2015   NR Horror 1:30  Ione Butler, Andrew Asper, Lala Nestor,Kim Nielsen,   more cast

A strange virus  quickly spreads through a safari park zoo called Eden which is an endangered wildlife refuge. WE

start in turning all the zoo undead. So now we all know this is a stop the creatures before they escape and cause more dismemberment and zombify everything in their path.

Being a fan of the tv series ZOO  (and trying to get my hand on a copy of the book) I thought I’d watch this as an appetizer before season 3 of the show.

one notable quote is

“It’s a zoo, NOT Jurassic Park”


Why hasn’t this been on Syfy or Chiller channel? I would have went nuts as it would have been a treasure to catch on there. Heck for all I know it could have been on there and I missed it.

One memorable part was the daughter in her mother’s office… where she is playing. I don’t want to set up the whole thing I’ll just say I will never look at a Koala the same way again.  actually you may not look at a lot of the animals the same way again. (and why I hope there’s never a zombie cats movie)


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Kong Skull island

2017   PG-13  Action,aDventure, Fantasy

Tom Hiddleston, John Goodman Samuel L. Jackson Toby Kebbell  Brie Larson John C. Riley Shea Whigham,Corey Hawkins

In the March 10th issue of Entertainment weekly measured up the many incarnations of King Kong strating with the
1933 Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedeck’s original, in which the ape’s size fluctuates depending on the scene. So how does Kong measure up in 2017?  read on to find out!

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Ouija Origin of Evil

2016, PG-13, horror, thriller, 1:39,  Elizabeth Reaser, Lulu Wilson, Annalise Basso

set in what seems to be the 1960s  a fatherless family pays the bills by holding seances and palm readings. The mother does the psychic thing while the daughters when not in school, help push the point across.

The mother comes across the new ‘game’ in a store and brings a board home to use as one of her tools. (You are NOT supposed to use them in your home!!!) The youngest starts talking to ‘a friend’ which is never good, even when she thinks her dead dad tells her how to help save them from losing the family house. After this she stops going to school as she’s the one the board works for best.

Once things hit the fan when the older sister finds little sis scribbling on paper on the floor of her room to her right while looking to her left, the sister (I guess its the morning after) finds the papers sticking out from under the bed when she gathers the girl’s things. She gives them to the priest (which I guess is the principal of the school) to find out what they say as they are written in Polish.

I think somehow the story that was told about this family was ‘fudged’ a bit. Of course it’s been awhile since I watched the original movie but something about the story of these 3 didn’t sound right. Also unlike the first which was a little creepy this was not even eerie or anything remotely ‘scary’



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Lights Out

2016  PG-13 1:21  Horror  Teresa palmer, Billy Burke, Maria bello, Eric Heisserer, Gabriel Bateman, Alexander DiPersia

Well its not the most original as in a sense Diana reminds me of the Insidious demon and something else that has yet to come to mind. I’m wondering if this is based on some Japanese horror movie one for me it sort of feels like it and 2 there’s a picture with Diana who’s hair is covering her face and she has a parasol.

We get a bit of back story all I will say is she had a skin condition. The mother is mental the daughter is estranged because of Diana  and

So as I like to and being the name of the movie is lights out… I left mine off to watch.

So I’m watching the movie and its got to be at least 15 minutes in and at most 45  and all of a sudden my door flies open, then I see this black thing moving on the floor! For a second I did feel spooked, but that’s my black cat! her perfect timing (this cat actually makes me scream when she’s in crazy mode and runs past me sometimes just meowing.

Also many try sneaking up on me and scaring me and doesn’t work, the cat meows and I don’t know she’s there… I jump (go figure!)

anyway so I’ve never been scared of the dark that I can remember (other than when I’ve scared myself) Other than that little creep out by my cat the movie isn’t scary (I have nightmares worse than this and I laugh t those)  Heck I have had a boyfriend and some cousins scarier than this!

I will say that Diana reminded me of some water logged character the way the hair was…

as for worth a watch.. wait for rental or cable —Amazon



2016   NR   1:45  Anthology/Horror    ( IMDB info)

It may not be rated but I give it a Pg-13 to an R rating from what I’ve seen.

starring  (well the notables anyway)  Seth Green, Harley Quinn Smith, Michael Gross, Ashley Greene, Jocelin Donahue

Each of the movie shorts, end with a card and the writer or director’s name on it.


Are you one of those people sick of the same Holiday specials every year? Maybe for some reason you just hate the holidays, (or certain ones) well this is a derogatory gesture to those holidays. I’m not usually keen on short stories because a lot of times they do not seem to be fully told, as if the beginning and or middle or maybe the middle and the ending are cut off.  However in this there are a few that I quite liked.

If you ever saw the ABC’s of Fear, think of this as the ABC’s of the holidays or as Holidays of fear!

The  movie started with a swim team during practice and some mean fake blonde  picking on some girl max or as she calls her ‘Maxi pad’. The blonde bully and her cohorts shouldn’t talk cause they are nothing to be picking on someone about as they are not all that themselves. With her pale splotchy face, fake blonde hair, or those scary eyebrows. One of her entourage looked like she’s from a Horror  movie…oh wait this is… I mean a horror version of Dazed and Confused.

Max has a crush on her swim coach for some reason, which besides the mean girl I’m not sure which is supposed to be scarier. We find out it’s (almost?) Valentine’s day and Max decides to get an extra special valentine to her coach. I’ll leave it at that. This one I did like  but I think was half way or almost finished before we find out what holiday we are watching.

Why didn’t it start with New Years though?

then we visit a classroom for St. Patrick’s Day with some creepy tree craft. Yes I know St. Patrick supposedly drove the snakes out of Ireland and all that but this fell flat for me. This one for me was a lame duck, skip it.

Now the Easter one was an nice interesting twist as to why you should be asleep when the bunny comes. It’s also a bit scary in the end. No one is supposed to see nor has ever seen the Easter Bunny. The little girl has no problem with the bunny it seems, but Jesus coming back she seems terrified about… (I don’t blame her… I don’t like zombies either).Her mom explains you are not supposed to be up when the Easter bunny comes, while explaining to her that it’s the day Jesus rose etc. One of the girls anxieties is what if she wakes up at night or needs a glass of water? Her mom tells her that’s ok.This short is the reason you shouldn’t be up when the bunny (or really any gift giving icon of the holidays) comes. Apparently Jesus is the Easter Bunny but looks a bit like a cobra with the ears down like that. This was one of my favorites of the anthology.

Mother nature is a bitch, and this proves my point. Mother’s Day Forget not being able to get preggers, this one is over fertile no amount of birth control or condoms seem to help! Now that is truly terrifying.

While on Father’s day  a tape recorder shows up on Carol’s stoop. It’s her father who disappeared or something when she was little and there’s instructions for her to find him.  Not impressed with this one but suspenseful

I enjoyed the  vintage holiday cards they showed after each short, it also mentioned  who the writer and/or director was.

Halloween was quite amusing, I think the ladies will like this one best. It’s a little funny in a sense but All I’ll say is webcam witches and payback as a hint. Definitely another fave highlight of the anthology    :::evil laugh:::

Now Christmas had me laughing for one reason… you know that Samsung VR thing that was out for the 2016 holidays? Well Seth Green is out to buy a gift (last minute the freaking idiot)  and because he was too late, someone else got what and he wanted to get his kid. Which were UVU glasses (so this made me think of the Book and soon to be movie ready Player one)  anyway you hear about holiday shopping and people having riots etc. (Heck mom had to get my Cabbage Patch Kid from the back of the store, I think you got a voucher or something from inside or when you pre-ordered and this helped control the crazies or something)  Anyway this is what the movie reminds me of and that finding a holiday gift (heck just getting out of the store) can be a real killer! It’s not just that but a reminder to always put that sleep timer on your electronics in case you are called away and there are nosy bodies around. This one was ok… and the story end up being in a sense another Samsung VR commercial.

Then there’s the New Year with a last minute date the character finds from Craigslist or some some online site. Well I saw where this was going in an instant… my question was which is the one that is gonna chop up the other? And y

So as I said it’s sort of like the ABC’s of Fear just with the holidays instead. It’s just too bad they use the most popular ones, but then again there’s already a movie titled Krampus, but too bad they don’t use Yule as well. as it does pre-date Christianity and most of the symbols (if not all) of ‘Christmas’ are actually Pagan!


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You can also check out this screen rant article that lists it as #1 in most unusual horror films ! 


2008  R 1:28  adaptation, Horror   Reynaldo Rosales, Heidi Dippold, Michael Madsen

Tag line –  “The Guilty cannot Hide”   IMDB

I was actually looking for the old movie House from I think the 1980s (here’s a trailer for the sequel to it)

now back to ‘OUR’   House   review

Based on the Ted Dekker and Frank (can’t make out my writing) best seller.

Recovering from their daughter’s death and the stress  nearly breaking their marriage, Jack & Stephanie Singleton go on a spontaneous roadtrip. Their car breaks down  in a remote area  and there’s another car there as well and in the pouring rain go for help and happen upon an Inn.

Have you ever felt like you are pretty sure you didn’t see the movie you are watching but at the same time swear you have seen it?  They meet another couple that have already arrived and are still looking for whoever runs the inn.  The family or caretakers of the inn are creepy, I mean I think I would feel more comfortable with the Mansons, definitely would be comfortable with the Addams Family. There’s someone stalking them outside the house, its supposed to be a previous officer who supposedly killed his wife, so the family locks down the house, no one should get and and definitely NOT get out. So now there’s a rush to not only get rid of the one that is attacking the house, but also find a way out and get away from the family members as well.


Wel there’s a twist ending but I called it in the first 5-15 minutes In! and still not sure if I ever saw it but really seems familiar!

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The Hallow

Image result for The Hallow2015, NR (Not-rated)  1:37, Horror

Joseph Mawle, Bojana Novakovic, Michael McElhatton


We start in a beauitfuly creepy  wooded area. A conservationist and his family move to a secluded Mill House in Ireland. Upon surveying some of the forest’s trees, he happens upon some ruins, which holds a deer carcass. He he finds some black gooey tar looking substance.

Hallow be their name

and blessed be their claim

If you who trespass put down roots

Then Hallow be your name

-The book of Invasions C.1150

The forest belongs to the Hallow, the Fae (like fairies, banshees) or as some have called them, baby stealers. They take your child and leave a changeling in it’s place. This looks just like your child, but there are some ways to tell them apart.


It was a different story of sort, at least this is one of a few  if any I’ve seen to do with the fae. I do like watching foreign films, especially more so when I don’t have to read subtitles! (and no, I don’t like the english dubbing) So this I enjoyed in that sense. Also it was spooky and errie which is good, I don’t say that often enough about a movie. Not enough of movies have the air of what they are supposed to be portraying.

There’s not much I can say lest I ruin the whole thing. Remember unlike American Horror movies that usually get to the point, or try to force that sense of fear, horror etc upon you; Foreign movies build up they are more story oriented than big thrills.


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