Ice Age Collision Course

2016  PG   Via HBO

Snow Skrat, Ice skrat and Skrat’s fortress of solitude??  no we have Space Skrat!~

We open on the mammoth’s father and daughter playing a game of hockey (yea!!!) peaches is all grown up with a boyfriend and ready to marry; of course when you’re happy and the universe knows it it has to drop a steaming pile of poo on you. Here you almost expect to hear ‘the sky is falling but instead we get smarts from a (pirate ?) weasel who is on the lam from some dino birds who like to steal eggs.

I forget how many of these have been made now (previous to this one)  but I do remember a few of them were disappointments, and made me think they weren’t going to do them any more.  This one however was not. I think they got the magic back they had from the original movie. Making a mental note to check out who the writer (or writers) were for each of the movies.

The possums or whatever those are supposed to be gave me a laugh with their cheerleading  especially their Hashtag  “What’s a Hashtag”

I don’t know but it sounds cool

I’m already sick of it



Sausage Party

2016   hard R   adults only animated comedy  1:29  Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill,Danny McBride, Selma Hayek, Ed Norton,

  Did you ever wonder when you were a kid, or baked what goes on when the supermarket is closed? Or maybe we just can’t see?

Of course the oldest frat house has, and it comes in the form of an animated hard R comedy

The grocery food and products are actually alive and believe in what they call the beyond (our world).  After watching the movie I read the Entertainment weekly review of it  and wanted to share a quote of it with you as they put the description of ‘the beyond’ ever so ‘eloquently’…

“beyond” is in fact  an abattoir, a masticating horror show of death and dismemberment perpetuated by the greedy, heedless mouths of monstrously hungry human gods.

The hot dogs are a bunch of horn dogs, The unbeknownst dorky store manager is played by the charming Paul Rudd.

Stephen hawking is gum, there’s Sgt pepper which I got a chuckle when I saw as I thought of the Beatles and apparently candy is the best food to fight with.

Then there’s the literal douche played by Nick Kroll, you know the loud obnoxious guy at the bar that’s always too drunk, breath stinks (maybe even body) and is a sexist pig? Yeah that guy is this fem hygiene product in a nutshell.

1:19 or 1:20 not real what called a cartoon

Had a few mildly funny moments and yet its another stoner frat party (need to come up with some frat name for Rogan and Friends) Not sure the age of them guys but even I don’t act nearly as immature even tho I’m told to act my age

I guess this would be funnier if you are stoned though I’d imagine if I were high in anyway I would freak the F out!

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The Secret Life of Pets

I’m so pissed! They changed the Song the Poodle listens to in the trailer from that Thrash metal to no idea what the hell that is now, but it’s not funny like it was.

2016   PG    Blu-ray  1;30  Animated, Comedy

Louis C.K. Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, Albert brooks, Dana Carvey, Jenny Slate, Ellie Kemper, Lake Bell,Hannibal Buress


Happy Terrir Max ‘s world is upended when his owner brings home the large bear of a dog and a ‘mongrel’, Duke  home.

The 2 find themselves allied against a mass of abandoned pets who want to turn the tables on the humans.

Gidget is a poof of a dog, more like a talking cotton ball! Chloe is a snooty fat cat, Peppe a Chihuahua and Mel I guess is a bull dog (which I later found out was actually a pug).

As I mentioned in the beginning of this about the trailer being changed,  I guess that was sort of a test or something.  Still LOVE the headbanger poodle, still cracked me up while watching the movie! Maybe I found it funny as that’s my choice of music but the movie or 2 I saw in theaters that had it in the previews the rest of the audience had a laugh too so I guess it wasn’t just me. (I guess it’s funny because it’s a prissy poodle plus goes from that classical musical to metal let alone THRASH metal!)

Now we get to the Psycho bunny which is either where Happy Bunny came from or the idea for it was taken from the “Cute But Psycho…Things even out  Happy Bunny stickers  (and the knock off version)

It’s enjoyable for the whole family especially if you are pet owners and I’d advise to SKIP NINE LIVES as this is a much better story.

The colors are so bright and vivid as though you;d never seen before.

“It’s poo poo with a dash of caca”

Sausage palace Grease + Willy Wonka

‘Great You’re in  love, How gross for everyone’..

-Mmm that sounds more like Grumpy cat but I think it was the Bunny.


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Pop’s Party Tips


Some sort of Game pieces


Angry Birds

PG  97 minutes  Animated/Family

Danny McBride, Bill Hader, Sean Penn, josh Gad, Jason Sudeikis,Kate McKinnon,Maya Rudolph, Peter Dinklage,Keegan-Michael Key

I would guess this is  what events predated the game… Why are the birds so angry? Red is in Anger Management and when he’s finally almost ‘cured’ The Bad Piggies take over Birdland and steal their eggs.

I feel indifferent about this, it’s probably more enjoyable for the kids.  I think the story could have been written better, but for a bare bones base of adapting from a game they did do a decent job. Maybe it would have been more fun to have seen in 3-D in the theater than at home on blu-ray? There’s meta jokes and moral lessons for both parents and the next generation of Pork puns and there’s Bird curses of  FLOCK you!  (and I thought I was cheesey saying Fudge and Fork you and other made up ways around Kids and my elders)


“I thought you stored your nuts for the winter”

-King Pig


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I think someone forgot to count them before they hatched!

Open Season: Scared Silly

2016  PG   1:25  Blu-Ray


In this sequel Boog (the bear) is afraid of some werewolf Campfire story. Elliot the half wit deer decides to help him face his fears so they can go on their annual camping trip.

Together Boog’s woodland friends help scare the fear out 0of him while solving the mystery of the ‘Wailing Wampus Werewolf’

There’s not much to really say about it there were a few good laughs and the psychotic Lava coaster was cool but I found it lacking quite a bit, in story and plenty of other things. As it is a PG movie it’s also made in part for adult’s to enjoy  sadly I think this one is more for kids. The only thing I remember about it is the werewolf which to me belonged in one of the new scooby cartoons.

Monster High: Haunted

2014         NR        1:16          animated        DVD


The ghouls help spectra who gets captured in the ghost world when she tries to find out why it seems DracuLara is being haunted.

All the ghouls become ghosts with the use of Twilla’s dad’s Boogeysand then travel  to the ghost world and meet (to my knowledge) some fun new characters along the way like Painter-geist.

There’s a couple of shorts on the disk as well.


I always enjoy these spooktacular adventures, I just wish there was a weekly cartoon show or a live action movie/tv series. I think it would be fun.



The AMC series  Premired on Sunday May 22 based on the Comic

starring Dominick Cooper as the Preacher  Ruth Negga as Tulip Ian Coletti  as Arseface and Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy an Irish Alcoholic Vampire  & others

The show works as  a comedy, Horror, action and modern western with a little love story thrown in

The project is headed by Executive producers Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg the writer/directors behind the 2014 film The Interview. and developed by Sam Catlin

The cult comic which debuted in February of 1995 by Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon is 75 issues in length and details the ex- cart thief Jesse Jesse Custer’s mission to find and confront God about his recent abandoning of Heaven.  The comic has been described as Violent and boyishly bonkers. Our Preacher is possessed by some sort of supernatural force that gives him the power to make people do what he commands; then there’s arseface who’s mouth looks like a sphincter.

Dominick Cooper said he has trouble getting through scene with him without bursting out laughing.

Originally a big screen adaptation was attempted over the years starting in the 1990s  with Tank Girl director Rachel Talalay, by 2013 it was clear Rogan and Goldberg could collaborate a hit as they were fans of the Comic and made a hit small screen adaptation. Of course in the early days of the project  when it was to be a movie Rogan wanted to play Arseface (LMAO and that’s what I call him…not really a fan)

We open with a meteor or asteroid (metoid?) on a trip around the solar system on a collision course  with Africa. Well the metoid wasn’t that, it was some plasma looking thing and flies into some priest in a church….but what happens next  I couldn’t help but laugh, I didn’t expect that… but I’ll just say now that’s what I’d call spontaneous combustion.

Cooper Plays Preacher Jesse Custer who has taken over his father’s church in Texas. With his dark quasi criminal past and his ex trying to bring him back to the fold, Tulip is a badass and LOVE how the little girl looks  at her as if her Barbie doll or one of her brother’s action figures came to life, total girl crushing! I find Tulip to be ‘spunky’ in a way but may not be quite the word I’m looking for. Then there’s the Alcoholic, Drug addicted Irish vampire Cassidy, which I think may turn out to be a fave of the show then there’s the dumb sheriff, some meat head bully abusive husband  and a slew of many other characters but why is Arseface so? How did he get like that? Will those of us that are not familiar with the comics ever get an explanation (if they didn’t do so already) ?

Oh if ONLY!    -reaction to hear/see a headline on one of the TVs in the show with the Headline…

“Tom Cruise Explodes at Scientology Compound.”

Well come the end of the pilot, the show seems like it would  focus on Custer and how he will use his new power. as I’ve read and says himself in the show, the character is never really a preacher in the comic.

The source material is supposed to depict god as a cruel entity and give religious folks plenty to get offended over (Yeah!)

I’m lost watching the 90 minute pilot, I’m thinking it’s not only aimed to the fan boys & girls of the comic but requires you to be one as I have no idea what is happening or why. As previously mentioned we get sci-fi B-movie trip around the solar system for the opening and appears to be set in current time but it could also be in an alternate past and plays on new millennium anxiety (as far as I’ve read the comics do)

Custer is hit by the mysterious thing that made the one in Africa… (well that I think I’ll stay mum on that!)  He sets out to find god  which is a speaking character int he comic. The camera follows the characters (at least as far as the pilot goes) around the world Africa was one place, Russia I think was another besides of course ‘base camp’ Texas. All this happens at a fast pace and is quite expansive.

Arseface, though I think is supposed to be a punchline, is a tragic figure.

It even has it’s own lingo, I’m pretty sure I heard someone get ‘Abe Lincolned’ instead of saying they were shot.

After someone is impaled with a broken bottle, Cassidy gets the cap off and pours himself a cup of hemoglobin. Which I gave a laugh at.. (I always get vampire humor!)   There’s also the Spellbinding cornfield knife fight to Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”

Though That of what would be offensive from the comic,(like the blasphemy) is a big weakness here it just comes off feeling empty.


This is one show that is definitely NOT boring (which is the worst anyone or thing could be)


Preacher Should become as big a hit as Waking Dead


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