The Worst Witch

Yes like the movie from the 80s that starred Charlotte Rae and Fairuza Baulk.See the source image

I think there’s also another series but not sure when it was made but I would guess that was on a BBC station. While doing the work up on this  I found out the stories were originally novels by Jill Murphy, the first of which ‘The Worst Witch’ was published in 1974.

They have some scenes that are similar to the movie but usually have something a little different to them. And now I know why Snape always seemed so familiar in the Harry potter Movies… I swear J.K. Rowling had to have been inspired by Miss Hartbroom from this for Snape or they had to be related! lol. In the series I’ve seen her do a few of Alan Rickman’s Snape mannerisms, and she teaches potions too!  So far I do still hold a special place in my heart for the 80s movie which I love watching around Halloween, but this I’d have to say is a decent reboot. It doesn’t make me want to hate it. Nor does it feel like its doing anything to ‘hurt’ the movie (any cult status on the movie?)

(Whichever Worst Witch you are watching… have a sing along! with this  Worst Witch Chants Fandom Wiki


season 3

this one is a review of last season and preview

released Friday July 26 2019

I don’t know what it is. Maybe because I watched the 80s movie with Charlotte Rae or what but when I finished the 2nd season I was feeling anxious there wouldn’t be a season 3. Then I heard the news and couldn’t wait. I’d get to watch it while taking care of my aunt’s cats (2 of which are black). When it popped up on screen to show it had been released I don’t know what came over me.. I felt so excited (for a KIDS show)

Well one reason I can say I love this show is the hysterical hijinks Mildred gets up to. I really need to find some of those books cause watching this show I’m seeing all too similar stuff to Harry Potter. I’m starting to think I need to write a letter or somehow ask J.K. Rowling if any of these books inspired any of the Harry Potter characters.

I can almost guarantee if you are feeling down that if you watch an episode of The Worst witch, it will cheer you up.


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