Finding Dory

2016  PG  1:37 adventure, Animated    Blu-ray  Ellen DeGeneres,Albert Brooks, Ed O’Neil,  Ty Burrell, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, Sigourney Weaver  IMDB info

Oh my Dory must be short for adorable cause look at her as a baby!

He parents notice early on she has a short term memory as well as being easily distracted but they taught her well.  In this adventure we travel the sea to find her parents who she thinks is in a sea world type aquatic rescue place.

With the help of friends along the way and yes we get to hang out with Nemo and his Dad Marlin again. She finds out where she originally came from and that her parents aren’t her only family.

I think you could say even when you can’t see him the octopus is a bit of a scene stealer! (which watch the beginning of the credits as it works as a find the octopus.

The last half and even better last quarter of the movie is best part of the whole.

The octopus driving was a hoot

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The Secret Life of Pets

I’m so pissed! They changed the Song the Poodle listens to in the trailer from that Thrash metal to no idea what the hell that is now, but it’s not funny like it was.

2016   PG    Blu-ray  1;30  Animated, Comedy

Louis C.K. Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, Albert brooks, Dana Carvey, Jenny Slate, Ellie Kemper, Lake Bell,Hannibal Buress


Happy Terrir Max ‘s world is upended when his owner brings home the large bear of a dog and a ‘mongrel’, Duke  home.

The 2 find themselves allied against a mass of abandoned pets who want to turn the tables on the humans.

Gidget is a poof of a dog, more like a talking cotton ball! Chloe is a snooty fat cat, Peppe a Chihuahua and Mel I guess is a bull dog (which I later found out was actually a pug).

As I mentioned in the beginning of this about the trailer being changed,  I guess that was sort of a test or something.  Still LOVE the headbanger poodle, still cracked me up while watching the movie! Maybe I found it funny as that’s my choice of music but the movie or 2 I saw in theaters that had it in the previews the rest of the audience had a laugh too so I guess it wasn’t just me. (I guess it’s funny because it’s a prissy poodle plus goes from that classical musical to metal let alone THRASH metal!)

Now we get to the Psycho bunny which is either where Happy Bunny came from or the idea for it was taken from the “Cute But Psycho…Things even out  Happy Bunny stickers  (and the knock off version)

It’s enjoyable for the whole family especially if you are pet owners and I’d advise to SKIP NINE LIVES as this is a much better story.

The colors are so bright and vivid as though you;d never seen before.

“It’s poo poo with a dash of caca”

Sausage palace Grease + Willy Wonka

‘Great You’re in  love, How gross for everyone’..

-Mmm that sounds more like Grumpy cat but I think it was the Bunny.


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Pop’s Party Tips


Some sort of Game pieces


Angry Birds

PG  97 minutes  Animated/Family

Danny McBride, Bill Hader, Sean Penn, josh Gad, Jason Sudeikis,Kate McKinnon,Maya Rudolph, Peter Dinklage,Keegan-Michael Key

I would guess this is  what events predated the game… Why are the birds so angry? Red is in Anger Management and when he’s finally almost ‘cured’ The Bad Piggies take over Birdland and steal their eggs.

I feel indifferent about this, it’s probably more enjoyable for the kids.  I think the story could have been written better, but for a bare bones base of adapting from a game they did do a decent job. Maybe it would have been more fun to have seen in 3-D in the theater than at home on blu-ray? There’s meta jokes and moral lessons for both parents and the next generation of Pork puns and there’s Bird curses of  FLOCK you!  (and I thought I was cheesey saying Fudge and Fork you and other made up ways around Kids and my elders)


“I thought you stored your nuts for the winter”

-King Pig


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I think someone forgot to count them before they hatched!

Vampire Dog

2012  G  1:31  Family Comedy  Collin MacKechnie, Julia Sarah Stone,Jodi Sadowsky

I had heard of this some where, but sadly when I added it to my netflix queue, it has sat there for a year or more in the ‘saved’ section which meant Netflix did not have it nor knew if ever they’d get it. (Though they are usually good at getting foreign films.

One day I was playing around on one of my movie apps on my kindle and I came across it!!! (and noticed a few others on my saved list.

Fang the cliche name of the 500 year old vampire dog, does not drink blood, but hoovers up all the red ‘jelly’ (jell-o). He is adopted by the current surviving kin of his owner who was his care taker. He was made a vampire while saving his master from being bitten. He’s a cute dog oh and by the way… he talks!

It’s a cute funny movie., the whole family can enjoy or just you and your pet even.

its rated 4.4 stars on Stream door and I was trying to give it 5.. (gotta figure out how to rate them on there)


Find it on DVD & amazon video    or if you have a kindle download the free StreamDor app to watch any of the movies there free. Not sure if it’s free on Google or iTunes (if they have it)


Open Season: Scared Silly

2016  PG   1:25  Blu-Ray


In this sequel Boog (the bear) is afraid of some werewolf Campfire story. Elliot the half wit deer decides to help him face his fears so they can go on their annual camping trip.

Together Boog’s woodland friends help scare the fear out 0of him while solving the mystery of the ‘Wailing Wampus Werewolf’

There’s not much to really say about it there were a few good laughs and the psychotic Lava coaster was cool but I found it lacking quite a bit, in story and plenty of other things. As it is a PG movie it’s also made in part for adult’s to enjoy  sadly I think this one is more for kids. The only thing I remember about it is the werewolf which to me belonged in one of the new scooby cartoons.

inside out

2015  G 1:40. Amy Pohler Phyllis Smith

“Ever look at someone and wonder what’s going on inside their head?”

Well this movie shows us that, or at least a possibility of it in the imaginative least its a step up from the old angel and devil on you shoulders gag.😈

So THAT’S what happens when we get Brain freeze…😱

So 11 year old happy, goofy, & hockey loving Riley from Minnesota moves with her parents to San Fransisco (doesn’t tell us why as far as I caught but I guess for the dad’s job) and her world is turned upside down. She seems happy to her parents, but is in fact having a bout of depression. I know so as I have had at least 2 bad bouts (& still suffer from) it.

While Joy and sadness are in the further reaches (the archives) of Riley’s mind, fear, disgust, and anger are running the show.

I thought it was quite imaginative story, and liked it but did joy really have to look like  a short haired Marge Simpson fairy?..all she need was wings!!      C+


Cat owners…inside joke for us…watch the cat Before the credits….







Multi-Movie medley

The Borgman

2013  Not Rated  1:48 minutes via DVD   by Drafthouse films

Netflix’s description of this art house movie is

” a self important suburban family  gets a  rude awakening  in this dark fable with the arrival of Camiel Borgman to their neighborhood in which he infiltrates himself (and some friends) into their lives…is it possible he’s the devil?”

Oh K well that certainly was not a horror movie as I thought it was;, and frankly I have no idea what to call this (as far as a genre or subgenre. It’s pretty boring, maybe foreign I am not even sure how to grade this. Though being I was bored and there’s nothing at all interesting that goes on in it, for me I give it a D


We were the Mulvaneys

2002 NR 1:30  dvd

The mulvaney clan lived what most people would have considered the american dream in 1976  in the small town of Ephraim, NY. The movie is based on the novel  by Joyce Carol Oates of the same name. After an unfortunate incident involving their daughter (1 of 5  children all the rest boys) during a school dance, what was once golden family becomes very tarnished. The family as well as townspeople are very hush-hush.

I could not get into it Though if the guy that plays Zach the cause of the downfall he’s the baddie from the last few Resident Evil movies.   The movie doesn’t give me enough to tell you about. The description is really it, though if you are sensitive to certain topics there is a rape in this movie, although you don’t really see much.)   C


No Tell Motel

2012  1:24  Not Rated

Megan Walsh and her friends are stranded in the middle of nowhere after Kyle flips their RV. With no choice other than to spend the night  in a dilapidated, abandoned roadside motel that is haunted by the spirits of the former owners, one of which  is the vengeful child Angela.

This was so full of cliches it should have been a camp fest, or some side plot in a sharknado movie, but even that is  better and much more enjoyably entertaining than this! Just because I was able to watch the whole things  does not mean its good. I don’t think there was one likeable character


Scooby Doo and Kiss Rock and Roll mystery

2015   NR  1:18  Animated/Family

Oh wow! When I heard about this I so geeked out and just about drooled! I thought, now why didn’t they have them in the ‘new’ Scooby Movies back in the day. They were one hour episodes and had guest stars like The Addams Family,The Harlem Globetrotters,  the Munsters, Phyllis Diller to just name a few.  In this installment the Crimson Witch (or whatever she’s called) is  terrorizing Kiss land amusement park. Scooby and the gang is already on their way to see the Kiss concert that night in full make-up. The Legendary rockers are already there to solve the mystery themselves and the 2 groups team up to solve this cosmic mystery.

This was fun, for this adult fan of both Scooby & Kiss. (When I first Saw Gene Simmons as a kid on some TV show while Kiss was performing & Gene (the Demon) was sticking out his tongue I said  “I wanna be that When I grow up”. I’m not sure if that meant Rockstar, or a ‘monster’ but I guess you can go with monster in this case as when I dressed up as him one halloween I scared the crap out of some family in a station Wagon.

Parts had that clunky CG animation I hate in these modern episodes. I wonder what this story would have been like if it were made in the 70s like the rest of the scooby ‘movies’

Oh and we find out how ‘The Demon’ breathes fire.

I thought some of the voices sounded really familiar, I already knew Matt Lillard voices shaggy (I think since he played Shagged in the live movies) Worker #1 & #2 (which I guess are the ones fixing the coaster in the beginning) is jay & Silent Bob also known as Jason Mews and Kevin Smith. Darius Rucker (Hootie and the Blowfish ?) voices the destroyer  while Pemny Marshall  (Laverne & Shirley) played the elder while the Crimson Witch was  Pauley Perrette.

I think I liked this one better than the one they did with WWE.     B

The special features (on the rental dvd)  is ‘Are you scooby or shaggy’ with the actors that voiced the characters and Kiss Cut-ups which are only a couple  minutes long. There’s also Scooby Related Trailers.


The Best of the New Scooby-Doo Movies  * Scooby-Doo! & KISS: Rock & Roll Mystery



2009  NR 1:24 Director Perry Reginald Teo  ? Torture porn

a grindhouse like anthology (only its really 2 stories connected together and can’t tell where one starts an begins. It even seems to me as though they started with what should be the end at the beginning. With that I’m not really sure this can be considered an anthology (as I think it takes more than 2 stories to do so, and by different writers at that)

The woesome Hagen played by Santiago Craig is  grief stricken after his  pregnant girlfriend dies and attempts to resurrect her body. Travis, (Chad Grimes) the link between the two stories and whose brother is wheelchair bound (not sure why)  and has a bad drug habit as well as morbid occupation comes to learn how to bring a soul back to its body. Bartender Morbius played by Layton Matthews seeks revenge on those who betrayed him.

Freaky Deaky! That thing could have been a cenobite in a hellraiser movie, and that attack on Hagen gory.  The pig show is pretty amusing and I have to say is my fave part (just funny in a way but at the same time not)

Not sure about the story itself but the ‘freak show’ is worth the watch.

Morbius’ story is at the end and the reason why I think this should have been shown first, but then that would ruin the little  mystery of the movie.

I’m not really even sure what to grade this.  I think I’ll go with a C or C- if I must.