Ready Player One Database


 You could say this is Anorak’s Database.

I know the last column or 2 have gone out of the margins, but until I figure out a different way to set this up, it is the best I can do for now.

December 2017 I am currently rereading the book so I may be able to figure out a different way of setting this up. I may re-write the whole table in word and then I can just add it to Evernote and include the link for what does NOT fit in the margins or maybe I will do sections.

Anoraks Almanac  play the stacks game


LEGEND    ^=Cartoon  *=Saturday morning  ‘cartoon’    += text adventure game   @=RPG   
Superfriends ^
Peter Jackson
Joust  (1982)
Terry Gilliam
Dig Dug
Real Genius
James Cameron
The Clash
Stanley Kubrick
Raaka-tu +
Riptide #
(music & comic)
Might Be Giants
Steven Spielberg
Bedlam +
John Hughes
Pyramid +
Greatest American Hero
Van Halen
Quentin Tarintino
Bon JOvi
Kevin Smith
Def Leppard
Guillermo Del Toro
Yar’s revenge
Knight Rider
Pink Floyd
The Muppet Show
 Rush    (subdivision)
George Lucas
Ooingo boingo
Rom Cartridges
Space Invaders
Misfits of Science
(90s internet)
Dungeons & Dragons   @
Star trek-
(TOS, TNG, D59,
Voyager, Enterprise)
Video Fever- The Beepers
Basil Poledouris
Conan Barbarian Score
Star raiders
Gobots *
In your eyes- Peter Gabriel
Howard Jones
80s poet
Star Master
Transformers *
Bill Hicks
Land of the Lost *
not a cartoon
Thundar the Barbarian *
Douglas Adams
Schoolhouse Rock*
Stephen King
Gurps   @
Kurt Vonnegut
Champions  @
G.I. Joe *
Neil Stephenson
Car Wars   @
H.R. Pufnstuf *
(not a cartoon)
Orson Scotcard
Spacewar 1962
Go Speed Racer Go*
Richard Morgan
Tennis for 2 (1958)
Star Blazers
Midnight Oil
(87 hit beds are burning
Terry Pratchett
Zork +
Forget ref. to
Robotrohn 2084
The Space Giants
(or Maguma Taishi  in Japan)
‘Rockin like Dokken
Terry Brooks
Star Wars
The Holy Trilogies
Crystal Skull and on ‘don’t exist’
Lord Of the Rings
Mad Max
Donkey Kong
Burger Time
Back to the Future
Golden Axe
Indy jones
Smash TV
Better off Dead
Heavy Barrel
Revenge of the Nerds
 ^Dungeons &Dragons  80s
Neil Gainman
Crime fighters
Rod Sterling
Family Ties
ikari Warriors
Robotron   (?)
Sesame Street
Madness & the Minotaur +
BattleStar Galactica
3 is a magic number- Bob Dorough
Black Tiger
Time Pilot
Howard the Duck
Dungeons of Daggeroth  ‘82
Cowboy Bebop
Charge-John Waite Vision Quest ST
70s/80s Tandy Radio shack comp
Sword Quest (series) 1982
A million Miles away The limsouls 1983
PDP-1 computer
Tron Deadly Discs
Colossal Cave +
Amazing Spiderman
Comics or magazines
Superman the movie
Green Lantern
THe Goonies
Star Log
Dragon Magazine
Revenge of the Jedi
300 Baud modem
Blade Runner
Commodore 64
Intellevision console
Robotron  ^?
Programming language
Short Circuit
Atari 800XL
Game system
Pac-man Fever
neon genesis evangelion ^
Song  by bunckner  & Garcia
Atari 2600
Excalibur (John Bormann)
Fruit loops
Explorers             (Joe Dante)
Honey Combs
Mecha Godzilla (Kiryu)
Lucky Charms
Monty ython & the Holy Grail
Count Chocula
Mazingerz ^
Frosted Flakes
Cap n Crunch
Square Pegs
Electra Woman & Dyna Girl
Wonder Woman
Tranzor Z
The Iron Giant
Jet Jaguar
Supaidaman (spider-man)
Minerva X
Silver Spoons
Buck Rodgers

Classic Cuts & Reject reboots~ Ghostbusters


The 1984 classic PG Horror Comedy starred

Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Rick Moranis, Harold Ramis, Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts, Ernie Hudson

and I believe it was Bill Murray who uttered the famous quotes…

We Came We Saw we kicked its ass

(which I so wanted the button that said that but mom wouldn’t let me get it but then I was still in grade school)





This is still a favorite of many I even have the box set in my video library.

Why Ghostbusters is a great classic

  1. The comedy
  2. soundtrack
  3. the fx
  4. fairly quotable
  5. The cast
  6. plot (as silly as it was)
  7. The vehicle

The soundtrack is cool for an 80’s movie not that techno or new age stuff.  The FX still hold up, Slimer looks see through and not done by a computer (or however they did it back then) was he an early form of CGI? Was the Stay Puft marshmallow man a giant puppet?  Hard to tell, and honestly I don’t think I really want to know even if I am right. When in 2016….ahhh I’ll wait to make my statement about that reboot.

Aside from the fashions (80s fashion was a horror story in itself!) and picture quality, you cannot tell when it was made. It was Innocent Horror (or is that more Horror of innocence)

I don’t think you’ll ever be able to get this many good actor/comedians together as this had.

Come on the Ghost mobile was a freaking old hearse! I think the movie is the reason why I have wanted one as a car when I got my license!  You have the car part, then if you are tired just go in the back and sleep! (the question is to add a coffin shaped bed or not.. or maybe a Kiss coffin!




 Ghostbusters 2

Who you gonna Call?

1989   starring the original cast and Pete MacNicol

5 years after the original events the guys are out of business at this point doing birthday parties or  like Ray works at a book store, Egon doing studies and Peter some Psychic show.

After an accumulation of pink sludge has taken over the sewers, oozing out of pipes feeding off the hateful anger hostility  and violence of the New Yorkers. It bubbles up when people yell (and frankly looks like the bubbles in a lava lamp)  When you play music it makes the container jump around. If the slime touches you it makes well “Ray this stuff is like pure concentrated evil”

There’s this creepy little dude Yanos who I think is the curator of the museum and some BFD  (Big F**ugly Dude) in a painting named Vigo, who was the scourge of Carpathia from 1505-1610 16th century Carpathia was in a constant state of supernatural turmoil due principally to the despotic rule of Prince Vigo Von Homburg Deutschenforf a tyrant sorcerer and psychotic aristocrat.

Wow seeing the Twin Towers feels so weird now.

We are the Best, beautiful the ONLY Ghostbusters.

The music in this one was not as good as the original and I felt did not fit the tone of it.  THe only cool song was the one done by Bobby Brown. (who also has a cameo)

I always loved the part where the fur coat attacks the lady.

Not as many memorable or shall I say quotable lines aside from Slime time and Slime square.

10 facts you thought you knew about the Ghostbusters

The REAL Ghostbusters

1986 -1991

The characters  are voiced by Frank Welker , Maurice LaMarche, Arsinio Hall, Dave Coolier

In the Animated cartoon series the guys are still busting ghosts but with some friendly help from Slimer!

Watch Episodes here on Youtube FREE!

(keep scrolling there’s more!)

Ghostbusters Invoice 1 by T-RexJones:

(there’s more)

Ghostbusters Fan Club:

In regards to the reboot….

they are saying its mostly guys but any fan of the original movie should have a problem with this new one. First off you have all women and aside from Melissa McCarthy who the hell are they? The trailers are not funny and  in hopes to save their asses, they had to go get Chris Hemsworth just so they could actually get some buzz for it and women like me to go see it. (My dear hemmi, as much as I love ya, it won’t work with me no matter how much I love my Aussie Thor…or how much if at all his shirt comes off) I’ll be waiting for video or cable! It won’t have the magic of the originals, and likely the CG effects won’t be cool as however they did some of the originals.

It’s OK to Not Like Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Sequel Will ‘No Doubt’ Happen, Says Sony Executive

as for the Reject of a reboot

Image result for Original Ecto cooler box In summary… The ONLY thing I liked about the  reboot coming out was the fact they brought the ecto cooler drink back! (sadly without slimer on the packaging) but then again, after you read the review… it’s a good idea they DIDN’T put the new (or any) form of slimer on the containers~!

Ghostbusters 2016

Now the tagline or the sub-title of the movie is ‘Answer the Call’
Easy and simple… if you watched the trailer, that’s all you really need to see. All of what could have been funny (like testing out the ghost puncher.) Some of the jokes even in the trailer fall flat like the one with Patty jumping into the audience at the concert.
So this came on cable (so fast?)  and thought to give it a fair shot and I’m trying but so far I’ve missed  the first half hour to 45 minutes, guess I’ll have to catch it when it re-airs for the beginning.
First off, the girls weren’t funny, anything that might have been funny was ruined by the trailer being shown in every commercial break.  Chris Hemsworth and his stupid idiot of a bad secretary was the only one that was funny.
I will give the green demon  thing cool points, but it still didn’t have the ghostly look like the specters in the original movies.
It’s one thing to remake a movie or reboot (as this is more of) but i still spit on the graves of those who obliterated Billy D. Williams’ Original Song. I can only say as a would be Viking, You should be Blood-eagled, and  Buried alive before you actually die.
Bill Murray cameos as one of those people who de-bunk paranormal events. The chick with the glasses, s the only one I like and it’s because she reminds me of (I thin kit’s Spangler) from the 1980’s Cartoon ‘The real’  Ghostbusters.
Oh! the hearse  is pink in the spots where it should be red. Honestly all this feminism crap you’d think they’d choose something other than stereotypical pink.
Instead of the iconic firehouse, they are in a loft above their Chinese take out where the guy still has a problem getting there in a reasonable amount of time.
I don’t think you’ll have a problem recognizing the secretary from the original movies.
There’s a Jaws joke and Clark Kent Strip-o-gram (which just reading that makes me laugh)
Wait WHY is the ghost cloud green while they are shown close up as blue? How the hell does that work? I can understand the good ghosts being made as blue and the evil ones green maybe to show a difference but i don’t think i would look like a pure green cloud. (Though it is NYC and well… I find the city evil myself)
To me the best cameo was Dan Akroyd!  SO NYC
When Slimer showed up I wanted to cheer in glee but it came out more of a disgusted ewww gag  then a laugh as he tries to drive.
Now there’s a part where there are parade balloons in which Stay Puft now is, and reminds me of one of the characters in Nightmare before christmas. Now I know nothing about 5 nights at freddy’s other than I see small toys it seems in every store’s toy section… well from what I’ve seen of the toys.. Those balloons look like they belong with it, cause they are sort of scary in a maniacal stalker psycho serial killer sort of way.
Wait where’s the ghostbombs.. why not throw one down that whirlpool?  And Possessed Kevin I like more than stupid Kevin.
I get why they have the sub title (or tagline whichever its supposed to be) Answer the call  but
Paul… WHAT THE  Freig?!!!  is more like it!

RPG fans


Book Bind~ Ready Player One

Ready Player One

by Ernest Cline

372 pages    Sci-fi, Adventure, Fiction

a New York  Times Best Seller

Wade Watts  our main character and narrative host. His name, he was told was an alliterative name like that of superhero alter egos  like Clark Kent and uses Parzival as his Avatar’s name.  He lives with his aunt in a ‘skyscraper’ of a trailer park… known as ‘the stacks’ in (or near) Oklahoma City. He’s what is known as a ‘Gunter’ and is searching for the ‘easter egg’ in Halliday’s GSS game. Halliday is the creator of the GSS, and setting up this contest as he has no heir’s so whoever wins the contest, wins the estate and company!  All he really has is the Laptop for school, in which he attends virtually! He does this through Oasis which was made by James Halliday  from His Gregarious games company which for this became Gregarious Simulation System  or Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory immersive Simulation.

Halliday was a geek for a variety of 1980’s pop-culture, whose avatar in Oasis was called Anorak which was a wizard in black robes. He made Anorak’s almanac, a compendium of over a 1000 pages long of undated journal entries of activities and lists of observations  on video games, books, movies, comics and 80’s pop culture.  At the time of his death he had  made a video will that the person who found the easter egg in the Oasis would be the heir to  his  estate, including the company. His journal included all the  films in his collection at Time of Death. The man had the World’s largest collection of  classic video games, vintage lunch boxes and comic books

This brought about a second or new definition to the word Oology, which is the study of birds eggs, but here it’s to search for Halliday’s easter egg.

IOI or Innovative online Industries have and Oology division of their own egg hunters hired to hunt  and anything they find or win will be turned over to IOI. These egg hunters are called ‘sixers’; as their employee numbers all start with a 6 for their avatar  though the Gunters call them sux0rz, some of which hold parties to kill them off.

Wade’s friends are cyber crush Art3mis, best friend with Aech and teams up with Shoto & Daito

Shoto and Daito is Japanese for the short and long swords  (or Daisho for the set) samurai use

Here’s a few  highlights I thought were important in case you wanted to read specific parts to see if you’d be interested for some of the background info, these pages work well.


PG-17 Global Civilization

pg 44   Sword quest ‘trivia’

Pg-49  mentions of the ‘metaverse’

Pg-53  Biography on Halliday

66-67   Ultraman (Japan)


“You can shove it up your ass

and pretend you’re a corndog”

– Wade to IOI customer on some sword he purchased that is too high a level for his avatar

Not only did the story  bring me to a time in the future or another world , it brought me to many worlds and for what I’d say is a sci-fi book, I think it’s the first one (maybe because its modern writing) I’ve been able to finish. This is an epic adventure for any gamer or whatever variety of geek you are. Even if you are not into geek culture, I think anyone can enjoy it especially those brought up in the 70s & 80s which I call “The Dawn of the video game” though if I remember right, in the book there’s a game or something mentioned that came out in the 60s!

You millennials should catch up on watching, playing reading some of that is mentioned or just read the book as you may never know when  your favorite movie quote-a-long, music album (as in classic vinyl with the special fold out liner notes art) or video game will be a clue to win a march larger video game challenge.

I had quite the bit of fun reading this adventure,   I didn’t want to put it down or for it to end!  I am definitely keeping this in my library to read over and over again in the future  (and likely to be highlighted for quick reference of classic movies etc.) it would also make for a cool addition to a time capsule for a variety of reasons one in which well

1.there may not be actual print books by the time the capsule would be opened,

  1. it is a resource of 80s pop culture and
  2. The idea for someone in the future (if someone is not already working on this)  to make a game treasure hunt/game like this.  I liked the last paragraph of the thank yous, which thanks all the artists, creators etc of the movies, music and such that was mentioned.

The Key’s they get to enter the gates are ‘Easter Eggs’ themselves  as well as the non-material prize at the end…  The Keys in the game are the keys or in other words, character traits you needed to have.  For instance one could be learning to work as a team, learning from past mistakes, but I will let you be the judge of what the traits are for each.

I even finally got an official term for the table top games (that I remember from Riding Hi Ranch when I was a kid) the lodge had a few ‘Cocktail Cabinets’  so Thank you Mr. Cline for finally clearing that up for me.

Find the Ready Player One  ‘database‘ I made here

if for some reason it does not work right…here is the reading list part of the database

&  Order Ready Player One here via Amazon

Check out the author’s website   you want to accept anoraks invitation trust me



What Captain Conceals the Jade key and where?

(tie breaker …Who is the Phone Phreak? and what did he do?)

(Contest info Winner gets a $5 (to $10) Amazon Gift Card to purchase a copy of any format they want of Ready Player One  if you do not already have it



Colophon– a publisher’s emblem or imprint epsecialy on the title page or spine of a book. or a statement at the end of the book typoically with the printers emblem and information of authorship

Dilettantes-a person who cultivates an area of interest, such as the arts, without real commitment or knowledge:

Indenturement– bind (someone) by an indenture as an apprentice or laborer:

Vorpal– a fake sword in RPG

Ludus- school, sport, or game



The following is a few facts and such from the book if you’d like to see the ‘database’ of movies, games & so on mentioned in the book You can check find the list on my blog here

1970s & 80’s pop-culture & facts mentioned

Here’s video of the 1962 game Space war on a PDP-1

Robotron if you got a highscore you could post an entire sentence of text, unlike other games which only let you enter your initials

2 of the earliest Video games are 1958’s Tennis for 2 by William Higinbotham   & 1962’s Space War (as seen in the video above)

Pg-66 Dungeons & Dragons Suplement book Tomb of Horrors 1978 called a Module a thin booklet with maps

Kikaider Japanese 70s show with a Red & Blue android  that beats up Kaiju & Tokusatu monsters


The Goonies      Legend

John Hughes Movies — Dorky Girl Fantasies  = 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink, & Some Kind of Wonderful

Dorky Boy fantasies= The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, and Ferris Buller’s Day off


Pg-358  Classic PC & Video games

Basic programming


Wicked City

wicked-cityTuesdays    10pm    ABC

11 episodes   VIA IMDB

Starring Ed Westwick, Jeremy Sisto, Erika Christensen,  Taissa Farmiga & Gabriel Luna

The 1980s Sexually licentious sleazy of the anything goes Sunset strip; and when it raged, in plain sight a monster could easily hide. The show will be a close ended anthology like that of American Crime.

Stars Ed Westwick of Gossip Girl Chuck Bass Fame as the Killer Kent Grainger. The Smart seductive, charmer who restores old cars for a living and gets his kicks, not on ROute 66, but from stabbing women inside them. He’s a human chameleon posing as any other guy who will make one of the lady’s dreams come true be it in film or music.

Entertainment weekly’s preview says “If you think Ed Westwick was sinister as Gossip Girl’s Chuck bass, forget about it. He Exponentially ups the  creep factor’ as the 1982 Los Angeles serial killer

The show follows 2 cops played by Jeremy Sisto and Gabriel Luna on the case of the serial killer after a violent string of murders. There are times kent plays the nice guy, is this an overall mask he wears?

Erika christensen plays Betty Beaumontain The accomplice who is a nurse and dingle mother and until meeting Kent didn’t know she had a bloodthirsty bone in her body.

“Another Day, Another corpse in the murder capital of the world”

-blares the L.A. Radio in the background

Jack Roth is the veteran detective played by Jeremy Sisto. He’s a hardworking family man  with a devoted wife and daughter. he’s a great good cop, but better bad cop. He grows obsessed  to the point of self-destruction with cases. He may love his family, but he is also broken inside; and  catching the bad guys helps fix him.

“To me she’s a victim; to you she’s a step up” -Jack to Paco

Paco Contreras The rookie transfer played by Gabriel Luna a vietnam vet with ambition which doesn’t go over well with the new partner. One wants the job done the other and the other who will do anything to get ahead.

Karolina Wydra plays the Undercover cop Dianne Kubek who is Jack’s lover and the 2 are forced to work together. Through evidence, it seems as though their cases cross.

Taissa Farminga (American Horror Story) plays the Wide-eyed reporter Karen McClaren who is a recent college grad and wants to write for Rolling Stone but ends up working at an alternative rag on the crime beat keeping the victims voices alive so they are not just thrown away and so leads her to this case.

and Karen’s colleague  Diver Hawkes a paparazzo played by   Evan Ross

Just as the show started its run, it seemed to go on hiatus! maybe I missed a few episodes or could it have been canceled and I didn’t hear about it. Looking up to find if that is the case, sadly it has been pulled however the new in the noted link, says the show is still in production and will end with the 6th or 8th episode. The only question is will ABC air those episodes, or just do a DVD.



Adam Rotenberg was the detective in the original pilot.


Billy Idol (3 songs)

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts  Crimson & Clover

(2 additional I can’t remember the name or artist)