Lights Out

2016  PG-13 1:21  Horror  Teresa palmer, Billy Burke, Maria bello, Eric Heisserer, Gabriel Bateman, Alexander DiPersia

Well its not the most original as in a sense Diana reminds me of the Insidious demon and something else that has yet to come to mind. I’m wondering if this is based on some Japanese horror movie one for me it sort of feels like it and 2 there’s a picture with Diana who’s hair is covering her face and she has a parasol.

We get a bit of back story all I will say is she had a skin condition. The mother is mental the daughter is estranged because of Diana  and

So as I like to and being the name of the movie is lights out… I left mine off to watch.

So I’m watching the movie and its got to be at least 15 minutes in and at most 45  and all of a sudden my door flies open, then I see this black thing moving on the floor! For a second I did feel spooked, but that’s my black cat! her perfect timing (this cat actually makes me scream when she’s in crazy mode and runs past me sometimes just meowing.

Also many try sneaking up on me and scaring me and doesn’t work, the cat meows and I don’t know she’s there… I jump (go figure!)

anyway so I’ve never been scared of the dark that I can remember (other than when I’ve scared myself) Other than that little creep out by my cat the movie isn’t scary (I have nightmares worse than this and I laugh t those)  Heck I have had a boyfriend and some cousins scarier than this!

I will say that Diana reminded me of some water logged character the way the hair was…

as for worth a watch.. wait for rental or cable —Amazon




Zoo_TV_series_promo_posterCBS Tuesdays @ 9pm Est

Review for seasons 1 (or scroll to bottom for what I have for season 2  so far)

Season 1

The show based on the James Paterson novel  (co written with Michael Ledwidge), starts off somewhere in Africa during a Safari tour  when poachers come along and one of the guys that runs the Safari tour blasts a boom box to scare the Rhinos away. (I swear if I was there in person I would have laughed my ass off! And maybe if I had some darts (for those dart boards at bars; I’d would love to throw them at anyone who harms animals no matter what kind…well not snakes.. we just don’t get along)

Ooh and the King Is ready for his close-up and what is that? The Lion looks like it’s making a face of innocence and then pounce. I love the way the scene happens, I had to chuckle.

Reading Entertainment Weekly’s review and had to include a note f it:

“You might expect this show to be as Purrrfectly silly as that pun; nope Zoo is gripping unpretentious fun!”

The magazine goes on to mention the screen writer used the book as inspiration, so there is a faithful translation; they just expanded the scope of it, multiplied the characters, curtailed the sexist stuff and nixed some nutty Attila Ape.Zi Approved TV series

Bad news  for my fellow Gore Ghouls: the violent horror of being mauled by the animals takes place off screen; this is network TV people. Could leaving the gruesome parts out possibly be a ploy to get you to read the book! The review I read from EW  says the book’s ‘horror movie’ animal attacks are too gruesome for network tv, so it goes on suspense.

Hopefully those that have read the book will be happy with it (if you have I would like to know what you think of the show)

We get to globe trot a bit in each episode so far, and  we’ve been to New York City, and Botswana. James Wolk who plays Jackson Oz runs the previously mentioned safari and Abraham played by Nonso Anozeiel is his besti that I think could give William ‘The Refrigerator’ Perry a run for that nickname! We have Kristen Connolly (the Whispers) possibly becoming a ‘staunker’ who plays Jamie Campbell a report/blogger  who teams up with Billy Burke’s (The Twilight Saga) Mitch Morgan to investigate her theory linking the Lion attacks, missing pets, and large company Raiden Global which may be the cause.

So who are the vics in the premier? Piggish men.

The show has a quick pace, mordant wit, dark humor and so far the horror as I may have previously mentioned have happened off screen.

One ‘Oh sh!+’ Moment for me was the Lions in the field. I thought male lions didn’t hang around each other or at least definitely no more than 2 to an area’s pride but this was some sort of ‘football’ play  or in a literal sense a stalking line-up.

SO we have a show with the animals singing Quiet Riots “We’re not gonna take it”. So if you see any animal with the mutation in the left eye like the poster image… don’t run, but hide and remember they smell your fear! (or at least get yourself into some panic room, Cemetery Crypt something solid they (hopefully) can’t get into.

oh wow that puts a whole new meaning to the term ‘Cat Tree’ (You cat parents will know what that is) So are they ready for an attack or are the domestics playing neighborhood watch?

Oh my bear! I meant well, yeah so WTF was ‘Lee’ trying to do? Playing chemist  and taking the nerve juice out of his eye? He’s crazier than he looks!  Oh then there’s the stupid rich bitch in the kitchen  who runs in the pantry. Said Pantry’s door is has a slotted  part of the way and then at the bottom looks like a radiator grate; Like that’s going to keep you safe… StereotypicalBinge worthy blonde (and fake one by the looks of it). She doesn’t take her shoes off to keep from making noise (though I hear that is the best way to rid yourself of a beer). She comes across a candle snuffer and uses that to get to her phone. The dumb ass has it charging so when she yanks it, it falls on the floor and of course the bear hears it and I have no remorse for dumbness you should have taken your shoes off & crawled over & quietly unplugged it and went back to your hiding spot. So now I guess she’ll be mauled by the bear. (If it were a zombie bear he wouldn’t even go for the brains cause she doesn’t seem to have any). Oh NO Agent what’s his name had me fooled! Not even sure if I was weary of him at firs



Defiant Pupil & aggression


Changes in natural behaviors   (Hibernating at the wrong time)

physical changes like an endoskeleton (under the skin)

cross types of an animal can talk to each other.

Emotional Contagion * Spark

Cause = Raiden Global products


We’ve so far traveled to:

Botswana, NYC,  Slovenia & Paris Tokyo, Mississippi the arctic (or was it Antarctic) Alabama, Rio de janeiro Boston & Mobile (wherever that is… Texas?)  Washington D.C.

Episode 4 titled Pack Mentality airs tonight  9pm on CBS    You should be able to watch it free on demand or on or subscribe via Amazon for the full season Zoo, Season 1

Wait Bears in the Paris catacombs?!?!  Hibernating in August?  When Abe says “The Bears….are snoring, I started laughing my butt off. yes I know it6’s not really funny, but if you were with me when I went with my parents and my Mom’s friend plus her family camping you would understand the inside joke.   On the first night I woke to hearing some ‘growling/snarling’ type of noise. I got a bit nervous and thought there were bears outside. When I got up the next morning I asked big Drew if there were bears ‘around here’. He said no, and that’s as far as I can remember I’m sure I had to have said then why did i hear bears last night. Anyway it was his family that was snoring, in their CAMPER that I could hear in my sleep (and I’m not a light sleeper though maybe sleeping on an air mattress didn’t help much I’m sure)  and so The words Bears & snore being uttered is a hoot for me. I told my mother about it and she was like oh that’s why you were laughing! LMAO!

The rats are now ‘gangsta’  they are the new mob and have run the Italians, Irish, and  Russians  out of town! They’ve dispatched a ships crew.. THEY. ATE. THEM! And Jackson said one they do that, they have a taste for it. The males have become asexual it seems and the females are big and in a big nesting area in the basement. Like I said… The Rat Mob! Rats, Bats but what about the kitty cats? Last wee saw them all hanging out in a tree… So far the domestic pets have yet to show signs it seems. I feel bad for the professor’s daughter as she has a dog, so I’ve been worried since we met her.

So the 9th episode ‘went to the Birds’ I thought it as a sort of tribute to the old horror movie, with the scene in the park. Was quite scary with the children there.  Our group of heroes has more on the line and now nothing to lose (which is dangerous). They’ve got the mother cell and may be on the way to finding out a cure. The FBI has put the word out on miss Frenchie and  Jamie.

E. 10 Emotional Contagion

Gung Ho -from Chinese team work  …  ” Excitable  morons groping for a cause ” – Mitch Morgan (billy Burke)

The title refers to that of which has the effect of a yawn, which is an ’emotional’ contagion you see someone yawn and likely you will as well.  Jackson spoke of his father mentioning something about a ‘spark’. That it starts with one animal then moves on to others

This guy that plays Ray looks really familiar, will have to look him up on

I’m going to be sad when this season ends, Tuesdays have been my favorite Tv night this summer

The 2 hour episode on september 8th I thought was the season finale, it wasn’t! I was surprised it wasn’t, why do the 2nd to the last episode as a 2 hour and not the finale? I guess we’ll find out why.  This is also up for nomination in the Avatar Awards (for 2015) for intro montage.

We traveled to Virginia, Zambia, Washington D.C. and Harare in this one.

Bily Burke’s  ‘Scumbums’ comment. and the

Are the leopards the key to the cure?

“Find the Leopards save the world’ line (why does that sound so familiar when it shouldn’t? Was that a line from another show in the past, did heroes have something like that?)

There’s some campfire awkwardness as a certain someone needs to go to the bathroom.

Someone got baited, which was a surprise on the perimeter check, I sat there stunned!. As they say.. Timing is Everything.

Oh great use of a glow stick! Start stocking up now!

“I’m pilfering this adorable little bottles that haven’t grown up yet”

                        -Billy Burke’s character who’s name I can never remember

Oh Gods it’s final Destination all over again….  Season 1 finale Sept 15th 2015

So the opening of the season finale, I’m having a Lost flashback! Then it seems to be snowing & we have them skip ahead to december.  There seems to be no hope, or is there a giant hill of hope? I won’t ruin it, but the ending left me throwing a fit!

and What major life lesson do we learn?

TV Teachings

NEVER cheat on your girl with her sister (or best friend) and especially as a sister you should know better.

African language   Raffik= Friend or Brother (?)

‘Chewey’ meaning leopards ?

Antropic  scale (sp?) ah maybe it was  trophic 

The difference between Epidemic (‘isolated’ to one area)  & Pandemic Global proportions


Season 2

So my favorite show from last summer is back and with a 2 hour premier, I have been pacing my cage just waiting for the show to start again, and what do you know, I see Patterson has a Zoo 2 out one o

We pick up at the end of the last season where the animals and our heroes are at a stand off of sorts.

like last year we get some frquent flier miles just by watching the show, so far I remember we have traveled to

New Brunswick, B.C.  Canada, a place I thought no longer existed,

There’s also that private plane they are on (man is that thing cushy looking)

The virus is now in it’s phase 2 and still mutating. Also one of our heroes is bitten, does this mean he will turn? Humans are not supposed to be able to contract what it is with the animals, but turns out they have to have the right markers to do so. Would those markers be something that comes about when you have a pet or work with animals for a long time? Could people who love animals be able to contract the ‘virus’, or maybe people who are sympathetic to animals.

There’s a count down to the military destroying all the animals with a type of gas.

Do they find the cure this season?  More action, more humans getting their comeuppance and and bit of a step into the future.