children to teach them their shapes rather than being characters. As for that theme song, (first time hearing this version) I’ve puked all over my monitor!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  

2014    PG-13      1:41      Blu-ray     Sci-fi     Action

Megan Fox & Will Arnett  William Fincher  Johnny Knoxcille (Leonardo voice) Alan Ritchson  as Raphael Tohoru Masamune  Whoopi Goldberg Will Arnett

I originally never intended to watch this one as I loved the originals so much; but after watching them, I can see why they were updated.  I originally boycotted watching this because they sounded like thugs and I couldn’t stand it, still can’t they should sound like surfer dudes period. Also because it should have been called the (Not so) Teenage Mutant Ninja TANKS because of the size of them. Well once I heard ‘Arrow’ Stephen Amell was cast in the sequel as Casey Jones, I thought it was a perfect fit! So needless to say I’ll be watching the sequel to this (at least) if only because “Arrow’ is in it, so I figured to give in and watch the update of the original movie or shall I say more like a reboot and see how it went, and if it would be as bad as I thought.

The start of the movie has a graphic novel inspired intro story. Shredder and his foot clan have their claws in the Burroughs of NYC from the cops to the politicians. Their diabolical plan is to release some toxin  from the spear of a building  and be the only ones with a antidote to bring the world to it’s knees.  We don’t actually get a look at the turtles ‘closely’ until around 15 minutes in when they are scoping out some security monitors with a little funny moment there.

What is a Hashi? The turtles fight (argue) more I think than they did in the original, Oh sh** what is that! Wait that’s splinter… HORRIFYING~ looking at splinter makes me nausea, couldn’t they have used the old costume or an animatronic creature? This one is just scary looking, and I’m usually the one that thinks the real rodents are cute, and can never understand and laughs at those who jump on tables when they see a mouse or rat. I guess this incarnation of Splinter is what they see!    I’m pretty sure in this he’s purely a motion capture creation. I think the  turtles may be so as well, or at least there was one point that made me think so. Now as for Shredder’s look… pardon the pun, but I do have to shred it and not in a good way! Shredder looks more like a robot than a person I can go on with he maybe thinks he’s a power ranger megazord, or even Edward Scissorhands (maybe he watched that movie way too much!)  Not sure who came up with the Shredder scissor-hands look, but WAY too much buddy. As they say less IS more!

So far the character ‘costumes’ are my only gripes, as well as the Turtles NOT sounding like the Turtles. Where’s all the goofiness especially from Michelangelo? He’s always been my fave now… it feels as if he’s a pod person. It feels there’s no heart other than who April O’Neil turns out to be. Also wasn’t that a new twist on the story or the actual comic origins of it?

Raphael seems overly aggressive for what seems for no reason. Donatello wears glasses, WHY?  because he’s the smart one of the group? What a cliche and Other than their masks and a little joking from Mikey all the turtles seem to be the same personality instead of very different individual ones.

What. The.  OMG it’s a wall of boomboxes (or should I say ghetto blasters.. was there a difference between the two or just depended on the music played by them?) Oh for SHAME Mr. Saks… tsk tsk.  between the bulk and adding other items to them even when they were ‘younger’  Donatello looks like a ghostbuster with whatever that is on his shell.

Hogoshai (sp?) is a great guardian spirit.

“Dashing through the snow in a 4 turtle open trailer, over hills we go, fighting all the way…”

WOW! Finally we get a Cowabunga from Mikey! The Turtles of the 90’s were so much cooler as far as personality. These ones just seem more like brutes they may as well be in the foot clan.  The best part of the whole film was the snow chase, which  I think should have came after the last scene (on the building)as a sort of game of keep away and the climax of fighting shredder wasn’t even a thrill, and likely after a few days to a week will have forgotten.

I think I still enjoyed the original 2 more, Raph’s speech didn’t feel genuine and sounded too forced.

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TMNT 2: Out of the shadows

2016          PG-13      Bu-ray       1:52

Stephen Amell, Megan Fox, Will Arnett, Alan Ritchson as Raphael, WWE star Sheamus as Rocksteady

This I am seeing only because Stephen Amell is in it and plays Casey Jones. Wait, was that a batmobile I just saw?!?! (the scene when transporting shredder)

In the beginning I am so far loving Stephen’s Casey Jones, its definitely a nice transition to his usual Broody Oliver/Arrow acting.   and Wait Turtle Dumpster….dumbfounded but wait wasn’t it pizzas that it used to shoot? But then again Pizza isn’t an actual weapon unless you make the cheesy like a spider web and someone else already has that copyrite!

OH…MY…Gods!!! I know I was ripping on the last one for not being like the 90s ones that they were more enjoyable well.. except that very last one… but I meant it only as the personalities and a few other things but they are KILLING me with the 90s music  ‘All I wanna do is put my boom boom in your zoom zoom … Shake your rump!”  (that was killing me with laughter at the lyrics) and let’s not forget about Ice ICe Baby! (I swear that song wilkl haunt my generation for the rest of our lives!

What was the name of that villain that looked like a brain? or was it Brain? (or am I just thinking Pinky and the Brain…sorry)   ah its Krang!

and Almost fell on the floor laughing at the turtles reaction to Casey.. and they called him Friday the 13th! Called Them swamp things  that now live in an amusement park!  (one of my favorite parts of the movie and I think most of them came in the beginning)

So shredder is tasked to put together what I’m calling the ‘Space vase’ (because 1 I forget what it’s called and 2 honestly.. tell me that doesn’t look at least in a way like a freaking vase) and this turn I think I like Be Bop and rocksteady a bit more.

There’s nothing really memorable like the sleigh ride from the last one. Frankly as soon as it was over I still only remember some of the beginning parts (like the dumpster) and Stephen Amell lighthearted humorous parts

The rental surprisingly  includes some extras

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Now I can complain about the reboots, but I did say it needed an updated, aside from the storylines which weren’t great but at least was an effort and I guess the sky needle part was cool but turtles playing leap frog? so stupid! As for the tanks.. I mean turtles… any chance they could at least lose some weight and shell if there’s another  movie?

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Tops “X-Men: Apocalypse” at Sluggish U.S. Box Office

Krang & Turtle Van Concept Art For Teenage Mutant Ninja

Amell Fights Mutants & An Ill-Fitting Hockey Mask In “TMNT 2”

Sheamus Talks Winning Money In The Bank And Shooting TMNT .

Old vs. New…

Thank you Chobot!! Dude! really thare’s barely any action and apparently this guy is paid by Hollywood to drink their brainless kool-aid!

I do agree with the fights of the old looking cheesy, but at least there was real fights (choreagraphed) and I agree that Leaf frog crap was stupid.