Who has the best streaming service

I’ve been asked multiple times on Quora which streaming service is the best choice, or has the most original content and so on. So far I’ve only watched Netflix between last summer and 2019.  I’m judging this by a few factors, one in which is by looking through the eyes of a possible new subscriber, plus a few other factors.

  1.  amount of ORIGINAL content  (series in which ALL types are considered yes including children’s)
  2.  price
  3. Ease of access
  4.  trustworthy (well known) service
  5.  customer service
  6.  downloadable (you can download content to watch for when there is no wi-fi available)
  7.  TBD- to be determined
Always Keep in mind unlike with Disk rentals that stay in their library until something happens to the disk, streaming services only keep their original shows and movies.   All the content that is NOT original, like when they get Godzilla, or the CW shows they have,  they are licensed to show. (basically they pay to show them for some length of time)
Whatever or shall I say however long the deal is, once it expires the movie or show will no longer be available on that service.  (Try calling or writing in and requesting titles)  They all get new content every month and as for originals I’d say at least 1-2 shows premier each month (that also counts for a show’s 2nd or more season)


Price:  varies by movie or show  Rent/Buy and if you watch ON  Vudu.com or app.
HOW– App or better on the site as some movies are free but there are some ads…however the free movies and shows do not show that they are IN the app.
No KNOWN original content
Pay or rent movies and shows.
So far I have not needed to use Customer service of any sort.
Unlike the others, Vudu at least offers a good amount of free options each month. I also like this one as when you add something to your wishlist, it will alert you when it is available for free (now if I could just keep up with my email I might get some of mine on there watched)
Not sure if content is downloadable I haven’t checked, or tried, but I have watched some free titles on here in the past. They also seem to get new movies in a reasonable amount of time (maybe amazon and these guys have the rights to new releases) Honestly between on demand and streaming, (and the fact there seems to be NO streaming guide that comes out at least once a month (sort of like a monthly TV guide) I don’t understand WHY HBO or the other movie channels don’t get the new releases as quickly as they used to (heck I think they would get them BEFORE it was out to buy or rent!)
a vudu account is good to have as if you PURCHASE a physical disk of a movie it is one of the streaming services that has the digital copy that comes along in the combo packaging.

YouTube TV and Netflix are the Top Streaming Services of 2020 (Cordie Awards 2020)

See the source image

I have yet to try.

I think there’s only 1 or 2 shows on there I was interested in seeing so I’m waiting to have enough reward credits from microsoft to get a gift card to watch.  The series I heard of that looked interesting I jotted them down… Castle Rock, Into the Dark , The Body, and Vampire Chronicles  according to ranker.com   there are 52 series.    Hulu Original series  subscriptions start at $5.99 and have assorted other plans. 
For me Hulu might have to go in third place as  it sounds like they nickel and dime you just as bad if not maybe worse than Cable!!!!
(I’d have to checkout Cable pricing again but I think they are about both the same if you get the Hulu LIVE
*Hulu Original series – HULU official listing


As for Image result for Amazon instant Video Logo  I think they should be in the top three even though They do not have as many originals as Netflix. 
See the source image  See the source image
I do have a few odds and ends I purchased or rented in the past.
I have watched the first season of The Boys,  thanks to  Mom getting dad and I the Amazon Prime membership for an early holiday gift (esp. being as we had a bunch of orders that were going to be made).
 Carnival Row, Hanna, Lore and I think one or 2 more are the only ones I seem to be interested in. Meanwhile  The annual charge is $119 otherwise only a handful of the 73 Original series interest you, its $8.99 a month  
in these 13 pages (more now?)  of Amazon Original Series: Prime video they don’t have the title then each season…so its best to search  Amazon.com (this way the page shows the amount of seasons). l though i have sometimes seen each separate season listed with a different title image So I may have double or triple counted a series.. 
You also have all the regular INSTANT video you can rent or buy as well! If you have Amazon Prime you do need to be careful as not ALL shows and movies are free. Those that are have a little ‘prime’ banner in the upper left side of a title’s thumbnail image.
Prime does cover live NFL and now news events apparently (however there is no money in it for them)
However I thought it had the worst interface among what I’ve tried so far. And One of the youtube channels I watch for streaming recommendations recently posted a the video which said the same.


is for Horror fans

Has the new 6 episode series Creepshow; which and as far as I am concerned  the main draw of the site.   

There is less original content on here I think than the rest of the streaming services. They have others that are ‘EXCLUSIVES’. I WAS VERY happy to see they had the Never Sleep again: The Elm street legacy Documentary. There were a few older movies I had been looking to see but couldn’t find. I signed up as I received a free trial for a week. And aside from a few movies and things left in my Queue on the site, that’s all I really needed. (maybe another time I will or maybe sooner. as I received an offer for 99 cents for three months (so I’m wondering 99 cents PER month or each… as its worded as 99 cents FOR 3 months) Even if You subscribe for a month at $5.99 or $6.99 its still worth it, you can likely finish watching everything you want in one month. (But then again I didn’t find enough on it that was new, mostly older stuff and as  much as I love Japanese horror, I figured to leave a few things to watch for next time.   (stay tuned as I will likely make a post of reviews of what I watched on here. The way I usually do my ‘Summer of Netflix)


I found out about this as I heard there was a 3rd Creepshow movie, so to watch it i signed up as they had a 7 day free trial and was only $4.99 per month after. After watching the movie, I just canceled my subscription. But if you are interested in Trying it,, as mentioned its $4.99 per month or $50 for a year.  I didn’t bother checking out anything else that was on the site as I really was not interested and I’m sure I wouldn’t have heard of any


or Quick Bites.Quibi

HOw does it differ from other streaming services?  Quibi is made specifically for your mobile smart phone with original content, and episodes of 10 minutes or less! Its an app for those on the go. quibi.com

Noteable Originals  So far I am interested in seeing 50 States of Fright and  the ‘movie’ Dangerous game starring Liam Hemsworth. So far I can tell you I did find Dangerous Game worth it. It was suspenseful. I have yet to watch the 50 States Horror Anthology Thriller. Some if not all of the stories are 3 episode parts Each about an urban legend type story from Each statae. The first story The Golden Arm based on a Michigan story stars Travis Fimmel of Vikings (Ragnar) Fame…In the story out of Kansas about The Ball of Twine, Ming Na Wen from Agents  of S.H.I.E.L.D.  she’s in part 3 of that.  Scared Stiff from Oregon, GreyCloud island from Minnesota  and the last of the 5 stories (14 episodes) for the season… is based in Florida and called Destino stars Greyston Holt the yummy werewolf from Bitten.


What you need to know   &   a List of Content of their 30-35 movies & series

My Quibi review post coming soon. (once I watch 50 states)

CBS All Access

has one thing called Tell me a story I want to see, which I think was picked up for a 2nd season.Image result for cbs all access login
This I have to check out. WHOA! Plans start at $4.95 a month (not sure if there’s any bells and whistle pricing like some you have to add to watch per device (and I’m sure some you have to pay for HD or 4k etc) I may not have tried it yet, but I’d say this is great to watch in October! or for a whole year its $56.95 (about a dollar less per month)
You can find a list of Exclusives and Originals on Wiki Shudder
See the source image

Peacock tv


3 options

Free    Prime for $4.99 and premium plus for $9.99 a month

The 9.99 per month is ad free

See the source image


I heard this mentioned by someone before on Quora I couldn’t tell you how long ago . At the time I was working on updates for this post and it came up. Now I remember, I was looking for the movie Nightbreed (based on a book by Clive Barker) from the 80s or 90s. So the movie was on here, and I was looking around for prices and didn’t find any so I just clicked on play and there ya go.
PRICE: FREEEEEE!!!!!!!!    and yes it’s legal!!
How many Movies and Shows and if there is originals..
From checking it out a bit I’m pretty sure there are no originals (especially being its free)
Also as its free, its  mostly older movies etc that may no longer have licensing agreements (or whatever the legal B.s. is)  and such.
I can tell you when you go to their menu  though they do have a LEAVING SOON section for that (so bonus points for helping us with that) As of February 23 (2020) … They have Killer Klowns from Outer Space.. so watch this before it leaves, a few other movies I’ve seen in that lot.. Officer Down (sorry but I love Stephen Dorff) also the Wraith,Hackers  and many others of my Guilty pleasures and just
re-watachable movies. I was watching the cartoon ‘Tales from the Cryptkeeper” here. For the painters, Bob Ross, the Original Dark Shadows, 21 Jump Street, Alf,  quite a few of the 80s saturday morning cartoons like Jem, Popeye, the original My Little Pony, They also have the Korean movie Train to Busan which I highly recommend, there’s even some I heard of I couldn’t find on the other streaming services (see Just Watch below for that)
So this one I highly recommend to install on your devices. Unlike Netflix I don’t see a way to be able to download what you want to watch so you don’t use up data (in case you don’t have an unlimited plan)
from Tubi’s site
‘We’ are the  leading free, premium, on demand video streaming app. We have the largest library of content with over 20,000 movies and television shows,  To keep our service free and legal, we include ads, which monetize the content that our partners, such as MGM, Lionsgate, and Paramount, provide to us!

Movie Babble’s explorations of tubi tv part-1    &   part-2


Starts May 27 2020    https://www.hbomax.com/

$14.99 month
If you already have either in your cable package, you can get it free as someone told me. THough I forget what you had to enter (if anything) other than your provider.
Plenty of series  old Fan favorites like  True Blood, Game of thrones, Arliss, Entourage, Barry, Boardwalk empire, Hung, Lovecraft COuntry, Oz,Six feet under, The Sopranos, The Tracey Ulman show, True Detective,
and New   The NEvers, 100 Foot wave ( documentary) folklore, THe outsider, Sex and the City,  Watchmen,  THe wire and those are just a handful of the HBO originals.
New shows like Titans (which I think was originally on the DC app
THere’s old and new Comedy shows, documentaries & Movies  On max originals… Fresh Prince of Bel Air reunion, Friends reuinion, The New and Original Gossip Girl, Looney Tunes (not sure if new or originals) The witches (new one) Justice League  and the reason I checked out the service…The Exclusive Raised by Wolves

YouTube/ YouTube TV

Wasn’t this around BEFORE Netflix?!?  There’s loads of Movies and such on here, however many of the free ones I don’t think are posted See the source imagelegally, unless you have to pay for them.

Also Some of the free ones, I’ve noticed the people who have posted them Put a frame around it so you never get a truly full size screen. They also have many movies to pay to rent or buy for instance, Night of the Lepus from the 70s. A friend recommended it to me, and I’ve been trying to find it for years. The only way I do find it is on rent or buy sites. PRICE YouTube TV

$49.99 a month watch live from 70+ channels  ORIGINAL series and movies  ?? You tube red is NOW You Tube Premium.  some of the titles I was given on a Help Chat were  Squad War, Prank Academy, Foursome, Sing It, Bad Internet, MatPat’s Game Lab, Escape the Night. Rhett and Link’s Buddy System, Paranormal Action Squad. Those are Original web series., Original films and documentaries, Dance Camp, The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire, The Thinning, We Love You., Ghostmates, The Keys of Christmas. It’s an online TV subscription service that brings you live TV from major broadcast networks, popular cable networks, and premium networks.   I’m not sure how up to date this list it List of YouTube Originals – Wikipedia


Still have to try out…  Watch free movies!  https://www.popcornflix.com/
Decades old movies to ones that are just a few years old

Popcornflix Review: Everything to Know About the Free Streaming Service


a few years back to stream but sadly there was not much on there of interest to me. I think I have watched one show on it and that was all. I don’t remember the name of the show (maybe it was Demons) I watched but this is a list that should help you decide if you need to watch this month. They apparently have a Seinfeld theme, what on ONLY for the month and so on. Frankly they seem to have one or 2 originals and Nothing really that great or new (aside from Mortal Instruments) which is available now on I forget if it was on HBO, Starz or ShowTime or encore when I caught it.) but then again what do you want for a FREE service? (which likely means there’s commercials)
THere is a show called Oath starring Ryan Kwanten (of True Blood Fame) there’s 2 seasons but sadly its going to disappear in 6 days but I can’t find a  way to get the series page up (like how next flix has where they have the drop down menu if there’s more than one season, and see the episodes. Also if I remember right, its completely free (though I think there is a plan to pay so you don’t get commercials)


Join here

$5 a month with ads and $7 for an ad-free version.

Discovery+ Rollout Plan Revealed For January U.S. Launch; Verizon Deal In Place


See the source image
PRICE:  Alone $6.99 a month   Bundled with Hulu and ESPN+  12.99 a month
HOW: get the app
as of February 22 (2020)  it only looks like they only have 6 original shows…but that was just checking on the site’s homepage. A couple I was sitting near while watching knives Out, not sure how we got into it but they had Disney+ they told me the Mandalorian was being released week by week. So I take that this will be their platform for all shows. Which basically means they will be siphoning your money. Each series from what I’ve looked at is only going to be 6-8 episodes. So that’s 2-3  months you’ll be paying, depending when the series you want is released.  However, should they keep the episodes up (like Netflix does with their originals). Just wait until at least half to 3/4 of the episodes are up then you can binge watch for a month and cancel.
  1. The mandalorian
  2. High school Musical the series,
  3. Lady and the Tramp,
  4. Noelle,
  5. The world according to Jeff Goldblum
  6. Marvel’s Hero project. Wandavision (Dec or Jan) ,Falcon and Winter soldier (March) & Loki

Originals Wiki Listing

For me I don’t see the point of subscribing to it unless you have kids, being as there doesn’t seem to be many ORIGINAL series on there yet. (However I do Miss coming across Wizards of Waverly Place on the Disney Channel…) But that is not an original series for the service.
As a streaming service, I see it as if you can’t post all the episodes up at once then I’m not going to pay you per month until they are all up as I’m not wasting 2 months if my money for your measly 6-8 episodes series. Just put it on network TV then.
Everything else on there is likely stuff that has already be shown in the theater, TV, released on Video and is still in syndication (like the the Simpsons) on TV/Cable.   I don’t care if I saw it back in the 80s, Disney has all these rules for the park, and their movies, and shows when really I don’t see why. Watch bambi and those movies more closely.  (Maybe I’m the only one that’s been traumatized by them) but There is always some animal killed. (I think Disney has something against animals, or mothers as far as I can recall mothers are also a target for them. Brave, Bambi, Can’t recall about Old Yeller or Black Stallion but I do remember the titles are killed in the movies. These they showed in school during recess when it was raining out. Now I’ve heard Disney has the rights to Deadpool…I want to know how that is. remember no profanity. And does Disney even have a film rated R? Because frankly the Rating is all things worth living for.  I usually don’t look at what studio or director did a movie, but the only time I will see a movie I know is ‘Disney’ is Marvel.  Otherwise i wait for it to be released on dvd and rent it through DVD.com or if I catch it on cable before that.
I prefer DVDs as that way I don’t have to spend hours trying to find out what streaming service something I want to see is on, or to what one it moved to.


Indian Shows, movies and more.  and costs $49.99 for an ANNUAL subscription

Apple TV

See the source image

PRICE & HOW ….so this link creeply popped up for Apple tv (while I am writing this…thankfully its legit) it also says its $4.99 per month
7 day free trial
and 40 (if that) original series.
HOW;   I don’t know if this is available as an app, or if you have to buy some attachments (like some usb drive to stick in your current tv to watch or if its a specific TV screen made by apple.
Frankly if its not an app… they can take their buggy products and choke on them.

From what I’ve seen of the trailers for some of their shows, they bore me, have no depth let alone some didn’t seem to even have a plot at least as far as what was in the trailer. I only know there’s supposed to be an original for them that stars charlie Hunnam. No idea what its about, so right now he’s the only reason I’m interested in it.

Apple ORIGINAL tv series and movies

Navigating the Streams – check for updated prices on streaming services

See the source image

Want to know where SPECIFIC  titles are streaming?

I’ve been looking for a Streaming guide (sort of like the TV guide) sadly can’t even find a print version even what is coming and going each month to the services/sites. as well as a list All the ORIGINAL series content for each streaming service. There’s some help…if you know WHAT Title you are looking for .

Download JUST WATCH You can

  1. set it to which services/sites etc you want.
  2.  Search your title
  3. on the title’s page you will find a book mark to add it to your watch list.  There’s a grid of Best price or what format you want to see it in. Plus the options of Renting, Buying or streaming.
  4. There’s also at least a trailer or poster. as well as its stats like watcher rating (Rotten tomatoes and IMDB, Genres, Runtime Age rating, DIrector cast and synopsis as well as recommendations for those who liked the movie would like these movies.

I have the app for android,  Here’s a review with some pictures on macworld

Download for Apple                Amazon FIRE Tv              trying to find a link for android

Now for the King

or as some of you would call it the grandpa of streaming

i also say… sometimes older is better (especially when it comes to things made from the 1990s back compared to the crap Toys, cars etc they manufacture now. (especially when they reissue things like My Little Pony…Cabbage patch kids and Care Bears…Transformers The re-release ones from now.. look like knock-offs. Plastic garbage compared to the ones I remember as a kid and some of which I still have saved.


is the world’s leading internet entertainment service and has been leading the way for digital content since 1997. The company has over 151 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying a wide range genres of TV series, documentaries and feature films and possibly in as many languages.  Watch 1,253 entries as much as you want anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.
Netflix has loads of original series and movies. While researching I came across this list of 135 original shows, that was published in  2014;  at the time of writing this in 2019 I estimate there has to be close to or at 200 originals, if not more. (note I do update this from time to time) As far as trying to check out original series and movies they definitely have the most of all.  Some I’m not sure which is fully Original and which is just original because Netflix gave a show a 2nd chance,  like Lucifer for instance which was on Fox before Netflix took it over for the 4th season, and If I remember correctly I saw it had the “Netflix Original’ branding on it. Altered Carbon, The Order, the I-land, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Kingdom, Another Life and the Worst Witch to name a few.  I’m still getting through The Ranch which is hilarious! 
Counting only the ‘TV” entries on this list *https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/originals/   and trying NOT to double count a title, (not including stand-up shows and didn’t count titles that were listed as both tv and Movie) Out of 1,253 entries, looking through 13 pages with 100 titles per page) each page averaged 45 ‘TV’ (or Series titles)  for 578 titles and I think 600+movies.  The only snafu you might say there is to netflix is that they don’t do live streaming (like of sports or news)
You can always look up my Summer of Netflix 2018 (and when available Summer of Netflix 2019   (each summer as long as I have netflix or some other streaming service you will find a Summer of and the year so you can search all the recommendations, and what I binged. 
Being I have used this service I have had questions on the occasion and not usually any tech issues. Even if you don’t have the 6 digit code, they still answer quickly usually in less than the minute they say. I’ve had plenty times when I’ve called that, as soon as that message finishes they coe on the line. My problem is, if you need help with the streaming service, I can never find the code anyway, I can only seem to find it on the DVD service pages(Dvd.netflix)  I have both the DVD and Streaming service. (Though usually just get the streaming during the summer.
The customer service people are patient and nice as well, which is appreciated.
  remember Netflix has been streaming longer than the other services and definitely has the most original content and larger library for your money.
Netflix has apps for more platforms and devices than that supported by Amazon Prime. Netflix also offers subtitles (or closed-captioning) for more TV shows and movies than Amazon. The biggest bone of contention between Amazon Prime and Netflix has been the size of the content library.

I think this article just proved my assessment Netflix reigns for those who want previously aired movies and Television shows as well as a host of originals for Netflix themselves.

Netflix Reigns As Top Streaming Choice For Americans During Coronavirus Lockdown, Survey Shows

NETFLIX Sub genre codes

I’ve even tried to search to see if other streaming services have the same thing, but no matter how I phrase my question… it seems ONLY netflix has the secret codes

See the source imageImage result for Worst Witch
5 profiles per account

Daily Top 10 Ranking


*https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/originals/   312 Movies and if you go with both movies and TV there’s 1,253 entries

looking through the pages 13 with 100 titles per page) each page averaged 45 ‘TV’ or Series titles  for 578 titles (and that’s when I first started writing this post which was at least a year ago)

Straight from Netflix- list of originals these 2 I didn’t check the date they were added so likely there may be others they missed.
https://media.netflix.com this gives you a listing of all the upcoming original content and premier date. (If you go to the ‘about Netflix’ page, you will find a timeline
While doing my research for this, and looking through each of the big three’s Original content… Netflix certainly has the most shows (and a bigger variety as well)  Then Hulu and Amazon. Excitement to see anything on either of those jumps more for Hulu than anything on amazon. For amazon…only interested and more curious about ‘The Boys’  (and to watch Chace Crawford’s version of Aquaman) also Carnival Row the only others I’m interested in a little is Hanna, (witch also stars Joel Kinneman)  Lore and their continuation of the Expanse. (which I can’t seem to find season 4 & 5 which IMDB notes, but is not showing on Amazon…unless of course they didn’t release it yet.)
*each of the amazon title links, leads to the first season of the series.
   also check out

So as far as original (series) Content (as of original posting)

Disney+  – 6-10

Apple Tv  -?

Shudder- 30 something (which might include ‘Exclusives’

Hulu 52

Amazon 73  (if I counted right)

Netflix  500+ series

(if I got a good count and didn’t double count any titles on that list, as my eyes were getting tired going through them all)  AND Netflix is always making new shows

I will continue to update and add to this post when I am able to watch and review Amazon, and the others

(prices may have changed since this was made, however I Do try to keep this as updated as possible, You can check out the Entertainment Reference Page here

best streaming video services

Which Streaming Services Are Actually Worth Your Money?

others I have heard of or I’ve seen mentioned

DC Universe

Popcorn Flix

PlutoTV   Sling TV   Fuji TV  Roku

never heard of before now Xumo, CrunchyRoll, HiDive, Funimation Now,Vrv, Filmrise, Midnight Pulp Philo,

TV sites/apps HBOmax   Showtime  Cinemax Starz Epix  Boomerang   CW/CW seed

Just to group them a bit:
PlutoTV and Xumo are both free with ads apps with live streaming channels. PlutoTV is owned by Viacom while Xumo is Panasonic. They have some overlap ( hosting the free live streaming channels in their lineup ) but they each have channels focused on different genres and audiences like a Horror Movie Channel, a Channel of Scifi Shorts, A Channel of Cat Videos, a channel which is just 24/7 Addams Family episodes… they include on demand content but the live streaming channels are really the focus.

SlingTV, Philo, AT&T TvNow, and Fudo TV are cable alternatives with cloud DVR. Similar to YouTubeTV and Hulu Live… but different channel lineups, features, and prices.

HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, and Epix are premium channels. They have the same shows and movies as you’d get if you added these channels on top of cable except as an on-demand catalog.

CrunchyRoll, HiDive, Funimation, and Vrv are mostly anime streaming services. CrunchyRoll ( Warner ) simulcasts about 20 subtitled series each season ( Japan has 4 tv seasons per year ) in addition to a large back catalog of mostly subbed plus a hundred of so dubbed anime series. HiDive ( Sentai Filmworks ) is a smaller catalog of subbed and dubbed anime though at a cheaper price. They have some retro gems but their simulcast/ dubcast series seem to slant a bit to romantic shows. Funimation Now ( Sony ) is focused on dubbed anime… mostly shonen series ( action driven shows targeted at a male audience. ) They’ve been upping their game with the number of series they dub or sub quarterly though they aren’t great with public relations. Vrv is a bundle service run by CrunchyRoll which includes CrunchyRoll, HiDive, Boomerang, NickSplat, Curiosity Stream and a handful of other streaming services ( which I didn’t mention as I’ve never subscribed to them directly or used them much when subscribed to Vrv. )

DC Universe is a transmedia platform with DC series like Titans and Doom Patrol, a revolving catalog of older shows and movies based on DC Comics, restored series like Batman the Animated Series, The Adventures of Captain Marvel, and Batman Beyond as well as a growing catalog of digital comics.

Boomerang is classic cartoons. Lots of Looney Tunes and Hanna Barbara series. Both the old series plus newer series which a lot of fans of those classic cartoons might not be aware even exist since characters like Scooby Doo are rarely without one or more series in addition to all the straight to video movies.

Filmrise, Midnight Pulp, and Popcorn Flix fall into a similar category as Crackle or Tubi. They’re on demand catalogs of free with ads shows and movies.

CW is the CW series next day streaming… free no log in required. CW Seed is their older series which aren’t licensed elsewhere plus original series… including DC Animated shows like Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons.

I also use platforms like Roku Channel ( esp during the yearly Streamathon when premium shows are free ) but that’s device specific. I’d say that plus the dozens of Roku-exclusive free with ad services are enough to justify the price of the device but I figured this list is long enough to get you started without getting into all of them.

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