Netflix Summer 2019

I had a Strange, Devilishly Dark Summer staring into a Black Mirror and those are just a few of the shows.. Hopefully I get to watch all the ones that came out before the summer and over July and August. Like Another life, the 3rd season of Worst Witch, and Rocko’s Modern Life: Static cling (or whatever they’ve subtitled it)

This is a round up of all the shows and movies I streamed on Netflix from July 2019 until October. The reviews more than likely have already been published and in most cases (if not all) I’ve included a trailer. Its the beginning of August and I’m pretty much wrapping up finishing a few shows (having only a few episodes or a season left) before I go on to try others.

Also keep in mind, I didn’t want to just binge a whole season in one day. If I am enjoying a series I want to try and make it last a little longer (especially being as they are shorter seasons than network and cable shows) So I tried to only watch one or 2 episodes in a sitting. However sometimes I may have went for three (there might have been one time I did that with Another Life.. its like a train wreck you can’t look away from, the only thing though in its case I’m not sure if its a good or bad thing.

There’s a few movies I see on there (not sure if they are all Netflix originals, but I know one of the titles I want to see is.) I am however trying to refrain from watching those until I am somewhat caught up on some of the new shows I wanted to see and my shows with a new season (like Worst Witch season 3 came out and Stranger Things JUST in time for me to hide from the July 4th noise.)

I am working on a Streaming guide of the Netflix, Hulu and Amazon original series (which will likely be sometime in the future as I need to watch the series and movies I want ) and  currently putting finishing touches on what’s the best streaming service which will publish by the end of October (if it has not already)

Just a note, I’ve watched most if not all of these, however if you click on a link and it does not work, the post may have not yet published (as of publishing,I’m not sure if I want to include what I watch in  October in this or not as I hope to have watched all the shows and movies before that so I can switch to Halloween type viewing and make a separate post for that..)

links are for the full series or movie

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It Chapter 2

See the source image

Jessica Chastain ,James McAvoy ,Bill Hader ,Isaiah Mustafa ,Jay Ryan ,James Ransone ,Andy Bean ,Bill Skarsgård ,

Young Losers club Finn Wolfhard, ophia Lillis, Jaeden Lieberher, Wyatt Oleff, Jack Dylan Grazer, Jeremy Ray Taylor

The Losers Club have grown up and moved away, until a devastating phone call brings them back, Twenty-seven years after their first encounter with the terrifying Pennywise

as you can see by the image the casting for the grown up Losers club is spot on!

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Goosebumps 2

2018  PG 1:30  Ken Jeong,  Wendi McLendon-Covey, Madison Iseman, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Jack Black

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween Poster

Based on the story Haunted Halloween by R.L. Stein

Slappy Returns when the ‘Junk Brothers’ accidentally find a secret room and stupidly say the words on the paper with him out loud. (Never read anything in another language especially Latin out loud.

Ken Jeong’s house is very decked out and man I would love it if someone went the extra mile he did. That Spider made of balloons is awesome. I wonder if that was all practical balloons or CG.

They keep him and a  few other items that could be sold or they’d like for themselves. Meanwhile they are working on their science projects. One being a model of the Tesla Tower and getting it to work.

Slappy takes over, and brings back his unholy horde spreading his magic through the landmark of the town.

O.M.G. a ‘Costume Lab’ All I have is a small bin with some stuff in it. Color me green on that cause I am Jealous!

Spiderman Far from Home

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2019            pg-13         action, adventure, sci-fi    130 minutes   Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal

50 years of Spider-Man clip show at Alamo.

We start with Fury and Hill in a ruined village in Mexico where I don’t think one building is still standing. Ruins and rubbish of mortar and brick, It looks the Game Rampage after I played. This was supposedly done by a tornado.


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Crooked House

2017  PG13 1:55   based on the twisted tale by Agatha ChristieCrooked House Poster

3 generations live in the poisonous atmosphere of bitterness, resentment and jealousy.

A Theater actress played by Gillian Anderson, the widow of the deceased  the matriarch Lady Edith de Havlland but you know her as Glenn Close and then there is Sophie.  The spy turned Detective, Charles Hayward investigates the curiously suspicious circumstances of the death of the wealthy patriarch.

I’d say its a good mystery and of my 2 suspects I was right with one of them. However unlike many other stories, or should I say movies, it was not blatantly obvious which made me start to think if it was the matriarch but that would have be going with my brain and not my gut.

Avengers: Endgame


2019         RUNTIME:   3 hours         STARS: (I would hope you’d know this by now)

I’m sure I sound like a broken record by now. I always wonder how am I supposed to write a review of a movie without spoiling it for others, . (especially being the trailers do enough of that in my opinion). Besides, there will be plenty of others writing their reviews that will Likely    somehow ruin something for you.  I swear its like Fight club, 1st rule …don’t talk about fight club however you just feel a gun to your head when it comes to Marvel’s. 

1 thing  I CAN tell you before we start Is there is no official mid and Post credit SCENE (hint hint). Now because I was told this, I didn’t stay for the whole credits. I later find out there MIGHT be a subtle clue. (That article is in the Spoiler section)

Its been a week (or more) since it came out and I mulled things over. I do hope after holding back a week, that its fair game and write my review without ruining anything.

For an 11am showing it was a packed theater. I even saw one of the viewing rooms started at 7 something am!!!! WHAT!!!

Were schools off for Eater or spring break? If not there were a lot of kids playing hookey. I heard it made was it 60 million over opening weekend or was it 6 billion. (6 billion might include international, though I heard it off-hand)  Avengers: Endgame Breaks International Box Office Records

They had a Thanos Dance video sadly I can’t find it but I did find one of the Dancing Thanos  Dancing thanos had the entire theater tickled Hysterical! Sadly being I don’t have that clip for you, hopefully you haven’t seen this. Then I’ll get on with my actual review…


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2018  PG13  Jason Mamoa, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, Willem Dafoe

first I want to start off by saying.. Thank you for getting rid of the Dark costume, and putting the proper colors (2nd poster) on the man.The poster here doesn’t really do the costume justice I’ll just say its more gold looking if I remember right.

See the source image

Arthur Curry Aka Aquaman returns to Atlantis to stop his half brother Orm from becoming ‘Ocean Master’ and declaring war on the land lubbers and to fulfill his destiny of being a hero and King of Atlantis.

I love the beginning with the sub, and taking out the ‘Manta pirates.  Well there is one particular part of that scene that had my on the floor, or was that trying not to give the TV a shower. (Wonder if all of those are Mamoa’s  own tattoos or if some were added for the role.)  The bar is a bit funny as well, you expect one thing but its not going there. 

Sea Dragons, Sharks and a Dinogator?  Oh my!

See the source imageWell that part made me hate humans even more… mmm Why does the underwater Atlantis looks like Avatar’s Pandora?   LMAO Squid Bongos! (Are they trying to say something about drummers?)

There’s part of this movie that remind me of other scenes (at least a likeness) in movies. Like when They are at the aquarium ..Hello Harry Potter at the zoo, that whole ring of Fire could have been Quidditch or some part of the tri-wizard tournament, plus there was something that looked like a cross between the alien ships (in the first) avengers and a kaiju from (the first?) Pacific Rim movie.

Well he might not look like the comic version but at least the costume looks like Aquaman in the movie. However Richardson that played Aquaman in Smallville looked like someone reached in and pulled him OUT of a page.

Some of the FX was not good and you could tell it was done in front of a blue or green screen.

ANother thing is, its not dark like all the previous movies with either muted colors or black. Even scene that were dark (like night scenes) esp. one in particular when its raining, You can still see what is going on.

Also if I didn’t previously mention it… The jokes didn’t feel forced like they did in the previous movies. So maybe DC has started to listen, or just get better writers and directors.

OH WTF!!! The end credits are done like The Game of Thrones opening credits! Oh and Call Marvel! There’s a mid Credit scene!  Besides the Sub –> these guys (Piranha men?) were another favorite in the movie. There were so many genres in the film I give it a thumbs up, and was funnier than preview DC movies.


Special Features

(there’s a butt load  and that was on the Blu-ray rental from Netflix)

Becoming Aquaman, Going deep into the world of… James Wan World Builder, Dark Depths of Black Mantis, Heroines, Villainous Training,

Scene Study Breakdown,   Kingdom of the 7 Seas, Aqua-tech, Match made in Atlantis, Creating Undersea Creatures and there’s one or 2 more.


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