Transporter Refueled

2015     PG-13    Blu-ray   1:30 (but feels longer)   ** Ed Skrein, Ray Stevenson,


If you couldn’t tell by the titled (and perfectly titled too)   it’s a  reboot of the Jason Statham franchise. Now Ed Skrein plays Frank whats his name to carry on the adventures of the private mercenary only known in the underworld as the Transporter.

His father is retiring meanwhile there’s some sort of Prostitution ring that gets an upheaval. One of said ladies of the night wants to get out of the business and hires Frank for a job

I remember when Statham was in the movies… the fighting scenes with him were longer and faster,  that you could barely keep up. In this… they are shorter as well as No bullshit slower paced fights.

During one fight they end up in a very narrow hall of what at first I thought were like safety deposit boxes, but really just a hall of drawers. I see how narrow it is and I’m thinking how the hell are they going to fight, it doesn’t even look kike there’s room to move let alone fight moves. Well for us, it was a funny highlight of the movie (with little else)

Another highlight was a blink and miss it trick with the license plate (aka ‘tags’ as some places call them)

For a reboot I thought this was a bad job. Why not start it as a prequel where Skrein is a younger Frank, but we see how he came to be what he is? Or at least some sort of a back story here or there. Some of the dialog Skrein has I couldn’t catch, but gotta love that car… all cars should be made like that first audi!

Hell or High Water

2016  R (for some graphic Violence)  1:42  Chris Pine, Ben Forster, Jeff Bridges   Crime   Drama  DVD rental

With their family farm close to foreclosure Brothers Tanner and Toby decide to rob banks. Of course their plans go south  when a Texas Ranger catches their trail.

I liked the stand-off toward the end and how crazy Foster’s character could be.

Pacing was touch and go.

Best as a rental like if you have a subscription to Netflix streaming or disks. The movie is a one and Done deal (1 watch and that’s all you need) It’s a waste to buy, or rent from amazon (if that’s how you do)

L is for Lawless by Sue Grafton

L is for Lawless (Kinsey Millhone, #12)

Crime/ Mystery  adventure

Cast of Characters    Kinsey Millhone   Ray Rawson  Gilbert   Laura Rawson  Helen Rawson

Kinsey is a twice divorced no kids Licensed P.I. (private Investigator) who while on vacation (for a friend’s wedding) is hired pro bono to get down to the bottom of why Bucky can’t seem to get the benefits his grandfather is owed from being in the air-force. So far the military etc cannot ‘identify’ him. (as in find his military records, as the family does not know his serial numbers etc…) He had no money but an old friend Lawson shows up. He wants to rent the place out, though it is not yet available. He’s pretty mysterious and is not telling Kinsey everything he knows.

Chester and Bucky are dipsticks, good for nothing but checking the oil IF that.  When Kinsey stakes out their place and sees someone leave with a duffle bag, she goes in pursuit to get to the bottom of things.  First, she has to be atop everything., the duffle is going on a plane though for some reason I thought this might be a red herring. As after the person leaves the scene of the crime, they pick someone up and leave with what looks like the same duffle. So what is the deal?

Not only is it a mystery thriller, but is a bit of an adventure as well as it takes Kinsey to Texas and Louisville. Plus somewhat of a scavanger hunt or I should say treasure hunt
. I pretty much saw the end coming and speaking of which I could have just rad 3-5 of the beginning chapters and just the last 2 of the 226 page novel as there’s 25-50 pages of story that was really not needed.

The main deal is getting through the first half of the book, it took me a few days over a month to read as it started out slow and was built up too much and too long. The last 1-2 chapters is where the story actually ends. everything to me between the chapters mentioned is really filler (aside from a couple of clues)

This was the thinnest book (I have on hand)  in the series so I thought it would be a nice test run to see if I liked the writing. it’s ok, but definitely the rest of the books are better to read when I am not trying to read a lot of books so I can make a dent in my pile!

The November man

2014   R    Action Crime Thriller     1:48     Pierce Brosnan, Luke Bracey   Blu-ray

Former CIA agent Peter Devereaux (Brosnan) is to extract a woman someone who is close to a presidential runner

I saw parts of this when my father watched it, but I was a bit busy but then it looked more exciting . Also there’s not as much action as I thought and man Luke Bracey looks better with the surfer look of Point Break.

A some point I feel they lost sight of the story. For me it got lost somewhere along the way, is it really about the Russian president or more about Mason and Devereaux?


Choice words…

“I’ve got my hand so far up his ass I’m moving his lips”

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Triple 9

2016        R    1:55      Starring ** Norman Reedus, aaron Paul, Anthony Mackie, Woody Haraldson, Kate Winslet, Casey Affleck,

Clifton Collins Jr., Gal Gardot, Chiwetel Ejiofor   IMDB page

a cop is blackmailed by the Russian Mob, who he put the head away in jail, and seem to be holding his son for collateral.

I heard Norman Reedus was not in this long, but then I think I remember an article they filmed the movie while The Walking Dead was also being filmed (or close to start filming)   and was not far from the set. Hell he’s the reason I wanted to see it and I’m sure plenty of others went to see the movie.

After a bank heist these crooked cops  lay low (or so try) then are told they need to do one last job and that’s when you know things are going to go wrong.  It’s an omen and then while meeting up to plan things out, one of them shows up late  that’s bad news #2 and then #3 the idea of calling in a 999… which I never heard of before and asked out loud “What the hell is that” and woulnd’t ya know, the TV answered me! It the code for an officer down so that explains the title. Mackie’s character gets a new Partner (baby Affleck)  and he’s a by the book guy while Mack attack is more street and goes by instinct and improvises.

Woody is some sort of relation Casey affleck’s character and was not as rediculous as usual. (It was a good balance) There were parts that thrilled and then others where I’d be checking the time and how long the movie was on/had left to go . It’s pretty predictable Though, but jsut when you expect (want) a certain someone offed  there’s a twist of sorts. Not once but tice jsut not in the same scene.

C-   this is more a wait for cable…don’t have it or don’t want to?

Get it on DVD or Blu-ray via amazon   * or Amazon Video

Animal Kingdom

Zi Approved TV seriesTuesdays TNT @9pm est Drama, Crime,  IMDB info  showrunner:Jonathan Lisen

Ellen Barkin, Scott Speedman, Ben Robson, Jake Weary, Finn Cole, Sean Hatosy,
The Subversive spectacle of this edgy manly menagerie of the Cody crime family is set this time in seaside So Cal (South California). The crowded house, the usually seems more like a Frat house is  run by mama known as ‘Smurf’. When Josh’s drug addict mother dies of an OD Grandma Smurf takes him in, of course with  his (spoiled?) Uncles’ disapproval as he is an outsider to them. They take advantage especially, Pope who take him on a few ‘jobs’.

Thankfully ‘J’ as he’s now called seems like a sweet kid, compared to his testosterone driven uncles (especially Craig.. really man you have to walk around butt freaking naked in, I think about every episode of at least the first six?  but hey… I won’t deny it… Nice ass!)  They are all loose cannons, in their own respect, but well Baz who has a wife and kid seems more laid back and smarter than the others.

reading an review in Tv guide  or maybe it was Entertainment weekly, they mentioned & I quote…

“The Cody clan  may as well be thought of as the Surfer Dudes of Anarchy”Binge worthy

I can’t think of an argument against that! Though I’ve also seen it mentioned as the ‘SoCal Sopranos’

The show is based on the 2010 movie of the same name from Australia which starred Joel Edgerton and a pre Blindspot Sullivan Stapleton,  provides the source material; inspired by the real life account of the Pettingill family of Melbourne Australia


Meet The Cody Clan

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American Gothic

CBS      Wednesday 9 pm EST   (Summer 2016)  suspense, mystery, Thriller   more on IMDBMotvision seal of approval

Megan Ketch, Justin Chatwin, Juliet Rylance, Antony Starr, Virginia Madsen

set in Boston 14 years after the Silver bells Killer reign from 1999-2000.

WOAH! That house, I love that blue and the set design, I think I felt my eye grow 3x bigger!

The couple who is driving and talking about visiting the woman’s family, well the way it was filmed I thought they were the ones in the bridge collapse; a few minutes later they arrive at the house? Nah.. had to just have looked that way.. cause those people either have had to die or severely injured at least

The secret of what character committed the crime has been kept from the cast in which the actors and crew have made bets to whodunit.


-a belt is found in the rubble

-During a press conference the Patriarch has a heart attack

-Tessa (sister #2) and Cam find a box of silver bells and news clippings in the shed.

-Alison’s daughters were under the hospital bed when Garrett tells his father something. They tell their mother that he said “I’m gonna tell them it was you”

-Mother takes box of bells “They’re gone. I had Gunther get rid of the stuff from the shed”

-Father was always into true crime stories

-DNA test  (sorry NOT revealing if positive or not of the family’s)


Introducing the Hawthorn clan

Cam Hawthorrn (played by Justin Chatwin) – recovering addict cartoonist is the family’s scapegoat. He’s estranged from wife Sophie (played by Stephanie Leonidas) their son Jack (played by Gaberiel Bateman)has short and long term memory loss. Saw a shrink as a kid and has hallucinations, and things start to come back. In an old photo is wearing the belt in question. Could Cam be the SBK?

Sophie– Cam’s drug addled wife (or ex)

Jack Hawthorn– has a talent for drawing like his daddy, but wants to be a mortician and draws various deaths. As creepy and morbid as I can be, this kid creeps me the hell out! He doesn’t need a shrink, he needs a wing of the local asylum (or a seat with the suicide squad). He starts showing some serious psychopathic behavior ie: experimenting on cutting a cats tail off just to see something with the nerves. The Grandmother finally tells Cam just that.  So at the shrink’s  The shrink they get him, after I think it was just one session tells his parents she can’t see him anymore; Cam then says “our son has been fired by his therapist”  If you have a good dark sense of humor, be ready to utter a few uncomfortable laughs, when this kid is around.

Tessa Ross (Megan Ketch) The Youngest of the Hawthrone clan at 27 is the peacemaker and moral voice of the family, she’s married to detective Brady Ross (Elliot Knight) who may benefit from solving the case. Had nightmares as a kid and suffers anxiety, and possibly starts to unravel at the seams?

Alison Hawthorne-Price – (Juliet Rylance)  power seeking council woman campaigning to become mayor . Remembers family life before they became millionaires and needs to make up for the fact her parents gave her everything. she compartmentalizes  her life which is psychologically interesting in terms of someone who is able to commit horrific crimes. Has 2 daughters Halley & didn’t catch the other’s name.

Garrett Hawthorne-(Antony Starr The eldest child disappeared 14 years ago and returns after his father’s health scare. He looks like a lumberjack and kinda scary looking when he first arrives so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he was the killer. Could he be the culprit? He’s not confortablke being back it. The family is curious and terrified at the same time with what information he may or not have. Reads lots of books, was living in Maine

Madeline Hawthorne-(Virginia Madsen)  The now widow is both protective and manipulative at the same time. She had some creepy vibes of her own but I can’t place why yet. Gerrett re-appearing has led to a few dark mother son moments. COuld she be physically strong enough to strangle six people? Finally mama H tells Cam the boy needs therapy!~

Mitchell Hawthorne – (Jamey Sheridan) During the press conference, seems to be a little uncomfortable when talk of the Silver Bells killer comes up. He ‘faints’ which ultimately was actually a heart attack. Owns a construction company that build previously mentioned bridge that collapsed (but how long ago was it built?) that belt was found in. Was into True Crime, watched unsolved Mysteries religiously. The mother said he hobby tok control and he got dimentia. He told her “Mary, I think I’m a bad guy” when he found the S.B.K. box of clippings.

Gunther The Gardener- creepy, grouchy and     the boy.  Mama Hawthorne noticed he’s become weirder lately. Had access to the belt in question. Tells the younger daughter that he was playing chess with her father still just the week before, meanwhile her mother says her father as basically in the stages of Dementia (he didn’t look that old).

Brady Ross (Elliot Knight)- Detective who oddly enough is actually working on the case even though his step family is involved… Conflict of interest anyone? However just as I thought that this past episode (July 20th) wouldn’t ya know just as they were thinking of taking him off the case, someone else thinks being he has an in to keep him on it. Not sure how I feel about him yet, sure the family is in a way both the Protagonist as well as antagonist if one of them really is the killer

My initial Suspects 

The Father– but he’s the obvious choice right?

Gerret– who has been gone since the SBK was originally around plus tells his father he’s going to tell ‘them’ it was him. Also, I think he creeps me out more than the kid does.

Mother– There’s something about her I don’t like, and its not just the manipulative part (I think all the characters are so in a way anyhow)

New suspects

……Cam –well he has been to therapy before but I don’t recall if mentioned for what.  Has a weird ass son (is there a serial Killer gene, and does it run in this family?) Is found in a photo wearing a belt, but he was (or looked) only a teen then.

Zi Approved TV seriesCompelling story and mystery at that, with some clues dropped and maybe others I’ve missed. Have I possibly figured WHO already, with My list of suspects? I mean in the first episode alone I thought the father or Gerret, could I have figured it out before the authorities have?  Great ensemble cast, but not too many, of course each character has a subplot (more or less) but its not hard to follow, that they feed a bit at a time) oh and hey look the mother’s momBinge worthy is the actress from Insidious that played the paranormal investigator~

Whichever way you prefer to watch, weekly or as a binge (of some form) I highly recommend. Aside from Animal Kingdom this is my favorite show of the summer. (but for me neither can still beat Zoo my #1 favorite summer show from last year, but then they are all different types of shows.)

After quite a few Red Herrings, they kept the who and why for the 2 hour season finale, and  It was NONE of my suspects.


*as always I will update this as I come up with more info   Watch season 1 here on Amazon Video

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