Escape Room

2019         PG-13        1:40       Taylor Russell ,Tyler Labine ,Deborah Ann Woll , Logan MillerSee the source image

So the Netflix disc sleeve plot summary says:

Tyler’s girlfriend buys him tickets for an escape room event, but the couple and 4 of their friends fun takes a turn when they realize there may be no escape

That’s partially wrong. 6 strangers receive a little black puzzle box. If you solve the box you find a voucher for an escape room inside, however its more like a ticket to hell.






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NOS4A2 Home

AMC            Zachary Quinto


Well this is WAY late I think its going on the 5th or 6th episode now.

This is a different type of Vampire tale, however I’m not sure if I like it or not. Its mysterious. So far that’s all I like about it.

Quinto plays the vampire Charlie Manx  who kidnaps children and absorbs their life essence to become young again. The children become, what looks like a changeling. He drives around in an old car

Zachary Quinto in NOS4A2 (2019)

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2018   Blu-ray   1:50  R

American Paratroopers are to dropped behind enemy lines after their plane is hit in 1944 just before Allied Forces D-day.

To execute a critical mission~ to take out the communication tower, instead they find themselves in the middle of a Nazi science experiment made nightmare.

Not sure if you want to call it a zombie movie, as it focuses more on the soldiers and story than the Underground Horror.  The guy that plays the Corporal reminds me of Charlie Hunnam  (at least in the beginning) I thin the syrum just makes them look worse over time (I theorize they should have used less.) Not sure if they are any better looking than the ones on Walking Dead… But they are a different type of Horror and gore.

Dead Snow was another cool movie, and though I don’t think I can compare them in any way aside from the Nazis (well Dead Snow had Nazi Zombies, These we those they basically kidnapped or took as prisoners.

I will also admit that I watched it because Iain De Caestecker aka Fitz from Agents of SHIELD is in it. (but wasn’t really sure it WAS him until I saw it.

They make it more about the troops, and story than the weird Nazi Experiments… (though I kinda wonder… are they working on a Winter Soldier as well?)

Home Sweet hell

2015    R    1:38

Katherine Heigl, Patrick Wilson, Jordana Brewster, Jim belushi  Aj Buckley

I like how they did the credits with her ‘My Goal book’ Scrapbook.

Overbearing wife and mother of 2 Mona is married to Don Champagne (and yes, they have a Champagne & Furniture business) Her daught is an uptight pain just like her, and the son just like dad.

She has a goal book and plans every little thing and tries to always look and be perfect.. seriously but she is no stepford wife her maiden name had to be Hyde!

She is one devious B***and when he tells her he’s had an affair she stays all to calm and says to kill her.

Morbidly funny (but not in a laugh out loud sort of way)

I enjoyed most of it, especially the end. Poor Don (Patrick Wilson) Talking about an oppressive environment. How can anyone love anyone like her?


Supernatural: John Winchester’s Journal

Supernatural: John Winchester’s Journal – Alex Irvine

Previously I read Bobby Singer’s guide to hunting, which I kept calling Bobby’s journal. Anyway where his went by place papa Winchester’s goes by year. (if only they could have an appendix of some sort at the end to be able to refer to certain monsters or topics to find what you are looking for faster. Also some of what John wrote no idea what some of the notes are about. I had to look on the previous page or 2 to see if I missed something. (And this was a kindle book! so I don’t think those pages can get stuck together)

As for the exorcism rites..,  I do wish there were an English translation (or at least a key of proper pronunciations of the Latin letters.)

When Mr. Winchester isn’t writing his notes on demons, spirits and other things that may or may not go bump in the night, his entries seem mostly on His anniversary with Mary and the boys birthdays.

What I do like about both John’s & Bobby’s Journals is you get some back stories about them that I don’t think were in the show. I have read one of the shows Spin-off novels I forget which. I know one I wanted to read was Nevermore… (that might have been the one I still need to read)  one had something to do with a dragon.. Oh the Heart of the Dragon is the one I read.

Any fan of Supernatural will like, but I liked Bobby’s table of contents better. As for anyone else…

if you like the supernatural and reading bits and pieces about folklore than you’d like this. Thankfully I had it on the kindle as I had to check on a few words I was not familiar with.




You may also be interested in Bobby’s guide to Hunting  I have another one or 2 Supernatural related posts as well you can search in the header for


The Haunting of Hill House

2018    Drama,Horror,Mystery  TV-MA  

Michiel Huisman ,Carla Gugino ,Elizabeth Reaser ,Oliver Jackson-Cohen ,Timothy Hutton   Cast IMDB


A large family moves into the huge manse of the ‘Hill’ house to ‘flip’ it.  (I just hope its jut repairs as that looks like a historic building)

Dad Hugh and  Mom Olivia  Oldest son Steve, Daughters Sibil ( I think was the eldest’s name)    The middle sis Theo and then the youngest Nell and her twin Brother Luke

The story is told by flashes of the Crain family’s time living in the house, and the now fractured family who are all still haunted by their time in the house.

Steve writes novels on what else Haunted Houses, even though he doesn’t believe in ghosts. the Oldest daughter is a mortician, Luke is a drug addict, Nell therapy, and not sure what if anything Theo does aside from her touch anything 9without her gloves) and have psychic visions.

For those that like to read what books that are shown or mentioned in movies and tv shows .. I noticed the Mother, Olivia reading the 5th Child I think that was in episode 9. Also I think they may have ‘hidden’ tid bits for us to find. I found a ghost lurking around a corner. At first I didn’t see it, but looking around the screen or at a certain angle that’s when I noticed it.

Why does everyone think Luke’s friend Abigail is an imaginary friend? He says she’s from the woods,  could that mean the houses caretakers daughter?

Nell keeps seeing The bent neck lady. BNL is a twist I thankfully was surprised about which was cool. I forget which episode It was when I did figured it out, but it was maybe just before they revealed it, when I thought “Don’t tell me that’s ________”

Not 100% sure if this was supposed to be the 70s or 80s but when they move in, one or 2 of them have the roller suitcases. I don’t remember those back then but I remember one of the girls dragging along a multi colored one. The others had luggage that looked more to the times, duffle bags, or a clasped hard suitcase (sort of like a low trunk)

I think the season finale was one of the best episodes. With all the prose ‘narration’ by the older brother that was in it


[Review] Mike Flanagan’s “The Haunting of Hill House” is a Genuine Masterpiece of Longform Horror Storytelling

Netflix Claims ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ is One of the Year’s Most Binge-Watched Shows


The Cast

The Nun

See the source image

The castle looks familiar for some reason,

If that hallway with the crosses and mist isn’t creepy, I don’t know what is. But what is behind that  Finit hic deo = God ends here door?

A nun’s suicide leads to an investigation of the abbey,deep in the woods of Romania by the Vatican. Their trusted man that specializes in unexplainable happenings, is dispatched. A young Nun, who has yet to take her vows is also dispatched by her convent.

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