Great Wall

2017  PG-13 action adventure fantasy  Matt Damon, Tian Jing, Willem  Dafoe, Pedro Pascal

For a movie called the great wall, I found a lack of posters without it in it. It’s mostly just the actors with the text(maybe a small fore-image or background image of the wall.  If there are any (They are from China and those countries, a few I’ve seen but they are more art than an image from the movie.)

So I was sea-sawing on the decision to see this. I got an email from Showcase cinemas that if you had a star pass and bought a ticket for the movie, you get a FREE!!! Popcorn AND! drink!!! made the decision for me! My dad wanted to see it as well so we went and had ‘daddy daughter’ time.  For a sort of last minute decision, we quite enjoyed it.

The movie is about one of the legends of the Great Wall, as well as the army that protects it. a couple of mercenaries in search of black powder (gun powder)  end up attacked by some creature and are able to kill it. They end up helping the colorful army defend the wall against some monstrous creatures.

The army is a color coded menagerie of  warriors. Red archers,  Yellow foot soldiers and my favorite the Blue Crane corps, amde up of all women who ‘fly’. They are like a fighting Cirque du Soleil.

They have been in preparation for the return of some creatures, I forget… were they called tregarts? (or was that something from harry potter?)

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Kindred: The Embraced

Complete Vampire Collection Disk #2 (via    1996 4 episodes (4 hours)

C. Thomas Howell, Mark Frankel, Channon Roe,Kelly Rutherford

This was recommended to me by a friend in England. I rented it from Netflix on DVD sadly, they only had disk 2.

When I first herd the title of this I thought of the role playing game, Vampire The Masquerade but so far have not heard one mention to it or anything similar (not that I played but at least knew of it and little about it)

5 secret vampire clans who clash among themselves and mortals battle to rule San Francisco. The leader ‘Prince of the city’ Julian Luna (that sounds more like a werewolf surname than vampire) fights to keep his title.

The first episode was Live Hard, Die Young and Leave a good looking corpse

Ivan Sergei guest stars as some rock star named Zane and my Lost Boys addled mind sees way too many similarities between this episode and the movie. He sort of reminds me of a cross between Lost Boys  Jason Patrick’s character Michael Emerson and Queen of the Damned’s Stuart Townsend. (Only I think Townsend portrayed the rockstar image better) Wait did he just mention something about Jim Morrison? What the hell? Why does he always seem to be mentioned in or is somehow portrayed as a vampire? (Hello Queen of the Damned, The big Poster of Morrison in Lost Boys…Might have to look into that more)

Zane turns some girl against her will which threatens ‘The masquerade’  well there it is! definitely based on the RPG! But there ARE more than 5 clans in the game. There’s some clan name dropping (Toredor,Ventrue, Bruja) And they drop names Morrison, Cobaine (really Kurt Cobaine as a vampire?? I’ll have to ponder that a bit, yeah I guess he had the looks for it)

Humans seeem to know about them, or at least the cop. Channon Roe who plays Cash from the Gangrel clan looks more wolfish than vampire to me. Regardless he’s pegged to be a supernatural character as he already played a dark lighter in the (original) Charmed series (yes word is they are rebooting that too! but will be a prequel set in 1976)

Another few episodes..

The Rise and Fall of Eddie Fiori – The leader of the Bruja tries to take over the Masqurade

Bad Moon Rising – a member of Nosfratu clan steals a human’s baby for a ritual to regain their powers

Cabin in the Woods- The Prince of vampires goes with his reporter girlfriend to some cabin, she ends up finding out about the surpernatural world.

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Notes:  Asimites are chemeleons or shape shifters    Toredor are the artists


You can find more about Vampires here   (and I am trying to work on something for the RPG as well)

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& The Kindred The Embraced Wiki







The Huntsman: Winter’s War

2016  PG-13  Action, Fantasy  1:54  Chris Hemsworth, Jessica Chastain, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt

Prequel to Snow White and the Huntsman. Here Ravenna has a sister Freya (yes as in the Norse Goddess) whose grief leads her to unleash her icy powers (queue ‘Let Go Let it snow whatever the name of it is..)

She is feared in her kingdom  where the only rule is Do not love.

“Do Not Love….it’s a sin. Love is a lie, it is a trick played by the cruel on the foolish and the weak. Cast it from your mind never let it render you frail of mind or of will.”

She saves the children from ‘suffering’ and they are trained to become her army. Just one problem, her 2 best warriors fall in love…

Wait if this is a prequel then how the hell is Ravenna in Snow white and the Huntsman when here she is supposed to be dead? did someone make a consistency error; AHHH that’s how!

Whoa! a river of molten gold, why not just throw the ‘mirror’ in that so that it melts.

I swear its a live action version of Frozen and for that alone it gets a            D!


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2015  PG-13 comedy, Fantasy, Horror  1:38  Adam Scott, Toni Collette, Krista Stadler,Conchata Ferrell, David Koechner,Luke Hawker  & a bulldog named Thor! (the irony!)   IMDB info

There is no record of Krampus recorded until the 1600s WAY past Pagan age. Unless you want to associate him with Loki’s ‘Reindeer games’ helmet’ (of Marvel’s Avengers) that’s the only option.  Christmas is BASED on a mass amount of Pagan rituals so the Christians could get them to convert. Santa Claus is pretty much St. Nick & Krampus in one. Frankly considering all the crap holiday movies of all the other genres (esp. comedies) with all the joy and happiness… its about freaking time that a horror one comes out. Also there is nothing in Pagan religions that likely resembles Krampus. I find it to possibly be the Christian view of the devil having a good and bad for the holiday as there’s always a yang to the Yin .

Image result for Krampus Movie

The profile silhouette of Krampus is imposing and creepy enough, sort of across between the Beast (from Beauty and the beast) some old witch hag and as I said Loki’s reindeer games helmet.

The movie opens with a holiday shopping montage, that I’m surprised Krampus didn’t show up right there. Honestly they need to do something about those ‘riots’ have pre-orders done and pay half or something. Anyway so while there Tom and Sarah’s son Max has some school holiday show and well …sugar hits the fan!

So now uptight mom Sarah and workaholic dad have their obnoxious relatives coming for the holidays (not sure if the parents or kids are worse though!) Hope none of your relatives are like these people!  So I think them being at the house puts the naughty meter in the red and so are getting a visit from Krampus for their 12 months of  naughty business.Though the amount of what I see in just what’s supposed to be a few hours at first I think was enough to beat out the previous months!

Adam Scott first off I think was a bad casting decision.. or was the movie also supposed to be a comedy? Oh lord yeah it was supposed to be part comedy but aside from one quote :  “Looks like Martha Stewart threw up in here” from The Aunt and delivered with perfection from 2 & 1/2 Men’s housekeeper. Aside from that it wasn’t all that funny, aside from a few Psychotic Gingerbreadmen!  but those alone were better than all of The Night BeforeImage result for Krampus Movie

And this movie might make you think twice about Ginger Bread men!

LOVED those I was baffled at first but I knew there was a reason I didn’t like that stuff! These hellions were some 5 sorts of freaky.

What do you get when you cross a Teddy Bear and a Nightmare?   This  ‘Bear Mare’, Night bare, Teddy Mare? pick one of preference! I flinched when I first saw it. (Really hope mine doesn’t turn into this or I’m so screwed as it’s right in the corner near my head I wouldn’t put it past him to literally bite someone’s head off!Image result for Krampus MovieSo in a sense the movie was sort of scary especially when Krampus was around though they should have kept it more mysterious having the silhouette, and not directly showing the talk about the horses mouth, and goat eyes! His elves reminded me of the goblin or was it a dark elf I forget from the movie Legend that starred Tom Cruise. Also the movie gave me the only snow I got to see for this holiday so for that I give it a B otherwise it was a good C!

Doctor Strange

2016   PG-13      Marvel  115 minutes  Action/Adventure/Fantasy

stars       Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams  Mads Mikklesen, Tilda Swinton, Benedict Wong, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benjamin Bratt

 WOW! That Opening certainly beat DiCaprio’s bendy Inception!

 The shifty Scenery is more mind blowing than just bending.

So the cause of the accident that ruins Doctor Strange’s hand, he was driving not only super fast but talking on the phone as well. I honestly feel bad more for that car than the doc. However as far as the Doc’s hands go, I can relate in a way.. as I have been having a problem with my right since the beginning of 2016….to the point I quite often get very frustrated as I cannot pick things up, or write.

Well there is certainly a lot to take in during this movie as far as the scenery goes. There were times like those scenes with the moving walls I didn’t know what to focus on, or where to focus. For this movie it may be best to sit in a row more towards the  middle of the theater!

During The Doctor’s research into getting his hands back, a file is taken from archives for him, on Jonathan Pangborn (played by

Bemjamin Bratt)   who was a former patient of Strange’s that was somehow paralyzed, and turned away by the doc; however he some how found a way to be able to walk again.

Surrender Control to gain control

Doctor Strange    ~ ‘What’s in the tea….LSD?  (after a trippy scene.)

Ancient    Have you seen that before in a gift shop?

No one knows how old the Ancient One really is,  only that she’s Celtic (me thinks Druid, is more likely)

There’s Sanctums in New York, London and Hong Kong that protect the world

They use the mirror dimension  to practice and observe as what happens there does not interfere with this reality, however dark sorcerers can be more powerful  in it

The infinite  multiverses = infinite dangers

 (no really? gods that sounds too much like the over done Spider-man  “With Great power…..” line)

There are mild funny instances  but not like the laugh out loud  ones we get from the Avengers movies characters.

Kaecilius: Mister 

Strange: Doctor

Kaecilius: Mister Doctor

Strange: Strange

Kaecilius: We’ll see

However they did the ‘moving’ sets practical, CGI or a bit of both I LOVE them! I hope the blu-ray will have a Behind the Scenes of how they did that in the special features. Plus I can’t wait to do some lay pause/slow motion to see it unravel slower. The make-up FX love the purple and ‘scales’ around Mads eyes (almost makes me think Captain Hook from Once Upon a time will show up and call him Gator or crocodile.)

Another Favorite is the Cloak of Levitation, it most certainly has a sense of humor of its own and those are the times the room was a well of laughter! (especially during a fight scene) Then there was that set of hand…errr make that body cuff.

Am I the only one, but does Dormomu, the face in the stars look a lot like Thanos to you?

Now THAT…Was an adventure! Though I’m not sure if I like this or Civil war better than the other, but then they are 2 types of movies.I’m somewhat speechless aside from the notes I took while watching the movie, so  I think I’m going to need another view as I think the first viewing put me into a shock of sorts.


Time Kills Everything

2 Easter Egg scenes- one with Thor and the other well you’ll just have to wait to watch!

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For those of you with an Alamo Draft house near you as an Alamo Victory member I am a Victory member. This movie marked a milestone and I reached the Fighter Level which got me a free non-alcoholic  milkshake. So I ordered a Chocolate Peanut Butter one and found Bliss in a shake!I think they make it from scratch as there were chopped peanuts in it and not globs of peanut butter (or syrup) like most places do.

did you spot Stan Lee with Laws of perception book in hand

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1995     adventure   via cable     Kirsten Dunst, Robin Williams,     IMDB page

So for the first time in my life I actually got the chance to see the movie!

A young boy finds a curious game board in in a trunk buried in a construction site not far from his father’s factory. When his parents want to send him off to some boarding school he ‘runs away’. He was really sucked into the game and for I think it was 20 or maybe 30 years, until a new family moves into his old home. The children find the board and begin to play, Williams’ character shows up after one of them rolled a 5 or was it an 8? The life he knew, parents and factory now gone and he looks like a pauper.


“Just ignore him, he’s a Libra”

Honestly I think this cold use a remake at least as far as the fake animals go, and there will be one with ‘The Rock’ & Tom Holland  in 2017!

I remember the trailer with the stampede of animals through the living room.


While watching I wondered if there was a Jumanji 2, with a backstory as to how the board was made and its origins.

That poor new cop car…

The movie was ok, but i didn’t see the thrill of it. Not sure if the 1995 me would have liked it better.

It’s ok, but needs an FX update…


Are You Game?


Order your choice formatevia AmazonImage result for Jumanji Game

Gods of Egypt

20016    PG13    Blu-ray  2:07    action, adventure, fantasy

stars Gerard Butler, Nikolaj  Coster- Waldau Brenton Thwaites, Chadwick Boseman


Inspired by Egyptian mythology Horus on his coronation day is dethroned by his uncle Set the God of Darkness who also kills his  father. Vowing to avenge his father Horus joins forces with the Goddess of Love and the clever mortal thief Bek. Bek gets one of Horus’ eyes back and from there they set out to put an end to Set’s tyrannical dictatorship.

Well THAT was cool… the Gods bleed gold! and no you are not seeing things, they’ve made it so that the actors that are playing the gods, are taller than those playing mortals. I do like they did that so you know who is who, or should that be who is what?

A sparkle & shine feast for the eyes (man a dragon would love this movie), but sadly the story is not so hot, thankfully I didn’t see it in the theater which wouldn’t be worth seeing it for the price, for discount day for the eye feast maybe… but still I think I would ask my money back. I’d say this should have been made for straight to video and blu-ray only as I don’t think dvd or any other video version would be as nice to see it on.

I’m also a bit pissed off, as the Goddess Bast/Bastet was not represented among the gods or at least not that I could find. Oh and the winged goddess, those are more beautiful than a peacock’s feathers (can’t remember the name of the goddess though)

There’s not much good about the movie other than if those costumes of the gods (minus Set’s gladiator look, give it back to Russell Crowe)  were real and NOT 100% CGI which I would be surprised if there was anything practical in it aside from the actors!


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