Maximum Overdrive


1986  R   Emilio Estevez  YEardly Smith    Action Horror Comedy

Written for the screen and Directed by Stephen King

Music by AC/DC


With the earth caught in the tail end of a comet, machines become homicidal and a bunch of people are stuck at a rest stop. They make do however they can to survive.

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Santa’s Slay

2005   R 1;35  Bill Goldberg Douglas Smith, Robert Culp, Dave Thomas, Emilie de Ravin   Lionsgate studios     IMDB

Santa isn’t making a gift list this year he’ll check twice; he’s running down his hit list now that a thousand-year-old bet he lost to an angel has expired. Now he’s spreading the holiday fear.

Something tells me that this is not going to be a horror movie as I thought it was from the title. YES that is former WWE wrestler Goldberg. That was a great use for a candy cane… I’ll have to be sure I start keeping one on me more often in case I ever need to defend myself. This kid and his assumed by all ‘Crazy’ grandpa live in Hell! No seriously! Of course, there has to be a Grandpa got runover joke..  oh but isn’t that ‘reindeer’ a buffalo or ox.  Oh and being Santa is supposed to be Satan’s son in this… someone says the name as such then he says it as ‘sha-tan’ and the person says “like the hockey Player” (I forget what teams Miroslav Satan was on I think one was Buffalo Sabres, and every devils’ fan wanted him on the team and give him the #6.

When the Credits role at the end, it’s naughty and nice list.

I may rent it again in December. I ended up watching this late as when I got the disk it was broken.

I enjoyed it was a bit funny

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Summer of Netflix

While I was looking after my Aunt’s house in July I  started my Netflix summer vacation. Trying to binge as many of the original shows and some movies as possible.  I still have many others (like some of the Marvel series to watch but I’m not going to get through everything by the first week of October. I thought I’d also re-watch the first 3 seasons of American Horror Story, as Season 8 deals with Murder house & Coven. Also watched the first 3 seasons of Goosebumps (a show I enjoyed in my teens, I’ll be working on a classic Cuts for that)

I’ve temporarily canceled streaming as the regular fall shows are starting to come back will pick up watching the rest during the holiday hiatus so I don’t have to deal with all those holiday repeats. Speaking of which, I always wonders…..WHY are there not more Jewish, Kwanzaa, Yule/solstice stories? And WHY are those that celebrate these (and others that are not Christmas) not making a big fuss of not having their own holiday entertainment?  

Anyway so this is one extra long post. Hope you enjoy

Here are my recommendations,  (some are links to the individual review)



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The Worst Witch

Yes like the movie from the 80s that starred Charlotte Rae and Fairuza Baulk.See the source image

I think there’s also another series but not sure when it was made but I would guess that was on a BBC station. While doing the work up on this  I found out the stories were originally novels by Jill Murphy, the first of which ‘The Worst Witch’ was published in 1974.

They have some scenes that are similar to the movie but usually have something a little different to them. And now I know why Snape always seemed so familiar in the Harry potter Movies… I swear J.K. Rowling had to have been inspired by Miss Hartbroom from this show for Snape or they had to be related! lol. In the series I’ve seen her do a few of Alan Rickman’s Snape mannerisms, and she teaches potions too!  So far I do still hold a special place in my heart for the 80s movie which I love watching around Halloween, but this I’d have to say is a decent reboot

(Whichever Worst Witch you are watching… have a sing along! with this  Worst Witch Chants Fandom Wiki

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American Horror Story: Apocalypse

I’d realized at the end of july maybe the beginning that its been a year or so since a new season was out. Last I had heard there were plans to do 2 stories a year.  I was wondering and willing for a new season so much I’d swear my shear force of will I made it happen. For some reason I thought after the Cult season that it was over, being as it’s taken so long for it to come back. I had not heard of any news or renewal between then and in August when I found out the first week lof august. I think I saw it trending on twitter or maybe it was in my Paper. Either way happy to see an old ‘friend’ is back. (Especially after it seems most of my shows  were canceled, or is replacing my favorite character. (as long as Vikings is still around I won’t have to kill anyone though I’ll send them to Murder house if I need to; after all the Scorpio (espcially me) do hold grudges as well or better than the dead!

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American Horror Story- Murder House (s1)


Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, Taissa Farminga, Evan Peters,

Themes: infidelity,  Death, Depression, Loss

A perfect blend of Thrills, Chills & Kills from current  residents to previous owners all the way back to Dr. Montgomery who had the house built. Based or at least inspired by some true life history    8 Creepy Stories And Inspirations Behind “American Horror …

I remember when the show originally aired I was loved the mystery of it as well as the story telling besides the ‘HORROR’ of it as well. While airing I had either already known of certain historical aspects mentioned in the show ie “Murder House’ as well as The Black Dahlia, and maybe even watched some discovery or History channel show on them or paranormal show even.

This is great for a drinking game (just add shots, chugs, drinks, etc in place of the exercises but I found a fitness routine (and added one)

Wait is that The Dracula music I hear….

10 bicep curls, Then 10 over your head pushing weights away.

The Spirit may not be willing but the flesh is weak

The Dead can hold a grudge better than most Scorpios

Mention of ROANOKE, Oh Demon child, who takes right after is father.

For some reason I don’t remember the last 2-3 episodes from when they were originally on, so it was like watching them as if I’d never seen the show before.

American Horror Story: Murder HouseWikipedia

Hemlock Grove

See the source image

Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Famke Janssen ,Bill Skarsgård ,Landon Liboiron ,Dougray Scott ,Madeleine Martin ,Penelope Mitchell ,Freya Tingley ,Lili Taylor ,

Directed b y Eli Roth

A girl is brutally murdered and found near the former Godfrey steel mill. This is just one of the  mysteries of Small town Hemlock Grove Pennsylvania, not to mention the secrets of its inhabitants.

Rumors spread that the new guy Peter Rumancek, a gypsy, is a werewolf. He is just one of the suspects in the girl’s murder. The other is Roman, heir of the Godfrey estate. The two become friends and decide to find the killer themselves.


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